e.p.t. Pregnancy Test, Certainty, 2-Count Tests
e.p.t. Pregnancy Test, Certainty, 2-Count Tests

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Product Description

INDICATIONS: Easy to Read: e.p.t Certainty provides an unmistakable Pregnant or Not Pregnant read-out. Easy to Use: Test any time of day from the first day of your missed period. Simply remove cap, insert test stick into holder, and place absorbent tip in urine stream for 5-7 seconds. Fast Results: Within 3 minutes, the display window will show your results. Accurate Results: 99% Accurate for results you can trust. 99% Accurate at detecting the pregnancy hormone levels. However, some pregnant women may not have detectable amounts of pregnancy hormone in their urine on the first day of the missed period or may have miscalculated the first day of their period.

  • One box containing two easy-to-use, digital pregnancy tests
  • Provides 99% accurate results within three minutes
  • Easy-to-use with results you can trust; test any time of day from the first day of your missed period
  • Easy to read with no lines interpret; provides an unmistakable "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant" read-out
  • Manufactured by New Jersey-based Pfizer, Inc, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world

Customer Reviews:

  • I loved this test
    I bought this pregnancy test because I had already taken two First Response Pregnancy tests and both showed a faint line in the window indicting that I was pregnant but I wanted to be absolutely sure with something that I didn't have to interpret. I bought this test and took it yesterday and the readout on the test is still there. I had read on the package that the result will remain on the product for twenty four hours but this one has lasted longer than that.
    Overall, this was a simple, accurate test (went to the doctor's to double check today), and the battery power is great.
    ...more info
  • Terrible gamble
    I am three days late on my period. I woke up this morning and was dying to know if I was pregnant or not. So I ran around and bought the EPT Digital Readout Test. When I got to work, I opened the package and the screen read...."see leaflet"....yea! Another customer screwed by a low battery. Do not buy unless you want to gamble away 14-16 dollars!...more info
  • Error
    My period is a couple of days late and Im dying to know if I was pregnant or not.I am not trying to get pregnant, and it's nothing i've been thinking about. I told my boyfriend that we might have a baby and he got nervous, yet a bit excited. I bought the test, opened the package and the screen read...."see leaflet"....yea! A couple of minutes later the screen semed to be ok and I took the test. Nope, the screen says error. I wait 30minutes, take the test again. And it says NOT PREGNANT. Well, now it's a week later and my period still hasn't started. So, I'm forced to take another test. It will not be a EPT one, wich I concidered a waist of money!...more info
  • Amazing
    I had missed my July period and had been having cramps all month. My nipples were very sore. I thought maybe my periods might have been off, they have never been regular. I told my fiance that I wanted to test when he got paid. We went out on the fourth to get a test. We picked this one b/c it also came with a gift card for free. We were very nervous, we were not trying and really didn't have money or space for a baby. We came home and I took the test. Within a min. it said pregnant. My fiance walked in and we just hugged and cried. We got another test from a dollar store b/c his mother didn't think it was right. We knew that I was pregnant and didn't want to spend more money on something that we knew would show pregnant again. We got the other test and I had two lines. I am 6 weeks we think. I have already recommended this test to a friend of mine who is trying to get pregnant....more info
  • Another False Positive
    Just went through a humiliating experience at the ER thanks to a false positive on this test. I'm taking drugs that should make me in no way able to conceive, and yet there it was "pregnant". I'll be sticking to the basic "one line or two" tests from now on. ...more info
  • Blank screen...just what I wanted.
    Talk about frustrating. I followed the instructions exactly, waited, stared, waited, stared, waited..watched the little hour glass blink blink blink...then....nothing. The screen went blank. I waited for quite a while. No picture ever showed up. So I looked in the instructions, and it said to call the manufacturer. The manufacturer who was, of course, closed. Luckily I was able to look up information from other reviews like these and see that the battery went dead. An incredible waste of time, money, and pee. Use something else....more info
  • fast, accurate results . . . just wish I could keep the "pregnant" for posterity.
    I used two three-packs of the EPT test while trying to conceive. When I got "not pregnant" results, the hour glass would flash for about three minutes before displaying "not pregnant." I finally decided to save my money and sanity and wait for a late period before testing. The hour glass flashed only a few times before "pregnant" popped up, I'm assuming because if it finds the HCG hormone it doesn't need more time.

    To the women who got "false positive" results--I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but it is much more likely that you had a fertilized egg which failed at some point in the implantation process than that the test just decided to find HCG where there was none.

    According to my Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, scientists estimate that 3/4 of all lost pregnancies are as a result of failure to implant, which occurs even before a period is due or a woman knows she is pregnant. It is more likely that when you took the test you still had faint levels of HCG in your system which were not detectable by less sensitive tests or still present in your system when you went to the doctor.

    My only complaint about this product is that the results disappeared after 24 hours, and I wanted to keep looking at my "pregnant." :)...more info
  • Wait until they improve this technology before trying!
    The digital aspect of the test is nice in theory, simple pregant and not pregnant results---they forgot to add "when you are able to get results!" The battery life is extremely short lived and once the batterys gone the test is useless. I went to use this test, inserted my test stick into the digital piece for the first time and there was this error that said "see leaflet" which tells you to wait half an hour than attempt again (trying to hold your pee in for half an hour longer isn't the easiest thing to do I might add). So I waited and got nothing, the screen was blank. I called the manufacturer, as also instructed in the leaflet, who said that the battery had died, rendering the pricey test useless, and it would take up to a week for a replacement (maybe its only me, but when it comes to something such as a potential pregnancy a week is unacceptable). As the errors right in the leaflet and the manufacturer knew exactly what was wrong very quickly i'm assuming its a common issue. Moral of the story: this technology needs major improvements. Until then, stick to the simple batteryless plus-minus tests, not only are they cheaper but they are more reliable....more info
  • "See Leaflet"
    I had the same thing happen as others who have posted reviews! The first time I used it- it flashed "see leaflet." I let it reset itself, and when I tried again, it again said "see leaflet."

    I wasted $20. I highly recommend to others to not buy this product, as there are others out there that won't say "see leaflet."...more info
  • Great for not having to interpret results!
    I bought this test simply because I was in a rush to buy something and get out of the store without being seen. (I hadn't told anyone we were trying) I didn't hold the stick midstream since I was so nervous I was afraid that I would drop it in the toilet, so I used the pee in a cup and dip it in method. The results are unmistakeable and made for an interesting photo which we used to slip into other pictures to tell my husband's parents.

    My only complaint is that the digital read out disappears after a certain amount of time....I read that all tests are invalid after 10 minutes, but by the time my husband got home, I only had a blank screen on the stick to show him.

    Either way....it was accurate for me!...more info
  • Buyers Beware
    I too have tried this twice today at separate times. I am a week late and I have had two see leaflet messages. When looking at the lines that are on the back of the pee stick, there is one definate line and one very very very faint line. I have used these before and that faint line has meant both pregnant once and not pregnant once. I wouldn't waste my money on these. I have found the cheap tests to be more accurate!!...more info
  • Fast, Accurate Results: LOVE EPT CERTAINTY
    When I found out I was pregnant 3 years ago I used EPT and got quick results. My husband I have been trying for child #2 for 10 months and when I got an unusual "period" I decided to take a pregnancy test. I bought the EPT certainty and received a PREGNANT read out within Five Minutes. I will be faithful to EPT from now On.
    ...more info
  • Good choice from the local drugstore
    I knew from my research that this wasn't absolutely the most accurate test out there, but it's one of the most accurate you can find at your local drugstore. I used the dip-in-the-cup method, which is easily the cleanest way to test with over-the-counter pregnancy tests. The double pack comes with two sticks and a reusable digital reader.

    Fast, easy to use, and certainly no questions at all about the results with the digital interpreter. I had my answer in less than 5 minutes from beginning to end.

    Most importantly, I would use this test again....more info
  • False Positive!
    I bought the test. Used one of them about 8 months ago and it worked fine. I still had another one left. I thought I might be pregnant so I took the test. After a few seconds "Pregnant" flashed on the screen. I went the next day to the doctor to confirm results and their test said negative. I took another home test different brand and it also said negative. I guess over time the test went bad. Very frusterating and emotional!!...more info
  • another FALSE POSITIVE
    I took 2 of these tests and BOTH said pregnant. I took the typical 2 line tests and both were negative. I also got a blood test which was also negative.

    Do not use this test. False positives are too stressful to deal with!
    ...more info
  • ept test it does work
    Me and my fiance have been trying to get pregnant,so I have been keeping track of when I ovulated and after waiting to take a pregnancy test.I took the regular EPT test first I a saw I faint plus sign in the window,,No knowing of that answer was positive or not I opted to get a diff test and purchased A answer pregnancy test and it said I was not pregnant,being heartbroken(had gotten my hopes up)I went and purchsed the digital ept test and 2 minutes later it was positive,,,I would recommend this test it was so is to use,and the results were clear to read...more info
  • Holder not reliable
    I purchased the EPT Certainty 2 pack and followed the instructions and inserted the stick into the holder and got the "see leaflet" message on the holder display. According to the instructions in the packet, this means an error occurred with the holder and I had to wait 30 minutes for the message to disappear to try again. In about 10 minutes, the screen went blank. I waited for over 30 minutes and inserted a new stick and received another "see leaflet" message. The screen went blank shortly thereafter. After speaking with customer service, I was told that either the holder was defective or the battery was dead. After paying close to $20.00 for this product, I must say I am very disappointed. I since went and bought a non-digital test (First Response) and it worked just fine and cost a lot less!...more info


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