DeLonghi PAC400 Pinguino Portable Air Conditioner

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Product Description

Providing 13,000 BTU's of cooling power, this energy-efficient air conditioner features "no drip" technology, which is an exclusive process that uses condensation and collected moisture to help cool the air, discharging excess vapor through the exhaust hose. The unit is designed with a 24-hour programmable timer and convenient bypass function, as well as an easy-to-use control panel that incorporates an "on/off" switch and two fan speeds. Its built-in dehumidifier is ideal for basements, garages, or wherever there's excess water in the air, removing up to 88-3/4 pints of moisture per day. Its adjustable thermostat can be set to accommodate individual preferences, and unlike central air, the portable air conditioner easily cools specifically where it's needed most. Its high-efficiency compressor and components provide quiet operation, and due to an automatic safety device, the rotary compressor is protected when the unit is switched on immediately after being switched off. Side carrying handles and durable caster wheels make this unit conveniently portable, while the easy-to-connect hose between the indoor and outdoor unit allows for fast installation. Other features include an extra-large professional castor kit, a built-in Freshzone air filtration system, and a window/door bracket for simple installation and exhausting of hot air. Designed and engineered in Italy, this portable air conditioner measures 16-1/7 by 22 by 28-3/4 inches indoor and 10-1/4 by 18-8/9 by 22-4/9 inches outdoor. --Catie Unger

One of the drawbacks of air conditioners is the sound of the compressor - the part involved in the actual cooling system. The DeLonghi PAC400 resolves this by splitting this portable air conditioning unit into 2 pieces. One acts as a quiet fan while the other has the compressor. The two pieces are connected by a hose. The DeLonghi PAC400 portable split air conditioner is the perfect cooling solution for most rooms. With 13,000 BTU of cooling power, it can freshen about 450 square feet. In a split system, the quiet fan unit resides in the room to be cooled, while the external piece (where the cool air is generated by the compressor) is placed outside of the room or outdoors. The result is quieter performance inside the room. The drawback is you need another space to place the compressor portion. It can go outside room door into hallway. Or needs to be place on an indoor patio or terrace. Automatic safety device protects the compressor when unit is switched on immediately after being switched off No-drip technology uses condensation and collected moisture to help cool the air; excess vapor then discharged through the exhaust hose FreshZone air filtration Energy-efficient adjustable thermostat Easy-to-use control panel Window/door bracket for easy installation and exhausting of hot air 24-hour programmable timer with clock function and convenient bypass function Energy-saving; because a portable air conditioner can be operated independently of central systems, it is easier to target cooling to specific areas Pipe Length - 13 Compressor Type - rotary 2 fan speeds Unit Size Indoors - 16 1/7D x 22 W x 28 3/4H; Unit Size Outdoors - 10 1/4D x 18 8/9W x 22 4/9H Weight - 92.6 pounds

  • Energy-efficient, portable air conditioner with 13,000 BTU's of cooling power
  • Exclusive "no drip" technology uses collected moisture to help cool air
  • 24-hour programmable timer; built-in dehumidifier, adjustable thermostat
  • High-efficiency compressor and components for quiet operation
  • Measure 16-1/7 by 22 by 28-3/4 inches indoor and 10-1/4 by 18-8/9 by 22-4/9 inches outdoor
Customer Reviews:
  • For those of us who can't have window air conditioners........
    Of all windowless air conditioners, you cannot do better than Pinguino by Delonghi. Yes they are more expensive than other brands, but you get what you pay for. I live in a high rise building which is centrally air conditioned, however the southern sun and floor to ceiling windows makes it impossible to keep my condo cool enough for me. Thank goodness for the PAC 400. It is definately top of the line. I have 2 in my 3600 square foot condo and they are perfect to supplement our less than perfect central air conditioning system. They are very quiet and reliable Delonghi's customer service is also excellent. I have used these air conditioners since 1997 and am very pleased. The one problem is that here in Georgia, there are no places to get these units serviced. When I have had to have mine serviced it goes back to Delonghi in New Jersey which is a hassle but their customer service is excellent. I recommend the PAC 400 over some of the other units which I have had. These require you to fill them with water and the calcium buildup from the water tends to cause problems, so still with the PAC 400. Please note this is a split unit so it is excellent for those of us with balconies. The compressor (and the noise) stay outside your home....more info