GE AGQ08FB 8000 BTU Electronic Room Air Conditioner

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  • Loved this product
    I used this through one very hot summer no complaints at all.

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  • Good but a nightmare to install
    It works ok, cools down the area it says it will well. THe frame get's installed first but the rest of the unit ( the insides that are heavy) get put in after. This is a safer way to do it, as you cannot drop the thing out the window. However, it requires a lot of assembly and the instrucions are unclear. Also, it requires that you drill it into the inside windowsill. In a lot of NYC and city apartments, windows have a metal lip preventing this, meaning you have to find some other way, such as building a wooden bridge to raise up the windowsill to make it level with the air conditioner. AS with many of these units - of any make - it is not specified exactly what you will need to do to install it till you open the box. Personally, I think they should all have it clearly described before you purchase. I ended up hiring a handyman at 50 an hour to do it as I did not have the tools or time. However, it is affordable and works well once you get it in.
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    It is highly possible that I would buy this item. However, the absence of product specifications and installation requirements voids all possibility of making an intelligent consumer decision. This does not reflect well for dynadirect, the seller. Perhaps, amazon can pick up the slack on this one as summer temperatures are on the rise. Thanks for this opportunity....more info