Petmate Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Post - Colors May Vary

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Product Description

Bone Sisal Rope Cat Post Provides Premium Surface Area For Claw & Paw Maintenance.

  • Gives your cats a place to scratch
  • Premium surface area
  • Helps with claw and paw maintenance
  • Keeps cats healthy
  • 18" post with 13" base

Customer Reviews:

  • Not for my cat
    My cat rarely used this scratching post. I got a different scratching post, also made of sisal but with a carpet base, put it right next to this one and he did use the new post. I ended up throwing this one away after a few months. I noticed that the rope was fraying a lot, despite him rarely using it. The base is too small and it tips over very easily, scaring the cat....more info
  • Purr-Fect
    I am preparing to order my second cone post for Laci. She is an 8 lb. cat and has used her current one for 5 years and the threads are just now separating, at the top. So I think it's time for a new one.

    I have read the reviews here. This cone has never tipped over and is just the right fit for Laci. She seems to love it and uses it often. A large cat might need a higher and more sturdy one. Of all the posts I have purchased for Her Highness, this is the only type she has ever used. I went through many other types of material, but nooo.

    Good luck,

    Laci's mom*...more info
  • Cat loves it
    My cat loves this scratcher but the bottom isn't weighed down so it moves around on our tile floor when he's really going at it. It's a really annoying noise but a great scratcher. ...more info
  • Great Product, Great Service!
    I ordered this product on a Thursday and received it on Saturday, with standard shipping! It is exactly what I ordered! My cats love it....more info
  • Cheap and effective for a small cat
    I have a small cat (less than 10lbs), and this post is adequate for her, but the complaints about this product are fully justified. The post will slide around when my cat scratches it because there is absolutely no weight in the base to stabilize it. A larger cat could easily pull this post over with a good tug. I still give it 3 stars because it is much more reasonably priced than most posts and the scratching surface seems to be made out of a durable material that my cat enjoys. However, one of these days I am going to try to weigh it down with something, because it really is very flimsy....more info
  • My kitties love this thing!
    I was a little sceptical about this scratching post after reading the other reviews...granted, my kittens are only 3 months old, but they do attack this thing -- both of them at once -- and it hasn't moved an inch. However, I do have this on carpeting, so I'm hoping that did the trick. It's pretty weighty in my opinion; I suppose the true test will be when the kittens are full grown. The sisal is the perfect scratching tool -- doesn't promote scratching furniture as the first poster said, and holds up well to constant clawing.

    We have a game -- "Get the mouse!" -- I put a small mouse toy on the carpeted top and they both jump as fast as they can to grab it Oreo and Cookie give this product 10 stars!!...more info
  • It doesnt take a rocket scientist
    I have been using this type of scratching post for years,its shape is
    the best for the cat as they tend to drag down with their claws. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that you have to weight the
    bottom for heavier biggy Still the best shape on the market,I have tried them all.
    I do anchor my scratching posts with some heavy rocks around the bottom,
    common sense tells you that if a cat is going to pull with their weight
    on the post,it prevents it from tipping over.
    I have a 17 lb cat and it works great....more info


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