Canister Filter Rena Filstar xP2 for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

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Product Description

Canister Filter Rena Filstar xP2 for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums - Available Online at PETCO.comCanister Filter Rena Filstar xP2, Very easy to use and maintain. Quick disconnect, fast cleaning, leak free, self priming. 1. Quick disconnect for fast, easy maintenance. 2. Extra-large, easy-access filter media baskets - Complete with filter foam, micro-filtration pad and Bio-Chem Zorb advanced filtration media, ensures exceptional water quality and fish health. 3. Multi-stage filtration with bypass-free circulation guarantees that all water flows through the filter media and not around it, ensuring a cleaner aquarium. 4. Patented Anti-Airlock System allows self-priming, uninterrupted operation and prevents filter shutdown. 5. Unique Sediment Chamber improves filter efficiency and reduces clogging. 6. Large Rubber Base suppresses vibration and noise, providing quiet operation.

  • Easy start self-priming filters provide efficient stage filtration
  • Large rubber base suppresses vibration and noise
  • Filter features flow control, an adjustable inlet, and a single control quick disconnect for easy maintenance

Customer Reviews:

  • greatest filter ever
    I have been so happy with this filter! It is my second Rena Filstar. The first one I got was the XP4 for my 75 gallon turtle tank. I loved that one so much that I bought the XP2 for my 49 gallon goldfish tank. It is super quiet (I find myself periodically checking just to make sure it's still running LOL) and the water has been crystal clear since I installed it. With my old filter it seemed the water would be cloudy for about 3 or 4 days after a water change and then clear up. But with this filter it's instantly clear and stays that way. This filter is the easiest to clean out of any other types I've tried. Initial set-up is easy too, except for fitting the tubing on to the valves. That's a little struggle, but the rest is a breeze. If you want a great filter for your aquarium I highly recommend the Rena Filstar series....more info
  • Great Affordable Canister Filter
    Great price for a high performance canister filter! Assembly and installation was exteremely fast and easy. Within a couple of hours of operation, the water in my 29g goldfish tank was crystal clear. The filter is very quiet, I can barely notice noise coming from the filter. The quick disconnect valve and the easy replacement of filter media makes maintenance is a breeze. Thumbs up for Rena!...more info
  • From a wet-dry to 2 XP2's
    I have a 100 gallon tank and I paid 500.00 for a wet/dry system that everyone swore would be my last and best filter. Well after a year of loud draining noises and yellow water I ditched it and put on 2 of the XP2's. All I can say is WOW!!!! After only 9 hours my water is crystal clear! I was so used to the yellow tinge in the water I forgot what clear water looked like! My wet dry was rated for a 200 gallon tank and I changed the media religously! It pales in comparison to the XP2's! And the XP2's along with a year supply of filter media cost less than half of the Wet/Dry system! I am sold on the XP2! They are virtually noiseless too! ...more info
  • How easy was that?
    As another reviewer pointed out, it does take a little bit of effort to put this thing together. Getting those tubes onto the fittings was a lot of work, but at least there's no dripping.

    Once this was done, and the filter media was in the box, priming the unit was simple enough. Open the tube at the top, pour in some water, then power the unit on. It will not be silent right away. There's still air trapped in the system, and there'll be a few "burbs" from time to time when these air bubbles are pushed out. But once that is all done, it really is whisper-quiet.

    Now, changing filter media. The first time I tried this, I was a little worried, but there's nothing to it. Shut the filter off, pop up the lever on the hose-fitting assembly and remove it. It's sealed off, so no dripping water. Now just carry the whole container to where you want to be to replace the filter media, pop the canister open and remove the two media trays. Replace as needed.

    How easy was that?...more info


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