Sunpentown Portable Air Cooler with Ionizer Air Cleaner SF609

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Have A Cool, Inexpensive Summer with the Sunpentown Air Cooler and Ionizer. Using tap water and ice (2 trays), this air cooler can get up to 15 degrees cooler than a regular fan at half the cost of most air conditioners. The 3 speed fans allows you to choose the level that is most comfortable to you. Clean Air provided by the ionizer in this unit lets you enjoy cool, crisp, clean air all summer long. The negative ionizer can clean up to 200 sq. ft. and remove nasty allergens while furnishing a cool environment.

  • 12 degrees cooler than a regular fan
  • Uses regular tap water
  • 10L water tank capacity
  • Timer: from 0.5- to 7.5-hour setting
  • Discount Shipping Rate at just $11

 Customer Reviews:

  • Suspect merchandise
    The cooler worked for less than four hours before stopping. The seller refers back to the manufacturer and the manufacturer refers back to the seller. Consider buying at a retailer to protect better from problems....more info
  • Dont waster your time
    For those of you who are looking at the price of this item and are assuming it is a great price for what this item states it can do, dont fool yourself. I purchased this item and was very excited being that it was my first air cooler and was happy to finally have something to cool my room I was very disappointed. First I tried it with just the ice water. Then I tried it with the cold packs on top but inste4ad it still kept shotting out this funny smelling air. I left to the store and closed the window and the door in my room and when I came back my room felt like there was this icky feel to the air. I was very unssatisfied. Please dont waste your time....more info
  • Humidity Level Shoots Way Up
    I bought a hydrometer (a device that measures humidity) before I bought the Sunpentown Air Cooler. I did this to make sure the humidity level wasn't above 60% in my room. We actually have Central Air Conditioning here. But my room is in the front of the house where a lot of light gets in, and it is usually the hottest room in the summer. That said, the hydrometer read 35 degrees F when we had the A/C on. At night when the Central Air goes on and off, it would climb up to about 42 degrees in my room. So there was no problem on my end. I made sure of that before purchasing this.

    When the Sunpentown Air Cooler arrived I filled it up with water and ice just like it said to. Hours later I noticed that more than half of the water I filled it with was gone! How could that be? Where did it all go? Well, I looked underneath and noticed that there is a little knob that opens. It was leaking. No where in the directions does it even indicate there is a knob underneath. This wasn't my fault it was leaking anyway. It was a defect. Because no matter how tight I made it water still leaked out. This could have caused water damage having so many gallons of water leak out.

    Anyway, I still gave it a try even though I knew there was a slight leak now after I tightened the knob as much as possible. What I found was was that this actually made the humidity level rise by about 18%. I'm not kidding. My room is a 12x12 foot square.

    I'm sure this unit is great for air purification or as a humidifier. But I don't see it being much use to cool a room up. It seems like a gimmick to me. To give them credit, I did get my money back and the shipping I paid. They didn't refund me for sending it back however. ...more info
  • Just a little better than a small personal fan
    This is a fairly large unit, not that heavy, but takes a bit of space. The fan power is less than most personal portable fans, the small ones that oscillate. The distance is barely 5ft and does not cool the air without the recommended 2/3 ICE filled. I should of looked into other models, but my 20.00 walmart fan keeps the room cooler than this....more info
  • Works well so far
    I ordered this at the end of the first week of the July heat wave. Just got here and it has been running for almost an hour in a 30 x 40 garage where I work. It's not a humid heat here in the Santa Monica mountains and, yes, it does work as advertised, though I need to keep the air flow directly on me in a room this size. Remember we're talking about 95 degree ambient temperature outside, so I'm thinking I'm at 85 inside the garage with this thing, but it sure feels good.

    Ordinarily, this garage is an oven by this time of day. The unit has been running for just a short while. The room is undeniably cooler already. In this heat the ice melts very fast but the unit has a tray on top for ice packs. I put three of them in there and it seems to be a very important reason why the unit is working. I suppose I should be prepared to refill the unit with more ice as the day progresses and the water tank evaporates.

    I'll give this a day or two. If it continues to work I'll probably buy another for the house.

    Works right out of the box. Give it four stars instead of five because it doesn't handle even more ice. Otherwise, I'd recommend it. ...more info
  • still sweating
    granted... my bedroom is the hottest and least ventilated in the house and the humidity can be bad at times, but this device definitely does not cool the (rather small) space 12 degrees. three to five degrees would be a better estimate. in retrospect, i'd have rather spent more on a real portable ac unit, which i now will probably purchase anyway.

    ps: the water indicator is definitely difficult to read and a flashlight is typically necessary. ...more info
  • Swamp cooler
    We got this unit to replace a larger one that wore out. It does a fair job of cooling our bed area especially with ice. It has lots of nice features such as a remote control and an ionizer air cleaner. A timer and sleep modes are really great.

    Two short comings though are a fill access cover that won't stay open making filling it a three hand job. Also the water level indicator is difficult to read, we have to keep a flashlight handy to read it.

    Still a pretty good deal at the price!...more info
  • Great Machine
    I bought this small swamp cooler to supplement my regular air conditioning in my bedroom, which has huge picture windows and heats up like a green house. Since I live in Virginia, with high humidity, I didn't expect this little cooler to do much. But I am amazed at how chilled the air feels and how much cool air it puts out. Even though the building air conditioning hasn't been turned on yet, this small unit is making my bedroom comfortable at night. I am very pleased with it, and with Sunpentown and Air Purifer's very forthcoming customer service. They were very responsive to my queries....more info
  • Sunpentown unit works in our home
    I live 90 miles northwest of Houston and found 'fun with guns' review convincing. We live in a 1-bedroom apartment with the air conditioner in the living room. A guest was staying in our living room and we wanted to be able to close our bedroom door at night. We tested the situation without a cooler and the bedroom was stuffy and hot; outside temps 'cool down' to about 75 F at night with high humidity (Texas!). So I bought the Sunpentown ($98 w/shipping). This thing looks nice, easy to move (comes with rollers), and is relatively simple to use and fill. I've found that if I run the cooler (i.e. the pump that circulates water around/about the fan), heat is generated at the back of the unit and our closed bedroom was too warm and felt damp. But if I just run the fan (medium) and keep water in the resevoir, the blown air is cool and we can sleep comfortably all night, with the door and window closed. This was kind of surprising but it works for us. We've only had the thing for 2-weeks so I couldn't give it a 5-star (hey, it's gotta' last!) but so far I'm really pleased with the investment....more info
    It is the best cooler you can ever buy and it cleans the air.You can get a better cooler than this it is just that good. But be sure you buy is from amazon new or used because if you buy it some where else you probably won't get the same results. I got mine used just to save money and it works great.You should realy get....more info
  • Works great even better with ice!!!
    I live in Houston where it is 90% humidity most of the time, outside...I knew these "swamp" coolers wouldn't do me much good as a replacement for my A/C, but that wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted this as a "helper" to boost my cooling in my back bedroom, since inside the house the humidity is only about 40%. This thing works great. I had a fan in the room before and all it did was blow warm air in my face. I put this item in the room next to the bed, filled it up and added some ice...5 minutes later, 15 degree cooler air blowing on me...great... I only had one problem, that is, now my wife wants one on her side of the bed, looks like I will be placing another order.......more info