Kaz WF2 Extended Life Replacement Humidifier Filter

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Product Description

Kaz Natural Mist Replacement Wicking Filter Fits models: Vicks V3500, Vicks V3100, Kaz 3020, Robitussin DH-835. Reinforced for longer filter life and maximum efficiency. Removes minerals and pollutants from water. ProTec antimicrobial treatment.

  • Fits Model V3500
  • Fits Model V3100
  • Fits Model 3020
Customer Reviews:
  • Kaz Filters
    I was pleased with the quick delivery of my Filters. They were cheaper than I could have gotten them any place else. They were delivered in a short amount of time and they are top quality....more info
  • humidifier filters
    the product was sent within a reasonable amount of time. they notified me it was going to be a little late. that was considerate. the product came in new condition as stated. wrapped well no damage. worth the wait for the price was very reasonable compared to the stores. i will be doing bussiness with them again....more info
  • seek and he shall find
    hello to all searching for WF2 replacement filters for Kaz humidifiers.
    i have come from afar to find your needs. do not fret , but have faith
    and YOU shall find. you can buy them directly from Kaz for $8.00 each .
    im sure you are aware , but just in case , dump out water in the humidifier when it gets low. put in fresh water and swish it around then
    fill it again. when u install a new filter check it once a week and see
    how it looks. the bottom part of the filter will slowly begin to discolor
    into a brownish tan color and the top of the filter will become almost rock hard. that's okay !! change the water , wipe out inside w/ a cleaner
    (bleach can be used, just rinse really good ). DO NOT FILL WITH WATER YET
    put the filter back in with the clean part first and the discolored end
    facing up. NO WATER !! put the cover on and put the unit on and it will
    dry the whole filter. about an hr. or less. when thats done fill the
    container w/ water and the clean part of the filter up. ( so your going to
    put the discolored half of the filter in first. put on cover and turn on
    and your set. it's a good idea to always have an extra. they can be ordered over the net directly from kaz. TYPE IN YOUR SEARCH BOX " KAZ WF2
    FILTERS. " i read some reviews that their hard to find. i get mine thru the net, but previously at walmart , kmart , target and where humidifiers
    are sold. hope this helps some of you to find them when you need them.
    ps: when the whole filter is discolored throw it out. DO NOT TRY TO USE
  • Humidifier filter
    The filter is the make and size recommended by the manufacturer of the humidifier. It works really well. ...more info
  • great!
    I was glad to find these on amazon at a great price! It is hard to find these in the store and the "generic" replacement humidifiers do not fit as well as this specific one. Thank you!...more info
  • Great product and shipping
    I ordered this item for my mother and she is very happy and the shipping was immediate....more info
  • Pleased with prompt service
    I was pleased with how easy it was to order the replacement filters for my humidifier. I believe that the price was reasonable as well....more info
  • replacement filters
    These are very hard to find in stores, the stores sell the humidifiers but not the filters, thanks to amazon.com...more info