Aroma Housewares AST-900E AeroMatic Convection Oven

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Product Description

Broil, bake, fry, roast, boil, and grill. Easy-to-use dials with power and timer indicator lights. French Arcopal tempered glass detachable cooking bowl. Break resistant, easy-to-clean and ensures temperature stability. Promotes low-fat cooking; fat and oils drip away from food. Uses 80% less energy than standard ovens. Durable cool-touch handles and base. Dimensions: 16.5 x 13.2 x 12.6. Accessory set includes: One low cooking rack. Two raised cooking racks. One steam basket.

  • Energy-efficient convection oven bakes, steams, broils, grills, roasts, and fries
  • Tempered-glass detachable cooking bowl and lid; steel stand
  • Dial controls for temperature and timer; indicator lights; automatic shut-off
  • Includes steam rack, low rack, and 2 high racks; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures 16-1/2 by 13-1/5 by 12-3/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent - Exactly as Advertised
    I was a bit hesistant about this oven when I first saw it, but after reading the reviews and noticing the distinct lack of size for the convection ovens over at Wal-Mart, I decided to give it a try. We've had it for about a month now, and it is one of the few products which have worked exactly as advertised. There's nothing really particularly complicated about the unit - a giant Corningware glass bowl, a couple of metal racks, a heater/fan, and timer/temperature controls. It's the quality and the value that really makes this a standout.

    The amusing thing about this oven is that the day after we arrived, my wife was watching an infomercial for the NuWave oven which is almost exactly the same as this plus a couple more accessories. All of the NuWave recipes will work fine in here. You don't need to spend the extra money unless you really want that expander ring which adds a couple of inches to the height of this unit - that's the one thing I saw that looked decent. I might ask a metal shop nearby to replicate it for me one day.

    It does take a while to figure out exactly what the cooking times and temperatures are, so don't be afraid to burn a couple of things on your way to familiarizing yourself with this oven. It really is a smaller, more energy efficient version of your normal stove oven. Treat it the same way as you would your larger friend, and you'll be fine. ...more info
  • Disapointment
    The oven cooked well enough, but it's durability has problems. The handle/connector, after months of use, broke. Also, to really clean the lid and fan mechanism properly, it needs to be disassembled with a screwdriver and small socket. To use it, which I do, I keep a role of duct tape near by to tape the handle/connector down, which where it must be to function. I do like the main body being made of tempered glass. Note: I purchased it from another website at a much higher price....more info
  • excellent product
    I've had one of these before and was quite satisfied - so when it was time for a new one, I chose the same product and was so happy Amazon carried it because I knew your dependability and you would ship it....more info
  • Not so good warrenty
    I got the product as stated by seller. They did great job.
    The cooker handle broke the second time I used it. I called manufacrurer and they didn't offer to fix, but instead shipped the part with no instructions on how to replace. Two hours of taking parts off and looking finally got fixed. Hope it doesn't break again. I'll trash it. NO INSTRUCTIONS!
    FOR information, handle has cotter keys keeping it in the head. You can't just pull it out. Nut on fan is left handed! One screw is missing that holds pan on....more info
  • Very Very Loud
    This hunk of junk did not work from day one. It was so loud and my food was still cold after 20 minutes. I plan on returning this and getting the nu-wave...more info
  • Great Product!
    Wow, this is a really great product! From the other reviews I wasn't sure I would like it. I have fixed several "one pot" dinners and they turned out very well; quite flavorful and the meat juices baste the vegetables below. It is also just great for baking bread and cookies. They turn out just as if bought at the bakery.
    I bought this for our camper and just love it. We use it every day.
    It is heavy (not a cheaply made product) and large (pretty much takes up all the counter space in our Airstream). I am glad that I bought it!...more info
  • super cooker
    The Aroma Turbo Oven is one of the best appliances I have ever used. I had a similar one for six years. It is easy to use, easy to clean and best of all it is a healthy way to prepare food. I can't understand why more people don't use it. It saves on electricity and it is fast. I wouldn't be without one....more info
  • baker
    This product is the best quick cooker I have ever used! It is easy to clean and makes great meals in a hurry! I use the racks provided and all the fat drains off the meat and it is really crisp on the outside and juicy inside. I use it all the time and would recommend it to everyone....more info
  • Not as good as I expected
    I am doing a lot of baking lately and decided to get a convection oven so I don't have to turn the large oven on every day in the summer heat. After reading the reviews and checking out interior dimensions of the countertop ovens out there I decided to go with the Aroma turbo oven. I got mine last Friday and a whole chicken just waited for the package to arrive marinating for a full day. I followed the instructions (10 min for every pound at 400F) and the top of the chicken came out wonderful, but the bottom was still raw. No big deal! Turned the chicken over and put it back to roast for 10 min/pound at 400F again. It turned out to be very nice, but the inside was raw, bloody bones here and there. So, I had to cut the chicken in half and put it back for an additional 15 more minutes to get the inside done right too. This was my first trial. Then the next day I went for baking cinnamon rolls, and that was a total mess. While the rolls on the top were done the bottom halves were raw. Had to turn them over and bake them again. They came out OK, but have no commercial look for sure. So, for the bread yesterday I went back to the regular oven and baked it there, as it is obvious to me that the fan does not circulate enough the air in the container to get the bottom done too. I just wonder if anyone else is having this problem, or I just got a faulty unit? ...more info
  • Great Item
    Far less exspensive then the TV advertised products (flave-o-wave, far better quality construction. Easy to clean and cooks wonderful meats of any kinds. A great replacement for using the stove + tender meats. Great for a husband who's weary of cooking....more info
  • Great product!
    I really love my convection oven, it takes up little counter space and my foods comes out tasty, golden brown, juicy and its a healthier way of cooking....more info
  • Timer & ON switch broke immediately
    After LOTS of net research, decided this was best option for our college son to use in dorm. When it arrived, we were pleased at the heavy duty glass--though surprised at how large it was. So per instructions (YES, for a change, we actually read the instructions!), we cleaned the bowl, set the timer and turned on the "oven" for its first maiden test (empty) as instructed by the booklet. The "oven" turned on and started to heat, but then immediately shut off BEFORE the test cooking time had elapsed. So we started over--reset the controls and turned it on again: ran 5 seconds and turned itself off. Same result again and again. And believe me, we were following instructions exactly. So obviously, there is some defect in the timer/"on" switch mechanism, as reported by others too. So we went online to Amazon and filed for return of defective merch. Amazon was truly amazing--within a couple days, they had refunded our full amount! Just wish we could find a great small "convection" oven for our son to use in dorm room :(...more info
  • Best ever!
    I got an Aroma Oven as a gift. I never knew such a thing existed. But this is the best electric oven ever made.

    It's not just a regular convection oven. The unique thing about the Aroma Oven is the fan that is contained within the heating elements. The way it works is that it blows super hot air in the cooker. Because the super hot air circulates inside the cooker, everything inside heats evenly, and also cooks faster too. The whole cooker remains relatively cool since the heat stays inside.

    It makes the tenderest of steaks. I've been cooking ribeye and filet mignon. It makes a great hamburger and grilled hotdog too. I've also put in a french roll with roast beef and cheese. In 5 minutes the sandwich is done. It heats up leftovers wonderfully. Leftover pizza taste like when it was just delivered. It's doesn't make it soggy like a microwave.

    I've recommended this to my friend. She is physically disabled and her meals are usually pretty bland and soggy. Now her caregiver can just put some chicken with seasonings in the cooker and it'll be ready in 20 or so minutes. She absolutely loves it.

    Cleanup is a breeze since the bottom part is made of tempered glass. If anything sticks just soak it in water for a little while and it'll come right off. The top/heating element rarely needs to be cleaned. If needed, wait for it to be cool and wipe it off with some cleaning solution.

    ...more info
  • Great, compact, wonderful gift
    I am having my kitchen remodeled and this turbo oven arrived on the scene at just the right moment. We used it for 2 1/2 weeks and it was GREAT....the food comes out nice, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, with some juices on the bottom for gravies. The cooking time isn't cut by that much but the convenience is well worth it...I'd really like to thank whoever suggested aluminum foil around inside while cooking as this has cut my cleaning time considerably! I bought a full sized convection oven but will continue to use this little guy for hot days when I can sit is outside and avoid heating up my house!
    The timer only sets for one hour which was inconvenient. ...more info
  • excellent product
    I've had one of these before and was quite satisfied - so when it was time for a new one, I chose the same product and was so happy Amazon carried it because I knew your dependability and you would ship it....more info
  • Item parts did not fit--returned
    This item when easily assembled did not fit, i.e., the 'oven' did not fit into the glass top hole. I called the factory customer service and they suggest that I return it as the parts were not fitting properly.

    I don't like paying and waiting, then having to return it before I get a chance to use it. I went to Sears and bought one with a self starting timer....more info
  • Nicely priced, very useful product
    We used our first Aroma convection oven for over 15 years and loved it. This new one is quieter, faster and has a sturdier frame to hold the main glass bowl. There is no risk as to whether you will like this oven. It is a superb appliance. Last Sunday we baked a nicely seasoned, small pork butt roast and it was thoroughly browned and ready to eat in about an hour. We bake chicken regularly with a few herbed red potatoes on the bottom rack to catch the drippings. Mmmm, good! ...more info


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