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Slide the PillowSonic Digital Stereo Pillow Speaker under your pillow (or under the sheet, directly under your pillow), connect to your tape or CD player, radio or TV and enjoy the sounds or programming of your choice in absolute comfort, without disturbing others in the same room or resting next to you, ALL without the need for headphones. Two digital speakers at approximately 12 inches apart offer more a uniform sound throughout your pillow than any other pillow speaker on the market. Used by hospitals for alternative pain management treatments. Ideal for couples, students in dormitories, hospital patients. Great for the elderly and for anyone wanting to relax and relieve tension. Makes a great gift for any occasion.

  • Works With Any Audio Device (i.e. TV, DVD, CD Player, Alarm Clock, MP3, iPod, VCR, etc.). Listen to your favorite sounds directly through your pillow, in private and comfortably, without headphones.
  • Learn while you sleep. Relax, manage stress, sleep better, mask tinnitus.
  • Pillowsonic's quality speakers are totally imperceptible under your pillow and deliver crystal clear sounds at intimate volume levels.
  • Recommended by health care professionals as an alternative treatment for pain management.
  • Free Relaxation CD Included.

Customer Reviews:

  • This works great!
    I am using this to reinforce language learning (I fall asleep at night listening to Spanish language with this under the pillow). Sound quality is good but not excellent, acceptable for the price. Pillow speaker is convenient and does not bother the rest of the household since they cannot hear it like they could with a regular speaker. I am very happy with it....more info
  • PillowSonic Stereo Pillow Speaker
    PillowSpeakers arrived in a timely manner. When first received they worked very well.After acouple of weeks the volume is sometimes off on different nights. Fine one dayh, too soft the next and needs adjusting. Still the best of the current crop pf pillow speakers for my Ipod....more info
  • Great product.
    Does just what it's supposed to. Sound quality is good. Stays in place. I use a thin pillow and it's just a little lumpy but it actually supports my neck if I place it correctly. It's great watching tv without botherin the wife!...more info
  • One Out of Two (Speakers) Ain't Great
    The PillowSonic Stereo Pillow Speaker is a two-speaker sound system designed to be placed in or below the pillow for in-bed listening without disturbing one's partner. I ordered one a little over a year ago (a speaker, that is; the partner's been around for 25) and it worked great until a couple of months ago when one of the two speakers suddenly went dead. Thinking maybe I had treated the wiring too roughly with occasional tossing and turning, I ordered another unit to replace it because it really had wonderful sound when it was working correctly. The new one arrived a couple of weeks ago with one speaker already not working properly; it plays at around 25% of the volume of the other... a permanent stereo unbalance and a literal pain in the neck from the twisted sleeping position it encourages. I reported the problem and am now waiting for a replacement unit which is on a three-week back order. Overall, I'd have to say the PillowSonic is quite good when it's working properly, but the quality control seems to be a little slack....more info
  • Wonderful
    I really love this speaker system. Only I hear my music as I fall asleep. It is compact and was wonderful to take on a recent road trip when strange beds can make sleeping more challenging. Since it is separate form the pillow, I am free to wash my pillow....more info
  • Expected little
    Well worth the money! I bought this product not expecting much, but I am very pleased. I enjoy falling asleep to Christian meditation CD's and music, but my wife must have total silence in order for her to sleep. This product is great! My biggest concern was that my iPod would not have enough power from it's headphone output jack to amplify this product, but it get's much louder than I expected. Please keep in mind that you must have an ear to the pillow in order to hear the speakers. If you sleep on your back with your head facing strait up you will not be able to hear very well....more info
  • Poor quality
    I bought two of these, one each for my wife and myself. Within a few weeks, one of her speakers died and then a few months later, both speakers in mine quit altogether.
    I am also a Spiritual Life Coach and initially recommended these for clients in my practice, but won't direct people to buy something that won't last.
    I think it's a good idea. I am going to explore other similar products under a different brand. ...more info
  • Doesn't work well
    Raise your head from the pillow and hear the music. Lay your head on the pillow and the music disappears. The speakers are muted by any pressure on them. I previously owned a small, hard shelled, flattened oval pillow speaker from Sharper Image. It worked perfectly, but is no longer available. This softer version, I think, is unsatisfactory....more info
    WASTED MY MONEY...more info
  • I love my PillowSonic Stero Pillow Speaker!!
    The PillowSonic Stereo Pillow has saved my sanity! I can all asleep to my music without disturbing my husband and it helps mask my constant ringing in my ears so I can fall asleep faster!...more info
  • This speaker does the job!
    I think this pillow speakers is wonder if you having ringing in your ear(s) or a mate that snores; it helps you sleep so much better. I use an i-pod to hook it up to and it works perfect. You can spend more on pillow speakers, I have both but this speaker does a great job. It is thinner than the more expensive pillow and more comfortable to sleep on. Be sure to put the speaker under neat your pillow, inside the pillow case. Some put it on top of the pillow and this is a big mistake, it doesn't do the job.
    The cord is a bit long and it would be wonderful if they added a volume control on the cord but I still think this is a wonderful item to have if you like to have music to put you to sleep. ...more info
  • lasted two weeks, though sound was good
    It is too bad that there is not sufficient strain relief on the cord as it broke in two weeks. Returning the item. This is not recommended....more info
  • Pillow Speakers
    These were supposed to be digital? Looks like analog speakers to me. The cord is so short, you better have a night stand pushed up close to the bed and the playback device on the edge for the speakers to be under your pillow. Sound carries to the other side of the room, hardly private to the person laying on the pillow, BIG disappointment....more info
  • Pillow Speakers
    Speakers work so-so. Then need a powerful source so an iPod won't power them very well. Otherwise, they work ok....more info
  • works great!!!!
    I received a sound machine to help me sleep for christmas, but didn't want to keep others awake with the sounds, so I purchased this speaker and I am the only one who can hear the sounds now. I would definitely purchase one again when the need arises....more info
  • just what I was looking for
    I love listening to my meditation/relaxation music as I fall asleep and have been searching forever to find a better way to do this than a small stereo or irritating ear-buds.
    with this in my pillow I don't notice any bumbs or bulges to irritate my neck (I am prone to neck problems-and I have to sleep with my neck a certain way each night) and I fall asleep wonderfully listening to my favorite music.
    If I were to break my pillow stereo I would immediately get another. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a convient way to listen to thier music while falling asleep at night....more info
  • Wonerful sleep aid for both of us.
    My husband has a hard time getting to sleep without music or some sort of low noise. Noise/music keeps me awake. He bought a headset that allows him to listen to TV without bothering me. However, he would have to wait 30 minutes or so to come to bed/turn the TV off before he could go to sleep.

    I got him this for Christmas last year. The only time I ever hear anything is when his pillow slips. The volume is so low it doesn't wake me up. If I happen to wake up due to something else, I just wake him and ask him (gently) to fix his pillow. lol

    I bought him a new one this year because the cord got pulled out accidentally. The thing is, now I want one and my 14yo wants one as well!
    ...more info
  • Works Great
    As someone who sleeps with the tv on, I really like it. My husband can't hear it at all so I don't bother him while he is trying to sleep....more info
  • Well made but some difficult in use
    It is a good quality product. To listen thru the pillow takes a higher volume than I was comfortable with and moving your head can leave the sound behind.
    Under the pillow case only was better for me. Sleeping on my side made it more difficult. On my side, I found placing my ear directly over one speaker worked best. Takes some practice and getting used to, but it should work for most people....more info
  • worked for a while
    You do have to adjust your head a bit otherwise its muffled. It took me a few days to position it correctly under the pillow. I put it at a 45 degree angle and it worked perfectly. However, after about a month of use its starting to die on me. One of the speakers is really fissling out, and the other one is starting to fade as well. Its more irritating than "soothing". I would not buy this particular product again....more info
  • glad I got this
    Works much better than I expected it would. I've had it under my pillow for about 2 months now, and haven't noticed any issues with wires coming loose, and I toss and turn a lot. It's also thin enough that I don't notice any bumps. The sound is excellent for what it is, and sounds clear and undistorted with my iPod. It's a good way to fall asleep. I would get another if this one breaks....more info
  • Great Product
    This is the best thing I have bought in a long time. I can listen to my radio or ipod music all night without disturbing my husband. I also take it with me when I travel. ...more info
  • This product didn't work out well for me
    This pillow speaker didn't work out well for me, I'm sorry to say. I listen to a Rain&Thunder CD every night to help me sleep, and even turned up full volume I couldn't hear it when the speaker was placed under the pillow, as suggested.
    So....I tried putting my head directly on to the speaker pad and that hurt my ear! (The round speakers inside the pad are, of course, hard material.) When I put my ear (for comfort)in between the two hard speakers, I didn't hear much of anything.
    Hope it works better for you all. It probably works better with ''real'' music instead of my rain and thunder. But it's not my CD's fault either, because I can hear it very clearly with the I-pod's ear buds. Unfortunately, they hurt too. I finally found some other ear buds that are soft...''marshmallow'' it said on the package..from Best Buy....more info
  • Pillow Speaker!
    I love this speaker! I put it either under or on top of my pillow and it plays loudly enough that I can hear it, but it doesn't disturb my husband. It is far better than the little plastic mono speakers I have purchased in stores. I'm very happy with my purchase!...more info
  • Fell apart after 4 months
    Admittedly, I accidentally stepped on the speaker getting out of bed (during the night I had pulled it out from my pillow as it was uncomfortable.) But the speaker shouldn't have collapsed so easily, rendering that side useless. This was after the wires in the headphone jack loosened and rarely had a good connection - I used a rubberband for 3 months to keep it working and eventually had to replace the jack altogether. I loved these speakers but they just weren't as comfortable or durable as I would have wanted.

    I have since bought the Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers and found the build quality to be superior; they're even more convenient because the left and right can be separated by as much as two feet. I would recommend skipping this one and trying those out for the same price....more info
  • Ahhhh! What a lovely way to relax.
    I love this item. Placing it under my pillow at night enables me to listen to relaxing and/or meditative CDs and fall asleep easily. I have also used it in the hospital while recovering from surgery....more info
  • Not Bad, Not Bad At All
    I looked into buying this product because there was a little problem with my folks in the bedroom. Each wanted to watch different shows before bed. I had a bright idea to put two TV's in the bedroom, similar to what I had seen in hospital rooms where there was two people in a room trying to enjoy different TV shows. I put one TV on either side of the bed mounted to the wall to minimize disturbing the other person. I bought two pillow sonic speakers and tried them out. I did read the mixed reviews on the product, but still felt it would meet my needs.

    My mother, who is a light sleeper with good hearing found the pillow speakers to work perfectly. She could watch her show and not disturb my father with the noise. For anyone who can hear fairly well, I give this product 5 stars.

    My father, who is slightly hard of hearing, found it manageable to hear his programs and not disturb my mother. He does find himself putting the speaker pillow on his chest from time to time because he can't get the volume loud enough to hear all. His very nice 19" flat screen TV just doesn't deliver enough volume in the speaker when it's under the pillow. For a person a little hard of hearing, I give it 3 stars.

    Over all I am very pleased with the results. Most of the time both people are able to watch their shows and not disturb each other. For the price and the functionality, this is a really good set up....more info
  • So far so good
    I normally wait awhile to write reviews, but thought I'd do this one anyway even though I've only had this for about a month. I've used it about 5-7 times now and the sound, compared to the one I was using previously, is great. Even more important is that it's very comfortable to use and seems well built....more info
  • great shipping time
    product has really poor sound quality even if you have the speaker place directly under your ear
    ...more info
  • Helpful to drown out sounds
    This item works well. I have some ringing in my ears and music coming from my pillow drowns out the ringing and helps me to me drift off to sleep. The sound quality isn't spectacular but good enough for the price and fulfills its purpose....more info
  • Did the trick!
    I bought these speakers because I had been looking for a replacement for the uncomfortable, but high-quality, headsets I had been using when I slept. The obvious news--the quality doesn't come near that of the $150 headsets. However, there is no comparison in terms of sleeping comfort. I find the stereo speakers to be quite adequate for use when going to sleep. My husband is ecstatic that I'm not shutting out the world with my music when I go to bed, my ears are happier because I'm not causing them any pain, and I joyfully go off to never-never-land without any obtrusive wires dangling off of me. I use the speakers with my ipod, which I have plugged in to a charger, so I can play music throughout the night and wake up to a fully charged mp3 player. I'm happy as a clam that I purchased this product. ...more info
  • Pillow Speaker
    Just what we needed. My wife likes to listen to netflix movies thru her PC near her nightstand as she goes to sleep and this does just what it needs to....more info
  • Excellent solution!
    I listen to meditation CDs when going to bed. Headphones are uncomfortable so I use the regular stereo when I'm by myself and can close the door. But that's not always possible. When trying these out, the other person in bed could hear the speakers slightly. However, when I actually put them on at bed time, he had no idea. If you can turn them up loud enough to place your ear on your pillow between the speakers, it is really excellent! But even if you have to keep the volume lower, you can put your ear right over one of the speakers and hear just fine. I think that might have been the problem with the other person reviewing this. If you don't have the volume up loud enough and you put your ear between the speakers, you really can't hear it. But move an inch either way and you're golden! I love these!...more info
  • I love it!
    I purchased a "pillow speaker" a couple of weeks ago and it was terrible. It was one mono speaker attached to a 3/4" jack and would not get loud enough to hear throug my pillow. This pillowsonic stereo speaker however is much better! It's stereo for one and way loud enough also. To be realistic though, the sound is somewhat muffled. The way to get around this is to set your equilizer, if you have one, with higher mids and lower the bass. I use the "bass reducer" setting on iTunes and it sounds great!...more info
  • Drug free sleep aid without a prescription!
    I love my new Stereo Pillow Speakers a lot more than I expected to. When I first received them I didn't try them right away and I had a little buyers remorse. Why did I buy them, I don't need them, will I really use them much and so on.

    Then one night I plugged the cord into my CD player and put the speakers under my pillow. I pushed play before I laid down and my head was cupped in a pillow full of music. It was just what I wanted, listening to music as I drifted off to sleep without disturbing anyone. I've used them every night since and sometimes during the day to lay down and relax. Pillow Speakers make life so much better. Now I can go to bed listening to music and fall asleep faster than I have in years.

    Comes with a standard mini-plug just like ear buds or other personal stereo headphones. Works with any TV, stereo, MP3 player etc. that has a headphone jack. Versatile! Listen to your Ipod, audio books, TV shows or talk radio through your pillow!

    Highly Recommended...more info
  • Works great
    Product is exactly as stated. I have thin feather pillows and have no problem hearing the music through the pillow. I connect it to my MP3 player and the cord is plenty long. I've been using it for about one month now and have no complaints. It could be a LITTLE softer but it's not bad. Sometimes I lay right one the speaker and it's like laying my head down on a can. I just move a little either way and I'm good again. ...more info
  • fantastic product
    I like to listen to meditation tapes as I fall to sleep. I was doing it with a regular headset, but then I would have to remove it before I actually went to sleep and that kind of killed the effect of the tape. With these pillow speakers, I can just start the tape and fall blissfully asleep. I love them!
    ...more info
  • stero sound pillowsonic
    I ordered this so i could listen to self help cd's and i am very pleased with it....more info
  • my bed time story teller
    I have gone to sleep every night with this for awhile now I am sure I could not sleep with out it....more info
  • Pillow Speaker
    This is a great product. My husband listens to the radio while he is going to sleep and sleeping. This product made it possible for him to do that without disturbing me and my sleep. It is a more even listen for him. This is a great product. I would buy it again....more info
  • Nice product
    It is very difficult to find a pillow speaker with decent sound quality for volume, so I was pleasantly surprised when I first started using the PillowSonic. Though the quality is nowhere close to those of ear buds or headphones, it was superior to any other pillow speaker I have tried. Its a good value....more info
  • Awesome
    It's a great product. Very comfortable. When I roll over sometimes I roll onto a speaker, it's noticeable, but not uncomfortable. The only things I'd do differently are space out the speakers just a little more and make them a tad smaller....more info


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