EHEIM Sludge Extractor & Gravel Cleaner

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Product Description

24". For quick and thorough removal of sludge and dirt layers on the gravel. Powerful and maintenance-free suction pump. Complete with batteries.

  • For quick and thorough removal of sludge and dirt layers in your aquarium
Customer Reviews:
  • EHEIM Sludge Extractor
    Received it with a cracked battery compartment which worked only once as water penetrated inside the battery compartment....more info
  • Great tool for fish tank maitanance
    I would call it a gravel cleaner as I do not have too much sludge. The unit is well made it is large powerful (could use a bit more) and manuverable, long lasting battery life, captures very small particles, easy to know when the unit needs to be emptied I clean mine once during a cleaning of a 30 gal., just have to easily rinse to keep performance. The mesh on the filtering cage I would think could tear if not moderatly careful storing the unit. my 30gal takes about 20 minutes. Pricey and how long is it going to last? I don't know. I have used mine 10 times. Anyone need a Python? Very Cool....... THANK YOU!...more info
  • Perform within reason
    I just got the Sludge extractor yesterday, and immediately rip the box open and tried it out. The product comes in a few pieces and nothing was crack or broken as other reviewers has experienced. They even included batteries for the extractor. Assembly was very easy, and a push of a button gets the little pump going. I would say that the sucting power is about the same as my gravel siphon, definately not stronger and no way would it be able to suck a fish up. (I have some neon tetras in the tank) The fine screen traps the "eek" and let the water flows out. It was easy to use and easy to clean. Although for some reason, the pump would stop on it's own for no reason at all. I have no problem with the battery cover, it seems secure enough and it never pop open on it's own. This product can be improved by having stronger suction power. Otherwise, it perform as what I expected from the product description....more info
  • 5 out of 5 defective - cracked battery compartments all in same spot
    Maybe you'll have better luck than me with this, but I ordered this item from Petco and received it with a crack in the battery compartment in an area that will allow water to get in with the batteries. I returned it and they shipped a replacement. This went on for 4 times in a row with each one with the same manufacturer's defect in the same spot. I went to a store and bought one and the 5th one had the crack too. Horrible quality control in my opinion. I'd like to have one that works, I just haven't been able to get one that isn't cracked from the manufacturer evidently slamming the cap on too hard. I worry that even if a do get one, the plastic is so brittle or cheap that it might crack when I replace the batteries. I called EHEIM and their voice mail was full so I couldn't even leave a message. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I have a 30 gallons aquarium, and this sludge is awesome, its totally submergible, it comes with the batteries, it have enough force to suck plants over 2" (elodeas), its easy to clean, it have a micro filter, enough large to keep the sludge there, and you can clean, without throw the water away, that helps space the times between the filter maintenance.., by the way, its a extractor of sludge, its advised to do that, nothing else..., i recommend it 100%...more info
  • Eheim sludge extractor is not worth the money
    Assuming that you put the four double A batteries in the right way, the unit will start to make a humming sound, but as far as being beneficial in keeping an aquarium clean, I see no value whatsoever. It is a total waste of money. The unit simply doesn't have enough suction power to be helpful....more info
    I own a 75 gal Fresh water tank , no need for water changes to clean bottom .
    EHEIM Battery-Operated Sludge Extractor
    Unit is a great invention , fits my 75 gal tank , does great job in vacuum of Algae , sludge, leftover from fish food , , simple operation, Press ON Button on top ,simply pass bottom of vac head into gravel, watch dirt and sludge go up unit into filter chamber , tank water returns to tank thru filter CLEANED , rinse filter under sink fawcet , presto , you got a clean tank in 10 min.
    Batteries run unit no plug , long running time on 1 set of batteries...more info
  • Just Buy This
    I beat up reviews of gravel vacs for almost a week. Look, this thing cost three times the normal 2 c-batt vacs. Just buy it. The thing is awesome. The upper area you see in grey-white is 6 inches of micro mesh plastic to fill up with garbage. You just press 2 buttons to detatch it and go rinse in out. The whole thing is submergable. Also the "On" button locks in. So you don't have to hold it. I didn't give it a 5 because I feel they could have added a cross under the impeller to not allow very small stones to get up in there. I had one lodge which made me have to disconnect the section and dump it out. No biggie. Just being picky since this is a review. Uses 4 AA included (Duracell) wow. Has great suction. I press the lower section all the way in the stone and it actually sucks down to the bottom of the tank. I would have rated this 4.8....more info
  • Best Gravel Cleaner so far!
    Works as advertised!
    Very well designed and quality construction sets this product apart from the cheap ones.
    I was truly impressed by its suction power and the way it effortlessly cleaned my 12 gallon tank in 5 minutes!
    If you read the instruction and use it as suggested you won't be disappointed! It does look a bit big in pictures but in actuality it's very easy to maneuver....more info
  • Very pleased, Great for larger Tanks
    I have a 90 gallon tank and sometimes I don't want to perform a water change to get the bottom of the tank clean. I had the multi-vac previously. I have no issues with that except over time, the pieces won't stay together. I bought the sludge extractor (PETCO) and I love it. It reaches to the bottom of my tank and I didn't have to drain any water. The pressure on the vacuum was more than adequate. I was a bit relunctant on the proce, but I'm happy I did buy it and would recommend it to others. Just shop around for the lowest price....more info
  • The cost is worth it.
    I do think it's a bit overpriced, but it works very well. Much better than a hose you have to hook up to a faucet....more info