Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor / Devia, La Scola, Bruson, Colombara, Berti, Ranzani, La Scala Opera

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  • A gem of a discovery
    Searching for any opera with La Scola I found this gem. This is an early La Scala production and the "mad" scene" is somewhat restrained but the cast is superb - I am pleased to own this DVD - go on buy it whilst you can! ...more info
  • Stilted acting until the MAD Scene
    Mariella Devia's acting is thoroughly stilted until the Act 3 "Mad Scene." In Acts 1 and 2, she seems almost bored. For example, when Lucia's horrible brother demands that she marries someone other than the man she loves, Devia looks completely nonchalant. However, she's brilliant musically and very convincing dramatically when it comes to her final scene. The DVD is worth buying for the mad scene alone.

    On the whole, it's hard to say who is the worst actress, Mariella Devia or Joan Sutherland? Anna Moffo captures the tragedy of the fragile, mentally-unstable Lucia beautifully. So, if you demand drama with your bel canto, I suggest you turn to Moffo for the most complete interpretation currently available on dvd. It's a pity that we have no video recording of either Sills or Callas. Those two divas both combined fantastic acting with brilliant singing!

    This particular production is fine. The conductor is competent. Musically, this performance is first rate. It's disappointment, though, in terms of the overall dramatic portrayal of the main character. ...more info
  • Absolutely wonderful!!!
    This is a really great traditional production of Lucia di Lammermoor, with beautiful sets and lavish costumes and the music and singing is superb! I've seen this opera before, but this production of it made the deepest impression on me.

    The entire cast is good but Mariella Devia as Lucia and Vincenzo La Scola as Edgardo were simply outstanding! Why both of them are not better known or more often seen and heard is beyond me. Mariella Devia's voice is perfection. She sang the mad scene without blood or histrionics, just simple, straight from the heart-wrenching beauty. La Scola's condemnation of Lucia sent a chill up my spine and his Act III arias brought tears.

    This is definitely worth seeing and I recommend it highly!...more info
  • Classic Lucia
    This is a visually beautiful production with a classic Lucia from Devia, and a very good supporting cast, including Vincenzo La Scola, a tenor who should be better known. The only flaw is some serious distortion on high notes. Engineers never did learn to record Devia's voice very well....more info
  • Outstanding Performance of a divine opera
    This is an outstanding performance of a divine opera. The coloratur performance of Mariella Devia (Lucia) in the third act (mad scene) is standing out as subleme, at some stage actually echoing the instruments sound. Truely unbelievable. I can point out minor glitches but the essential point is that this is a 5 stars performance....more info
  • I wish I'd seen Mr. Doucet's review before I bought it...
    .... but I've had it since it came out in 2004. I rather like Devia - I mean, she's so non-diva-ish. While her voice isn't what I'd call pretty, at least she gets the job done without giving me sweaty palms (sorry about the damned faint praise, to paraphrase).

    What is most startling is that Bruson is off-pitch most of the time. This gives us a sextette which has to be the worst heard this side of a high school auditorium. Donizetti... well, who knows what Donizetti is doing these days?

    I do have a Dame Joan/Kraus DVD which is fine, although it's never bowled me over. I'd rather the Riccarelli or the Moffo.
    ...more info
  • a marvellous bargain
    Excellently staged in an "orthodox" manner and superbly sung. This is one of the 10 operas in the "La Scalla" DVD collection - each a bargain if bought individually but if bought as a collection they are a "STEAL". I have 5 and all are excellent. A great way to begin a DVD opera collection and a wonderful gift for a friend who doesn't have most of the operas included in the set....more info
  • A Barely Adequate Lucia
    This is an opera I know very well. To be frank, I got 1/3 through this recording and it's been on the shelf ever since. Not impressed by the singers. Orchestra OK.

    Regards, Dick Doucet...more info
    This Lucia comes straight out of a dark 19th century oil-painting in a museum. Because of this, don't expect to find it lovely or romantic. Awe-inspiring is the word that comes to my mind and if you pay attention you can almost feel the chilly halls of Lammermoor Castle.

    La Scola was a great surprise as Edgardo. A VERY fine Italian tenor with good squillo and well balanced acting. His top notes are particularly impressive. Bruson's lyric baritone has lost some of its opulence but it's still a great voice for this role. Colombara in one of his many Raimondos is noble but determined and his firm top notes come in handy.

    Devia was in her 40s but she sounds as fresh as any soprano who had just made her debut. Her petite figure also ensures she looks the part. She was at the peak of her powers in 1992 and offers some of the finest singing on video of any vocal era. The mad scene, a scene I usually can't stand because of its lenght, is the highlight of the entire performance and both vocally and dramatically she took my breath away. Her perfect high notes and especially the staccati become expressive, natural sounds unlike any I've heard before and I'm aware of the stiff competition. All this spectacular singing is complimented with a balanced stage presence that is graceful overall and haunting in the mad scene.

    Especially effective is the team work of the entire cast who bring the beauty of Donizetti's music forward. At any price, this is a performance that will honour your music library. ...more info
  • First-rate, traditional Lucia
    I can only second earlier comments about this splendid 1992 La Scala production: traditional settings, glorious costumes and spectacular singing. Devia is note-perfect throughout - a lovely instrument. Tenor La Scola partners with her effortlessly, with a great italianate "squilo" sound. Conductor Ranzani leads the Scala forces in a competent, if not entirely thrilling reading of the score. ...more info
  • A Lucia comme il faut...
    Donizetti and Bellini's, uncut, operas run about as long as Wagner's - and approximate the same heft. If you love this opera, get this dvd; study it, live with it. If you're into singers showing off, then get one of the others - you'll save a lot of time but of course you'll be missing the Donizetti boat.

    I already revered La Scala but this production really blew me away - and I could compare the feeling of being in the tradition only by remembering performances of Swan Lake at the Maryinski. Even the productions featuring Mme (...)(at whose shrine I daily bow) seem a bit silly in relation to this one, full blooded and complete....more info
  • Lucia no Scalla .
    Lucia di Lammermoor ¨¦ a ¨®pera mais popular de Gaetano Donizetti. O prol¨ªfico compositor do s¨¦culo XIX acertou em cheio nesse drama. Belas melodias apoiadas a um libreto homog¨ºneo levam a ¨¢rias para soprano , tenor e bar¨ªtono exibirem seus dotes vocais. N?o ¨¦ por acaso que a ¨®pera ¨¦ uma das mais representadas desde sua estr¨¦ia. Lucia ¨¦ desafiadora e atraente, papel desejado por muitos sopranos e imortalizado na voz de Callas, Sutherland, Caball¨¦, Gruberova e Sills entre outras.
    A vers?o re-lan?ada em dvd tr¨¢s imagens n¨ªtidas e som de boa qualidade. O Scala se destaca pelo conservadorismo em rela??o a vers?es modernas de ¨®pera. Nessa Lucia temos uma leitura cl¨¢ssica, sem deixar de ser moderna. Cen¨¢rios limpos , claros e sem exageros. Ilumina??o correta,embora escura as vezes , dire??o satisfat¨®ria e figurinos impec¨¢veis s?o algumas das caracter¨ªsticas do padr?o Scala de qualidade. Se voc¨º gosta de leituras modernas, onde diretores de "vanguarda" transp?e, cortam e remodelam, n?o compre essa vers?o. Ali¨¢s n?o recomendamos nada desse teatro para quem gosta de modernidades.
    Imposs¨ªvel n?o elogiar a orquestra, com uma bagagem de centenas de ¨®peras em seu curr¨ªculo, os m¨²sicos e o regente Stefano Ranzani tiram de letra. Destaque em todos os naipes, som harmonioso e vibrante s?o algumas das qualidades que podemos citar. O coro segue a mesma linha, sempre afinado, com certeza um dos melhores do mundo.
    Os solistas s?o velhos conhecidos dos amantes da ¨®pera. Renato Bruson que j¨¢ cantou v¨¢rias vezes em S?o Paulo faz um lorde Enrico sisudo, est¨¢tico e compenetrado. Sua voz se destaca pela potencia e brilho, um dos melhores bar¨ªtonos de sua gera??o. Mariela Devia ¨¦ uma soprano correta, segue a partitura quase com perfei??o. Mas n?o empolga, n?o arrisca nada. Burocr¨¢tica ,principalmente na cena da loucura. Na sua principal ¨¢ria poderia assumir alguns riscos, empolgar mais, interpretar uma louca, soltar a voz como fazia Callas, Sutherland. Tudo bem ! Seria pedir muito soltar a voz como faziam as grandes divas do s¨¦culo passado. Vincenzo La Scola possu¨ª belo timbre de tenor, projeta agudos claros , eficientes para o papel de Edgardo. N?o faz uma apresenta??o inesquec¨ªvel. Como sua colega fica no b¨¢sico, dando conta do recado.
    Alguns detalhes deixam a desejar na produ??o, mas nada que desabone esse dvd. Quando Lucia sai do leito nupcial no terceiro ato , acaba de matar o marido e esta possu¨ªda pela loucura. O figurino e a representa??o devem mostrar esse momento tr¨¢gico e crucial. Na montagem apresentada a personagem parece ter sa¨ªdo de um baile, toda arrumada, cabelo muito bem penteado que em nada lembra uma mo?a assassina e louca. O capel?o Raimondo ¨¦ algu¨¦m pertencente ao cl¨¦rigo, parece ¨®bvio falar isso , mas seu figurino est¨¢ incorreto. ¨¦ preciso muita imagina??o para ver um cl¨¦rigo nesse personagem.
    Lucia di Lammermoor ¨¦ uma ¨®pera que sintetiza toda a primeira fase per¨ªodo romantico. Todos os clich¨ºs do per¨ªodo est?o representados. Cena de loucura, lugares ex¨®ticos e distantes, morte dos protagonistas s?o alguns deles. Pela excel¨ºncia na orquestra??o e produ??o, bons solistas e pre?o razo¨¢vel para um dvd importado , vale a pena ter essa ¨®pera em sua estante. Entre as dispon¨ªveis no mercado pensamos ser a melhor custo-benef¨ªcio que existe atualmente.
    ...more info
  • another dark lucia
    This DVD, in a series of old La Scala brodcasts, is from the 1992 season. Mariella Devia (Lucia) is in stellar vioce and gives a first rate performance. Hers is not the grand Lucia of Sutherland ('82 Met broadcast), nor the earthy Lucie of Ciofi (02 Lyon broadcast)... rather hers is a more bland, nuetrual Lucia. Thats not to say that her singing is bland, it is pitch perfect and has some unique dramatic shading. Vincenzo La Scola (Edgardo) doesn't erase memories of Bergonzi or Kraus, but he sings with a nice and bright tone even in the higher registers. Renato Bruson (Enrico) is as always a pure pleasure. He makes the most of the nasty villian he is. The rest of the cast is first class also, as one would expect from the "worlds best opera house".
    The biggest fault is in the video direction, as with many of these early '90s broadcasts, they are dark and not many close up shots, and recorded in stereo. But that aside this is a very enjoyable DVD, if you are a fan of the belcanto composers, or if you have been waiting for a good and solid UNCUT Lucia then there is no reason not to make this a part of your collection. Enjoy....more info