Chicago Cutlery Woodworks 19-1/2" x 13-1/2" Cutting Board

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For chopping fresh vegetables for a chef¡¯s salad or slicing a succulent ham, not every kitchen comes equipped with an adequate cutting board. After crafting fine cutlery for 75 years, Chicago Cutlery well understands that chopping tasks demand a proper cutting surface. The Woodworks line provides a variety of attractive yet practical cutting boards to implement the standard kitchen, while also providing the convenience of mobility for the household chef. To address the spacious needs of carving tasks in particular, Chicago Cutlery offers this useful large carving board.

The carving board is crafted from beautiful kiln-dried Brazilian cherry wood. The quality construction not only protects kitchen counters and tabletops from abrasions, but also helps thwart dulling to knife blades. A shallow grooved border collects juices while expediting clean up. Reversible, chefs can opt to use one side of the carving board for meats exclusively and reserve the other side for vegetables, fruits, and breads for enhanced food safety. The carving board also can double as a serving platter for such appetizers as a cheese platter or freshly baked bread. For the best care, wash by hand and dry immediately. Soaking and use of abrasives may damage the long-term efficacy and beauty of the carving board. Chicago Cutlery offers a lifetime guarantee for all products in the event of faulty materials or workmanship. The large carving board measures 19-1/2 by 13-1/2 inches and weighs three pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • From Chicago Cutlery, large carving board for slicing meats while protecting countertops
  • Made of kiln dried Brazilian cherry wood that is gentle on knife blades
  • Double-sided for user convenience and enhanced health safety; scooped out border collects juice and debris to minimize clean up
  • Wash and dry by hand; avoid soaking the cutting board and use of abrasives
  • The large carving board measures 19-1/2 by 13-1/2 inches and weighs 3 pounds upon shipping; lifetime guarantee for defective products

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful
    I've been using this board for about a month now and I love it. Somehow it makes my knives seem sharper... don't ask me how that's possible! But seriously, the blades seem to be slicing through stuff like it's butter all of the sudden. Very nice product, highly recommended!!...more info
  • Would be good without crack
    I got this as a gift for my mom. The board is a good size. You could carve a turkey on it, or roll out a pie crust. I like that it has a channel to catch liquids on one side, but the other side is smooth. It's dual purpose. Unfortunately one piece of the wood was flawed and it cracked the first time she used it. The rest of the board seemed solid and I'm sure it was just a fluke. I'm in the returns process and plan to reorder the same board. I'll post another review on that one, which I'm sure I can give top rating if there are no flaws in the wood....more info
  • A Real Cut Up
    Came in a huge box but was very clean. Well wrapped. Get some edible grade mineral oil while waiting for delivery as you need to rub it down well before using. The smell, look and feel of the wood is very good. Has worked very well and stays in place nicely. The size gives ample room to cut and hold food until you have finished the entire piece....more info
  • Warped
    I've owned this product for two weeks. I moved and had my Boos block in storage; this was an interim solution. I realize that the board is not hard rock maple, but still ... Having washed it only in lukewarm soapy water three or four times, I am dismayed to notice signfcant warping (bowing, really) down the middle.

    Even at the price, I'm not happy with this product. ...more info
  • Hopeless and Got tilted within 2 days
    Useless product.Soaks water and becomes unbalanced and tilted withing 2 days..waste of money.....more info
  • Perfect size
    Perfect size for cutting my produce and it doesn't take alot of counter space. ...more info
  • okay product
    This was a little thinner than I hoped, but holding up well and size is perfect....more info
  • Its wood!
    Well...its wood...its hard to clean...but I knew that going into it!! wont do it again!...more info
  • Great size
    My only gripe would be the thickness. If that dimension was in the description, I probably would not have bought this. I just use a towel underneath it to keep it from moving around....more info
  • Great Cutting Board
    I use this board for veggies. It is large enough that you can cut a variety of veggies at once. It is resistant to knife marks and is easy to use. Highly recommend!...more info
  • I would say... OK...
    Well, Now I bought this after reading plenty of reviews and I am only a satisfied customer. I still feel I could have made a better choice. The product turned out to be just ok. It bent after couple of months of use. I followed all the instructions of care before using it but in 2 months I saw a dent and it was slowly bending. But after 6 months, I see it is coming back to its shape. I don't know how it is possible but it happened.

    It is large board. You can cut couple of onions, couple of tomatoes, 3 potatoes, bunch of cilantro and still find place to chop up garlic and ginger. That's something I figured out!! But one thing that didn't go well with me were the corners. For some reason I wish they were fully flat without having those ridges. Food gets stuck in between them and clean up becomes a hassle. And if you want to slide off the veggies from the board to your hands it becomes quite hard since it gets stuck in those ridges.

    For the price it is ok!! but I would still look around for something better! Final word- I am not ecstatic about the buy!!...more info
  • Large & In Charge!
    I just recently ordered and received this item (with lightening fast speed) and I am really impressed. I won a set of nice Chicago Cutlery knives in a survey contest and started doing some research on how to keep them nice and sharp for the longest time possible. I found out a nice good board of maple or cherry that was at least an inch thick was the best bet. I am following the oiling instructions since before I didn't do that and all of my cutting boards would split. Also, not allowing my hubby to put them in the dishwasher is a good idea as well. It looks like it will stand up to the job and it is big enough to carve a ham or roast so we love it! ...more info
  • Wonderful
    There is nothing bad to say about this wonderful cutting board. It's big enough for almost every kind of cutting I do in my kitchen. ...more info
  • Beautiful board!
    This board is beautiful, perfect size next to my sink, and so far has worn really well. It functions not only as a cutting board but a staging area for dishes after eating. I treated it with mineral oil when I got it, which brought out the grain even more. I highly recommend this one....more info
  • Fits the bill
    I bought this board to cut large pieces of meat (chickens, flank steaks, pork roasts). It's more than big enough for all these. The reservoirs on the side do a perfect job of collecting all the juices that run off.

    The board arrived incredibly thirsty. I gave it a healthy dose of mineral oil, which I treat all my wooden kitchen tools with, and this solved the problem.

    The board is made of cherry and is a bargain at the price amazon sells it for....more info
  • Mom loves it
    Got these boards for my mom for mothers day ... she is so happy!!!!
    Great product...more info
  • Thirsty board! Might be warping?
    The board is the right size for carving up a whole chicken and the "moat", while modest in width/depth, kept the counters clean. Another plus is that it is reasonably light for its size. The one small surprise for me is that the wood is so very dry. It soaked up two very generous applications of mineral oil very quickly. If it doesn't come with oiling instructions, you'll still want to oil it as soon as possible and perhaps with multiple applications each spaced out by a day.

    New comments:
    After seasoning the board, hand washing, and 6 months of happy use, the board split along a glued joint. This happened after it had been sitting on the counter for a week under the weight of a homemade loaf of bread and a medium-weight glass cake cover. My best guess is that the board had become just slightly (and most imperceptively) warped and the constant distributed weight provided enough stress to crack apart the glue overnight -- 6+" of it! I know nothing about woodworking but I doubt that seasoning alone can strengthen a joint or prevent minor warpage. So I'm lowering the product to a 3 star rating.

    1/17/08: Maybe I need a life but I just thought I'd add that there has been no further splitting after 1.5 years of use. I guess nothing is perfect and I certainly still enjoy using the board very much....more info
  • 5-stars to 1 star in 2 weeks
    When my cutting board arrived and I began to use it, I was very satisified with it's size, looks, functionality, etc. That was my opinion when it first arrived -- and for about 2 weeks thereafter. Then the board began to warp. It is still usable, but it has gone from a 5-star item to a 1-star dud. I am very disappointed and am looking for a replacement. ...more info


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