Essick Air BFC2200 Portable Evaporative Cooler - 250 Sq. Ft.

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Product Description

With the Essick Air BFC2200 portable swamp cooler, you won?t break the bank?you won?t even break a sweat! This evaporative cooler is easy to operate and highly mobile for portable cooling in spaces up to 250 square feet. The BFC2200 evaporative swamp cooler filters the air as it cools, making it perfect for eliminating office irritants or creating a healthy environment for children or allergy sufferers. Energy-efficient and highly economical, the swamp cooler costs only two cents an hour to operate!

  • 3-speed motor
  • 3.25-gallon capacity
  • Dimensions: 23"H X 22"W X 10 1/4"D
  • Cools up to 250 square feet
  • Shipping Weight: 23 lb.
  • Features:
    • Filter cleans air while you cool down
    • Easy operation and mobility maximize convenience
    • Easy-to-use portable evaporative cooler designed for spot cooling
    • 415 CFM, 115 V, 1/15 HP
    • Very efficient and cost effective
    Customer Reviews:
    • Didn't work in my situation
      I was excited about this unit. Our humidity has been below 15% and I hoped that in front of a window it would cool the west-facing side of the apartment. It certainly humidified the large living room very well.

      However, the fan isn't powerful enough to push air all the way through the two bedrooms to the window I need to vent it. A proper swamp cooler has a very powerful fan and fills a window, so it pulls outside air directly in and pumps it through a space with some force. This one doesn't do that. If I had a smaller room with a window to use as ventilation I'm sure this would work well.

      There is a design flaw: the water container is a large open basin, much wider than it is deep. If it's even half full the water will slop over the sides upon any movement. I've already thought of a jerry-rigged solution, which is to use a flat piece of plastic or a few old-fashioned ice cube trays to prevent waves from forming. But I'm returning the unit, so I can't report on whether that would work....more info
    • Wonderful
      I live in Colorado, so the climate is perfect for a swamp cooler. I researched a few (some were VERY expensive), and thought I would try this one to start. It wasnt very expensive, and I figured if it didn't work out I could maybe look at something bigger or even whole-house. But, this worked out GREAT! It is perfect for one room, and cools things down almost immediately. I definately did not regret the order. If you're planning to move it from room to room, its a little heavy and unwieldly when full of water. But its easy when its empty, and not an issue when its staying in one room....more info
    • Suprised at the positive reviews
      This is the fourth portable evaporative unit I've owned. None have been impressive but this is by far the worst I've had. It was expensive, heavy, bulky and is only fairly cool if you're standing right in front of it. The "paragraph" considered the owners manual was useless (download it- you won't believe it). It constantly needs water. The freestanding unit this replaced used about one gallon a day. This uses a minimum of seven or more. Everytime I go in that room it's hot because the water is gone. If I stayed there all day and actually filled it as needed I can't imagine how much it would use. All the other units I've owned had a convenient fill area at the top or side. This one requires you to pour the water directly into the back. I use a gallon jug to do this which never fits between the unit and the wall or window- whichever it's sitting in front of. That means I have to move it (with water in an open pan in the bottom). Everything within a three foot radius is constantly soaked. Worst of all, IT DOESN'T HAVE A WATER LEVEL INDICATOR! That was a first! For anyone who hasn't used a cooler of this type, an indicator is basic and necessary. The manual says to look inside the front (between the grates) to see how much water is left. Needless to say you can't see down in there and even if you could it's impossible to estimate water volume. You are warned "not to overfill" because the excess water will run out of unit and allover you, your carpet, and your furniture. Because if this guessing game it is either constantly underfilled or leaking. I hate this thing. What a waste of money. When it's replacement gets here it's going to the curb. ...more info
    • Awesome Swamp cooler
      Coming from the cooler Bay-Area climate for summers in Tahoe, lemme tell ya: this cooler is even more chill than the Lasko Box fan. I mean, hell- for the price, yeah, you could get one of those biologically unfriendly freon a/c units, but at least with this purchase you can feel somewhat comfortable that you're not contributing to ozone depletion.

      Overall, this appliance is up on my list of necessities for the arid CA/NV climate.

      It's a must have... trust!

      Oh yeah, not so aesthetically pleasing, (lol) but what really is in Nevada?! (besides the Lake, of course)...more info
    • Excellent swamp cooler!!!
      This is perhaps one of the best portable swap/evaporative coolers on the market. If you are in an area that gets hot and stays dry, take my word... you won't be sorry with this. It extremely economical, only costing me pennies to run per month (and in some months I leave it on 24/7). I also like how you can use it as a regular fan if you desire; it has a separate button selection for fan only. You can even take it with you it's so portable. Use and enjoy......more info