HealthPro Plus

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Product Description

Excellent for removal of mold spores, pet dander (cat, dog, bird, etc.), house dust mite allergens, pollens, general indoor particle, light odors, and tobacco smoke.

  • HyperHEPA filter
  • Easy Filter Replacement
  • No draft design
  • Energy efficient
  • Ultra quiet design
Customer Reviews:
  • Amazing machine...
    My daughter is handicapped and has problems blowing her nose (Cerebral Palsy).
    She also has terrible alergies. We've tried everything over the years trying to make our house alergy free and her life more enjoyable. But she's constantly getting sick and have reactions.

    We've tried several different airfilters. Finally after researching on the net and seeing the HealthPro Plus coming out on top on every test/review we decided to spend the 800 bucks and take a chance.

    I'm happy to say it worked as advertised. Within the first 24 hours of running the filter in her room on high speed her chronic sniffles disappeared. The next day we moved the filter (it's on wheels) to the middle of the house to have it treat the air in the entire house.

    It's really doing a great job. The air in our home smells fresh as though the windows were open. I can't recommend this unit enough.

    Only one minor quibble. IT comes with casters but they seem sort of flimsy considering the size an wieght of the machine. I'm afraid they will snap off if I try rolling the unit across carpet. But that's a minor concern.

    I love the fact we can program it to run when we want it to and that it comes with a remote....more info
  • Looks great now let's see how it does...
    Just got the HealthPro Plus today. Initial impression is that it is well made and reasonably quiet. Silent on 1 (lowest setting) reasonable on 3 (middle) pretty loud on 6 (highest). 1 30CFM - 3 100CFM. The real test though is if I wake up in the morning feeling like I've been ran over by a snot truck. Will have to see over the next few weeks. I sure hope I shelled out this much money and actually get some benefit from it. ...more info