ProTec PC-2 Tank Cleaning Cartridge, 2-Pack

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Product Description

Honeywell ProTec Humidifier Cleaning Cartridge (2-pack) - These cleaning cartridges are a must if you own a cool wick-based humidifier. You simply drop one into the water tank, and it's safe & non-toxic contents will help prevent mold and bacteria growth for 30 days! It also has the added benefit of extending the life of your filter!

  • Works in all humidifiers
  • Keeps cleaning for up to 40 fillings
  • Simpy drop in tank
  • Safe and non-toxic
Customer Reviews:
  • pro tec cleaning cartrige
    thank you- this is a tough product to find on the shelves. I have never understood why a company would sell a product (humidifier) but then NOT carry the components needed to make it run....more info
  • Product ok but then
    Product is just what I needed, but shipping charges were out of sight, never again. Could ship the product by UPS for a little over one dollar. ...more info
  • Great water treatment! Really works!
    I was very skeptical because I have tried many kinds of liquid water treatments and they work OK but not great.
    I decided to try these cause they looked so easy and they really are!
    I have been using them in 2 humidifiers for about 2 months and they have helped tremendously with the scale build up we get here from the water.
    They have helped keep the fiters much cleaner than usual.
    I highly recommend them!...more info
  • What did we do before this?!
    A wonderful cartridge that I use with the solution to keep the water clean and safe in the humidifier. An added piece of mind for parents....more info
  • They work quite well
    I have only used these for my cool mist humidifiers so far (will try these in my warm mist ones during winter) and they do seem to significantly reduce mildew and odor from formining in the tank. Therefore, I do not have to clean humidifier daily - every 3 days is fine. However, there is a dark film that does form in parts of the humidifier that is tough to remove. It is not mold or mildew. Instead, it seems like hard water stains. Otherwise, the item does work fairly well. ...more info
  • These work
    Surprisingly, these cartridges actually work in significantly reducing organic build-up. The only problem is that they can slightly discolor the tank of your humidifier where they rest on the bottom. My blue tank turned gray in spots....more info