Hoover 40321130 Premium Pet Formula Carpet/Upholstery Detergent, 128-Ounce

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Safe for all deep cleaning machines, Hoover Premium Pet Formula Carpet/Upholstery Detergent fights stains and odors while it cleans. Removes allergens, Tough on spots and stains, Contains odor-fighting enzymes,

  • Premium detergent for deep cleaning carpets and upholstery
  • Powerful formula is tough on spots and stains; odor-fighting enzymes
  • Removes allergens such as mold and dust for cleaner air
  • FiberCoat protectant; safe for all deep-cleaning machines
  • 128-ounce bottle designed with a sturdy handle for easy pouring
Customer Reviews:
  • awesome
    I have searched locally for this item and was unable to find it. I did a broad search using MSN and found it here. I was so pleased with the items and with the speed at which they came. I would definitely recomend this retailer and their items for sale :) ...more info
  • Excellent machine
    I was very impressed with the job that the Hoover machine did. I've cleaned carpet with larger, commercial machines in the past. This carpet cleaner holds it's own and gets the dirt out. ...more info
  • You have tried the rest, now try the best!!
    Hoover 40321130 Premium Pet Formula Carpet/Upholstery Detergent, 128-Ounce

    We made the mistake of changing the dog's food about a week ago and she had the "Hershey Squirts" 2 days in a row all over our berber rug. We have our house for sale and cannot show it with poop stains on the rug so it was an emergency visit to the local Ace hardware. In stock they has Ace 6 in 1 carpet cleaner so I picked it up. All carpet shampoo's are created equally right? After about 7 passes over the 5 foot by 5 foot area it looked pretty darn good. (BTW I was using a cheap Bissell Quicksteamer) When the sun came up and shined through our back window you could still see some of the stains. We were hoping that no one would notice the stains if we had to show our house.

    I was bored at work (arent we all) and I was browsing the internet when my $500 Home Depot gift card was burning a hole in my pocket. I read some reviews on Amazon like I always do and I decided to try the Hoover Premium Pet Formula.

    When I got home it only took me 3 passes with my old faithful Bissell Quicksteamer and to my amazement the stains were completely gone.

    My only basis of comparison was the Ace 6 in 1 but the Hoover formula kicked its arse. If you are reading this you probably have some dorkish traits like I do but run, dont walk to buy this shampoo. HD website 19.99, HD store 24.99....more info
  • overpriced
    This is a good product but it is no better that the "ultra" detergent that came with my hoover vaacum. Save a few dollars and buy the "ultra" carpet cleaner....more info
  • Great Shampoo
    I am very pleased with this produce. My rugs came out so much better than expected. I would highly recommend it to anyone with pets.

    Betty Marx...more info
  • Does the job.
    5 kids and 5 cats- what do you expect when you have light carpeting? Stains. Felt this was a bit costly, but was looking for something with a strong pleasant smell. That it was the first day or 2. Nothing special. Got the carpets fairly clean but not brighter like some products do. The seller was amazing with shipping-super fast and packed great-very impressed....more info
  • Great product!
    I'll be using this product over and over again. The smell is very pleasant and it had no problem getting out 2-year old typical stains/spots from the carpet. ...more info
  • simply awful
    If I could rate this less than one star, I would. I usually use Bissell fiber care shampoo, but on a recent shopping trip the store was out so I thought I'd try this since I have 3 cats and a dog, that have the occasional accidents. This stuff is worthless. Not one spot came up, and I know it's not the machine because, in conjunction with the Bissell shampoo, it did a wonderful job last month when I cleaned the carpets. I sloshed coffee on the carpet this morning, and this stuff didn't even clean that up. Completely worthless. Tomorrow I will clean the carpets again and use something that I know works. ...more info
  • Works Great
    Worked well on the pet stains we had on our carpet. Took all of them out and the scent used was excellent. The only problem we had was that my wife is slightly alergic to it....more info
  • the *best* cleaning solution I've ever used
    This is by far the *best* pet stain solution I've ever used. I like it better than Natures Miracle!It has a very nice smell to it, and it does a very excellent job of neutralizing the smell of urine as you work with it. Even when I dumped out the dirty water from my cleaner, I could not smell any hint of urine in the water. Amazing! My carpets are still drying as I write this review, but there is no stale smell in my tiny apartment at all! No cleaner will ever completely remove old stains, but this one comes close!...more info
  • Great stuff
    I've been using this solution with a Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge for almost a year now and have no complaints. In fact, the solution has a very pleasant scent and has gotten up even the yuckiest of the yuck our two cats and two dogs produce.

    Before purchasing the cleaner itself, we had a rather large stain in the carpet that simply wouldn't come up with a handheld cleaner and Bissell solution. Just one cleaning, albeit an extended one, with the Hoover and this solution and the stain was completely gone. I wish I had taken before and after pictures because I am amazed. I have to attribute the success to the solution.

    The last thing I'll say is that this stuff lasts forever. I'd say I clean our carpets once every couple of months and I'm still using the first jug!...more info
  • doesnt work well
    I bought the pet formula to clean my house, because I have two dogs and a cat.
    It did not clean anything! I was VERY disappointed in this product. The cleaner the Hoover came with worked AWESOME! But, the one I paid $22 for was a waste of my money....more info
  • Very pleased with this product.
    Got this when our puppy was having an occasional accident on the carpet. Didn't get around to using it until he actually threw up on it one day though. Worked great on the new stains and still pulled up tons of dirt from older areas that didn't even look dirty. Highly recommended for use with a shampooer....more info
  • Hoover Pet Shampoo
    Hoover Pet Shampoo was a very good product and performed very well. It arrived in excellent condition and very quickly....more info
  • #1 Carpet Cleaner
    This product does the requisite cleaning but the scent is so refreshing that it's become my only carpet cleaner....more info
  • Hoover 40321130 Premium Pet Formula Carpet/Upholstery Detergent
    Hoover products are my first choice because I have had good experiences with them. The convenience of being able to order several bottles of this carpet cleaner is great!! Product arrived in a timely fashion and was not damaged. Thanks!...more info
  • Pretty decent!
    This works pretty well; the scent is ok, and it does a good job at getting up most pet messes. Not very good for general household stains in carpet, however....more info
  • Our dog was very sick before he passed away...
    ... and this cleaned up all the stains on the carpet that he left behind. It took about twelve passes with the steam cleaner over the course of a week, but it got it all up. We miss him every day....more info
  • Little Pricey
    This detergent did ok on cleaning my carpets, however it didn't do any better of a job than any other carpet cleaner. I would definitely go with a cheaper brand next time. Way too expensive considering the end result....more info
  • Must have for pet messes
    I got this when I got a Hoover Steam Vac carpet cleaner. We have a dog and had mud, pet accident, food spills and general dirt throughout our house, which has entirely beige carpet. I am amazed how clean the carpet is, and all the pet smell is gone. I am pretty sensitive to chemical smells and cleaners, and this one is pleasantly subtle. The carpet doesn't smell perfume-y or overwhelmingly like chemical cleaner. The house just smells clean and fresh. Our carpet looks and smells new, which I couldn't have imagined. I just always accepted that if I had a dog, I would have dirty floors. Definitely worth the money....more info
  • This cleaner is great!
    After reading the review, we bought this pet shampoo to clean up the carpets on a very frequent schedule. Our dog has cancer and we needed a cleaner to help us clean and sanitize as we take our pet's illness day by day. The shampoo thoroughly cleaned our carpets and eliminated the orders and stains. (We would, however, immediately spot clean the pet stains with paper towels.) Ground in dirt from pop and food did not come up; I would need to pretreat these stains. However, my priority now is the take care of the pet stains and the shampoo does the job. Wait till you see the dirtydirty water! ...more info
  • works well
    Worked well on the living room rug and tried it on cushions of the kitchen chairs which did a good job....more info
  • It's an OK product!!
    I decided to get this particular detergent because of its claims that it would be great at eliminating pet odor. Well, after a single use, the strong smell of cat urine was still lingering. It did leave the room smelling nice and fresh initially, but as the carpet dried, the foul odor returned!!!!...more info
  • Want a clean carpet?
    Five dogs - that's a lot of dogs. Bought a Hoover and went right for the Premium Pet Forumula to start on the carpets. Amazing ! Took out stains that had been on the carpets for a long time and wouldn't come out with the usual store bought dip and dab out of a spray can. This Hoover detergent lives up to its hype, no doubt about it....more info
  • Miracle Solution!!
    I have two large dogs and while waiting for our privacy fence to be built they had to stay indoors and needless to say, my carpet was a mess. Even after commercial cleaning it still looked horrible but the Hoover SteamVac worked miracles with the Hoover Pet formula. My carpet looks 10 times better after only one shampooing!! ...more info
  • Nice product, but kinda pricey
    This solution cleans fairly well, and leaves a nice scent behind, you will be amazed how much dirt comes up. You will want to reclean again in a few days, if your dirty tank was really dirty, means you still have lots of dirt still on your carpet. however, you could use a clear hot water tanks, with no added product to rinse over the carpet again, or add half of the original product of the first cleaning to go over the areas again.
    Wish these products were so expensive.
    And this hoover solution is hard to find at local stores....more info
  • The ONLY Carpet Detergent I'll Ever Use
    The smell is wonderful. But even better than its smell, is the fact that it COMPLETELY removed the *large* dog pee stain in the middle of my cream-white, thick livingroom carpet. And that was *after* over a week of not being able to shampoo it (because my shampooer was out of town), and *after* several "spot-cleaning" treatments, and *several* times shampooing it once the shampooer was back with the Hoover "Deep Cleaning" detergent and Bissell detergent (each time using boiling water). I used this pet formula ONCE with the boiling water (I always use boiling water; IMO, it makes a huge and satisfyingly gross --gotta love that black sludge in your shampooer bucket-- difference)... And voila. NO sign of any dog urine stain in the carpet whatsoever. And the house smells as good as my carpet looks. I'll never bother with using anything other than the Hoover Premium Pet Formula detergent again....more info
  • Hoover 40321130 Premium Pet Formula Carpet/Upholsery Detergent,128-Ounce
    one of my friends have a dog she asked me what kind of carpet cleaner that would get spots out of her carpet .and I told her to try Hoover pet premium pet formula.and she tryed it.and it removed the spots out of her carpet.and she said that the carpet cleaner made her carpet smell clean....more info
  • Great Pet Carpet Cleaner
    I purchased this for use with a new Hoover rug cleaner. This product worked as well as any I have tried to remove pet stains and odors. No traces of "accidents" remained. Highly recommend....more info
  • Great Stuff
    This cleaner works great on my law office carpets. Gets out stains fast etc. Buy this 128 oz. size for best value....more info
  • Fair formula for carpet cleaning
    Overall, I am satisfied this product which gave me a cleaner carpet and recover softer texture absolutely than before use. But, felt like little bit of ingredients which stimulate the nose and eye especially to kids. But, I felt it after professinal carpet cleaner before, so it won't be the blame only to this product....more info
  • Better Than Bissell
    We have a bissell cleaner and we read a review that the hoover cleaner was better so, we checked out the reviews here. My wife loves this stuff so much better than bissell. Plus, you get an additional 32 ounces, compared to buying the 3 pack of the bissell stuff. It works better and she loves the smell of it. personally, I didn't think the smell that awesome but, pretty good, equal to taht of the bissell but, my wife would disagree. Oh well, hope this helps and I would recommend this product over the bissell solutions....more info
  • It works!
    I have dogs and cats and have had to deal with their accidents. This stuff does an excellent job and doesn't leave a residue or fragrance (the pet odor doesn't disappear until the carpet is completely dry) I was pleasantly surprised as I have tried everything on the market to remove pet odors and this is one of the best. (I use less than the recommended amount though-about half.)...more info
  • great produt
    I like the product. Smells great and cleans well. I cannot say it takes all stains out but it does takes some. ...more info
  • good
    Works well and has a great smell. Only got a 4 because I think it's a little pricey. I didn't notice it working any better than the usual carpet cleaner and expect the price hike was because it claims it's for pets....more info
  • Outstanding results
    I used this product to clean a large carpeted area in a preschool. Food stains completely disappeared. The carpet looks brand new. This same carpet has been cleaned professionally in the past with far less satisfactory results....more info
  • Rave reviews
    Highly recommend the Hoover Pet Formula Carpet Detergent. Use it weekly to clean carpets....more info
  • If you have pets...
    I highly recommend buying your own carpet steamer and getting this or a similar product. In the long run, it beats renting and is more cost-effective if you use the steamer on a regular basis. Just be sure you have a place to store the machine.
    We have only one cat and one dog. Generally, we take up any pet stains with a spray. Once a year or so, however, we like to deep-clean. Hoover products have never let us down....more info
  • Does a better job than deep cleaning solution
    Used this for the first time and the carpet just looks better and sits up better, hard to describe. It has a nice smell, don't mind the deep cleaming solution either. I do not know why this stuff costs more than the regular cleaner hoover makes, but it does a nice job....more info
  • great product esp. if you have pets
    this was great for my pet stains and any scent I thought it was going to be immpossible to get out the smell and the stain but this worked great I would defeintly recommend this to any pet owner. The other night my dog had an accident and immidiatly went for the pet formula and the steam cleaner and I was a bit worried that it would leave a stain or the smell from it and it did not! Any other stain remover would have left an after scent and not have worked this was GREAT! It keeps my carpets looking NEW GREAT STUFF!!...more info
  • does NOTHING for pet smells
    I don't know what this shampoo is referring to as "pet" odors, but it sure has nothing to do with urine. it didn't do ANYTHING different from the sample shampoo that originally comes with the hoover steam vac. the pet smell was still there as soon as the detergent fragrance left ( about 1-2 days )

    i will not buy this again. better off buying a stronger strength regular detergent DEFINITELY no for those with house pets that spend majority of their time indoors. if you're getting this for a pet who lives outside and are only cleaning up the dirt tracked by paws, then you can take care of that with regular shampoo. ...more info
  • Great stain remover
    Shipped fast, product arrived as expected, stuff works great. Well done!...more info
  • Works as well as any other carpet shampoo
    This works as well as any other carpet shampoo; however, it costs much more, so that's why it only gets 3 stars. Save your money and get a general cleaner....more info
  • Works great!
    This pet formula really works. I've used it on old stains (urine and throwup) and was very pleased with the results. Many stains were completely gone. The rest were greatly diminished (I haven't gone over them again - that might do it). I used it with the Bissell Spot Bot (which also works great) on the deep clean setting....more info
  • Works well
    This cleaner has a nice smell and cleaned some very dirty carpets really well. Pet odors that I was unable to get out with other products were neutralized with this detergent. ...more info
  • If you have pets and carpet--this is the shampoo for you!
    This shampoo is not only an excellent carpet cleaner, but the additives that neutralize the pet odors from little accidents work incredibly well. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Not that good.
    We used this cleaner in our living room with our Hoover steamer, after about a week of trying to housebreak our new puppy. There were accident stains all over the place. It didn't work that well, we did not see a difference between this and the regular hoover cleaner. The stains wouldn't come out. After giving up we went out and bought a gallon of Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover, which worked wonders. If you really have some serious pet stains then I would recommend using the Nature's Miracle, even if you don't have pet stains the Nature's Miracle cleans non-pet stained carpet better than the Hoover solution as well. The carpet came out looking brand new. This product is a bit too mild to work on tough stains....more info
  • Works great on pet stains
    We get stains from food, drooling, sometimes one of our three goldens throws up, and, more rarely, when they have an accident.

    The shampoo has a very nice smell. For older, more resistent, stains, I pre-treat with shampoo/water and then clean the carpet.

    Works very well. We use it with the Hoover SteamVac Dual V
    which I would also recommend....more info
  • It doesn't smell that great and cleaning was okay
    The cleaning was about average. The smell was so-so, I found other cleaning solutions that smelled much better. And as far as the dog returning to the spot...he still did. Over and over again....more info
  • Pet smell vs really clean carpets...
    The pet odor (from cats) was totally removed. However, the actual cleaning ability of the shampoo was not as I would like. If you have carpet that is not heavily used or tread upon, then this may work. For really heavily used areas, you may want to try something else....more info
    My wife was surprised when she went to use this Hoover Carpet Cleaner, as the 128 oz. bottle was about half full. The seal had also been removed, indicating that someone had previously used this bottle of carpet cleaner. I can't imagine a company like Hoover selling an opened bottle of carpet cleaner....more info
    Really helps to clean the carpet and works well in my bissell machine as well as cleaning the carpet and leaving a fresh pleasing smell!...more info
  • Just okay
    Honestly, vinegar and hot water did a better job than this stuff. If I were really desperate to cover odor, I would probably buy "odor-ban" from SamsClub instead. It's much cheaper and it really does get rid of odors. I bought this Hoover Premium Pet Formula detergent because of the raves about the great smell (??) It just smells like normal cleaner and didn't even clean very well. I'll be sticking with the vinegar and water from here on out....more info
  • Not much different from Hoover Deep Cleansing.
    I bought this shampoo about a year ago, and was kind of unsure whether to get this or the Hoover Deep Cleansing Shampoo. I was not sure which would be better for my carpets, as they had a combination of pet problems and the normal problems. So, I got both.

    One difference is the fragrance. The Deep Cleansing smells very good, whereas this one is exceptional. Hoover seems to pay special attention to this detail, as these products both smell great. In terms of cleaning, though, it is very difficult to tell the difference. I know this is supposed to be good on pet stains, but it was not any better than the Deep Cleansing in my experience. If it was, it was very slight; I could not discern any difference and I did test them. Also, I could not see any difference on normal areas like stairs.

    I wish I could say to use one for pet stains and the other for normal rooms, but the difference is minimal if at all. I just buy the this one because as pleasant as the Deep Cleansing scent is, this fragrance is out of this world it is so pleasant. Both detergents are very pleasant to work with as they have no residue problem (mentioned in more detail in the next paragraph), are not harsh on skin, do not brown the carpet, and of course leave a very pleasing scent. There is not much bad to be said about this product.

    One thing that the shampoo says, is that it is OK to leave some residue on the carpet as it helps resist resoiling. I find this to be untrue, as detergent residue tends to attract dirt pretty aggressively and going over the carpet one time with just water after doing it with shampoo seems to leave the carpet cleaner for a long time. Professional carpet cleaners will all tell you to remove any detergent residue, except for encapsulating detergents (which this is not), and some will not even use shampoo for this exact reason. They use a pre-spray and then use hot water. Which brings up another appealing characteristic - this detergent is quite easy to get out. I would also like to mention that with this or any other cleaning solution, or just water, the temperature of the water is very important. The hotter, the better. This can often make quite a difference in the cleaning ability of the solution, so whenever possible use very hot water.
    ...more info
  • Pet formula
    This container holds enough detergent for 25 gallons of steam cleaning. It removes the stains, especially pet, but the older stains don't disappear permanently. It works very quickly, also. The stains disappear almost immediately....more info
  • excellent product
    would buy again, works great, removed a stain from 3 years ago with almost no effort, extremely fast shipping also....more info
  • Owner of very clean carpets!
    I followed the previous reviewers suggestions and used 1/3 to 1/2 the amount of detergent the manufacturer recommends, and got out year old stains that had defied previous cleaning attempts. I am very pleased with this cleanser and my new hoover steam cleaner....more info