Sound Concierge #403: Air-conditioning

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Full title - Sound Concierge #403 Air-conditioning Selected & Mixed By Tomoyuki T. Japan exclusive mix album from the Japanese electronica act features 19 tracks from such artists as Mario Castro-Neves, Mathilde Santing, The Copeland Davis Group, Dr. Buzz

Volume Three in the Non-stop Album Mix Series.

Customer Reviews:
  • A great downtempo mix with plenty of campy fun
    403 is one of my favorites from Fantastic Plastic Machine's Sound Concierge series. Although I'm not going to be translating the album notes anytime soon, it seems that the 40Xs are downtempo/lounge mixes, while the 70Xs are more dance/club oriented.

    Tomoyuki Tanaka makes some great music, but he's also a great DJ. The track selection is top notch, if you like that retro lounge feel that seems to be a defining characteristic of the shibuya-kei movement. It borders on kitsch, but it's too intelligent and self-conscious to be true kitsch. What you're left with is all the fun and none of the cheese.

    Given the inflated import price and relative difficulty of acquiring this album, I'd recommend it mostly to die hard fans can't get enough of Tanaka's work. If you're looking to get into the Sound Concierge series, I would recommend this as a place to start. The other volumes are decent as well, but this is a particularly inspired mix. Buy it if you can find it....more info
  • Loungy, Camp? -downright bizarre (but uniquely cool)
    A very different compilation. "Night & Day" by Everything But The Girl - hauntingly cool. "A Dream Goes On Forever" - resurrected decently. Give 'er a listen, it's not for everybody, but if you "get it" it's relatively unique....more info