Organic Mother's Milk Tea 16 Bags

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Product Description

Organic Mother's Milk promotes healthy lactation and is traditionally used to increase breast milk production. This traditional combination of anise, fennel and caraway has been in continuous use for centuries by European women. Organic Mother's Milk is recommended by lactation counselors and medical herbalists. How does it taste? A pleasantly aromatic balance of sweet, spicy and slightly bitter.

  • 16 Bags
  • Serving Size: 1 cup brewed tea
  • 16 Servings Per Container

Customer Reviews:

  • It worked... kind of
    I bought this after my daughter went through a nursing strike at two months to help build my milk supply back up so we could continue to breastfeed. I noticed a little bit of an increase in my supply but it wasn't quite enough and, ultimately, nursing still didn't work out for us past three months....more info
  • Thank God for this tea!
    I don't even know where to begin to express my relief in finding this tea! I've been determined to exclusively breastfeed my daughter since she was born and was doing so with no problem until I got mastitis. 2 weeks of antibiotics and pumping & dumping took a toll on my supply, especially when my daughter got used to the bottle. At three months my supply went down to about 14oz total all day. I had to start supplementing which I hated and was almost in tears for a week as I watched my supply get lower and lower. i was told about this tea by a nutritionist and it's been a Godsend! My milk is up to almost twice as much from just having one or two cups a day. I'll admit that i'm not crazy about the flavor. Tastes like black licorice which I hate, but it's definitely drinkable. I just drink it cold with lemon and sugar and hold my breath. I'm a believer now and would recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • helps but not enough for me
    Mother's milk tea works exceptionally well for some women (friends of mine). For me, it doubled my milk supply which went from 1.5 oz a day (yes, you read that right) to 3 oz a day at its best. I could tell the difference when I didn't drink the tea but the tea alone is not sufficient to boosting milk supply to what is required and typical of a nursing mother. So, I had to supplement with formula for sure! the tea tastes good though and I kind of miss it as I discontinued breast feeding (due to lack of milk supply even with the tea at this point).
    ...more info
  • Helpful & tasty
    This producted helped increase my milk during a stressful time. It has a pleasant taste and was well priced....more info
  • wonderful
    i take fenugreek and brewer's yeast capsules as well as drinking this tea once a day. i pump every 2 hrs on the hour except when i am at work which is 4 hrs. a day. i pump between 4 1/2 and 10 oz. every single time. at first, i only had 3 oz. each time and that was every 4 hrs. talk about MAJOR increase. love it. and it is pleasantly tastey with some stevia (natural sweetener, also highly recommend)....more info
  • not impressed
    The amount of fenugreek recommended to promote milk production by far exceeds the amount in this tea. The tea has to seep for 10 minutes before drinking. The box suggests drinking 5 cups of tea a day as well- who has that kind of time? . There are 16 tea bags in a box so it will only last 2 and a half days, which makes it overpriced and insufficient for the needs of a mom trying to build up her milk supply. Fenugreek capsules work- this doesn't. ...more info
  • Did it work?
    I had to add lots of honey and some milk to help dilute the strong licorice taste, but after doctoring it, it tasted pretty good. I'm still not sure if it helped increase my milk supply. It might have been all the pumping that I did. Before pumping I guess there was a *slight* increase, but nothing ups lactation like good old fashioned increase in demand. I'll keep it around just in case, but it won't be an absolute necessity. (I've been breastfeeding for 2 1/2 months when my supply began to run low.)

    Bottom line, it's fixed now. *shrugs*...more info
  • I think it works
    I have used this tea and i think it works.
    I definitely do see and difference in my pumping output on the days i drink the tea. Worth giving a try...more info
  • It's was OK.
    I am used to Chinese tea so the taste was good for me. Do not feel strong increase in my milk supply, but drink more water is good for me....more info
  • It was only okay.
    This product didnt really make as much as a difference as i would have liked!...more info
  • Nice flavour
    Good product for nursing moms, it didnt increase my milk supply a lot but Im happy with it, you should always drink AL LOT of water even if you are using this tea. It taste wonderful...more info
  • This product didnt work at all
    I produce 12 onces from each side a day, my daughter is 5 months and I needed to produce more milk. So a friend told me about this tea. I tried it for 3 days and saw no improvement. I guess it is for women who barely produce at all. Caution, this product does not work for everyone. ...more info
  • Milk supply
    This tea helped me increase my milk supply when I was running just a little low. I was up to 5 cups for a while, and needed to switch to fenugreek drops, but the tea definitely boosted my supply, especially before I went back to work. One suggestion: don't drink Mother's Milk Tea before bed if your child sleeps well at night--you will wake up engorged the next morning! ...more info
  • Slight effect?
    It seems to help a little, but doesn't have as much of an effect as I seem to get by cooking with fenugreek seeds. The taste is pleasant and gives me a little lift, so I plan to continue for now....more info
  • It worked for me!
    Ever since birth, my now 2-month old son is a very aggressive eater, and there are times of the day I could not breastfeed him exclusively without this tea. I've been drinking 1-2 cups per day for the past 6 weeks, and it helps to keep my supply up. I did make the "mistake" of drinking my first 1/2 cup just before bed the first time I tried it. I had been having supply issues during the evening, and after that 1/2 cup of tea I was so engorged all night I had more than enough to feed him and had to pump in between feedings to relieve pressure. The taste really isn't bad, it's good with honey or even with sugar if you must have your tea super-sweet. I'm usually really skeptical about natural remedies, it was a pleasant surprise to see it work as advertised....more info
  • Seems to really work
    After drinking this tea, I was able to pump four ounces in just a few minutes, which is more than usual. Tastes good too. ...more info
  • moo moo
    I was recommended this product from my midwife. I don't really like the taste but I have to say it does have a calming effect on me whilst I'm drinking it. As far as helping with the production of breastmilk, I'm not really too sure. I always have enough for my son (he's 9 weeks) and the Dr. says he's growing fine. Maybe it has something to do with making me less stressful when I'm drinking it which in turn makes my milk come in more? Either way it's a good product to have around when you are breastfeeding....more info
  • Every nursing mother should know about this!!!
    WOW!! I was doing just fine until my little one started hitting mini-growth spurts. I had been giving her a bottle of pumped milk twice a day when I had to take medicine that I didn't want in my system when I nursed. So, when I got off the medicine, I noticed that those times of day, I was not producing AT ALL. If you don't use it, you lose it, so they say. I was desperately nursing every hour just for my girl to get SOMETHING and stimulate production, but it didn't work and we were both frustrated and tired.

    I read about Fenugreek seed and couldn't find it, but stumbled upon this tea. Within 24 hours I was so engorged that I had to pump!! I now still use it just to be able to store up frozen milk for when my husband and I go out or I run an errand and don't want to have to find somewhere to nurse. My milk supply now doesn't even begin to run out when I use the pumped milk and skip nursing.

    I wish that I could tell every mom about this. I think less women would give up on nursing due to lack of milk, if they knew about this tea! And it's so inexpensive. I drink at least 2 cups a day. I love the taste. It's sweet and minty. I just add a little sugar....more info
  • Good for Gas
    This product has been really great for soothing my gassy baby. I've never had a problem with supply, so I don't know if it helps there, but it does help my baby in the fussiness department!...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I am very please with the mothers milk tea. It is very good and helpful when used to give your supply that little 'boost' that it needs every now and then!...more info