Awakened Mind System 2.0
Awakened Mind System 2.0

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We all seek a state of higher consciousness that awakens and enlivens our whole being. Masters of meditation and yoga, great artists, inventors, and highly accomplished people in many walks of life have learned to develop and live from such a state.

British researcher and Zen master C. Maxwell Cade spent decades analyzing the brainwave patterns of these extraordinary people. He discovered that they each shared a common pattern of brainwaves, which Cade called the Awakened Mind Pattern, and which he believed held the key to tapping into one¡¯s highest potential.

Created by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, The Awakened Mind System 2.0 uses breakthrough audio recording processes to help you access this brainwave pattern so that you can directly experience the enormous benefits of this heightened state of consciousness.

Dr. Thompson embeds inaudible pulses of sound that mirror the Awakened Mind Pattern into an ambient musical soundtrack. As you listen, your own brainwaves begin to reflect the Awakened Mind pattern, drawing you easily into states of deep insight, clarity of mind, creative inspiration and peak performance.

Listen as soft background music while working, painting, writing, or enjoying other creative activities. Daily use trains your brain to draw on your deepest capacities and abilities wherever and whenever you need them.

- Based on over 15 years of pioneering clinical research - Use with headphones or ordinary speakers - Contains no spoken words or subliminal messages

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson¡¯s pioneering work with thousands of patients has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks induce brainwave entrainment. Fortune 500 companies, healthcare professionals, clinics, hospitals, meditation groups, and individuals worldwide use Dr. Thompson¡¯s audio programs for deep relaxation, healing, inner exploration, and meditation.

Customer Reviews:

  • Awakens Your Mind
    I just came to Amazon searching for anything else Dr. Thompson had similiar to the Awakened Mind System. I've been using the CDs for a while now and I really love the way they make me feel. Especially great on a busy, stressed day to help return me to my natural state and become calm and centered again. I just emailed someone about the CDs and wrote that they help ground me while letting me feel like I could fly. Prefer to listen with headphones, seems to take it to a higher level for me.

    ...more info
  • it's as good as everyone's saying
    hey, if it's the placebo effect, then so be it... but this CD is great. after reading the great reviews on here, i had to give it a shot, and it's really as good as the glowing reviews! definitely use headphones. i've got a few other jeffrey thompson CDs and this is one of my favorites, for sure....more info
  • Takes me to another world
    If you like the first cd then this one is just as good. The first track goes deep into relaxation making me feel like there is life beyond our every day experiences. This cd will make you think as you relax. listen and experience it for yourself....more info
  • you get what you pay for. zzzzzz....
    CD's with binaural beat technology are a great tool to use in meditation. That being said, not all CD's are the same. "Dr." Jeffrey Thompson flaunts his chiropractic degree in the title of his albums, but his background does not lend much skill to his abilities as either a neurologist or music composer. I have both "Awakened Mind" and "Gamma Meditation." Basically, both of the CD's I purchased from this group are nothing but an endless and monotonous series of tones that cannot hold the attention long enough to acheive the desired affect. I did, however, listen to each album a minimum of five times to give them a fair trial... the effect was minimal compared to other CD's in my collection. Putting one to sleep is not the same as putting one in a meditative state! One extra star, however, for assisting me nicely in meditation while under the influence of alcohol...good listening for drunks?...more info
  • Just What I Expected
    Awakened Mind System 2.0 was my first of Dr. Thompson's CDs, which I found while researching using binaural beats technology to enhance meditation. The sample tracks sounded pleasant to me and I was curious, so I placed the order. I am very pleased with the purchase.

    I have some moderate experience with meditation and guided visualization, and from my earliest listenings of AMS 2.0 I noticed a difference in my relaxation and ability to turn inward. One of the suggested uses is to listen to these recordings during normal activities. However, I found the most enjoyment from falling asleep while listening, either at bedtime or just for a nap any other time. I seemed to awaken refreshed each time.

    When used for meditation, I found that occasionally I would feel interesting sensations as I relaxed and focused deeper...I could feel buzzing of vibrations in my hands and feet, and sometimes it felt as if the bed jostled. If I'd hadn't experienced or read about these things before it might have been frightening. My mood was also elevated during this time, not because of the CD, but it was a good time in my daily life and I think that affected my sessions with this CD, and using the CD perpetuated the whole process.

    I also find that the music is exactly to my taste, another good thing. I find that this particular type of loose, swirls of musical washes, pads, and tones is effective for meditating.

    ...more info
  • Great
    Dr. Jefferey Thompson is expert in helping me to acheive my desired state of mind. Top notch....more info
  • I can't stop!
    This cd makes me feel as though someone stuck their finger in my brain and stirred it around. I can't pinpoint what exactly feels different, but I find myself thinking about turning it on all the time. My boyfriend says it helps his ability to concentrate. We've both been sleeping tremendously better. I didn't understand all those other reviews saying it cures 'the blahs' til now. It really perks me up on a break at work. It's easier to stay grounded. I can't wait to try the others!...more info
  • Better than Ritalin
    Dr. Thompson helps again by giving us a gently energizing CD that helps us focus, think with clarity and get our creative juices flowing. I use this almost daily....more info
  • Brainwave Maestro Composes A Classic
    I've been following the works of Dr. Jeffrey S. Thompson since 1989, when an acquaintance gave me a cassette recording of one of his earlier primitive works. "The Doctor" has had, since that time, several phases of innovation which have mainly been a progression from the use of multitudinous sculpted sounds and even "noise" to a much more accessible sound with classical aesthetics of beauty, primarily synthesizer based. He recently has developed a technique of, in his words, "creat[ing] pulses directly within the sounds themselves instead of pasting the music on top of sound pulses" (as is quite common with brainwave composers.) This means the pulse is somewhat "hidden" and one is not distracted from the music. Cool. This disc is completely ambient and therefore a superb meditation tool. I must also mention that this is one of The Doctor's BEST productions since he began using the "wall of synthesis." Sometimes he has had what i thought were glitches of noise perhaps from a dirty potentiometer. But, with Thompson, one never knows if that noise is actually there intentionally. This disc, however, is very clean so headphone use is care-free. Finally, his focus on the "Awakened Mind State" makes this a valuable learning tool for serious consciousness explorers. If I was going to recommend one Thompson disc that is on Amazon to someone who knows nothing about his work, this would be the one....more info
  • Awakens Your Mind
    I just came to Amazon searching for anything else Dr. Thompson had similiar to the Awakened Mind System. I've been using the CDs for a while now and I really love the way they make me feel. Especially great on a busy, stressed day to help return me to my natural state and become calm and centered again. I just emailed someone about the CDs and wrote that they help ground me while letting me feel like I could fly. Prefer to listen with headphones, seems to take it to a higher level for me.

    ...more info
  • Quite Amazing
    I had been wanting to purchase a CD for a while that had different frequencies on it that could induce a different brain state for me. Years ago I purchased a CD by "Brainsync" however I found this quite ineffective.

    So I read as much as I could on the net about the different systems out there: holosync- expensive & you must listen for an hour a day & I'm told through headphones, binaural beats website- seems good however there is no technical research or expertise to back up how good the cd's are.

    So that leaves hemisync which has been based on good solid research & Dr Jeffery Thompsons work. From what I have read Dr Thompson seems to have a good understanding on how sound waves can be modulated and layered to create various effects. He calls this brain entrainment.

    The first time I put on the CD a lot of tension I had in my neck went, and I have noticed when I have put on the music the chatter in my mind seems to clear & I feel more present. I feel like since listening to the cd I am changing in some way in terms of perceiving things from a more objective stance and I guess I feel a bit nervous about this as I used to more mind chatter!

    I've been playing it though my stereo speakers in the background whilst I'm doing things in my place, however I've recently been sitting down & listening to it through headphones which I've found even more effective.

    So I would highly recommend the CD, but just beware you may feel different without as much old mind chatter! (probably a good thing though)

    Out of all the brain entrainment CD's out there I would say for the price & comparable other systems Dr Thompson's seems to have the most technical work behind it to produce the desired effect.
    I am now interested however in Hemisync as I have noted they have more specific titles to work on different aspects in your life. The only disadvantage I would see with Hemisync though is that there is a verbal commentary with a lot of the specific cd's which means you have to listen to all of it, hence why I first bought the Awakended mind cd as you can play it & stop it at any point....more info
  • Dr. of Drones
    I'm a long time fan of Dr. Thompson and have alot of his material.
    Without futher ado; the first track is a great piece of ambience, period. Track 2 is ruined (imo) by a grating hiss that's in your face - or ear.
    Seeing that he's both veteran musician and doctor perhaps there's therapeutic value in this. If so, he should've included a brief note in the booklet. But track 1 is long enough...

    At first I thought this cd was a sign of him washing out. I think I heard a few disharmonic moments - as in mistakes.
    This, along with the unpalatable hissing on track 2 gave me the impression of a cheap commercial plug.
    But the second and third time around I found track 1 to be very good indeed. It's certainly not like taking a valium tho as it's
    got a balance of compared to say, the Delta program (which has more than delta but i'm talking concentrations).
    Others have said there are better cd's for therapeutic effectiveness. Probably. I have the Insight cd which uses a new layering technique and is supposedly top of the line (ie., as good as centerpoint and tmi's cd's - only cheaper and shorter). But this uses rain as a mask. Very boring but you can Really feel the change in states of consciousness. You can actually feel yourself go into - and out of - alpha/theta/delta. Tho with this, it Could be that with just rain you're more aware of the changes.

    So I've a bunch of these types of cd's. Now it could be that I don't listen to them enough. But to me, they really don't do anything - besides the enjoyment of listening of course. To, we all go into these states naturally at night anyway.

    ...more info


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