Rodney Yee: ABS Yoga for Beginners
Rodney Yee: ABS Yoga for Beginners

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Sculpt sleeker leaner abs with a workout that s more efficient satisfying and inspiring than situps or other one-dimensional abs workout techniques. Abs Yoga shows you how mind-body workouts and using the weight of your body can reshape your torso and leave you feeling centered and revitalized so you ll be more likely to do this workout often and more satisfied with your results. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS Rating: NR UPC: 029956860209 Manufacturer No: 120-1255

Customer Reviews:

  • technical difficulties
    I have had problems viewing at times, it would hesitate and stop, then jump
    ahead. In the one DVD player it locked up. Otherwise I like what was presented, its useful though some of the moves for beginners would be hard.
    If he mentioned that there was room to modify the pose to start out that would be easier for those that tend to be perfectionist and try to do them right.
    James L....more info
  • A must for belly dancers!
    As a belly dancer I am conscious about keeping my belly toned and responsive to deep core undulations. I am serious about keeping my appearance and health and therefore this is my program of choice for abs.
    The results are effective as Rodney takes you step by step into
    deep core muscle toning with yoga, as Rodney in a tranquil voice is guiding the breath, then the pose. This program is not lengthy or boring or unrealistic so everyone can join in.Some of the poses are boat pose,
    cat and cow, relaxed cowboy pose and so much more!
    The setting is nature at its best, the beautiful sun, sand and a tranquil lull of the breath attuned to your body
    Many programs merely get to the surface and without results. This program is intense enough to bring results within one week. I cannot stress enogh, this program is to the point, concise and with effective results!!!

    ...more info
  • Great ab workout
    if you use this dvd regularly you will see results in a couple of weeks....more info
  • easy but effective
    I just started Yoga with excercise TV. I tried many Yoga programs there but Rodney's program is the best of all. This feels great just like he says in the program and I see the difference in my daily life. It is short but very effective!...more info
  • Never received product and no emails explanation for why
    Do not do business with this person. I paid for this product about a onth ago and I still have not received it. I believe thats a problem,especially when I paid this guy my hard earned money. If you need a abs product, look elsewhere....more info
    I love Rodney Yee,but this was the only abs yoga tape out there when I made the purchase. I really wish I hadn't because it is very slow paced and not intense. This is really just for Beginners. Don't buy unless this is your first time ever working out....more info
  • Disappointing Work Out
    I found this DVD to be disappointing because I was expecting a more challenging work out. If you are beginner level, this DVD will be more appropriate for you. But to be honest, the work out is very short and is comprised of more stretching than actual exercises. You can receive better value for your money by purchasing a more challenging DVD and slowly building up your strength until you can successfully complete all of the moves. I would normally give this DVD two stars, but you have to give them some credit for interesting scenery, music, and overall presentation. ...more info
    Several years ago, I practiced Yoga in the beginner mode with 2 of Rodney Yee's VHS tapes. From the start I took to them like a duck to water and caught on very fast. I did these for about a year and them moved and got away from Yoga for a couple of years due to job, personal, not enough time, etc. Now I am a Yoga re-beginner, I started with the Rodney Yee Yoga for AM and PM. *What has helped me most is I bought 2 books on all of the Yoga poses with instructions (the best one is the Rodney Yee Book of Yoga, it is the most detailed and has more instructions and pictures). Then I read these BEFORE I began this ABS Yoga or AM/PM Rodney Yee DVD's. By reading the books and re-learning the Yoga poses, I was familiar with them BEFORE I started this DVD and the AM/PM for Beginners by Rodney Yee DVD. However, I have found that this is THE VERY BEST BEGINNER YOGA DVD for any beginner as it is easy to follow, yet you feel the stretch. After several sessions, I already feel the difference in how I look and feel. This DVD REALLY WORKS! This DVD works from a gentle stretch warm-up to the work out of Yoga for ABS and the "cool-down" relaxation is at the end--a perfect 20 minute session! Because it is just 20 minutes total, it fits right into my day in the early morning to get me going and full of energy for my day! Here is why the Yoga is such a big help to me and I believe it will be a big help to you:
    1) It limbers the body.
    2) It stretches the muscles and firms the muscles.
    3) After doing the Yoga, I find that I have SUPER energy and in a wonderful mood ALL DAY LONG!
    4) It is the best medicine for my body, mind and spirit that I have ever found!
    One day last week, I missed doing my Yoga in the AM and was sluggish all day. Will not miss another Yoga session. Now, I do the Yoga every day and with just 20 minutes, it is so so so do-able!
    *Each evening I do the Rodney Yee "Yoga and Meditation" DVD, this relaxes me and I find that I am much more relaxed and sleep better. Sometimes, I do the "PM Yoga for Beginners" with Patricia Waldren (This is on the AM PM Yoga for Beginners). This one is also excellent for unwinding and relaxing for the day.
    If you are in need of working on your ABS and want to have some Yoga practice at the same time, this is the DVD to buy! I give it 10 stars!
    After this one, I am so impressed, I ordered 2 more Rodney Yee Yoga CD's from Amazon so I will have some variety. I have 4 total of Rodney Yee's DVDs. To me, he is the BEST Yoga Instructor there is! ...more info
  • One of the best
    This is one of the best yoga videos I've ever done. I've taken a few classes and used several videos, but this was my first and remains one of the best. It doesn't use a lot of typical yoga poses, but the "feel" of yoga is definitely there. It's great for beginners or even intermediates - which I consider myself. You will definitely have sore abs after your first time using it, but it's not boring like doing tons of crunches. The breathing and relaxation techniques at the beginning and end are great, also. You get to start slowly, build to the toughest moves, then wind down and relax at the end. Highly recommended....more info
  • ouch!! whew
    this yoga is great for the abs, you will hurt after this! best ab yoga dvd I have had yet...more info
  • Not much of a challenge
    It's an okay video, but it doesn't provide much challenge at all even for a beginner. ...more info
  • Better than the Standard Crunch
    My abs feel tight after the workout. It is a great beginning workout. Don't expect the greatest definition in your abs. But, you will feel the difference with a stronger mid-section....more info
  • abs Yoga for Beginners
    I liked the dvd. I think Rodney could change his music selection. (boring!) He always looks like he has to be there, instead of realllly enjoying the yoga. He does exactly what the dvd is supposed to do, But could he put alittle carisma into it. My discrepancy is basically with the attitude of the teacher and the music selection.(I guess you could tell) I like to make my classes as fun and enjoyable as possible. I am a certified and registered instructor. I always tell my students that yoga without joy is just hard work. And even if it is difficult, I want to have some fun doing it!!! I do admire and greatly respect Rodney, But you will always get my truthful opnion and review. Thanks for reading. ...more info
  • WOW, what a workout.
    Well I am a beginner in yoga and just bought this dvd, due to the online review. It is definatly not a beginners dvd. The dvd is great, but it is a little more fast pace and some of the moves are difficult. For someone that is starting out the pamphlet inside states that Rodney Yee recommends his Gentle Yoga AM/PM Yoga and/or Yoga for Beginners. So I may go down a notch and do the beginners then work up to this dvd....more info
  • Very beginner
    I have done yoga before and some beginner yoga videos can be very difficult, not so with this particular one...I must say that this one was VERY beginner in my experience......more info
  • Good, moderately challening, ab workout!
    This is a really great ab routine! When I first started doing it (when I was new to yoga/pilates/etc) it was very challening and I couldn't finish it without occasionally resting. As I've become better in shape, the video has definitely become easier (although it is still challenging).

    I think for a pure ab workout, I would opt for something more strenuous. However, I really love to pair this abs dvd with other dvds. For example, it makes a perfect compliment to one of Rodney Yee's other yoga routines (particularly the 30 minutes ones: Yogas for Strength, Flexibility, or Stamina). Pairing the videos this way allows for a long, more intense workout that is more ab-centric than this other hour long videos (Total Body Yoga and Yoga Burn). I also frequently pair it with Jillian Hessel's Lower Body Pilates.

    Overall this is a unique ab dvd of medium-difficulty. You can do it alone for a decent ab workout, or pair it with another short routine to really get the most bang for you yoga buck! ENJOY....more info
  • Great workout for BEGINNERS
    I am amazed that the reviewer Cheryl is busy saying how weak the workout is and is only suitable for "beginners" Maybe Cheryl needs remedial reading before writing reviews. The title is Abs Yoga for BEGINNERS" Its a good workout, I ve used it off and on for years and it will tighten up you abs after some regular use....more info
  • Abs yoga for beginners
    Abs Yoga for Beginners is a great way to start out with yoga. Rodney Yee is a great teacher. It's 25 minutes of yoga workout for abs, at first I thought 25 minutes wasn't long enough... but it is! I'm really happy I bought this video!...more info
  • Very good instructor
    If you don't want to twist yourself into a pretzel and you require instruction as you are doing the poses, then Rodney Yee is the best, it's like he is in the room with you giving feedback. I purchased many of the beginners dvd mostly for back health and I have not been dissappointed.
    This is for men and women alike who want and exercise for health purposes. Of course Rodney has advanced yoga as well, but I wouldn't go there....more info
  • Very enjoyable and effective
    I am trying to get in shape the last few months using just yoga DVDs, classes when I can, and running. This is a very enjoyable ab workout that gives some different exercises from the status quo. Great to tack onto my runs.
    Rodney is a great instructor. Highly recommend this workout....more info
  • Didn't even break a sweat!
    This video is too easy. It was so short and easy that I didn't even break a sweat and I am far from in shape....more info
  • Never buy from dvdlegacy again!!
    I purchased this dvd back in february and seller was paid for it. I have never received the item. I have emailed the seller over six times and have received no response back...more info
  • A great program for strenghening your core.
    I purchased a number of Yoga dvd's when I began suffering from vertigo and could not attend regular yoga classes. Rodney Yee's are the best of all the dvd's I purchased. The instructions are clear and detailed.

    The AB's dvd while not entirely traditional yoga, fully works your core in a deceptively gentle manner. The movements flow and are carefully planned to give your core a great workout. I definitly lost a couple of inches after 2 weeks from my waist. I would recommend this dvd to beginning and intermediate students. ...more info
    This workout will have you rockin' killer abs without crunches! But it's not for the faint-stomached. I do my practices with ankle and wrist weights to create intensity and boy, was it intense that first time. It even gets into the more esoteric ab work that gives an 'internal cleansing', but bear in mind though it's less than 30-minutes and not an 'in-depth' workout so it's good for all levels of practitioner. As well, his voice is mellow enough that it quickly fades into the background (like a soundtrack) and there's nothing between you and your practice- Yee knows his stuff. One of those practices you won't get tired of, just tired out!...more info
  • a great ab strengthener!
    This is a great ab workout but I think Rodney's cueing could be a little better. After doing this tape once I let it sit unused for about a year and a half and now I have that I have started using it again I can really appreciate the poses. To explain...I have done both The Bar Method and Lotte Berk workouts and both have similarites in the ab portion to this tape in that you have to hold your back really up off the floor and hollow the belly. The other tapes really stress that you keep your ribs up off the floor and that makes all the difference in the integrity of the pose. Rodney does not really stress this point. I like this one because even though you are working the abs it is very relaxing and it's a great one to do after a really brisk walk. ...more info
  • Great morning yoga workout
    I have been trying all different sorts of morning workouts, and I have to say, this is my favorite to squeeze in in the morning. Yoga is a great way to wake up in the morning, and this 20 minute practice makes it easy to fit in without getting up at the crack of dawn. Also, I have practiced yoga before, and I found this video challenging despite the word beginner. Rodney strikes a really good balance with this one - I highly recommend it!...more info
  • great place to begin getting in shape!
    This is not just good for those new to yoga, but those just beginning to get in shape as well. After my c-sections I would not exercise my abs for several months, despite an okay from doctors. When I finally felt comfortable enough to start working them again, this is where I started. My entire core was weak, and it was more than challenging, although easy to stick with as the poses are mostly seated. He gently guides you through proper breathing during the exercises, and it really helps you to keep going. Once it no longer challenges you it is time to move on to a workout not intended for beginners. ...more info
  • A different kind of abs workout--no crunches necessary!
    This video was my very first introduction to yoga; I had absolutely NO experience with yoga prior to trying this practice. Although it doesn't involve many traditional yoga poses, the exercises flow together in a way that is unique to yoga. In fact, when I used the video for the first time, I wasn't quite sure when the warm-up ended and the "real" workout began--the transition was that smooth and gentle.

    The workout begins in a seated position and focuses on breathing, then moves on to hands and knees for a back stretch (Cat pose). The majority of the workout is performed lying on your back, where you will do simple yet challenging leg extensions and twists to target the abdominal area. After a quick rise to a standing position, the workout returns to the floor to end with lying relaxation poses.

    Although the moves become gradually more difficult, I think that most beginners will be able to perform the majority of this workout. I definitely believe that this workout has helped me to develop stronger abs). Rodney Yee is a wonderful instructor--he has a calming voice, his instructions are clear and precise, and he is not overly "new age-y." I would definitely recommend this video for anyone looking to thoroughly exercise their abdominals without doing crunches for a change....more info
  • Rodney Yee ABS Yoga Video/Beginners
    Nice, easy workout for abs. Consistent with other Rodney Yee videos - very well done. ...more info


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