Balance Bar Original Yogurt Honey Peanut 15 bars

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Product Description

The original Balance Bar is more than an energy bar. It is complete, balanced nutrition. Its great not only before and after strenuous workouts, but any time you need a nutritious, energizing and satisfying snack.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE CONCERNING BALANCE BARS: Balance Bar Yogurt Honey Peanut contains chocolate and may melt during transit. Although this problem is rare, it may occur if you live in a hot area. We suggest refrigerating the product as soon as you receive it. We can not accept returns on Balance bars.

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Customer Reviews:

  • just like the store bars
    bars were fresh and it was nice to have them shipped rather than buying bulk from the grocery store....more info
  • The Best!
    I agree - I have tried soooooooooo many energy bars and this has got to be the best! A little chalky (they all are), but has a good taste... it's actually edible and so good for you! I genuinely like these bars!!!...more info
  • great option
    This is a great product. Can be used on the 40/30/30 diet plan. I can't eat chocolate and 99% of these type of products are chocolate flavor. This is a great option and has the best taste of all the non-chocolate nutrition bars out there....more info
  • Excellent nutrion, but cheaper at Target
    I love these bars. I don't like nuts, so this is my favorite flavor. Unlike a lot of nutrition bars, it doesn't make your jaw ache trying to chew it down. It's small but filling, and has a very high amount of protein. The taste is very good, not chalky or pasty.
    However, you can get these cheaper at Target - a box of six is only $4.99, which is 83 cents, compared to over a dollar here (before shipping)....more info
  • chocolate raspberry fudge
    these things are delicious. I only really like the chocolate raspberry fudge, the rest are good, but have more of that typical energy bar taste, where as the raspberry fudge are like a candy bar. I eat one of these about an hour before i work out and it gives me a great energy boost. Also very filling, great for breakfast on the go. Drink with a full glass of water, and you will be satisfied for hours....more info
  • Good product -- poor handling
    We're big fans of the peanut butter Balance bars, but one box in our order got crushed during packing so several bars arrived with their wrappers split open....more info
  • Good Balance Bar Flavor
    Compared to other High Protein Balance Bars and other brands of protein bars, this flavor is very good. The coffee undertones complement the standard chocolate flavor well. There is no doubt about it as you're eating: This is a protein bar, chalky flavor and all. But the coffee + chocolate does a better job than most flavors at hiding it well. If you haven't tried it, and you have a reason to be eating high protein bars try it.

    Look at the nutritional information, these bars do have a lot of protein (15g), but are really not all that healthy. 6 grams of fat (4 g Saturated Fat) per bar. 21 grams of carbohydrates (18 g sugar) will make this bar a non-Atkins friendly bar. Perhaps all that fat and sugar are what makes the bar taste relatively so good....more info
  • the protein bar that tastes like candy
    I avoided protein bars for years after a few unpleasant tries. This is the bar for people who don't like protein bars. It is truly tasty and satisfies my hunger for hours. I can substitute one of these for a meal when I'm on the go, and not even think about food until I get home. Great to keep in the car for emergencies, for backpacking, for a high protein snack anytime. Find a flavor you like and try them....more info
  • Great for Breakfast!
    We have a different flavor for breakfast everyday. They're great! And a good deal if you get them with Super Saver Shipping....more info


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