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Product Description

The best grooming and shampooing brush guaranteed! Removes loose hair, reduces hairballs and stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coat. Effective for all dogs and cats and all coat types.

  • Regular grooming with ZOOMGROOM effectively reduces hair balls.
  • Removes loose hair and stimulate capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coat.
  • Made in the USA with Natural Rubber

Customer Reviews:

  • works great but messy
    This brush does a great job at getting rid of lose hair on my long-haired cats. BUT it doesn't hold the fur on to the brush so it gets everywhere. I just keep picking it up in my hand but I have to say - I'd like it more if it did a better job at not spreading fur everywhere....more info
  • Amazing - worth every cent
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3RR532942ZAOZ I picked up one of these for my cat, who doesn't much care to be held, have her nails cut, etcetera. However, she loves this 'brush.'

    Not only goes this magically work loose the hair, but it seems to give a good massage, and does a fairly good job of keeping the loose hair on the brush.

    I've since purchased another of these, for a gift for my sister's cat (who seems to shed whenever he throws his massive bulk around) and two of the Zoom Groom For Dogs for two cockers my mother owns.

    In all cases, they've worked wonders.

    However, I have found that this brush is not as easy to handle as the one that is available for dogs.

    Overall, I can't recommend this product enough; Kong sure knows how to make their products....more info
  • Cats love it!
    My two siamese cats love this brush almost as much as catnip. It must really feel good to them because they start purring and rolling over. It has left their coats shiny and smooth, is helping with the hairball problem, and has kept hair from being shed all over the house. I purchased more for my relative's pets this Christmas. I highly recommend this brush and honestly, I'm slightly embarrassed to have gotten so excited over it. Best......more info
  • My cat adores being brushed with this
    My Siamese mix cat loves this thing. She will lead me over to where we store it and flop down next to it, waiting to be brushed. The second I start, she is purring up a storm. It is really effective too, and although my cat is short-haired and doesn't need a lot of grooming, I find myself grooming her very often just because it makes her so happy....more info
  • it's great! not just a brush, my shiba thought it's a massager!
    When my shiba, an old but silky black cat, first came to my home, she didn't want to move at all - she looked so stressful. I gently approached her and brushed her with this zoomgroom, then - it was amazing - shiba stretched her body and became just relaxed. I love it. Thanks. ...more info
  • My cat lets me use it!
    My cat has very long hair so it was nice to be able to finally find a brush that can be used on him. He usually tries to attack brushes/combs when I use them on him, but not with this one. He tolerates it, and even likes it because he will sit down and let me use it. :) ...more info
  • She loves it!
    My cat usually won't stay still whenever I groom her. But with this one, she even purred while I brushed her gently, flipping from one side to another to make sure I got all of it. Although I wouldn't say the fur sticks to the Zoom Groom in particular. Sure, there are some, but there are more on the floor, in the air, on my clothes... I have to vacuum after! This is a pretty decent brush for the price you pay. ...more info
  • The Best!
    I've had my zoom groom for over a year and my cat loves it. I've also heard that the rubber bristles remind them of their mother's tounge. My cat also will jump into my lap anytime I hold this item in my hand.

    Throw away the old metal bristle brushes and buy one of these. Your animal will thank you for it....more info
  • Great at removing cat hair!
    I purchased this comb after reading all of the other rave reviews where cats were loving it. I think it may take some time for my 2 cats to warm up to this new comb, but I like it so far. It is phenomenal at removing loose cat hair, but my husband had to hold each cat down in order to get them to stay still long enough. ...more info
  • My cat grooms himself!
    I have a Norwegian forest cat (aka very long-haired) and he loves this so much he'll groom himself with it. It doesn't help with his undercoat, but it helps with the outer coat. I also use it to groom me when I'm done brushing him. I use it to get all that staticky fur off my clothes....more info
  • Kitty likes it!
    I bought the ZoomGroom base on reviews. It sure is a tiny thing, no bigger than your palm. Our cat enjoys being groomed with it when he will allow it. Unfortunately, it does not remove hair as well as I'd hoped. I think the brushes with the bent metal tips work better on removing shedded hair. But for sheer enjoyment, you won't find a brush that will be better received by your cat!...more info
  • Outstanding product!
    My Maine Coon has never tolerated brushing.
    Then I read the reviews of ZoomGroom and figured I didn't have anything to lose except a chunk of my hand.
    Well my carnivorous hairball-upchucking cat loves this! She
    purrs, and when I stop she reaches out wanting more! The brush removes more hair than metal brushes and holds onto it.
    Try it!...more info
  • ZoomGroom
    It's really not impressive at all. I figured it would have a brush type set up on the back of it, but it has these weird rubber cones that scared my cat. I don't like it, and it's really not worth the money....more info
  • Enough fur to stuff a pillow
    The Zoom Groom works great at attracting loose hair--gets more than you'll know what to do with. However, it can leave behind a fair bit of what it catches. I find I have to use another brushing tool to clean up afterwards, as the loose fur on the cat's hindquarters is arguably a worse hairball threat than grooming with something less effective....more info
  • Fur Sure!
    This works great! It collects a lot of hair and my cats like it. It is soft enough so it wont hurt them and firm enough to do the job. My only complaint is that it is kind of hard to get all the hair off of it. It is comfortable to hold and easy to grip. Overall, I like it and recommend it if you are in need of a good cat brush....more info
  • Even my cranky cat loves it
    I have one rescue cat who does not like to be touched very often and only then if she initiates contact. The downside to this cat is that she sheds as much fur as four normal cats would. I had to do something since the slicker brush I was using on my other cats only seemed to rile her up and make her uncomfortable. We had black fur deposits everywhere in the house.

    A friend recommended ZoomGroom and so I thought I would give it a try. I caught my cat relaxing and sunning herself in a chair and started gently brushing her with it to see if she would let me. She was in ecstasy in minutes and could not get enough. She even started purring loud enough for me to hear her which is a real rare experience with this cat. I took off a wad of fur that was about the size of a baseball just in that one grooming session. It was a good experience for both of us.

    My other cats are not so happy about the ZoomGroom. One of them just tolerated the grooming, but was happy with the extra attention and the other one ran off after only 3 strokes. But neither of these cats are big shedders so I am ok with that. I am very happy with this purchase....more info
  • Love It! Love It! Love It!
    My cat loves the Zoom Groom! I love it too because it's the only brush that actually removes enough fur to make brushing worthwhile. It does make a mess but that's only because it's removing so much fur. I would definitely not recommend brushing your cat with him on your lap while you are wearing black pants. I brush my cat in the middle of the carpet right before I'm ready to vacuum. I just brush all of the hair towards his tail and let it collect there and then just grab it with my hand and keep making a pile on the floor. The trick is to only brush with repeated, straight strokes in one direction because then the fur will mostly collect in a line at the back of the brush. If you try and go in circles or random directions then you end up with an even bigger mess. When I'm done I just throw away the big pile of fur I've created, rinse the brush in the sink and vacuum the carpet. I could never get my cat to sit still for any other brush but he comes running when he sees I have the Zoom Groom in hand. His favorite thing is to just rub his face on it and get a head massage. My cat is a notorious hairball yacker and when I religiously keep him brushed with the Zoom Groom there are no hairballs in sight and he is softer than ever. There is no better product on the market for removing loose fur from cats....more info
  • Soft, but Too Soft
    This is nice and soft, which my vet says will keep people from hurting their cat if they aren't careful enough when they brush. Also, once you have some hair on it, it does pick up the hair well, I guess because it has a slightly sticky feel to it (like static cling).

    However, I have a hard time holding it because of its thickness in width - the design is cute but awkward for me personally to hold. Also, when you first start out, and there is no hair at all on it, the hair tends to fly off it and not stick because the "fingers" of the brush have a lot of space between them.

    Also, you have to press way too hard on a cat to get anywhere near the bottom of the fur. The brush "fingers" have no rigidity and don't get down to the bottom of the fur, so my cats still shed a lot. So, I started using the Zoom Groom for quick top-layer brushing, but I had to get a different, more rigid brush to use also. The Zoom Groom, I think, would be good for daily grooming or for use when you just want to basically "pet" your cat....more info
  • Orange Cat LOVES it
    My orange cat has medium-length hair and absolutely loves this thing. the sight of it will cause him to immediately jump on your lap in anticipation. i heard the zoom groom is meant to simulate the feel of the cat's mother's tongue - hence the deep connection. regardless, i highly recommend it....more info
  • like a massage
    One of our cats likes the ZoomGroom pretty well. He is a very social and pliable cat and purrs when being groomed with this product; it's much like a massage. The other cat is very skittish but still will allow this product for a short time. Yes, there is lots of hair; which is why I wanted the product in the first place. Better hair off the cat than in a hairball....more info
  • The Zoom Groom Rules!
    I inherited a Maine Coon cat and was overwhelmed at the task of taking care of her insanely long, thick coat. I tried all kinds of brushes and combs, but the Zoom Groom surpassed them all. Not only does it really, really work, she LOVES it! If I forget to groom her at the usual time, she goes over to the bin where it's stored and stares at me until I get the hint.

    Not only does it get the loose hair off the cat, but afterwards it gets all the stray hair off the carpet and my clothes, too. My other (short-haired) cat has always been scared of brushes. Since the Zoom Groom fits in the palm of my hand, though, she doesn't see it coming and now SHE loves it, too.

    Buy a Zoom Groom. Or maybe two.
    ...more info
  • It's ok, but too messy
    I think I'd rather have something professional, this thing just didn't get all the hair off and seems to tear at my cat fur. The fur goes everywhere too, I would not buy again....more info
  • Love/Hate Relationship
    My persnickity kitty loved this item the first few times we used it. But then she began running from it when I'd bring it out. It's the BEST for collecting hair, if your kitty enjoys it. But I wonder if it's not uncomfortable for them....more info
  • WOW.. I'm really supprised.. they LOVE it!
    When this showed up in the mail I thought, "no way are the cats going to go for this thing!"... but they LOVE it! It's kind of like... "ouch..please don't stop" or.. "it hurt's SOOOOO good"... they hate to love it, haha. It get's out tons of hair too.. I HIGHLY recomend this amazing little gizmo.. it's way bettre than all those other terrible brushes out there!...more info
  • My cat does not like it
    I thought this would be great, but my cat did not like it. I have a hard time getting my cat to stay put to let me brush him with it. ...more info
    With a multiple-cat household, there is always cat hair. The ZoomGroom works well and really removes a ton of hair. I would keep a damp washcloth or towel nearby to help gather up the hair and to periodically wipe down the cat being brushed. Otherwise, the hair will float around and go everywhere! This device is often tolerated well by cats who otherwise will not allow brushing. It can also be used to remove cat hair from scratching posts and furniture....more info
  • Hair Be Gone
    This is wonderful and it really pulls the hair off of your cat or kitty, but must do everyday. My cat does not like to be brushed or combed, but sdhe will sit long enough to let me get some of it off of her. It works great ....more info


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