Waterpik WP-360W Hand-held Cordless Rechargeable Dental Water Jet

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Product Description

Teledyne Waterpik Cordless Water Jet - This water jet now makes it super easy to have healthy gums and a healthy smile! Gone are the days of setting up cumbersome traditional water jets - because this water jet is cordless! Just pop the easy-to-fill flip top reservoir, fill, and clean! It's that easy! But wait, there's more... Includes 2 low pressure tips for gentle cleaning, and 2 high pressure tips for deep cleaning

  • #1 dentist choice
  • Healthier gums in 2 weeks, guaranteed
  • Deep cleaning oral care
  • Waterproof for use in the shower
  • Rechargeable and great for travel

Customer Reviews:

  • Supper tooth pick
    I've been using the Waterpik daily for 6 months and I like it. I've visited my dentist twice in this period and the hygienist gave me good mark for both my gum and teeth instead of the usual "floss daily and brush after meal" talk.

    What work for me:
    - Swivel head makes it easy to clean inside the upper teeth.
    - Powerful water jet clean and clears out even the most sticky food.
    - The water reservoir size is just right for one use.
    - It's very compact and portable.
    - Low price. It's about the same price as two sonicare heads.
    - Simple and quick to use. (I know I shouldn't but I floss less now and still have clean teeth)

    What need improvement:
    - The two buttons (on,off) takes time to get used to.
    - The battery holds good charge that last up to a week but I can feel it is decreasing lately.
    - Food sometime gets suck into the little air vents under the cap, causes clogging and reducing pump performance.

    Overall, the Waterpik does it job very well and, so far, have met all my expectations.

    Update: I've used this for 8 months now and I'm starting to have problem with the power button. I've to press and hold it for 3 to 10 seconds to have it stay on. The length of time that I have to press and hold is increasing. I also have to charge it more often now (once every 1 to 2 days).

    Update: After 8 months, the on switches won't latched anymore so I requested warranty replacement and was given a new one. It was an easy process.

    Update: I continued to use the original one for another month then it quit altogether. It's a good thing that it has a 2 year warranty....more info
  • Didn't Even Last A Month
    I see I'm not alone here, but I wanted to add my experience so potential victims can see another one-star review. Actually I'd like to give this product no stars but the system doesn't allow for that. The thing worked okay for a couple of weeks although I never was able to do my whole mouth without having to refill the tiny reservoir. After that it started to labor, then stop until you shake it or tap it back to life. That went on for a week. Then one day it just died out, pulsing maybe once every 4 or 5 seconds. It sounded like it was out of power so I plugged it in and charged it again but to no avail. I did get it to work once more for about 10 seconds by tapping it firmly against my hand, and that was the last of it. If you do want to buy this thing, buy it locally so you can return it for a refund easilly.

    UPDATE 11/12/08: Yeah, I tried it again, still no good. The problem definitely insn't a battery issue. When there's no water in the reservoir it runs just fine, full speed ahead and no signs of slowing after two minutes, but the second you put water in the thing, it goes back to limping along at about a pulse a second. Let the water out and it's back up to full speed ahead. Sounds like a bad motor or pump to me. Hey what's the difference it's still junk. Buyer beware!...more info
  • waterpik
    Love this waterpik, was recommended by my Dentist, and could only find it on Amazon. ...more info
  • a big disappointment
    I bought this product upon the recommendation of my dental professional. The first unit lasted about a year. The second unit lasted maybe 6 months. It needed to be recharged often, and then finally would not charge at all. My next purchase will be from a different manufacturer. Unfortunately, I did not have the receipt for either unit, so could not get a replacement, but maybe that's a good thing in the long run - less frustration....more info
  • My dentist reccomended it
    Yes, my Dentist recommended it and uses one himself. The high pressure nozzle is high pressure, be careful. I would NOT recommend a child use it because of the possiblity for accidents. Adults need to be aware of where it is pointing before turning it on. I find it easier to use in the shower as I don't have to worry about the spray/splash getting all over the mirror and vanity. It does a good job. The reservoir empties pretty quickly. I prefer the low pressure tip. ...more info
  • Poorly Designed, Low Quality
    Very disappointed. Battery dies quickly. The product design is so poor that it's difficult to hold it while cleaning teeth and your fingers start to feel numb within minutes. The worst part - the product stopped working within 6 months. Don't waste your money. ...more info
    I own this item and it works well. It has as much power as full size irrigators and it's really easy to clean. My only complaint is that the water tank is too small. It forces you to fill it up several times in order to irrigate once....more info
  • Poorly designed and very disappointed in Waterpik
    I wish I had read these reviews prior to purchasing. As others have mentioned, in order to adequately clean your mouth, the reservoir must be filled up repeatedly (at least 4 times), the angle the unit has to be held is awkward and not well thought out, the unit has very little power (I've not even used the "gentle" tip) even when fully charged. I can see where this would be helpful when traveling, for every day home use, it falls short. Thankfully, the unit was inexpensive, but it will be going into my closet until the next time I travel and I'll go back to the reliable (and powerful) countertop model....more info
  • Works Great - sort of
    I've owned the product 3 months. I purchased this product because I'm a middle aged person with braces and found the full size water pik setup to be invaluable dealing with the situation. If this product didn't have the following shortcomings I'd rate it 5 stars because it is a tool I use every day. Design issue #1: The battery. The water pressure just isn't there anymore and this thing is only 3 months old. As it runs you can hear it slow down as it pumps the water #2 The charger inlet falls open easily and water gets in the charging area. BAD. #3. There is no good way to clean out the water holder and it goes stale. I've taken to flushing it with mouth wash and storing it open and upside down....more info
  • Waste of money unless u love buying new ones
    the flaw to this product's design is that if continually used you will replace it every 3-6 months(battery will no longer charge). Undoubtedly part of the company's design to line their pockets with more money. They could haVE DONE SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO MAKE IT LAST much LONGER. Go with the much better choice.ShowerBreeze w/ 3' hose Oral IrrigatorUnlimited water supply, no refilling. No DEAD batterries ever. And plenty of water pressure. NO CONTEST. ...more info
  • Please save your money...
    Despite the negative reviews, I purchased this product because there are no electrical outlets in my bathroom. I should have heeded the advice! The product did cease to hold a charge within a couple of months of purchase. The resevoir is indeed too small. Mine ended up in the garbage. I now own a Water Pic with a cord which I use in the kitchen! It's fine. Please save your money and do not purchase this item! ...more info
  • I know why the pump breaks down...
    **The pump breaks down because small particles of food end up in the reservoir and it clogs the pump.**

    I've been using the WP-360W for a few days now and I love it. I'm not sure how I've been going without it. I recently got braces, so food is always stuck in the darn things. I like that the WP-360W is portable. I take it with me to work everyday and use it after each time I eat something. I just finished eating a bunch of peanut M&M's, so I went to wash my mouth out with the Waterpik. After I was done, I noticed chunks of peanut all over the top of the Waterpik. I remembered seeing chunks of food the previous times I used it this week, but this morning, it dawned on me as to why some people were saying their pump quit working after a while. The chunks of food were always almost going right into the reservoir as I was about to make another fill up. IMO, it would be best to fill up the 2nd time, but drain the water out before use, so that in case any chunks did fall inside, you'll be more than likely to get them out when you dump the water.

    I think the problem people are having with the charger is that they are getting the adapter recepticle wet. I noticed that the cover sometimes doesn't close over the hole, or that I didn't close it after taking the Waterpik off the charger. Of course anyone that use this device will know that water goes all over the place, so naturally, water most likely dripped inside the adapter hole.

    I think it's quite unfair to give this product a 1 star. IMO, this device is great and does an outstanding job for something that costs $21.99 (no tax and shipping charges, either). $29.99 from the drug store might be a little much, but $21.99 is just right. The point I'm trying to make is that this device didn't cost much and if it was to break down after several uses, then it would be money well spent! I'm quite sure there have been times that every person that bought this Waterpik had bought a pizza pie that cost more than this, however, that pizza was gone in an instant. This Waterpik, although totally different in comparison with a pizza, is still a product, and like I said, if a person used this product several times over before it quit working, then why give it such a low score? Things like this don't last forever.

    5 Star rating! Way to go Waterpik. I love this product....more info
  • good product that doesn't last
    I bought this product at walmart for less than $30. Took it home and it worked great for 3 days. Then stopped. Immediatly returned it for a full refund. The product idea is great, but needs to go back to the drawing board....more info
  • Good tool -- easier than flossing
    1. It is portable, so I can take it into the washroom at work and clean my teeth, but easy to keep secure in my locker.
    2. It works very well getting stuff out from between my teeth.
    3. I have to fill it up at least twice, each time I use it.
    4. I have to use warm water, otherwise it makes my teeth hurt.
    The charger was a little iffy to start with, but I was able to figure out how to get the plug in the socket just right so it will charge properly. It would be nice to be able to tell if it is charging, like so many other cordless devices, by having an LED indicator....more info
  • Travelling Waterpik
    It's just OK. Not enough of a tank to be really good. Need to fill it twice.Waterpik Ultra Cordless Dental Water Jet...more info
  • excellent travel aide, inferior to larger bathroom model
    This device gives adequate irrigation with the more restricted tip. The more powerful tip is too strong and could pack food deeper in your gums [my dentist agrees]. Portability is it's best feature and vital if you travel much. The small resevoir requires 2-3 fillings to do what one can with the larger sink top model, and it's somewhat messier to use. For the price and portability, a good buy!...more info
  • 360 Degree Rotation for Suffocation
    I cannot believe the poor design of the turning (360 degrees) head. Can you imagine the walls of the bathroom after you finished using it?
    OK, now please....fix the poor design before someone comes up with a law suit against the manufacturer for water suffocation.
    The poor design includes the three buttons (can the release one be moved somewhere else?). While trying to hold the head from turning, the ON and OFF buttons have to be under your finger before the water suffocation, then the head comes OUT.
    Well, I have ducted tape the head, so I can have one finger on the ON and another on the OFF buttons again before suffocation.
    Yes, you read it right, "DUCT Tape." Lucky I that I had some white DUCT Tape in the house.
    I have no problem with the water tank size like others do.
    The health and hygiene of my gums are very important to me, and the waterpik does the job.
    The portable waterpik design could be better if the manufacturer wanted to.
    Reviews are available.
    ...more info
  • waste of money
    i use to have this as my secondary oral irrigator ( i wear braces) but thank goodness for the panasonic , i dont have to suffer using waterpik anymore! this product sucks and a waste of money. the battery doesnt charge for some reason and the unit stops right in the middle of using it! try the panasonic brand coz its a much better alternative for this junk! ...more info
  • Yup, battery makes this worthless...
    Yes, I am throwing away my second unit now also, due to battery failure. The unit works great, but 6 months of use on a unit before the battery fails is not a good product. Sorry - I am trying a Panasonic now....more info
  • Fixing your Waterpik's "Battery" Problem
    I have had two rechargable Waterpiks. Both had the same problem. After about 5 or 10 months the unit gradually loses the ability to charge up. Most users assume that the battery became defective.

    I really need this thing so I decided to look into it and found that the battery in each case was fine. What happens is that the connector on the charging cable gradually deteriorates. This might be due to getting wet repeatedly combined with corrosion and deposits. The inside of the female part of the connector gets get eaten away and actually gets larger in diameter. The electrical connection deteriorates and finally becomes unusable. As a result the battery no longer gets recharged.

    I found that the "AdaptaPlug" connector system available at Radio Shack has the same pin diameter and pin spacing. By whittling some plastic away I made a better connector from the Radio Shack parts and now the Waterpiks work like new.

    The part numbers of the Radio Shack connectors needed are:
    Male: 273-1742
    Female: 273-1743...more info
  • Poorly designed... go with Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet instead.
    In addition to the other complaints about this product, on my unit, the rubber o-ring failed after only a few uses. Additionally, the charging port is protected by a rubber stopper to keep water out, which does not work all that well. I upgraded to the Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet which is an outstanding product. If you have the vanity space in your bathroom, and an electrical outlet nearby, then I highly recommend the slightly more expensive model....more info
  • Terrible design, lousy product
    I bought this Waterpik instead of the "old fashioned" kind because I thought it would be better and save some space in the bathroom. I took it back to the store after about 1 week. The tips pop off unexpectedly and water leaks from the base of the tip, as well as from the water chamber. The water chamber doesn't hold enough water, so you have to refill it 2 or 3 times in order to get a thorough cleaning. It is difficult to control the angle of the tips, because they swivel on the base while in your mouth. All together, this is a poorly designed product. I exchanged it for the "old fashioned" waterpik which is WAY superior....more info
  • Seems to work, but not for long
    I bought this product as an extra weapon in my arsenal against periodontal disease.

    It definately seemed to improve my gum health (based on bleeding reduction) but like others have found it stopped charging up after about a month of use.

    I properly conditioned the battery per the instructions, and it worked OK for about 5 charges, but on the 6th it did not turn on at all.

    It also took an average of 2-3 fills per use, but this was not a big deal for me.

    I'd avoid this and go for a plugged in version, which is what I replaced it with. Aside from the battery issue, its much easier to use the plugged in one as the handle is less bulky, and the mechnism to turn the nozzle to keep it aligned with your gums is better....more info
  • Good for travel; poor for everyday
    The design accomplishes two things:
    1. It takes up less space and weight in a suitcase than other designs.
    2. It is a poor choice for everyday use because there is no way to air-dry or to clean out the reservoir between uses. That, inevitably, makes it a nice breeding place for molds and other scuzzy things. ...more info
  • It Really Does The Job!
    Waterpik WP-360W Hand-held Cordless Rechargeable Dental Water JetYep, the battery is the weakness of this unit. Litheon Ion would have been a far superior technology. For Pete's sake, this unit is billed as a portable unit. Don't expect a massive reservoir! So what if you have to fill it 2 or more times. Two fillings do the job well and I have 2 bridges. Floss first to loosen particles. Spending to much time in one area could damage gum tissues. I have used this unit for over a year now, along with daily brushing and flossing, and my hygenist is very impressed. I believe it's worth the $25 to try it and see if you like it. Your teeth are worth it!...more info
  • Junk. Owned for 2 months then tossed.
    I had mine for a couple of months and then I threw it in the trash. It was unwieldy, had minimal water pressure, and the jet tip wouldn't stay in place. It didn't add anything to my oral hygeine and it was taking up space on the counter. Waste of money.

    ...more info
  • Works Great, but with some inconveniences
    I bought this shortly after I got braces. I chose this model because I don't have the counter space in my bathroom for the big tank and it was a reasonable price. I only use it once a day and worked great. I did notice that I had to fill up the tank 2 times sometimes 3 to get through one cleaning. I am ok with that, its not that annoying. However, after about 4 months of use it completely died and wouldn't charge. Since this model has a 2-year warrenty I contacted Waterpik and they sent me a brand new unit with in a week. They suggessted that you remove the pressure tip after each use because water that is left inside it can seeps back down inside and in the battery housing (it doesn't tell you that in the directions). I have done that since I got the new one and have had no issues. I don't have to charge it very often. I was very please with Waterpik for quickly taking care of the situation. I think others who are complaing about the battery losing charge and buying a new one should have taken advantage of the warranty information. Overall, I do notice a difference with the use of this water jet, it helps a lot with braces. Even though I did have charging problems too, I was very pleased with the quick response from Waterpik. I would recommend this to any one who doesn't want to spend a lot or doesn't have room for a large tank model....more info
  • not up to waterpik standards
    i agree with other negative reviews...is just too cumbersome and not enough power to do the job..feels like you are putting something the size of a flashlight in your mouth.....more info
  • Works very well
    I already had a personal dental waterjet but found that it took up too much space on my bathroom countertop. I bought the WP360W to see if a unit that was that low priced would work as well as the countertop model. To my surprise, it works very well and is easy to use. When this ones dies, I'll definitely get another....more info
  • We hate it for different reasons
    I bought this for my 9 yr old who has braces. It worked fine.
    Our problem was that she dropped it and the the tip broke off.
    That was not too big of a problem--we still had the second tip.
    But then she dropped it again. Now our problem is that we can't get replacement tips.
    The Waterpik site says that they are out of stock.
    So we have a waterpik that works (battery-wise) but no tips.
    I will take everyone's advice and not buy another one.
    Before you chuck your waterpik for the battery issues--consider sending me the tips :)...more info
  • Not worth the money...
    I had high hopes for this item but it turned out to be too much of a hassle.

    -Comes with extra tip
    -Easily gives those front and side teeth a good cleaning

    -Hard to fill
    -Battery 'memory' is none existent after only 2 months of single person use.
    -Unit doesn't appear to be waterproof (duh!) connections corrode and become unusable
    -Messy - can't turn it to much to the side or water comes out so it can be difficult to get those back areas.
    -Difficult to get the back teeth with the same effectiveness as the front teeth
    -Needs to be filled more than once for a good thorough cleaning

    My advice would be to spend the extra money and get the Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet. It isn't cordless or portable but it gets the job done well without all of the inconveniences of this product....more info
  • Fantastic product!
    This is so convenient and easy to use. I had continual low-grade infection until it was discovered under my gums. The Waterpik forces water into those areas that can't be reached and cleans everything out. My mouth feels so much better!...more info
  • perfect for traveling
    Have the original (they don't make it anymore) waterpik, always took the smaller version traveling, couldn't live without it, but it, the smaller one, stopped working and have been trying to find it, to no avail...took a chance on this one......it's lighter and smaller, a little more bulkier than the other, but works just fine, and easier to pack!...more info
  • Waterpik WP-360W Hand-held Cordless Rechargeable Dental Water Jet
    Waterpik WP-360W Hand-held Cordless Rechargeable Dental Water Jet:

    The fact that the rechargeable does not have a cord to get tangled-up, and that it cost less than the regular type, was my main reason's for buying it.

    The only problems I have found are that it does not last as long as the corded Waterpik (my first one lost it's battery charging ability after about one year of constant use). And the water reservoir is so small I need to fill it two to three times while using.

    However, I am very pleased with it. And would only suggest that the maker change the design to include a replaceable battery so users could just replace the battery instead of buying a whole new Waterpik.
    ...more info
  • Love it!
    I agree that the whole thing is a bit fiddly... small reservoir, as others say. But hey, you can fill it in a second, and what else your teeth this clean. So much nicer than flossing and much quicker... It's like a power shower for your teeth! ...more info
  • Customer Service
    I ordered the cordless Waterpik, it arrived in record time, but it only held a charge for a week and then quit altogether. I called Waterpik and they immediately sent me another one, but that wouldn't pump the water, so I called again and decided to get the electric model. It arrived in record time and I love it. It's much easier to handle, the reservoir holds more than enough water, but to my mind, the biggest thing is the customer service at Waterpik. Each person I talked to was friendly, and very, very helpful. I don't know when I've been treated so nicely....more info
  • Waterpik Model WP-360W
    This item carries too little water to do a good job. Other wise it is of good quality....more info
  • Great Product for Braces
    I am a hygienist and just got braces recently. I use this to remove food debris after eating. It uses a high pressure stream of water. The reservoir could be larger but I don't have any problems with it. I simply just refill it because I am at the sink cleaning my teeth anyways. I wouldn't recommend this product as an alternative to flossing....more info
  • If Waterpiks can be fun. . .
    I know this is a topic that will have everyone holding their breath but, honestly, for the price, this is a great little portable Waterpik. This one is the 3rd of its type for me and I have used it for on and off over 7 or 8 years. I bought it because my dentist insisted I start using a Waterpik. I use a larger one at my home but when I began traveling on my job I needed a portable one. Then I began pet sitting and used it when I was staying at someone else's home. Now I am serving in the Peace Corps in Ukraine. In all instances, it has been very handy. And my dentist is happy and my teeth are cleaner. What more can I ask!!...more info
  • Plenty good enough
    Waterpik WP-360W Hand-held Cordless Rechargeable Dental Water Jet This is the 3rd of these that I have owned. The first 2 lasted about 1 year each. The first stopped being able to be charged, the second because something became disconnected internally and it wouldn't pump any more. This device cost me less than $30, far less than the $102 I pay for teeth cleaning twice a year and far less than the jaw bone implant I had before I started using a waterpik. It fits my hand nicely and is easy to store in my small bathroom and I clean between my teeth and gum in one fill of the reservoir. I start by brushing my teeth, then flossing, then waterpik and finally use a mouth rinse to disinfect. I will definitely buy another when the current one stops working.

    ...more info
  • Works fine
    I was a little hesitant after reading other reviews, but I have owned this now for about three weeks and have no problems.
    It holds a charge for about 10 days (so far, at least). The best part is that I use it in the shower with no problems. It does take filling it up twice to do my entire mouth, but that's not an issue.
    All in all, I am very satisfied for the price....more info
  • WaterPik Cordless Dental Water Jet
    Although I didn't have the charging problems, I had the feeling that the unit got moldy between uses. There's no way to dry the tiny container out overnight. Who wants to cleanse with nonpharmceutical-grade mold?...more info
  • Mini Water Pik
    It's neither as easy to use or efficient as the regular model, but it takes up less counter space and does a fairly good job of dislodging food hiding between teeth. However, mine was sent from factory missing one tip, and the company has yet (several weeks have passed since being notified) contacted me or sent me the second tip. Each tip allows a different amount of water pressure to be applied to gums. ...more info
  • Waterpik wp-360W handheld cordless water jet
    I like this model much much more than the newer version developed by Waterpik. That newer model is of poorer design and has several other flaws: recharging is less efficient, parts fall off, and it seems made more cheaply....more info
  • Recommended by my dental hygienist
    My dental hygienist recommended this particular model (360), over the 450, due to it's larger reservoir. I use it in the shower, as was also recommended to me. I find that I have to fill the reservoir twice per use. Filling the reservoir in the shower is relatively easy and the entire process takes me only about 3-4 minutes. The waterpik seems to hold a charge for a reasonable length of time. I've had the waterpik in the shower for 2 weeks now and haven't had to recharge yet. ...more info
  • Excellent for Travel
    This is excellent for travel and takes the fuss and worry out of healthy teeth and gums while on the road....more info
  • Runs out of juice too fast.
    Need to do 3 fill ups per cleaning, and shooting the bottom back side of teeth is tricky. Only pro is that I can go in the shower and blast away with out spraying everything in the bathroom...more info
  • Works on your teeth, but only when it works!
    I have just finished with my 4TH Waterpik WP360W. The first lasted 6 months, so we bought another one. The second lasted about the same, and this time I had it replaced by warranty (they are pretty good about that, at least). The third one lasted about 7 months, again I returned it under warranty and they sent me another. But I've finally had it as this one has lasted maybe 5 months. Each time, the battery either refuses to continue to charge and you get a weak jet or the whole think just dies (sometimes I can get it started again by banging the base on the counter). The idea of oral irrigation is great, I have much better dental appts since using it (my gum lines have lowered) and its great for a kid who doesn't like to floss - my son uses it twice a day. But I will not buy a waterpik again....more info
  • very easy to use and can really feel the clean!
    My dentist suggested I buy a Waterpik so I did. This one is so simple to use and I can really feel it getting between my teeth and a little under my gums. I have gotten into the habit of looking at Amazon.com before any other store or website, because I always find the product at a better price and quick delivery!...more info
  • Great! Till the battery dies after a couple months
    I loved this product, but it just didn't last. Better to buy one with a separate water reservoir, like the WP 100. My brother has had one of those for over a year, and hasn't had any problems with it. ...more info
  • Excellent product
    Nice little and very handy. Battery once fully charged before first use lasted probably around 2-3 weeks without recharging. ...more info
  • Waterpik WP-360W
    It is compact but the water tank is not adequate and one has to hold the whole thing rather than the tip in order to go around the gums....more info


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