Medela Pump & Save Storage Bags 50-pk.

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Product Description

For collection, storage and freezing of breastmilkCompatible with all Medela breastpumps for pumping directly into the bagExclusive self-stick strap attaches directly to breastshield for fast&easy setupLeak-proof, easy-to-close zipper topSpecial plastic retains breastmilks beneficial propertiesDouble-walled for long and safe breastmilk storagePre-Sterilized&disposable

Designed for the collection, storage and long-term freezing of expressed breast milk, Medela's Pump and Save Bags make it easy to keep fresh, nutrient-rich breast milk on hand for feedings. Safe and sanitary, these are the same bags as those used in hospitals. Compatible with all Medela breast pumps (except the Single Deluxe) for pumping directly into the bag, the Pump and Save Bags are both pre-sterilized and disposable for safe handling and quick clean-up.

The Medela Pump and Save Bags offers:
  • Medical-grade sanitary bag and a tight-fit nipple cover protect from contamination.
  • Compatibility with Medela breast pumps (except Single Deluxe).
  • Self-stick strap for quick set up.
  • Clearly labeled volume markers.

The Swing's compact size makes it easy to pump wherever you are. View larger.
Convenient and Leak Proof
The Pump and Save bags are specially designed to securely store breast milk. They feature a quick cleaning, leak-proof zipper top for easy open and close as well as to keep milk safely contained.

In addition, the no-spill, stand-up bottom lets you rest the filled bag on a countertop while recording the name, date and time in the convenient labeling area. And once in the refrigerator or freezer, these bags line up and stay in place for effortless, space-saving storage.

Safe and Sanitary Storage
Because it's so important that everything in contact with baby be clean, sanitary and chemical free, the Pump and Save bags are made to be safe for the collection, storage and feeding of breast milk. Each bag is double-walled to remain fresh during long-term storage, and all parts that come in contact with breast milk are 100-percent BPA/DEHP free. Made of special plastic, these bags also retain breast milk's beneficial properties so every feeding truly nourishes your growing child.

Easy to Use
When it's time to store milk or feed baby, Medela knows you don't have extra time to struggle with complicated procedures. That's why the Pump and Save Bags are made to be easy to set up and move to the refrigerator or freezer.

For optimum convenience, the exclusive self-stick strap attaches directly to the breast shield for fast and easy set-up without any struggling with special attachments. Then you're ready to pump directly into the bag. Once you begin, clear markers tell you when you reach the 150 millimeter mark, which helps ensure that milk, which expands as it freezes, won't cause a mess once stored.

About Medela
Founded in 1961 in Zug, Switzerland by Olle Larsson, Medela is committed to supporting the WHO Code's depiction of breastfeeding and breast milk as the optimal nutrition for the growth, development and health of babies. The company believes it is their obligation to offer a complete solution, "from breast to belly," of high quality products that enable mothers to provide the optimum nutrition of breast milk to their babies. Today, Medela's primary focus remains to help moms successfully breast feed their babies as long as they wish. This goal lies at the heart of every product the company develops.

What's in the Box
20 Pump and Save bags, instructions and specifications.

  • Convenient and sterile; these sturdy double;wall bags protect your precious breast milk and easily work with your Medela pump
  • No;leak; easy;close zip tops
  • Stand;up bottom prevents spills
  • Attaches directly to breastshield with self;stick strap
  • 50 bags

Customer Reviews:

  • Terrible! Leaks, leaks, and more leaks!
    These bags are awful and in my experience, after they are in the fridge, leak more than 50% of the time and, if they put in the freezer, leak more than 80% of the time. Yuck! The Lansinoh bags are wonderful--get those instead!...more info
  • pretty good bag except too small
    I tried 5 different milk storage bags so far - Medela (this one), Lansinoh, First years, gerber, and Dr. brown. I liked them all. So far I have not had any leak in the past 3 months of use. Medela bags are thick and seem to be very well made. The volume marks are pretty accurate if you make the bag stand up with the bottom part pulled all the way wide. I do have two complaints though. (1) The bag is too small. I only put ~3oz in this bag. Putting in more makes the bag too fat and harder to close and store. All the other bags are about the same size (twice this bag) and freeze flat even with 5 oz in them. (2) The tape top to use directly with the pump doesn't work well. I tried a couple of times but found them not secure enough. I went back to pumping into a bottle then transferring to bag. This feature also includes tear-off top part, which does not tear off well, even with the perforation.
    ...more info
  • Great Storage & Great Thawing!
    Since I was using a Medela Pump In Style, I just decided to stick with their bags. Unlike others, I have no major complaints about this product.

    I find the plastic to be solid and strong enough to withstand the temperature of my deep freezer without issues. Yet it is pliable enough for me to adjust it to get a good reading of the ounce markings on the side. It also lends itself to thawing quickly quite well.

    As for issues with closing the bags, I am not sure why so many women are having difficulties. Maybe it is because they are trying to complete it one-handed while holding their children. To me, if you can close a Ziploc bag, you can close the Medela bags. I've had no trouble opening them again after they have been thawed either.

    The strap is just a piece of sticky paper with one side coated with a thin layer of some sort of plastic. If you are moving around while pumping, it isn't going to hold up under all that movement. However, if you're still and not overfilling the bag (past 5 ounces), the strap shouldn't break on you.

    I will state this is one of the pricier bags out there, but if you can find a seller who offers it cheaper, go for it and buy in bulk....more info
  • Perfect!
    I am rather surprised by the negative reviews this product has gotten. I absolutely love these bags. Typically, I pump into a medela container (that comes with the pump) and move it into the bag just before freezing. These bags actually hold up to 6 ounces--and if you purchase a milk storage container (which keeps the bags of milk upright and flat), I think you will find a fairly foolproof system.
    What I usually do is thaw the bag and simply snip the top corner with scissors to pour the milk into a bottle...this ensures no spills or waste. And as far as leakage, I have NEVER had any such problem.
    I have tried other milk storage supplies, and these bags are hands down the best. I only wish they would sell them in 100 ct....more info
  • Very good!
    It's very easy to use, easy to store and a little difficult to open and close, but this ensure that the milk will be correctly preserved....more info
  • Good bags, but a little small.
    These are good bags. It's convenient that they fit on the Medela pumps. The only downfall I've had is that they are a little small. 3 oz is about the max you can fit if you want to freeze your milk....more info
    I hate these bags. If you have to pump, breast milk becomes so precious and wasting a drop is painful. The idea is great - especially for using at work. But they do not seal well. Every time I have used them they have leaked - they just dont close well. I love the Lansinoh bags, i wish i could pump directly into them....more info
  • Hated these bags!
    These bags were a waste of money! I HATED them. I only bought them because they say you can pump directly into them. Well, it's not that easy to do that. I tried it once and didn't like it. I prefer to just pump into a bottle and then pour it into the bags. It's so much easier. And for just plain milk storage the bags didn't seal well so they leaked. Also, I like to store my milk flat so they defrost faster. These bags don't lay flat. I have switched to Dr. Brown's bags. They are much better. I've never had any issues with leaking.
    Other Medela products are great but this one missed the mark BIG TIME!...more info
  • A great idea, but badly done.
    Let me start by saying that, after three kids, I'm a longtime and repeat Medela customer, and I generally sing their praises to the skies. But this is the worst product I think I've ever bought, and I won't be buying them again.

    I use a Medela Freestyle pump, and the first thing I noted was that these bags don't fit the Freestyle all that well. The shorter neck of the Freestyle pump attachment sits higher than the zip seal of the bag, so you will wind up with some residual milk above the zip seal when you get done. OK, so not the end of the world, but you'd think Medela would have noticed that. Perhaps that's why various reviews I'd read said they weren't a terrific match for the Freestyle. For the record, the tape strap that holds the bag on does indeed fit just fine, so if you don't mind cleaning up your bag seal post-pumping, then it won't bother you too much.

    The deal-breaker for me is the horrible ziplock-style seal itself. In short, don't count on it working. As a college-educated adult who has lots of experience with zip-type bags over the years, it ought to be a simple thing to seal a bag of milk. And yet.

    Five times in two weeks I've had the seals on these bags fail. Once in my briefcase (thank God my laptop wasn't in it too), once in the freezer, once in the diaper bag, and twice (and please insert shocking profanity here) in my bed, all over my quilts and pillow-top mattress pad. Anyone can blame user error for a single leak-- but with this frequency? I don't think so.

    Medela has clearly made these seals far too fussy. They have to realize that women are using these bags on the go, or in the dark in bed, in any number of locations. These zippers need to be idiot-proof. Either I'm an idiot, or these bags are rubbish.

    A call to the Medela hotline to complain was interesting. The service rep told me to make sure to stand the bags upright in the freezer to make sure they don't spill. To me, this implies that Medela completely expects a certain number of seals not to work. And even if the bag is upright so as not to spill, don't they realize that a bad seal will freezer-burn the milk and ruin it? What's the point of freezing it if it's going to be unusable when thawed?

    Any nursing mother will tell you that every ounce you can get is needed and important. Losing it because of a bad zip design is really enough to ruin your day. Particularly if it soaks your bed-- or your briefcase, diaper bag, freezer, car, etc-- in the process.

    As a footnote, the bags only hold 5 oz, which isn't a lot. I routinely need multiple bags per side per session. Medela expects us to be putting out very small quantities, apparently.

    Suggestion: purchase one of the other brands, with larger bags, thicker plastic, and sturdy double-zip closures. No, they're not made specifically to be pumped directly into like these ones, but I've found that a good quality masking tape to make the strap converts them nicely into the product Medela SHOULD have designed.

    Great idea, lousy product. Very disappointing....more info
  • Handy but cumbersome
    I have a Medela Pump in Style breast pump and recently returned to work. Prior to returning to work I figured I'd get some breast milk storage bags because they seemed that they would be handy-also my sitter prefers bags as opposed to bottles. While the bags are great for storing and freezing the milk, as well as dating it, I think they're a little cumbersome to use while actually pumping. The best way to use them seems to be to pump into one of the bottles that came with the pump then pour the milk into the bag. These bags aren't as cost effective or 'green' as simply reusing bottles but they fit nicely in the freezer and are easily labeled. All in all I would suggest the pump and save bags but would suggest pumping into a different container then pouring the milk into the bag. ...more info
  • Good Product
    The medela bags are a good product. I like that they stand when full. They seal and freeze very well. I have also tried the Lansinoh brand and find he medela are more durable (the plastic is not as soft and easy to nick as the Lansinoh). They are a bit costly however and the medela company should consider better perforation on the top of the bag where you tear off the section that you can use to pump directly into the bag. Although you can easily pump into the bags, I find it difficult to accurately measure the volume in each bag so I pump into the bottles and transfer to the bags. If you are not going to freeze and are just pumping for the next day or so, you could save money by using the Lansinoh brand. ...more info
  • Good option for "Storage"
    well... I thought I could just put attach this bags to my breastpump, is a little messy i must say, and only when I have "time" I do all the ritual of attaching the bag to the bottle, sooo.... I just use the bags for milk storage, which means, I use the breastpump plus a bottle and after that I transfer the milk to this bags, they stand up, no leaking and they save a lot of space. You may think is silly do all this in 2 steps, but that's is the only way for me to be 100% sure I'm not going to lose not even one drop of my milk *sigh*. Good luck
    ...more info
  • Not for use with Avent pumps
    So maybe this should have been obvious - buy the storage bags made by the same company you bought your pump from. But it wasn't to me, I did, and things have been tricky.

    You cannot pump from an Avent pump directly into the bag (the pump head is too big), which means pouring, which inevitably means some level of mess.

    Otherwise, the bags are fine, storing milk nicely....more info
  • Too Pricey, but they Work
    These are handy if you plan on freezing breast milk. If you are just storing some in the fridge for use within a couple days, use the plastic containers. They are easier, cheaper, and reusable. There are cheaper bags out there, the Lansinoh ones are just as good. I don't understand why the Medela bags are so much more expensive. I never tried to pump directly into the bag, so I can't comment on that....more info
  • Convenient, but with some limitations
    I like these bags because it is really convenient to be able to pump straigt into the bag (no bottle washing!)

    A couple of annoying things:
    1) My baby drinks a lot so at each pumping session, I usually pump about 6 ounces. i have to use two bags to hold my milk because the medela ones hold max 5 ounces. lansinoh makes larger ones, so i can use just one - no problem.
    2) You have to be reaaallly careful that the bags are zipped closed tightly. On a couple of occasions, i have spilled milked because i thought the bags were zipped and they werent. This is especially true when the bag is filled to the max 5 oz, it doesnt always zip as easily. lansinoh's bags have a double zipper which ensures no spillage!

    so basically i like lansinoh bags better except for the fact that you can pump straight into the medela bags (im actually thinking of just taping the lansinoh bags to my pump and seeing what happens...)...more info
  • Where are Medela bags manufactured?
    I've been trying to get information from their customer service about where these bags are manufactured without much success. If you read the box carefully, it says only printed and packaged in the USA. IT DOES NOT READ MADE IN THE USA, but merely says manufactured exclusively for Medela. For all I know, this 'exclusive' manufacturer might be sitting in China (not that it neccesarily means sub-standard manufacturing practises)
    The first time I called Medela's customer service, they could not provide me the location of the manufacturer. I was put on hold several times and finally asked to leave my phone # saying they will get back with the information... No one did. I called again after a couple of weeks asking what happened and this time was told that the packaging says made in the US. When I pointed out that the packaging only says printed and packaged in the USA, the customer service agent insisted they're made in the US. When asked if she can confirm this in writing, she refused to do so! I followed this with a letter to Medela asking for verifiable information about the place of manufacture such as a phone number of the plant and still haven't heard back... Something is very suspicious here......more info
  • Best breastmilk bags out there
    I think I've tried all (at least most) breast milk bags, and these are worth the extra money -- my favorites. They are easy to pump directly into. For comparison, the First Years bags are flimsy plastic (one actually ripped); the Lansinoh bags are nice material but big and bulky (can't attach to pump mechanism). Lansinoh claims "can store flat," but so can the Medela bags. Lansinoh bags do hold more, but I don't find that to be an advantage (all I usually need is 5 oz at a time). I do like the double zipper on Lansinoh, but with the Medela, all you need to do is check the seal by squeezing milk upward. I've never had a problem with Medela Pump & Save and would recommend these above all....more info
  • I would recommend...
    I'm not sure how people are measuring their milk, but these bags are dead on. I put a bag on a liquid food scale and filled it to the 4 oz mark and it weighed exactly 4 oz.

    My only issues with this bag are that the area to write on is small (you can only write well with a Sharpie or other permanent marker (ball point and roller ball pens don't write well)) and I have had to strap break on me a few times, which was inconvenient, but did not cause any spills as I was holding the neck of the shield at the time. I will continue to purchase and recommend these bags while advising about those two (what I consider) minor issues. :)...more info
  • Not very user-friendly
    I thought I'd love to be able to pump directly into these bags, but not so. First of all, logistically you can only pump one side into one bag. So you still have to dirty a bottle, or use two bags at each pumping. And trying to pump into bags means there's no way to do it hands-free, because you have to hold the bags steady.

    Then there's the measurement markings. They're not accurate. So you have to measure the milk in a bottle before pouring it into the bag, which is an extra step.

    And the worst part of the bags is that they're not perforated right. There's about 1/2 inch section in the middle that's not perforated at all. So you can tear from both sides, but when you get to the middle if you don't use scissors, there's no telling how far off it'll tear. What a mess!

    I haven't found a good bag yet, but this is definitely not it. ...more info
  • Do you like to spill milk?
    Can't someone engineer a pouring system for these bags? It's such a hassle to poor the milk from the flabby plastic bag into a bottle without spilling some and nearly impossible if you are stuck with your infant in one arm and need to do this one-handed. For the price, Medela should really come up with something better....more info
  • Great product, too expensive
    These work great, but I purchase the Lansaloh brand, which works exactly the same but cost a few dollars less. ...more info
  • Best Bags
    These are the best breastmilk storage bags on the market. They are sturdy and easy to use. They are definitely worth the extra money....more info
  • So easy to use!
    I am a fairly new mother, and I have used these for about 2 months. I just ran out recently, and tried some of the other storage bags and systems that I received as shower gifts. After experimenting with other storage options, I will be buying more of these bags.

    I love the fact that I can pump directly into these bags. They are compact and fit nicely into the top of my pump bag. You don't run out of space as quickly as you might lugging around bottles. I also like the fact that you can get almost all of the air out to prevent freezer burn.

    This may sound silly, but one of the biggest reasons why they work well for me is that I don't feel like I am wasting the bags. I only get the chance to pump an extra bottle a day or so, and 5 oz is a lot for me. The Lansinoh bags, while nice to write on, are HUGE. If I only pump a few ounces a day, I waste a lot of space in the bag itself. It is a little discouraging. The smaller bags just seem to work well for me....more info
  • Only Pump and Store bags I Use.
    These are great, no washing bottles everyday and you just throw them in the freezer if not using the milk in a day or so. Wish I had these with my 10 yr old and 6 yr old. ...more info
  • Love these bags!
    I started out pumping and thought I would store all of my milk in Medela's bottles. When I realized how much milk I would need to store, I quickly realized that would cost me an arm and a leg (the bottles run about 20 bucks for 4!) and came upon these little wonders. They are made of a thick polyethylene plastic (safe for long-term storage) and you can't beat the zip-loc style closure compared with other tie bags...those scared me, every drop truly is precious. Granted, they are a bit awkward at first because you are dealing with a container that is much less sturdy than the plastic bottles most women pump into but it works well once you get used to it. ...more info
  • OK, but not the best system
    I pump a lot, and I've used all kinds of bags.

    I like the fact that you can pump directly into these bag, but the system is not very robust. The tape does hold the bottle in place, but you have to be extra careful because the bag is practically open and you there's always the risk of pouring precious milk out of the bag if you move it too quickly.

    Another thing I don't like about these bags is that you can't very easily write on the bag (date, milk amount, etc).

    I prefer the old style "tie" bags, but if you are looking for the best bag try the Lansinoh bags, they are much better that Medela's, but you can't pump directly into them!
    ...more info