Nature's Plus - Source Of Life Multi with Iron, 180 tablets

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Product Description

Source of Life has a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, lipids, bioflavonoids, enzymes, plant pigments, amino acids, nucleic acids and herbs.

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  • Serving Size - 3 tablets
  • Does Not Contain: Artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, wheat, corn, soy and milk.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Energy Source
    I have six children and had been feeling extremely fatigued (like I could hardly move). I had been taking a general multi-vitamin from a local warehouse store. I started taking the Nature's Plus Source of Life, and I felt so much better. My energy level has increased dramatically, and I just feel good. Great quality product....more info
  • Source of Life Multi-vitamins
    These are the best Multi-vitamins that I have ever tried. The vitamins are the highest quality and more importantly, the minerals are "chelated", which has stopped my allergy symptoms for more than 5 years now.
    San Jose...more info
  • high grade
    I have been working out for 30 years i have taken just about all vits out there this is the only one i know when and when im not taking it......more info
  • we have taken this for years and feel it is wonderful for us, It does not upset my system in the morning like others have
    Other supplements have upset my stomach in the mornings this does not and I feel the differance when I do not take them. Give it a try for youself...more info
  • Great overall whole food supplement
    I've been taking vitamins for 17 plus years. I've tried just about every brand out there. I bought this one and used it for years. I started worndering if it was worth the money so I stopped taking it and tried other brands recommended by my family. I felt lethargic but more noticably, I started craving food! My weight increased. It seemed like I couldn't eat enough to satisfy my appetite. I started taking the Nature's Plus again and the cravings went away. The gal at my health food store said these vitamins are the best out there because of the whole food content. As an added benefit, I do not get stomach aches right after I take these as I did with the cheaper "One A Day" or other store vitamins. The ingredients are pure and simple. I highly recommend this particular brand without any reservation. ...more info
  • Best Vitamins
    I have tried many types & brands of vitamins. Source of Life are by far the best. I can tell when I miss taking them. If I take them on an empty stomach, I have never even gotten slightly nauseated, unlike other vitamins I've taken.
    These are high quality, good for you & really do raise your energy level. I highly recommed SOL vitamins. ...more info
    This is the best vitamins i have ever used.
    Works in a very short time for me...more info
  • Great Product
    I recommend this product to anyone wanting a healthy multivitamin with a great boost of energy. When not taking these for a day I truly feel the effects and can't wait to get them into my system. Ditch the Centrum, One-a-Day etc. with useless fillers and get a real multivitamin....more info
  • Great Everyday Vitamin
    Watch Video Here: In this clip, a friend explains his reasons for choosing Nature's Plus W/Whole Food vitamins.

    He likes the large economy size.He thinks it's a bargain.

    This is a vitamin he's taken for years and is extremely pleased with. He likes the vitamins and nutrients of this product.

    To be sure of it's effectiveness, I've taken this vitamin a couple times a day (not three pills per day as instructed) and I did feel energized after a several weeks of taking it regularly.

    I can honestly say I felt it helped me and I will take this vitamin regularly.

    I recommend this vitamin highly !...more info
  • Good product - recommend!
    My boyfriend loves these vitamins - he had tried many other ones in the past; however, he continues purchasing Nature's Plus. He always regrets when he forgets to take one. These vitamins boost his energy level and helped him fight frequent migranes. Do not let the price draw you away to cheaper but lower quality products. We highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Very GOOD BUT be aware
    When I first took the samples of this vitamin given by my nutritionest I felt really energized and good.. then after buying my own and taking it for over a year, I noticed Its just not that good as it use to be. strange thing I noticed, there is no clear plastic seal wrapping for tamper proof on the bottle I purchased from shops or through internet and the opening thats suppose to have the black lettered "Quality seal for your protection" with a seal holding up a ball symbol is on most of all of Nature's Plus tablet vitamins except for the Multi-Vitamin and Mineral for adult and kids and few more. The seal is replaced by red lettered "Sealed for your protection" wich is found in many other vitamins that are not by Natur's Plus. This is very bothersome. I emailed the company and left phone messages about this and have not gotten a response. Should we have to worry about our good multivitamin being tampered with?...more info


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