Tekken 5

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Tekken 5 is a sight to behold for fans of realistic, exciting fighting action. After the events of Tekken 4, Heihachi Mishima is dead. It was thought that the crime syndicate that ran the Iron Fist Tournament("Tekken") would cease to exist with its leader gone, but a mysterious new figure has stepped in to take command. Now the Mishima Zaibatsu has announced the fifth Iron Fist Tournament, and old warriors will meet new challengers as they try to claim victory one more time.

  • Three new characters join the fray with unique moves and their own personal motivations for entering the Iron Fist Tournament
  • The classic Tekken control is simplified without losing the tightness & flexibility that made it great - sure to please beginners & old-school fans
  • Variety of complex new arenas that add to the challenge - Some will box you in and put you toe-to-toe with opponents, others will give you huge space for the big moves
  • Watch as the environemnt reacts to your combat - from the grass under your feet to the objects on the walls

Customer Reviews:

  • Not my style of fighting game
    I am a big fan of Soul Calibur 2 and before that the Street Fighter series, but this game was disappointing. The graphics are lackluster with inconsistent framerates and the controls are awkward. I found the D-pad control to step toward and away from the screen particulalry frustrating. The game is very similar to Dead or Alive Ultimate, which I also disliked. Try renting to make sure you like it. ...more info
  • De lo mejor
    Mis hijos la pasan de lo mejor con este juego! Adem®Ęs no es comp otros donde los contrincantes desprenden la cabeza del oponente con un golpe! Estamos esperando que salga la nueva edicion Tekken 6...more info
  • Reply back to the crappy pants kid
    If you look in the kids review section, there is a very nasty review about Tekken 5. And now, to the pervert who wrote this review, I'm now talking to you!! First of all, if this game caused your pants to fill up with crap, why did you rate it with 5 stars. Second, dude, don't talk about animal porn. It's da bomb!! And third, did you ever think that anyone was eating while they read your review?? Cuz I was, and my bean burrito went everywhere !!! So please don't write sick reviews anymore !! by The wAy , YouR PunctUation IS Very bAd !!!...more info
  • hmmmmmmmmm its ok
    i like tekkan but it is just that some of the levels are impossible.The graphics are ok but you will get bored of it quite quick annd it wasted 40 pounds of my pocket money.
    only get it if your really really desperate and your a expert and you played all the other games....more info
  • King of fighting games
    Yeah,this is what i call a Real Fighting game the graphics are amazing better than ever,the gameplay is as always great,and the choice of characters is big, there are a lot of modes and you'le certenly won't get tired of this game tekken keeps on gettting better and better with tekken 5 tekken can sit on the throne for best fighting game and well diserved.A must have for the ones who like Fighting games. Peace ...more info
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game is god!!! Raven, Asuka, Feng-Wei, Bruce, Bryan, whatever. The animations are perfect!!!!!
    Buy Buy Buy!!!!!!!...more info
  • Preview/Opinion
    Yet again, namco amazes us with eye-popping graphics and stuns us with its painful realism.

    All the characters from Tekken 4 return, from the georgous brazilian Christie, to the old favourites, Hwoarang, Jin, Yoshimitsu, and Kazuya. Also 4 characters are new to the Tekken. The fast and furious Raven. The young yet powerful Asuka Kazama. Feng Wei, the most powerful man in China (physically). But also, the one person who is tearing the Mishima bloodline in half- Devil Jin.

    Also, another highlight is the attention to detail on everything- the cracks in the floor, the chanting in the background, and all the voices now used (u may have noticed in Tekken 4, that all the voices were either American or Japanese).
    Yet, still, Steve Fox (who is British) has been given the worst half londoner/half australian accent.

    All in all, the game is brilliant, every aspect will grab you all over.

    One thing that is technically not involved in Tekken 5, is Tekken: The Devil Within. A new surprise with amazing grahics, and brilliantly made, this part is a game for real thinking! Yet, it can be done (maybe after you've steamed out a few times, i did).

    Well done namco...more info
  • tekken 5 is the best despite a few flaws
    oh my god i played tekken 5 today and i have alot to say about it. iv had if for like... 8 days i think but i havent played it alot yet. today when i played it i found that it is the best yet......but......it is soooooooooooooooooo *bleeping* harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!!!!!!!!! it is so hard that i would have to use a bagillion continues. it is so hard that at more than one point i wanted to crack open my own skull (ok so im being a little dramatic). my 3 fav people: xiao, julia, jin, r so terrible. the arent as advanced as the new people. they r the worst people too use (jin being the worst and xiao being the least worst). dont get me wrong, i love the game, but it needs to improve those people. also they game is better than 4 cause it is really fast. people move like lightning. (well except for jin) aska is great. and raven is one of the best people. nina is the most improved. i never liked her but now i love her. and also it is long. tekken 4 i beat in about 2 hours. 5 might take me weeks (and not just because of the outfit things) but beware it is really hard. it drives me insane. i always have to restart. and the final boss in story is soo irritating. lso i just want to finish by saying it is the best in the series and u should get it because it is fun. now i can breath. *sigh of relief*
    -oh and by the way i forgot to say that the graphics r amazing.
    -and that the ending movies r funny for a change (tekken isnt known for its humor).
    ...more info
  • KOF? Where have I heard of that before?
    This is the best fighting game ever. Almost everything in this game rocks... except maybe the last boss fight (Jinpachi Mishima) that is going to recieve an even heavier beating than my customised Christie Monteiro got while battling Anna Williams with a Warlord ranking in Arcade mode. Anyway, the show must go on.

    I have unlocked EVERY... SINGLE... FIGHTER in this game. All from the crappy Roger jr. to the surprisingly useless Devil Jin... I got them all. The characters are mostly very good, like: Asuka, Jin, Christie, Xiaoyu, Kazuya, Mokujin, Anna, Nina, Bryan, Law, Lee and Marduk. Some are average, like: Yoshimitsu, Lei, King, Heihachi (Not in his nappy outfit), Kuna/Panda, Devil Jin, Wang Jinrey and Hwoarang. Some are just rubbish, like: Ganryu, Roger jr., Julia, Devil Jin and some others. Unfortunatly unlocking characters takes a lot of hard work. Meaning that boss fight I mentioned earlier. And I created an article just about him, LOOK!

    Jinpachi Mishima.
    A lousy, cheap excuse for a boss fight. He cheats with a fire ball attack that reduces your health by 80%. He is a loser only tough guys can beat like Christie, Steve, Jin, Kazuya and other tough dudes. He sucks.
    The End.

    *Sniff* What a toughing story. But let's talk about the story. Many game stories have a moral. In the Ratchet & Clank triology for instance: R&C1 had: Never trust a big green clad clown to help you out. R&C2 had: Looks are far from everything. R&C3 had: A good game can get worse. Sonic Adventure 2 and the excellent TV anime series Sonic X both were screaming in your ear: ECHIDNAS AND BATS MIX, LIVE WITH IT!!! This one has: Never murder a group called the Manji clan, a maniac with a huse glowing sword could charge at you. And also: Never let your son ride a famous fighter's bike, things can get pretty ugly. And many others,. The story is great and the endings of Marshall Law and Asuka Kazama are really funny.

    The fighting has improved. 2 grapple moves instead of 1 grapple and an entirely useless Position Change.

    Don't have time to write more. Unhelpful review, I know but hey, I have to go back watching Friends and draving KnuxRouge (Knuckles x Rouge pairing from Sonic) pictures. Bye....more info
    I have no idea why on earth people are whining that the last boss is hard. This game is my first fighting game and i beat him easily. If you can't manage to beat him then just be cheap like him and keep on using attacks like Anna's back kick (->, X) to defeat him.
    This game is pretty amazing for a fighting game and has revoulutionary graphics. The only problem i have to say is that this game is more heading twoard the M rating then toward Teen. It has extreme violence (some blood but its very brief) nudity and perverted costumes (anna's ending) and language. There is even a stage where people in skimpy clothing are dancing like strippers. So i reccomend that u get this game only if you are above the age of 15. But overall the game is good and an exciting playthrough. ...more info
  • For hard core Tekken players only...
    I was never a serious Tekken fan but I did look forward to 5 figuring I would finally get into the game. The game, frankly, is too hard. Unless you know all the combos and moves of most of the characters you will frequently flounder about. I have been playing this for several months now and still can't get the hang of it, so I usually end up button mashing. There is no air control, so when you are knocked in the air it is easy for your opponent to whack you a few more times. The guard is virtually nonexistant, or at least not as clear as it is on Soul Calibur. And once your opponent starts some combos on you, you can't always break free, and end up losing half your life right away. The graphics are excellent and the game does include the previous Tekken games and an art gallery, etc. I do like the ability to customize your characters costumes, a feature which should be fun on Soul Calibur 3. It is also a PS2 exclusive, so if you don't have a PS2 then you're just outta luck aren't ya?

    I'll still play Tekken, but I have not yet become a seriously interested player. I guess I'll just have to wait for SC3 in the fall. ;)...more info
  • Is Tekken 5 Tekkenlicious?
    I own all of the Tekken games, inlcuding Tekken Tag. I have to say that I was a little dissapointed with Tekken 4 for two reasons
    1. You can not jump when the other character is down
    2. There are so very few characters to play with

    So I am very glad that Tekken 5 changed the mistakes it made in Tekken 4. You can jump when the other character is down again, and there are plenty of characters!

    I think there were only like 19 characters in Tekken 4. But there were a great many 30 characters in Tekken 5! All your favorite characters are back, plus some new ones.

    In this game, you have to fight Jinpachi at the last stage. Now, this is my only complaint about the game... Jinpachi can be so hard that it makes you want to rip your hair out. At least I felt like that a few times. So I wish it hade a Very Easy mode. That way little kids would be able to have fun and beat the game.

    So overall, this is a great game that deserves to be recognized with the other great Tekken games. I even heard that Tekken is the undisputed best fighting game ever! I hope that is true. It's definitely true for me.

    I give it 5 stars....more info
  • board of it quickly to easy
    This game was okay it was to quick meaning the bar health like virtua fighter, soul calibar, and dead or alive the bar health goes down to fast being that the attacks are powerfull that makes the game less as fun cause you play for like 1 minute then the computer is defeted or you are defeted thats to quick but this game was okay the story mode sucked and this is kinda the same as part4 so this was an okay game if you want to play it then rent it its not worth buying....more info
  • Amazing game, but difficulty kills it.
    Tekken 5 is to put it quite simply, one of the best fighting games out there. You have Virtua Fighter 4 EVO for the absolute hardcore, you have Soul Calibur II for the casual fighters, and you have Tekken 5 which appeals to button mashers, casual players, and the hardcore alike.

    Starting with graphics, Tekken 5 is absolutely gorgeous. This game is simply beautiful as they come. Amazing backgrounds, character models, lifelike expressions, amazing handrawn narratives and incredibe CG movies are just a testament to Namco's efforts to up the graphics. Tekken 5 is easily one of the best looking PS2 games, and no joke, it would also be one of the best looking GC or Xbox games at least. One level in particular, Moonlight Wilderness is just amazing. The soundtrack is very good, and seriously help to transform the fights beyond the screen. One track in particular from the Moonlight Wilderness level is phenomenal.

    Gameplay has remained unchanged since Tekken 3. The game is still very well balanced, but rewards players that practice and master a handful of characters. There is a very large cast of characters that are incredibly diverse, unlike say VF4 EVO's cast. Still, it rewards speed, and if you're looking for something fast, this is your game no doubt.

    As for extras, Tekken 5 is loaded with them. It's got a ton of CG endings, Tekkens 1-3, a Devil Within Action minigame, trailers, a theater mode for watching the various character endings again (which you will want to do), the entire game sountrack for your listening pleasure and even trailers from the various shows of the game! It's brimming with unlockable characters which surprisingly, are not too difficult to get.

    So what drags down the game to 4 stars? It's not the lack of innovation. Sure the game hasn't changed much, but why would you want it to? Look at any good game series, Halo, Gran Turismo, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, they all are mostly just upgrades rather than full on brand new games. No that's not the problem. For one thing, the game has no online play. It is simply a shame especially considering that you can customize your character to an amazing extent. But even more so, it's simply too difficult. For the newbies, there is no tutorial mode. I'm pretty bad at fighting games, but I always liked Tekken for its accessibility. Unfortunately, the difficulty tends to spike often in the Story Mode, and as usual, there are plenty of moves which are still difficult to execute due to their insane amount of button combinations. Furthermore, the final boss must go down as the cheapest boss in history. He has an insane amount of overpowered moves such as a fireball that takes out at minimum 50% of your health, and at max 90%. And not only is it a fast attack with no cooldown period (he often uses it 3 or 4 times in a row) there is no way to dodge it unless you quickly sidestep. What a shame that the entire game is so balanced, but the final boss just kills it even on the easiest setting. With such a large cast, only the most powerful characters with powerful single moves such as Jin or Kazuya will be able to win the final battle, while people like Xiayou or Kuma will have a hellishly impossible time trying to beat the boss.

    Ultimately, Tekken 5 is a great game. If you liked previous Tekkens, you will like this game. But the stunning difficulty, and the completely overpowered and incredibly cheap final boss almost destroys the best part of the game, the story mode. It takes a whole lot of patience, and quite possibly some broken controllers to beat the final boss. Still, this game is worth, at least, a rental. You really need to play this game to appreciate how awesome it is, shortcomings and all....more info
  • This is some Awesome Fun
    Wow I was suprised by Tekken 5 it is really good compared to the confusion of Tekken 4, Tekken 5 is great. What I especially liked about Tekken 5 is the variety of characters to choose from, but it would of been nice to see Doctor B. and Gon again. I also liked the new chracters, Feng Wei is my favorite out of the three. The history mode is cool too it has Tekken through Tekken 3 but the arcade versions of it and Starblade which is an awesome old school shooter. The boss, Jinpachi, is really cheap too which is a good challenge of you skills and startegy. But I was dissapointed that you could not use him even though I see why they wouldnt let anyone use him because of his complate dominance but it would just be fun to see Jinpachi vs Jinpachi. But there is one thing I didnt really enjoy that much and that is Devil Within which is a beat em up mode which chronicles Jin Kazama's constant search to find out more of the Devil gene, which was fun when I started to play it but it got boring after awhile because you cannot use anyone else. This game is awesome though, go play it....more info
  • A great game ruined by a cheap boss
    When i first got this game i was like wow, but then at the end i found myself throwing the controller on the ground. The story starts with heihachi and Kazuya fighting together, Kazuya escapes and A Jack robot Self-destructs and blows Heihachi to a grave, then Jinpachi (Heihachi's father) rises from underneath the Honmaru. Every mishima is immortal and it terribly strong. Anyway, the characters are great, each of them has a story of why they are entering the tornament. Then i pick Law, beat all of the characters and i get to the boss then he beats me 2 times with this dumb fireball. I managed to dodge one but then he shoots a second one and bang, i'm dead. This has got to be the cheapest boss. First he stuns you with a lightning attack then he hits you with strong attacks. Then when he's done, he stuns me again and i can't attack back. Plus the stage is very annoying, when he knocks you down the rubble flies up and i can't see if i'm up or not. Also the boss is very large and with that aura i can't see myself either. So Tekken guys if your making a tekken 6, DON'T MAKE A BOSS LIKE THAT AGAIN. Also the teen rating is very seriouse because they say (...), ass (can i say ass in a review) and there is this one dude on and underground club stage chanting a cussword. There is also the use of drugs and alcohol. there are sexual themes with the girls wearing skimpy outfits looking like they are going on a date. It also has new cg scenes, the sexual ones are the ones with asuka and anna. Asuka is trying to wake Jin (her dad or brother) after his devil gene is gone, then Jin wakes up, is startled by the place and bang, he slips and ends up having his face in Asuka's (...), he gets up, she gets up and punches him so hard he slides back into a boulder. Then with anna's they are in a gladiator movie and they slash eachother at the same time and it goes on he freeze frame and then anna falls. then when they are talking to Nina her gladiator suit starts to fall apart and she ends up with nothing on and blah blah blah, who cares right. But thats all i have to say about this game, the boss. but the game is very fun and i rate it a 4....more info
  • You should buy
    This in every way can be better than the other four. The fighting is better and the character custimazaion is good but not as good as virtua fighter. The characters are all better. There are some strange ones but that dosent matter it's still fun. Also the story is much better. But the boss is extremely diffucult and he is very cheap. But that hust takes a little practise to gt by. Also it adds acade history which fetures the first 3 tekkens. It is a very cool feature. And than Devi wiithin which is sorta like the privious Tekken force modes but it is its own story.

    So if you are like me and a huge fan of everything Tekken this will be a great piece to your collection it is worth it.
    ...more info
  • Great Fighter
    This is still one of the best fighting games out there, but the best way to play this game is to download it through the playstation store and getting dark resurrection online with 1080p supported and of course online play....more info
  • Terrific Tekken Times
    Tekken 5 is non-stop fun, and can keep you playing for hours. By far better than the other four prequels, its graphics, gameplay, and new customizable options make it an even more interesting game. If you have the other four, and don't have Tekken 5, you are surely missing out. Each character has unique moves and combos that you'll have to take time to individually master, but in the end, the rewards are great after you've beaten your opponent, with him/her gaping at your success....more info
  • Tekken 5 (PS2)
    Let's be honest, Tekken 4 was a let down. The environment caused all sorts of nightmares got in the way with what Tekken is all about, fighting. Tekken 5 has thrown out all the flawed concepts in Tekken 4 (though some parts of the landscape are destructible), and delivers what fans have been dying for, an amazing fighter with their favorite Tekken characters.
    The new fighting and graphics engines are the heart and soul of Tekken 5. The game is an exact port of the Arcade version, and will easily give anything on Xbox a run for its money. To be honest, I was surprised a PS2 game could look this good, it sweeps the feet from under any of the other PS2 games currently out there. The fighting system maintains the four button control scheme, and it still plays silky-smooth. Not only does it control well, but the visceral feeling of power is very much intact. When you hit someone in Tekken 5, it looks like it hurt. The moves, like most Tekken titles, are easy enough to master, but timing will determine how much punishment you'll dish out.

    Value is an understatement when it comes to this game. Not only do you get the full arcade versions of Tekken 1,2 and 3, but also a complete action game Tekken: Devil Within, which goes into some of the back-story Bering the Mishima clan. Throw in the fact that you can customize characters and earn countless rendered CG movies, and you've got hours of entertainment. Namco poured everything they had into this one, and came out with a true gem....more info
  • Tekken 5
    We all love fighting games, with their special moves, swift attacks, and amazing graphics and gameplay, but this game is a master-piece of a fighting game!

    This game is a "must buy" for true fans of Tekken, for it has a mode called Arcade History, which allows you to play all the previous Tekkens! This game also has a long awaited adventure mode called "Devil Within"! This game has amazingly fast gameplay and "A+" music! Now we move on to the graphics.......

    I have played many, many fighting games, such as Budokai, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Soul Caliber, but this game has incomparable graphics! I would always give the XBOX games an "A+" in the graphics, but this game pushes PS2 graphics to it's limits! The graphics are very detailed, and when, for example, you knock down your opponent, the leaves on the ground would vibrate, showing the effect of the impact of your opponent hitting the ground! The game's graphics are the best graphics you can find around! I don't even think that the Soul Caliber graphics beat this game's graphics!

    Now, this game is nothing like other fighting games, in which you would beat the game with all the characters, unlock every character, beat every mode, and then your bored. In this game, you won't get bored when playing with the characters, for you will have to master their techniques which will take a while, since every character has a considerable amount of techniques! This game has action that will keep you entertained for weeks!

    Now, the only fault I can see in this game is the fighting area. The fighting area is pretty limited, and you can't move backwards that much. You can only move sideways, which makes it kind of like a wrestling match, in which you can only move from left to right, and nowhere else, but that's no excuse to not like the game! Overall, this game is amazing!

    Rating: 9.5/10

    Recommendation: I recommend that you rent this game before buying it just to make sure you enjoy it! ...more info
  • I love it
    I honestly HATE fighting games. I think they're boring and they don't offer anything interesting to keep me attached to them as the years go by.

    Enter Tekken. Tekken has been around for many years. When it first came out, everyone loved it. It used to compete with Virtua Fighter on the Sega Saturn. I was impressed then and I'm impressed now, all these years later.

    The action is just a lot of fun. You really couldn't ask for a better fighting game. The graphic updates have really added more depth to the characters and the environments. I love the game and I hope you do, as well....more info
  • the best fighting game ever
    tekken 5 is the best game ever because of the controls, the graphics, the unlockable characters, and the gameplay. the final boss in story mode could have been a little harder though. the doesigners could have also made story mode a little bit longer and more challenging. ...more info
  • The Ultimate Fighting Game
    I've been playing Tekken since it's inception and Tekkend 5 most certainly delivers. The moves are intuitive, well developed and a step up from Tekken 4. Having all the old characters and some new ones definitely helps keep the game fun, especially when playing against friends....more info
  • Graphics overhaul, but audio is neglected
    To be sure, the graphics have had the most significant update since Tekken 2. And Namco was very careful to keep the gameplay mechanics perfectly in tact.

    However, the Tekken 5 BGM tracks didn't seem to keep pace with the innovation. A few good songs here and there, but overall, not a cohesive OST.

    ...more info
  • The best Tekken yet
    With Tekken 5, the folks at Namco have crafted the best edition yet of the long running fighting franchise. Featuring a horde of fighters, undoubtadly the best lineup yet, Tekken 5 features the same deep gameplay and combo mechanics that will keep you playing for quite some time. And because it's Tekken, there's a bevy of hidden characters and features to unlock as well. There's no Tekken Force mode this time around, and instead there is Devil Within, a segment that is similar to Tekken Force where you play as Jin Kazama as he battles his way to learn of the devil gene within him. It's not much to write home about in itself, but there's more features to behold here as well, including the addition of playing the arcade versions of Tekken 1, 2, and 3 as well as the Namco shooter Starblade. The graphics are improved and the backgrounds have been revamped as well, all helping make Tekken 5 the best fighter not just for the PS2, but for home consoles in general. For veterans to the series and newcomers alike, Tekken 5 is a masterpiece, and essential to every PS2 owner's library....more info
  • great game!
    First played it at a friend house. been playing Tekken for years tho. But played it at a friends house and got hooked on it. its Got a Great Story mode to it. and just a regaler arcade style mode. over all 5 stars " King is my favorite character in the game ...more info
  • tekken 5 is a little bit corny
    This is the best game ever, but it's corny, like me. So please god, BUY IT !!! You will be disappointed, but you'll be happy while you're disappointed. My favorite part in the game is when you get to actually fight, but the Tekken games are getting a little old. I mean, come on !! Is there anybody who knows what the heck Tekken means ?? So, the bottom line is that this game is pretty entertaining, especially if you're a Tekken fan. But new Tekken players beware!! Find out what a Tekken is first before you play !!...more info
  • Demons Rule
    This is a vary good game one of the best on the PS2 these are my top ten favorite fighters
    1) Asuka Kazama
    2) Christie Monteior
    3) Ling Xiaoyu
    4) Kazuya Mishima
    5) Jin Kazama
    6) King
    7) Eddy Gordo
    8) Nina Williams
    9) Anna Williams
    10) Devil Jin
    The only bad thing is Jinpachi Mishima cant be unlocked which sucks the DevilWithin mini game is ok Arcade is ranked overall the games is awsome and addicting you'll be playing for hours on end later. ...more info
  • Great..!
  • Welcome return to form for an old master.
    Ahh, the Tekken series. Probably the most influential series of 3D fighting games outside of the Virtua Fighter games. Tekken 5 is a welcome return to form for this true master of the genre. With the 4th game just a distance memory, this takes the series forward (or back, depending on how you look at things). Tekken 5 uses the tried and trusted Tekken gameplay, while still making everything feel fresh. Characters, that once before were just mere clones of certain main ones, are now fully fleshed out - with moves of their own. Anna Williams for example, is now not a clone of her sister Nina.

    When people mention Tekken, they usually think of people who have mastered every single command and move, while spending hours upon hours practising to hone their 'mad skillz' - as it were. Making the game unplayable for beginners to the genre. This, I think, is far from the truth. Tekken 5 welcomes new and veterans to the series alike. Whereas button-bashing pretenders to Tekken's crown, coughDeadorAlivecough, leave you feeling somewhat cold. Tekken on the other hand leaves you feeling a great sense of satisfaction when you play. Yes, Tekken 5 has its button-bashing characters - but every single character IS unique... and how unique they look! Arguably the best looking PS2 game to date. With gorgeous backdrops, fluid, realistic animation and textures that would look at home on any next-gen console.

    Music wise, it's back to form mix between techno/dance we've come to know and love from Tekken. The least we say about Tekken 4's music the better! You've got your usual Story mode to run through with each character. To see why they've entered the tournament, etc. But this 5th edition borrows the human AI mode of Virtua Fighter 4. This has replaced the Arcade mode in name, and pits you against humans who have uploaded/downloaded their data from the Tekken arcade machine from all over the world. It's a welcome challenge, even though it doesn't even compare to facing a real-life human opponent. All-in-all, this is the true homecoming of a master. Easily the best Tekken to date, and probably the best 3D fighter in existence. Though I am partial to abit of Soul Calibur... heh....more info
  • Great Tekken Game
    All the Tekken games are great, but they've always been missing something. The thing was, you could play Tekken for hours and get no reward other than self-satisfaction. Now, you get money. You can play arcade matches for days and get money to buy things to put on characters while increasing the rank of your favorites and, as the manual says, learning new skills. I haven't confirmed this new skill buisness, but I haven't reached legend rank yet. About the money: while you can't make characters have insane things on them, it is interesting to see different variations on your favorites. You can make Kazuya look really cool with glasses, iron shoulder pads, and a gun on his belt. You can rig out King with a bamboo stick. You can give Nina a katana for her back. While of course you can't use these weapons and objects, it is cool to see your favorite characters carrying them around.

    The game has more characters than tekken 4, and about the same amount as tekken tag. Alot of old favorites are there such as baek, anna, and roger. There are also 4 new ones. The main boss is cheap beyond belief. He has this one ground stomp attack that knocks you off balance for at least 3 seconds. His flame strike thing takes away half your health. He can cast his flame thing two times in a row, meaning it's really hard to dodge. I figure most pros will consider him to be too cheap to play and, without saying anything, agree to not use him. Raven is a really cool ninja with some interesting combos where he flips around and stuff. Asuka is a replacement for Jun. Feng is a Chinese dude who has really powerful punches and kicks.

    The story mode is basically the same as Tekken 4. Now, around match 4 and 7, you will see two cinematics in which your character confronts two of their enemies. There are some interesting things to see now. If you lose against Paul with Law, you will see a short cinematic. If you lose against Raven with Yoshimitsu, you will see a goofy cinematic in which Raven tries to teach Yoshimitsu something new. Little things like this will make the story mode more interesting. My only complaint is that nothing is really resolved. Throughout the Tekken series, no rivalries have been resolved at all. Most of the time, the creators seem to get bored and spark new rivalries, yet they never resolve old ones.

    There is a new mode that's like tekken force, only it's for Jin alone. I haven't tried it yet, but there is a save feature, meaning that it is probably somewhat longer than the normal tekken force.

    The last new thing in the game is the voice acting. Some characters, like Nina, sound exactly like they should. Some characters, like Paul, could sound better. Yet, some characters, like Law, sound nothing like what they should. It's laughable that Law speaks fluent English, yet two seconds later he is making fighting grunts like Bruce Lee. Once you hear him speak, you will be confused as well. Some character voices have been changed. Steve now has a strong British accent. While I don't mind British accents, this is not what he sounded like in Tekken 4. In Tekken 4 he didn't speak alot, but he did say some things at the end of matches and at the last cinematic. Now, he has this very thick British accent which I can't imagine getting use to. Christie's voice has been changed as well, yet it sounds fine.

    I love this new Tekken. The creators tried to increase the replayability, while respecting fans of the game. They accomplished that....more info
  • i like tekken 4 better
    finally bought this game and didn't put it down till i had completed the story mode with my fav char Brian. Tekken is definitely much easier to pick up and mash buttons than virtua fighter, but more fun because of that as well.

    i didn't like the fact that they've changed the way characters move in and out of the screen.... in T4 simply using the up or down arrow would cause the chars to move in and out of the screen... in t5, you have to do a double tap and that confused me a little in the beginning as my finger memory took time to adjust... but most of the moves are essentially the same though there are some minor advancements.

    the devil jin and the teleporting destruction farting boss at the end are the most difficult to get to get through (imho), but i was happy once i managed to defeat them ;)

    ...more info
  • Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loved this game! Graphics, sounds, gameplay, It was great! 5 out of 5...more info
  • A GIFT
    really nice i bought it as a gift to my husband and he really loves this game THANK YOU!!...more info
  • Grand Champ of champs
    This series pulls a maraculas comeback.
    -Top-notch graphics(FMV's look 10x better than the ones in Tekken 4)
    -Superb music(Much better than the crappy remixes in Tekken 4)
    -good ol' fashion sound effects
    -A much better voiceover job than the first
    -This takes a couple of things from other fighting games but is it better or worse
    --Story mode from the DOA series, but it makes sense in this game
    --Profile mode, From the DOA series, it is very similar, so nothing real big here
    --Customizing mode from Virtua Fighter 4 evolution. Not as much stuff as VF4:E But I like Tekken more than Virtua Fighter, and this also shoots the replay value way up. I mean I got Wang lookin' like Pei Mei off of Kill bill, I got Ling lookin like Chun-Li off Street Fighter, and Beak lookin like #47 off Hitman. I owe all these cool custimazations to gamefaqs.
    -Fast paced combat is back, something not present in Tekken 4
    -Awww, the wemon! You got sexy(Christine) Cutie(Ling) and a conbination of both(Asuka), plesure in gameplay and beautiful sights
    -Tekken 1, 2, and three arcade versions...nice
    -Nice stages(I wish I could fight in a room full of money, but I wouldn't really be there to fight)
    -Theater mode IS ALIVE!!!!!(In the 4th it lacked any dept or comedy. In this one, when you see Paul's movie, you'll be laughing calling him a idiot, but the funniest is either Law's or Asukas)
    -Starblade game to play while game is loading at beginging(Ahh reminices of the atari style game I played before Tekken 1 loaded.)
    -Devil Jin is one BAAAAAD Mo-Fo! He easily put Jinpachi and Devil Kazuya to immediate shame.
    -The Devil within is a pretty fun mode(Altho it's LONG for a mini game)
    -Huge character selection(Newcomers express their entry, and old returners come back to bring the pain
    -JACK IS BACK!! Man I missed him in the 4th one, he was replaced in that by Lee's crappy robot.
    -Tekken is still the king of fighters and this installment easily prooves it
    -Stuff still looks fake when it breaks
    -Jinpachi is defnitley a canidate for one the cheapest boss fights in video game history. I mean it's the same rutiene for almost every fight. When I come close to wining, he shakes the ground, and I'm stalled, I can't do crap! Hit, stall again, hit, stall again, fireball K.O.!{Not to mention he always ruins my time attack} Man I haven't fought a boss this cheap or cheezy since Sho Khan, or M. Bison. Note to Namco, don't put in a boss that make Dollar store brand look like the choice for rich fat Rockerfellers!
    -At times money take a while to accumilate
    -Seriously someone other than a Mishima or Kazama has to win this time
    -When will Paul get his time(He's my favorite character, and he is a super cheezy super scruby I take most of your life with one hit character, but if he's that good, he shoulda won by now. I feel sorry for the guy)
    -Hehachi is dead.( I dunno if many people liked him or not; personaly, I hate the old rotten sack of goat crap, but it's kinda wierd without the old fart in a diaper. SO R.I.P. Heihachi, or is it?)

    Well the pros definitly outweigh the cons. Tekken 5 punches out all other fighters with this hard hitting installment. This series, the Virtua fighter series, and the Dead or Alive seriies are definitly 2 games fighting for that throne, but I gotta say Tekken wins. Virtua Fighter 4 Evo, put in the profiling and stuff, but there were no end FMVs, and such, and it didn't take alot to win. But still an inovator, and a excellent game. Dead or Alive is known for the wemon in their game, I'll admit that's the reason I got that game, but it's still a contender, despite it's a button masher. This game requires knowledge, you can't win by button mashing, you gotta know moves, or you're gonna lose, unless you're a chump and put it on easy. This game has wemon, but it ain't as flashy as DOA because this series atracted gamers by it's uniqe way of skills, but a little skin never can or will hurt. I guess after the dissapointing Tekken 4, they knew if they screwed up like that again, the Tekken name wouldn't sell this product. So now they got off their butts, got in gear, and gave the people what they wanted: A revitalized frachise showing a promising future, and that's what this game is. If you love Tekken or fighting games for that matter, get this game. If you have a PS2 get this game!


    ...more info
  • Awesome fighting game out there!!!!!!!!!!!
    When I first heard that Tekken 5 was gonna come out, I couldn't wait to get this game. When I got it and played it, I must say that 50 dollars was worth the amount to spend for this game. The graphics are of the hook. Its tight how the characters in the game react to the environment. The clothes sway back and forth. The hair moving more realistically in the background. The customizable items for each character is so awesome. There is so many items to choose to customize the head, the face, lower body, and the upper body for each character. First you have to win money in Arcade mode and Story mode to customize your character. There is a new mode called Tekken Arcade where you get to play the first 3 Tekken games. Namco is the best when it comes to fighting games. The movesets for each character is great. Plus there are new moves for each characters. Huge move combos for each character which make the moves more interesting. The balance of the characters is so good. There are 20 characters including 3 new characters (Asuka Kazama, Feng Wei, and Raven who looks a lot like Blade) Plus you have to unlock these characters: Roger Jr, Anna Williams, Baek Do San, Devil Jin, Heihachi, Bruce Irvin, Ganryu, Wang Jinrei, and Mokujin. The modes are awesome. In Story mode you have to fight youy way up to the boss. The boss is hard. But when you learn his move, he will be easy to beat. plus you can't choose this boss to fight with. In Arcade mode you get move up the ranks with each character. If you win matches you will get a chance to go up a rank. Or if you lose matches you will get demoted. Practice mode is back along with Theater mode, team Battle, and Vs Battle. Plus there is a new mode called The Devin Within where you have to play as Jin to uncover the origins of his devil history. This mode might be better if you could play with other characters. But its great anyway. This game is awesome

    I am telling you gamers. If you like fighting games and have 50 dollars in your account, you must get this game.

    If I had to rate this game from 1 to 10 (10 been the best), I would give it a 20. Best fighting game in video game history....more info
  • Good as a 3D fighter.
    I think this game is good as a 3D fighter, but I also think it's a little overrated. 3D fighters tend to get higher ratings than it's 2D counterparts in gaming magazines because they score higher on the graphics review just because it's 3D.

    Compare Tekken 5's gameplay to Marvel vs capcom 2, Guilty Gear X2, and Capcom vs SNK 2 and it doesn't even match up to the likes of those time-less ps2 classics which are also all 2D fighters. trust me, you will get so much more replay value from those other fighters.

    If you like 3D fighters pick this one up. I didn't enjoy the game much and have had it for a year and never felt inclined to return back to it again. I haev also played other 3D fighters with high ratings such as virtua fighter, dead or alive, or soul calibur and not a single one fo them brings up the fighter-spirit i get from GGX2, MVC2, or CVS2....more info
  • just another tekken game
    There's only one original thing in this game. DEVIL WITHIN mode, whitch SUCKS!!! it's the same thing over and over again, beating up people and robots with the same combo. I liked the fact that you could play past tekkens, but to me they're all the same. RENT THIS GAME! DON'T BUY IT, IT'S NOT WORTH THE MONEY. I stupidly bought it, played it, and got bored within 3 days. I'm returning it tommorow. 2 stars education bucuse it can teach you how to fight, witch isn't neccacarely a good thing, but you can learn a little....more info
  • Good game, but a word of warning...
    First off let me say I've never enjoyed any anime. Anime was always excrutiatingly boring and without any potential. But despite my anime discrimiation, this game is AWESOME. The fighting styles are real and perfectly in line with the actual martial arts. Plus you have a few added bonuses. Devil Within, a minigame where you play as Jin Kazama trying to make his way through a G Corperation facility and even get a chance to unleash the demon himself! And my favorite feature, you are included the first 3 Tekken games and Starblade, and to make matters better, they're the original arcade versions! This game is almost perfect. But there is a very SERIOUS WARNING about story mode, which you need to complete several times to unlock characters. The end fight is extremely hard. See, the last level has quite a few glitches. I don't mean the "go through walls" glitches. I mean like sometimes when you attack Jinpachi (the bad guy) he's got like a weird shield every once and a while. And his special attack where he spits fire out of his stomach mouth has a nasty habit of automatically killing you on full health. And worst of all he has a sickeningly unfair advantage where he paralyzes you and if he manages to do that, you most likely are going to lose the fight. And he does that a lot, so you lose a lot. One of my friends lost so many times to him and got so mad that he broke his controller. Anyway, if you can't take the frustration of losing to a cheating jerk a lot, then I'm telling you now, just use a gameshark to get all the characters and forget about it. All in all, ignoring Jinpachi Mashima, the game is one of the best in the world. Get it! (and a gameshark to get the characters.) ...more info
  • The best Tekken yet
    Tekken 5 has over 30 charectors, side games such as Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Devil Within, and Star Blade. You can also add or change colors to your costume. The only problem is that you can't use the boss without an Action Replay or Game shark....more info
  • Best Fighting Game To Date
    OK...so there are differing opinions as to how a fighting game should control. You have your Soul Calibur addicts, Street Fighter addicts, Tekken addicts, and a couple more. I'm not going to convince anybody out of their respective school.

    However, for those who enjoy Tekken-style fighting, Tekken 5 is THE game to get. First, the game has a roster of atleast 30 fighters- a very respectable number (although I miss Kunimitsu). Not only that, the new characters are really cool (Raven, anybody?) both in design and play style. In addition, all of the characters have been rebalanced. You get the feeling almost immediately that any character can be a true monster if you master their moves. Each character also has some very nice CG cutscenes when you beat the game with their character.

    I'd like to be able to say that I don't care about graphics and style, but I do, and Tekken has this in spades. Both the character models and ESPECIALLY the backgrounds look incredible. The lighting in several of the stages is just beautiful (reminds me of the lighting in the Prince of Persia games).

    Something that made a big difference for me was the music. The music is far more beautiful and varied than it has been in the past. Each track really brings an atmosphere to each stage, and many definitely put you in the mood to pummel your opponent. (my favorite track has to be "moonlit wilderness")

    Finally, Tekken 5 has ALL of the modes that you would expect from a modern fighting game- team, survival, arcade, story, as well as Tekken 1, 2, and 3. Also, Tekken has pulled a Virtua 4 and now allows you to customize the look of your characters with money earned through fighting. Not bad at all.

    Overall, Tekken 5 is a winner because of 1) the balance of the characters, 2) the energizing and beautiful aesthetics, and 3) the variety and breadth of gameplay....more info
  • This game will freeze, its that cool!!!!!!!!
    First of all that kid who had animal porn on his review, that is so gross!!!. Also learn how to "Punctuate" and don't make a review like that again, maybe your a porn star for talking inappropriate like that. So anyway this game is so cool. I played it over my cousins house. Its mostly about that dude named Jin (off of tekken 4, a must have) and he is trying to figure out his past. This game has some new characters like devil jin (jin who is completely controlled by his devil gene and doesn't remember anything) and some of the original characters from tekken 4. It has a story mode, practice, arcade and devil within which is almost like tekken force. This game has a user manual which has the most pages i ever seen. The moves seem more complicated than tekken 4 but i was able to bust them out. Also they have moving scenery, when you slam a person in the ground bits of rubble fly into the air and drop. On tekken 4 they just had poorly done dust. They also have some dude who broke chains from himself and i think you have to fight him as the boss (they had him shadowed, sorry i couldn't make him out). Heihachi is dead so they don't have him anymore. Plus its a little corny because they made that chinese girl a wimp now. They also have my favorite character law. This game is great, get it now. Its only up for rent at some blockbusters.

    Kai Kahardi

    peace ya'll...more info
  • Can be very frustrating!!
    Sure it looks good and the gameplay is ok but the final boss (Jinpachi) is really cheap and lame! Even at the "easy" difficulty, just a couple of hits from this freak and you're dead! The Devil Within mini-game is also stupid, some levels are just impossible and too hard. I wouldn't mind it if you could save your game whenever you want to or at least just before some critical part of the game but unfortunately that is not the case here, not to mention some save points are hidden. Imagine getting through the most boring levels doing extremely tedious yet dumb puzzles, spending around 2 hours or more to get to the boss level, then finally finding yourself trying over and over to beat the boss until you just give up but you can't save your game, then you're gonna have to redo the entire level again!!! That is one sick stupid game design! The only reason I'm playing this mini-game is just to get the hidden items....more info
  • All fighting games have officially been beaten!
    When I first heard about Tekken 5, I did not expect much. Then I saw a clip from the gameplay on a video gaming show and thought: Hmm... I could give it an try. Then I got it. I did not like it at first and stopped playing it. after a day or two I picked this game up from the shelf where it was collecting dust. I played it and I couldn't stop. I played, and played, and played, and played, and played until it was time for bed, then I woke up and played more.

    The graphics are basically amazing, the animation, the characters, the arenas, it rocks. Beats KOF: Maximum Impact, really. But there are some flaws and glitches but they rarely appear! Total 10/10 material!

    The sound is good. The SFX and music are incredible but some voice glitches. Some speak english and are fully understandable, but some speak chinese or japanese and that is impossible to understand, thank god for the subtitles, if it weren't for then, the only thing you would notice was endless: Chang, win, wang, walla, kunami, fimatamu, chingfaro, lang, lungfurcen etc.

    The gameplay is great, lots of moves and characters to unlock. However, I HATE THE LAST BOSS: JINPACHI!!! He is basically unbeatable and the only thing he says is: Hahahahahaha... that's it. He says nothing smart like Nina Williams does: Come on, baby. Show me what you got! Time to die! Isin't it past your bedtime already! And he is basically unwinnable. When I finally beated him (With Nina, my favorite!) I was treated to an lousy cutscene and another. The second was a movie starring Nina and her sister, Anna, fighting with swords. Nina dies (only in the movie, her death is fake, whew.) and Anna gets all the credit for the film while Nina just walks away... then picks up a button, puses it and the castle the film was set in, explodes, probably with Anna still in it and she dies! MWHUHUHUHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!

    Graphics: 9.9
    Sound: 8
    Gameplay: 10
    Peplay value: 10
    Overall: 10

    Final Verdict:
    Perfect, nuff said.

    Buy it now.

    Haven't buyed it already? DO IT NOW, YOU IDIOT!!!

    Move on. Buy!


    Don't wanna buy it? RENT it, then BUY it!!!

    Good bye!...more info
  • Less than ideal
    I have always been a fan of fighting games. As far as 3D ones go, I have great experience in the Dead or Alive series and proficiency with Soul Calibur 2. I fear that Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur may have spoiled me though. Recently I bought Mortal Kombat Deception and found it horribly awkward* compared to the fluid battles of Soul Calibur or Dead or Alive. I felt the same way when I played Tekken 5. Unlike the graceful and awesome animations of Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur, the movements of the characters in Tekken 5 are unrealistic and absurd. Try out Christie in Tekken 5 for example. Her idle animation is preposterous. If you have access to Dead or Alive 3, try putting out Leifang. Her idle animation is a thing of beauty. Every one of her moves flows perfectly from one to the next. This kind of grace is seriously lacking in the clunky Tekken 5.

    And now let us speak of character design. Tekken 5's characters are boring and uninspired. They run the gamut from miscellaneous boxer 1, 2, 3, and 4, to miscellaneous karate fighter 1, 2, 3, and 4. Oh. There are also a few shrieky girls in tight clothing, some of which seem to be Asian, if that's your thing. And then there's a guy in a cat mask. As awesome as that sounds, it looks silly in the game.

    If you have ever played Practice Mode on Dead or Alive you will probably recall with fondness that there is a feature that shows each move command at the top of the screen and keeps it there until you successfully perform that move. This feature, as useful as it is, is not present in Tekken 5. To be fair, it isn't found in any other fighting game that I have played, but it really should be.

    Without further ado, let me simply say that I do not recommend buying Tekken 5 if you have ever played Soul Calibur or Dead or Alive. The intro video is about as much excitement as the game can offer (I especially enjoyed the suicidal bicycle girl that rescued the kitten).

    *But at least Mortal Kombat Deception had Puzzle Kombat, which rocked my socks....more info
  • Not for the casual gamer
    I have a family and a job, so I play some 4-12 hours a week, this game requires much more time and dedication than I can allow. Even on easy the game keeps beating me for hours until I manage to finish history mode with a new character.
    The main difficulties I have are the d-pad as the only way to move the character, and the hard to learn combo system.
    I can learn basic moves and some stance-based moves, but I have no time to waste on learning complicated and timed sequences, it's made worse by the un-ergonomic d-pad, my left thumb is sore, I haven't find any way to use the analog stick instead. Even Mortal Kombat Deception and Deadly Alliance timed button combinations were easier, forgiving and more enjoyable.
    If the analog sticks were available then the game would be much different, for the better at least in my case, faster and friendlier, that's why I prefer soul calibur any day.
    The customization option is disappointing to me.
    Some characters are poorly designed. A bear and a Kangaroo!? Cute but no thanks.
    The final boss, fast and cheap as he is, the only two ways I have found to defeat him is by using high kicks, but it doesn't work every time, so I keep trying and trying. The other way is to attack by running and kicking. It's frustrating.
    Some of the music, sound effects and the announcer get really annoying when you must repeat again and again the same stage until you defeat the AI. Many times I've turned off the sound to achieve the necessary concentration to win a particularly difficult stage, Law for example gets really vicious in some of the higher stages.
    I haven't managed to do a single throw to the AI; well maybe I haven't tried hard enough or in the easier stages.

    The graphics are nice.
    The devil inside game mode is nice; the analog stick works in there.
    Some characters are nicely designed and some of then are friendlier for the casual gamer, with faster or easier moves or combinations. Nina, Lee, Hwoarang and Asuka for example, I haven't tried all of them yet.
    Huge selection of moves available to each character. Not really sure if this must be among the cons because many of these moves are long, difficult and timing-unforgiving combos.
    I haven't tried the player vs. player yet, but I assume is better, as the vicious and cheap AI is put aside.
    Includes full arcade versions of tekken 1, 2 and 3.
    The endings for each character are very nicely done, some of them are funny. The intro is very good too, music aside.

    OK, if you have the desire and the time to master this kind of game, then enjoy. If you don't, I would recommend soul calibur 2 or 3 instead, not toddler-easy but more entertaining and less frustrating. Rent it, if you want a try before buying it....more info
  • This game is a great fighting game. Modesty issues!!!
    This game is a great fighting game. I have serious problems with the dress of at least 2 of the female characters. Someone mentioned that you can earn points to dress them properly. It takes a lot of points just to buy gloves and hats, so don't think this will change unless you play this game every night to earn the points. I know for a fact that they have different outfits, but the standard ones for some are very exposing of certain female body parts. There is also a pool side scene that has bikini girls cheering on the fighters. Not good either!

    Be sides that, this game is pretty solid for older people, not for kids unless you can protect their eyes from the above concerns....more info
    That's all I have to say....okay, not really. Not only has NAMCO made another Tekken that beats the previous titles, it's another case of, "This latest Tekken(great fighting) game beats the latest Dead or Alive(crappy excuse for a fighting) game".

    I break down the game in the following categories:

    Gameplay - Now, Tekken has never been about "press buttons randomly and you'll stand a chance, dude!", that's Dead of Alive and Virtua Fighter. So once again there is a great deal of challenge involved. It's combo system is a better Tekken 4 combo system, but the juggle system is a dream, bringing back the glory days of Tripple T, which fits unsurprisingly excelently. The arenas are a little more interactive than the last game, the ground breaks beneath you when hit hard enough, although it looks the same in every stage. The only floor effects that look different are the glass and ice, they break like glass, obviously. I personally thinks it's a nice touch. Also, wall combos are harder to do, but are, in return for the sake of balance, harder to get out of than in 4. Each character is balanced perfectly and the 3 new characters, Asuka, who plays like Jun Kazama, and Feng Way and Raven, who have original fighting styles, fit in just like characters that have been in the series since the first game, and they are major fun to pick up, and once again, Jin Kazama's fighting style is almost completely redone form 4, but Devil Jin plays exactly like Tekken 3 Jin. The minigame could've used a lot of work.

    Graphics - With a new graphics system, 10 times better than 4. Clothes and Trees sway realisticly in the wind, and the arenas look better than ever before. Even the background life watching the action is more detailed, it's especialy fun to watch the Penguines and Seals play in the midst of the fighting in the arctic stage, that's right, not just in the background, but in the middle of the fighting. It's so funny to watch them move away from you when the action gets too close for them to handle.

    Content - Perfect, especialy with 32 characters, too bad the boss isn't playable without a gameshark or codebreaker though. Not to mention the fact that every character has 10 customizeable items and 24 colors for each outfit, plus characters even have alternate costumes to unlock, you unlock Eddy as Christies Alternate outfit. Plus the endings are awesome, and even more awesome are the mid-game cutscenes for all characters, some are serious, while others are extreemly hillarious. Best so far is the Arcade History mode, which includes the original arcade versions of Tekken 1, 2 and 3, which are available from the outset of play, plus one more unlockable game, the original arcade version of starblade, also, a demo of it is available automatically once you turn on the game during loading, and the modes are incredible, especially theater mode, which includes the American and Japanese E3 movies, and the 4 different versions of the intro movie. Arcade mode is also completely revamped, it uesd to be the version you get from the cabenet at the arcade, obviously. Now, Time Attack mode is the cabnet version of Tekken 5, and arcade mode is a ranking mode where you have an unlimitted ammount of opponents, much like survival, but you can continue after you lose. What happens is, you pick a name in the customization mode, then pick arcade mode, pick a character, then fight, you'll go up in ranking, and earn plenty of G, the currency of the game which you use to customize your character in customization mode. The amount of characters, customization items, and ranks keeps you playing forever.

    Replay value - Extreemly high.

    Bottom line, the game rules, it's got plenty of content, and great graphics to boot, and it deserves nothing less than the attention it's getting....more info
  • Hard as heck
    This game is a blast to play against a human opponent. The graphics are beyond compare. It is, by far, the best realistic fighter to date. Unfortunately, the game is near impossible to master in the single player mode. If you want to unlock any of the extra characters or features, be prepared for hours upon hours of frustration and sore thumbs. I can't begin to count the number of times I've died trying to beat the game in story mode, even with the game difficulty set to "easy". On the "bright" side, I'm sure a few more years of solid play (forsaking all other video games) will allow me to beat the game in easy mode....more info
  • Truly the best Tekken to date!
    I've played this game a few times now and truly believe it is the best of all the installments.

    The graphics are amazing. The characters look so life-like, even their clothes move along with the wind currents and the fabric looks so real. Tha backgrounds are among the best in Tekken as well. 5/5

    The game's music is... well, Tekken like. They set the mood with the backgrounds and fully immerse you in the fight. I love! the intro theme's. 4/5

    The story line continues after Tekken 4. If you've played all the games, you truly feel like you've been a part of everyone's adventure personally. All the fighters have their own reasons to fight and make you emotionally attached to them. This is one of the best fighter franchises' out there, right along with Street Fighter and The King of Fighters, even though they haven't had any SERIOUS games out for a while. (Capcom, where's CVS 3!?) 5/5

    The gameplay is outstanding. SOooo much better then Tekken 4. They took what was great about Tekken 3 and tag, and intergrated it with the pro's of Tekken 4 fighting. No more cheesy unlimited combo's like in tag, but not the bland fighting from Tekken 4. (even though asuka revives juns cheese, but I dont mind, you wont beat me anyways ;-) ) Every character has fantastic moves all their own. You have to master your own person to truly appraciate what they can do. Moves are easy to do and controls are excellent. This is my fav. reason for getting this game. Everyone has a chance without having to learn how to cut the cheese. Great for new-comers as well. 6/5!

    Extra's are an "extra" reason to keep playing even more. :-D With lots of unlockable characters and mastery chain to climb, you'll be fighting your little heart out. The changable outfits are such! a plus. Even though it's the first time they do this, I already want more outfit choices, lol. This game also includes Tekken 1, 2, and 3 along with an added game for Jin. 5/5

    Overall, Namco tought of everything they could to please the fans, and we greatly appreciate it!
    ...more info
  • Great First Time Play but Tekken is No Leader
    Tekken 4 without a TAG TEAM option that its processor had makes it only half of what it could have been. This school of thought is no different with Tekken 5 that just does what its predecessors did with more characters (need never buy Tekken 4 again) has the improved graphics engine look but there is no doubt that Tekken 6 will have everything that I am asking for and is sitting on a hard drive inside Namco HQ right now as we speak waiting to grab an extra few bucks when this quick fix entry is dead, so what if you included Tekken 1, 2 and 3 on this DVD - if we wanted that we would have asked for it! We WANT TAG. We wanted this as 4. Delivering on 4 that was half of this is just begging for attention from me, so Namco is going to get it!

    Fans of the series know what I am talking about. Sadly Tekken is not what is used to be because it does not lead anything anymore... or should I say for long. TAG is the best Tekken game that is let down in the graphics department (moving map backgrounds and character animations) but the map background bug I have noticed is back in Tekken 5, so I question how much is `new' here. Also the graphics are not beyond what "Virtual Fighter 4: Evolution" had to offer and is the main reason why Tekken needed a graphics boost in the first place and now, in 2005, Tekken matches VF4, maybe a little better detail in Tekken 5, but this asks the question what more does 2005 have to offer? I would guess lots better than Tekken 5. If you look closely at the new map impact system you can see that once something cracks, the crack effect disappears after making its impact so after a few games it sort of looks like the animation is coming from your characters more than the maps. I don't think the new world smashing system is wrong, it just could be better at this stage, however like Tekken 4 things do break and there seems to be more of it.

    The characters in Tekken 5 and the quality of the animations are the only reason to jump at getting Tekken 5, but when you have opened everything and played all the models and your friends have had a few rounds, it starts to sink in that this is what Tekken 4 should have been, last year. To be honest Namco's Tekken entries since the initial release of the PS2 have done nothing but knock this fighter flat on its face, but before we get to the cons lets talk a little about the pros. Tekken 5 corrects a number of Tekken game play issues, like Tekken 4's limitation to a shocking 10 players, reducing it by 20 from the previous 30 player staggering TAG entry, Tekken 5 now has the same. Tekken 4 also gives us an extra one-player level fight setting and improves on the graphics, even the colourful design looks better, provides more moves for each character (but not much just a little more) and corrects the TAG fight move-sharing problem meaning that most characters do not share many moves which is good. So if you are looking for more unique moves per character then Tekken 5 has it (4 is gone), however TAG wins Tekken 5 in terms of its lifespan and game play (even if you own Tekken 5 or 4 friends will still ask you to put this disc in), so the tag game play makes TAG a better buy. Tekken 5 does not solve the old `this character is better than that character' syndrome that 4 solved. Some characters just rule others by default of button bashing, Tekken 4 is more balanced than 5, but 5 is a more fluid fighting game when characters are not mismatched.

    However TAG rulez Tekken 5 and this is bad news for Namco because this game is not even remotely close to the kind of quality that they could have delivered on... and believe it or not, Tekken TAG isn't a whole pile better either. The PS2 has not had the good Tekken gamer it deserves which is bad because Tekken is for the PS2! This one gets 3 stars like 4 because it is nothing NEW and by this stage should be. I know they are just sitting on TAG for 6, so BAH! AVOID if you can unless you really need a game (get MGS3: Snake Eater instead) and certainly wait for other 2005 games, get this when it goes cheap platinum style.

    - Better graphics than TAG and 4.
    - 30 characters and some new ones.
    - Did not deliver anything expected of the Tekken series by 2005.
    - Nice animations


    - NO TAG!
    - Background glitches and character mismatching are back.
    - Done it all before.
    - We know they just want to sell TAG as Tekken 6. So wait for 6....more info
  • Tekken 5: Nothing new ... maybe even a little dull :|
    I bought Tekken 5 in April and have had it for a couple of months now. I really love the customize option, but the gameplay has gotten dull now. I have all the other Tekkens and now I realize to myself: I know all the moves and what to expect from each fighter, so now all the surprises are gone. The arenas are also boring; you can't even throw your opponents from the tops of buildings or through walls, none of that good stuff.

    Namco needs to revamp Tekken (I heard they where making a completely new set of characters for Tekken PS3). They need some multi-tiered arenas and lots of new fighters. Hopefully the next Tekken will have this.

    -Kazami Ami...more info
  • Superb game with a few defensive issues
    Very nice...very nice. Infact Namco has outdone themselves (until the PS3 arrives that is) in this remarkable game. Now, everything you read from the other people who have owned the game longer than a month, and reviewed it, is TRUE. However there's one thing they forgot to mention:

    In respect to the fighting system, there's a little shortage of defense here even as impressive and balanced the fighting is. Comparison to Tekken 4, side-stepping, recovery from knock downs, walls (especially) have been limited to an extent. Side stepping (from Tekken Tag) has been brought back as "tap, quick tap and hold to strafe", unlike the relatively more useful "tap to move, tap and hold to strafe" in Tekken 4. This problem is really a massive headache (especially in difficulty Ultra Hard) when you ABSOLUTELY need to evade (i.e., Jinpachis' cheating, Irvin, Asuka Kazama), because if it is a failed attempt and you rush the D-pad command to side-step? You'll end up JUMPING straight up and making yourself 10 times more vulnerable than you were crouch-gaurding and praying they won't make a Mid-attack.

    Tekken 5 is a close-knit match of trying to excecute the best counter move, and unleash a string of mid-air combos to gain the advantage. This in part (taking away the multi-tierd levels in Tekken 4), walls are a problem. What makes it worse, Namco has decidedly taken out "Wall Ukemi" or Wall recovery to make the situation more dramatic and strategic. But this is where I see a conflict in the system: it's strictly YOU or THEM that gains a sudden advantage you suddenly can't escape from. Tekken 4 for instance gave you the opportunity to press either "square" or "triangle" right at the moment your opponent throws, kicks, punches etc., you against a wall; allowing you to quickly back from against it and turn-evade (which was interesting in itself, because if you THOUGHT you had an advantage by cornering your foe against a wall, and your opponent is still in the game...adding MORE strategy on how to defeat him). Well...that's gone. You hit the wall (doesn't have to be a strong attack, counter or clean) you'll be suspended against it TRYING to fall to the ground, while your opponent completes a "remarkable comeback".

    A lot of elements from Tekken Tag have been refitted and brought into a new source of goodness. However this means the speed you roll away from being knocked down, and the distance you DO roll away has been limited. Tekken 4: knocked down? Press "square" to continue to roll at least 3 or 4 times, giving yourself a good distance to recooperate from the enemy. Quickly I might add. Tekken 5: knocked down? Prepare to roll away and get hit anyway by a low kick. It's a frame or 1 and 1/2 frame slower to get up in Tekken 5 than Tekken 4, and this makes a great difference in those moments you NEED that extra little handicap.

    Besides all of that, I'm pleased with the GREATLY IMPRESSIVE additions to the series. My Sister doesn't understand how I can play arcade mode and fight until I get to stage 115. It's so ADDICTIVE and intriguing to fight "ghosts" of great Arcade fighters (particularly Tekken Lords [highest rank]), on Ultra Hard and get all that money. So I came down on the defense in this game...it's no reason for anybody not to buy or at LEAST rent it. It's truely a game for the ages, and trust me: it'll still be in my archives when the PS4 comes around. ...more info
  • Tekken 5
    GRAPHICS: *****

    This game has wonderful graphics! There is shadowing, un-awkward movement, loads of detail, realistic-looking scenery, and tons of color. Looking back at past Tekken games (one and two-player battle from Tekken 1, 2, and 3 is included on this game) you can see major, MAJOR graphic improvement.

    CHARACTERS: ****

    Each character has their own personality and reason for entering the tournament. There are sweet, innocent girls (Julia and Xiayou) loud-mouthed, tough-stuff guys (Paul and Hwoarong) and all the in-between. New characters include Asuka Kazama (an extremely skilled fighter) and Raven (a mysterious man with great moves). It's a little harder to find the fighting potential in some characters, but that's where random-button-pressing comes in handy.

    FIGHTING: ****

    The fighting is naturally rather unrealistic, considering that if a macho man snapped your arm you probably wouldn't be getting back up, but it's still entertaining. And as weird as it sounds, it actually makes you feel accomplished to see that red-and-purple blood squirting out of your enemy.

    MODES: *****

    Besides the mode where you get to fight through the tournament while watching your character's wishes come true, there are many other modes to explore. A few are the time attack mode, the survival mode, the mini adventure game called "The Devil Within", versus mode, team battle mode, character modification mode, and a mode where you get to do one-player and two-player battling from Tekken, Tekken 2, and Tekken 3. A little more than expected, if I do say so myself.

    CONTENT: **

    Sorry, Namco, but I've got to rate the content pretty low! I can't help always feeling nervous whenever my little brother is playing, too. Naturally, you have the girls with the skimpy little outfits who strut around like they're out to get a boyfriend instead of a fight (putting it mildly) and then there's the fighters who cuss all the time (thank goodness it only comes up in subtitles with the foreign people). There is also one fighting area in which someone is repeatedly chanting a cussword in the background, but smaller kids aren't likely to notice unless they have sharp ears. I know some people might roll their eyes at me, but I know others will appreciate me giving my opinion on this before they run out and buy it for their little kid.

    OVERALL: ***

    When I averaged my rating for each part of the game, I got three stars. I personally would have rated it four stars, though. I think the main thing that pulled my rating down was the content, but I'm not going to change it, because I honestly do think that the content in Tekken 5 is much worse than that in Tekken 4. One huge thing that comes to mind whenever I think of the trash-meter is the video clip in which Nina's strappy gladiator outfit begins to snap off. But if you don't have a little person in your house that could walk into the room at anytime, or you are perfectly fine with your little one seeing more PG-13 type content, then I recommend this game to you! Don't get me wrong, it's my favorite fighting game! Just keep in mind that it isn't "The Cleanest Video Game of '05". ...more info
  • More classic Tekken-ness
    I have been a fan of fighting games since Kung-Fu Master, Yie-Ar Kung-Fu & Ring King (telling my age a bit there.. ) & will always have a fondness for this genre as long as I continue to play video games, which at this point in time is about 27(!) years strong. I have been a fan of this series since I eventually gave in to the fact that Street Fighter games were not the do-all end-all to fighters ( though I am still in love with them as well!). Though my favorite is Tekken 2, this is definitely a close 2nd. It is the most comprehensive ( number of fighters including unlockables) & the gameplay has been tweaked just enough so that it is very seamless & intuitive. So 'button-mashers' can grab Christie & be competitive but an experienced Kuma player would still be able to take them out. It has an adventure game included as well as three fully-playable previous Tekkens (2-4 I believe .. ) .. Definitely worth the price ... Why are you still reading this? Scroll up! You may be able to get this within the next two days with free shipping ! ...more info
  • Superb PS2 fighting game.
    From the moment i popped Tekken 5 and got a look at its graphics i was hooked. The environments, backgrounds, and characters look beyond awesome.

    But what about the gameplay? It rocks!

    The fighting and special moves is surprisingly very deep with numerous of throws, combos, blocks, and counters. I have barely even scratched the surface in terms of learning moves...

    Though i do have a few gripes with this game.
    1) Money is tough to get. There are tons of custom items and colors for every character and they costs tons of money. After beating story mode with each character the only way to earn quick money is through arcade mode. Arcade mode gives you about $1000 per win but when items cost as much as $500000 it can take a bit of fighting to get that high...

    2) The mini-game Devil Within is pretty lame. Sure the boss fights were pretty cool but the game is way too long for what it is. You fight the same enemy over and over and fight through identical rooms over and over. It gets boring real quick...

    Still, in the end this game has tremendous replay value with its 30 characters and will keep you kicking and punching away for a long time... well at least until Soul Calibur 3 is released....more info
  • Tekken 5
    i think tat this game is the overall game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it has the fighting the story the adventure anything that u want
    ...more info
  • Still king
    Definetly better than tekken 4, gone back to Tekken Tags way except this is waaaaaaay faster. By the way jinpachi's grave appears in Tekken 2 in Wangs end video. Do any of you know if he is playable in Tekken 5. SPOILER I know heihachi is because he is still alive. The characters range over 30. The only problem is what happened to my fav character True Ogre. Couldnt he come back to life instead of heihachi. Ogre does appear as a boss in Jin's game Devil Within which if you complete once you unlock another background, Devil Jin and other bonuses. If you play it again after completing it you can pick up really expensive customisation items such as the old Devils wings for Kazuya, Angels wings for Devil Jin, Armor Kings mask for King etc ...more info
  • I Love this Game!!!
    In terms of overall quality, this game is light-years better than Tekken 4. The graphics are terrific, the gameplay has improved dramatically, and they got rid of that annoying position change feature. I especially love the customization feature. My only problem is playing against Jinpachi, who usually takes me about 15 tries before getting a lucky shot to beat him. Other than that, this game is terrific....more info
  • It's Good... But....
    I was very excyted when thys game hit the shelves.. I'm overseas... so we get games late... I'd already heard fantastic reviews about it... and was anxious to play the next generation of fyghters... My brother and I currently play Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution...

    Well, my gyrlfriend and I were the fyrst to play Tekken 5... We played 82 straight VS matches... Each character had a lot of moves available... and I eventually stuck with Nina to try and figure her moves out... When my gyrlfriend's fingers gave up on her... I settled in for a good die hard practice session and that's when I decyded I would styck with Evolution forever...

    See... Practice mode in Virtua Fighter - They will show you the button combo on the top of the screen... P,P,K. ... With Tekken 5, you get 2 characters facing each other... you have to pause, select the character move lists, P,P,K... then go back to the game and see if you execute it correctly... In V.F.4 - when you complete the move correctly, it will display the character's next move in their move list... In Tekken you get nothing... Which is pathetic.. because Nina has a 17 hit combo... am I supposed to look at the move list, then execute it... How am I supposed to learn thys... It sucks..

    Next up is fyght school... V.F.4 has a great tutorial mode where you take your player and perfect your skills.. for example.. you may have to punch and dodge ryght... If you do thys successfully, it will graduate you to another task... Thys feature is totally myssing in Tekken 5... thus adding to the steeper learning curve...

    Thys totally sucks... Sigh... The game is beautiful visually... and it's a button masher... My gyrlfriend and her syster battled each other using the circle button exclusively... I teased them about it, then found myself doing it...

    I thynk I will leave Tekken 5 alone and play a greater fyghting game... Virtua Fyghter 4 Evolution.. it may be an oldie but it's definitely styll the best... Rent or buy them & compare for yourself...

    Peace..~G...more info
  • "I'll brake your face !!!"
    What a great game. It includes lots of good characters and my favourite fighter is Craig Marduk, who is 8 feet tall. Beside this King(6'7), Paul(6'2) and Bruce(6'1) are also very good fighters. There are lots of good combos and each character has his own fighting-style. Tekken 5 could earn five stars, if there weren't any bad characters like Ling Xiaouy, Panda, Roger, Wang, Anna and Jinpachi. I could kill them with my own, bloody fists. Also some fightin'-arenas (like Moonlit Wilderness, Poolside and Waterfall) suck. The graphic is perfect and Tekken 5 is also very easy to play. You can play Tekken, Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 and that's fantastic. The Devil Within-mode rocks, there you can find out Jin Kazama's story.

    I think, that Tekken 5, Mortal Kombat Deception and MK The Shaolin Monks are the best Beat 'em up games ever....more info
  • The King Of Iron Tournament 5
    When Hon-Maru is destroyed, Somebody starts The King Of Iron Tournament 5. We all really like games like Tekken 5, But some play GameCube, XBox... Tekken 5 is the latest game or tournament. The characters in Tekken 5 are Nina, Anna, Baek, Xiayou, King, Marduk, Lee, Julia, Ganryu, Christie, Kzuya, Heihachi, Jin, Devil Jin, Mokujin, Wang, Kuma, Panda, Roger Junior, Bruce, Raven, Feng, Asuka, Paul, Law....

    The Story Battle is the most exciting game. It tells why these characters enter the Tournament 5. After you defeat, Jinpachi mishima, Heihachi's father, you unlock one of the character's movie. You also earn Fight Money to Cosdtumize your characters.

    The Arcade Battle is where the Ranking Matches and Demotion Riskes occurs. All you need to do is fight, fight.... I already became a Tekken Lord by using Nina Williams. Before you will be a Tekken Lord, you have to be promoted to 9th kyu, 8th kyu, 7th kyu, 6th kyu, 5th kyu, 4th kyu, 3rd kyu, 2nd kyu, 1st kyu, 1st dan, 2nd dan, 3rd dan, 4th dan, 5th dan, Shihan, Expert, Master, Virtuoso, Champion, Legend, Sage, Warlord, Conqueror, Deity and Tekken Lord. Very long right?. By the way, You can make your player name.

    The Practice Mode is where you do your moves, I always use Nina. They have 3 choices. Defense Training, Vs. CPU, Freestyle.

    The game is so perfect. Please buy it....more info
  • Number 5 happens to be my favorite number.
    Despite offering a variety of new gameplay features, Tekken 4 was a bit of a letdown for a lot of Tekken fans. At a time when Virtua Fighter 4 was all the rage and Soul Calibur II was gaining a lot of deserved attention, Tekken seemed to have slipped out of the limelight and fallen behind. As a long time Tekken fan I thought this was a shame, as I really did enjoy Tekken 4 and felt it was a great game overall. After revolutionising arcades outside of Japan with a card-based ranking system in 2004, Tekken 5 has now hit the PlayStation 2 in an attempt to bring the series back to its well-deserved former glory.

    There are no extra elements thrown into the battles this time; no breakable walls, no cliffs to fall from and the position switch from Tekken 4 is gone as well. What Tekken 5 does offer, however, is some of the finest martial arts action you can find anywhere. Each character has been revamped with plenty of new moves and animations, and like Tekken 4 there are very few "clone" characters that simply have the similar or exact moves as another character. Jin Kazama again uses a traditional Karate move set instead of the Mishima style used by Kazuya and Heihachi, while the three new characters offer not only great new styles but excellent personalities as well. Raven, a mysterious special agent apparently involved in the 'death' of Heihachi, uses an absolutely fantastic Ninjitsu style that has easily made him one of my favourite Tekken fighters ever. Feng Wei, a new Chinese warrior chasing down scrolls stolen by the Michima Zaibatsu, uses a great Chinese Kenpo technique. Finally, Asuka Kazama uses her own Kazama style based on traditional martial arts taught to her by her father.

    Aside from the expected Tekken warriors such as Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu, Kazuya Michima, Jin Kazama, Hwoarang, Nina and Anna Williams, King, Lei Wulong, a new Jack-5 model, Martial Law (Forest must still be running around causing trouble outside of the tournaments), Julia Chang, Kuma and Panda, there are some surprise returns from characters who haven't been around as of late, some of which featured in Tekken 2 but were dropped when the game made a 19 year leap to Tekken 3. Ganryu brings his expected Sumo style back to Tekken, Bruce Irvine gives Bryan Fury a run for his money by adding another kickboxing style to the fray, even Hwoarang's mentor Baek Doo San is back, as well as Wang Jinrei and Lee Chaolan (as himself, not Violet).

    Tekken 4's debut characters also return with their great styles from before, each with updated move sets. Eddy Gordo fans still need to get their fix from Christy Monteiro's lighting quick Capoeira style again, as Namco made a respectable move and left him out of the tournament once again (his storyline just didn't make sense to include him again) and British boxer extraordinaire Steve Fox brings a refreshing and unique style to Tekken 5. Finally, the murderer of Armour King and the original King from Tekken 1 and 2 returns as well; of course I'm referring to the Vale Tudo warrior Craig Marduk. Each and every character brings something unique to the game and there truly is something for every player. All the great styles make for some absolutely fantastic bouts with great motion captures for every strike; the slow motion replay at the end of each match making it that much better.

    It's true that this game lacks some of the almost standard features found in games like Mortal Kombat: Deception and Dead Or Alive, like interactive arenas or online play, but the sheer fun of the battles almost makes up for it. From throws to a freeform combo system, powerful slow strikes and amazing juggle combos, Tekken 5 is what martial arts action should be all about. When a game lacks online play and flashy arena destruction, it needs to have a great fighting engine to counteract these omissions and Tekken 5 certainly does.

    One thing it has over a lot of the competition is a great storyline and fantastic characters. The mysterious devil gene within Jin and Kazuya is always intriguing and makes for some epic battles and attacks, and the grandfather-father-son relationship between them and Heihechi is very cool. Almost every other character is memorable in their own way too, some due to the amount of time they've had with the series (Paul for example) and some due to fantastic character designs and personalities (Raven fits this one well.) Yoshimitsu and King are both mysterious classics in their own rights, while Bryan Fury is such an absolute badass that you can't help but like him. The Tekken cast are all much more memorable than the cast of similar titles like Virtua Fighter and Dead Or Alive for example and in my opinion they rival even the great cast of Mortal Kombat: Deception.

    Though the boss in Tekken 5 almost feels like a deus ex machina that Namco pulled out to simply have a final powerful boss, he actually does have some relevance to the story. Some players will undoubtedly be turned away by the style of boss this is; instead of being a great fighter who has mastered the arts, he simply has a small variety of very powerful attacks that he repeats multiple times, one of which takes nearly all of your life and can only be strafed around (which is hard to do quickly) and he'll usually repeat the attack instantly after you dodge it, thus hitting you anyway. Though challenging for a while, once you get the hang of his attacks you should easily be able to come up with a way around him; it might just take quite a few rounds for each character.

    Tekken 5 features an enhanced difficulty level, referred to as Ultra Hard that is sure to give some players a headache. The AI randomises their attacks, so it can be difficult to tell what is coming; however, Tekken vets who have been playing and mastering the game for years (or just die-hard fans of fighting games) will probably be able to overcome even the ultra hard difficulty quickly.

    Of course, with every fighting game there is something equally as important as the fighters and that is where the warriors are fighting! Though Tekken 5 lacks dynamic environments that change areas as the battle progresses, it features some very clever and fantastic looking stages. For instance, the Dragon's Nest sits high atop a mountain area and displays a giant dragon in the background that falls apart when players are thrown against it. The Cathedral is an epic looking arena that features some amazing lighting and sees battles with Jin's amazing devil form. Speaking of lighting, Moonlit Wilderness has to be one of the most impressive fighting grounds I have ever seen in a game, taking place in a field full of tall grass under a bright moonlit night, near to some ancient statues, with each character emitting a beautiful glow. Stages like the Waterfall are full of puddles of water that react as characters walk over them or land in them, while Pirate's Cove has mounds of gold coins that scatter throughout the arena as the battles take place. Empty swimming pools, a penguin-infested Polar Paradise, a dojo in the process of burning down and an underground illegal fighting arena are also included, with plenty of others too.

    Tekken 5's arenas are not without their share of interaction; there are plenty of objects that are destroyed when a player slams into them and almost every time a fighter lands on the ground, various cracks are made as pieces of concrete come apart. My only disappointment with the arenas is the final boss battle, which feels primitive in both design and graphics. It is also unfortunate that King's sky-tower arena has been dropped, as it could have looked truly spectacular!

    In the arcades, Tekken 5 had a nifty feature that was only previously available in Japan, where the players had cards that kept their nicknames, records and customised characters on it. Hell, players could even bring their PS2 controller and plug it into the arcade! You could say the game was an arcade revolution and some of these features have been brought over to the PS2. Like Virtua Fighter 4, the arcade mode pits you against "ghosts" of real players, who play like the actual players do. You'll see their nickname displayed below their health bar, as well as their rank (ranging from beginner, 9th Kyu, up to 1st and beyond) The difficulty is determined by the challenger's rank and each ghost profile has customised characters, so they all look different from each other, even when two profiles use the same fighter. As you beat challengers you gain points that eventually allow you to level up to a higher rank. The system is a great one and adds a lot of replay to what could have been a dreadfully stale arcade mode.

    I'm having difficulty sitting at the keyboard to write this, because at the moment I'm having an absolute blast ranking up my custom King so I can earn money to put towards new purchases for other characters. Tekken 5 features a great section that allows you to purchase numerous visual enhancements to any character in the game, for both of their outfits. Accessories vary for each character and range from the wacky to plain awesome. For instance, one character can be equipped to have a giant fish on their back, or maybe simply a backpack. A couple of fighters can have holstered guns or sawed off shotguns, or maybe just a wallet chain or handcuffs. One of the best things however are the hair styles and masks. King can be equipped with around four different masks, one being Armour Kings and another actually revealing part of his face. Devil Jin can have long hair that covers almost his entire face and goes down below his chest making him look truly evil. Another great customisation, and probably the best, is the ability to change the colour of almost every part of any outfit, giving each character your own unique feel. Though a lot of the characters in the game look spectacular (I can't stress it enough, Namco has outdone themselves when it comes to character designs here), if you dislike one it is easy to change their outfit around until you like it.

    Though the menus don't look at all as I expected and much of them seem to have a lot of empty space, the presentation of Tekken 5 otherwise is phenomenal. From the moment you boot up the game and play a short shooting game during the loading screen, to the absolutely AMAZING introduction sequence (perhaps one of the greatest opening scenes ever created with fantastic music to boot), your senses are in for a real treat with this title. The ending cinema sequences are usually incredibly good, some enormously funny (Asuka Kazama, Paul Phoenix, Lee Chaolan), some full of incredibly well directed action (Bryan Fury, Yoshimitsu, Hwoarang) and some just plain cool (Jin). The introductions take a nice twist as well, featuring superb artwork with a good narration overlap that does a great job introducing the character and why they're in the tournament.

    The graphics in Tekken 5 are ace all around and very smooth on top of that. Featuring some of the best lighting effects I've seen in a fighting game, the detail on the characters' muscles, clothes and hair is simply phenomenal and every single frame of animation is an absolute joy to watch. Moves flow together well even if they aren't a proper combo and you'll be surprised how great an exchange of moves between competitors ends up looking, especially during the replays; there's even some incredibly cool throw counters hidden away as well. The signature energy blasts that debuted in the original Tekken are still here and light up the characters in a really fantastic way. Concrete cracks, glass shatters, water splashes, wood breaks; Tekken 5 excels in almost every way when it comes to graphics and the sound is not short of spectacular either.

    Every sound effect for every punch, kick, throw and swipe is satisfying and the sound of a character's body smashing against a brick wall is perfect. Unlike KOF: Maximum Impact, the voices in this game are spot on and fit each character well. It is rare that characters end up sounding how you thought they would when you first saw them, yet most of these seem to do just that, which is good since you'll hear them talking quite a bit in story mode both in and out of fights. Worth noting is that each character speaks their native tongue as well, so you won't find Kazuya speaking perfect English here. The music is superb, in the cinematics, menus and the battles themselves with each stage getting its own background music. All of these can be listened to via the theatre mode, which is where you can re-watch any characters prologue and epilogue as well.

    Unfortunately Tekken 5 is not online, which I almost considered marking it down for, but the game is so outstanding in every other aspect that it would pain me not to give it the praise it deserves after the amount of work Namco has obviously put into this title. There are no flashy sections in matches where the characters move from area to area; just pure, perfect martial arts action. Every character has a deep system of moves and combos; you'll probably continue discovering new abilities weeks after you started. Wrestling fans will be amazed at the amount of work put into King's move set that really makes him feel like an actual wrestler and not a big fighter in wrestling gear.

    Even without online play, there is plenty of replay value hidden away, with a full ending for each character, dozens of fighters to unlock, hundreds of accessories to buy with money you must earn and a variety of modes expected from a fighting game. The arcade mode really packs in a lot of replay value with the great ranking system, as well. Finally there is a new third person action mode, similar to Tekken Force, called Devil Within, staring Jin. Though it is fun playing through once, it is nothing worth writing home about but offers some good, classic beat 'em up action and delves deeper into the history of Jin. If this wasn't enough, Tekken 5 even comes with arcade perfect ports of Tekken, Tekken 2, and Tekken 3. I don't even have to tell you why this is a good thing... Anybody who enjoys a trip of nostalgia will love it.

    Tekken 5 may lack online play, but trust me when I say that is all it lacks. It is an amazing fighting game, sure to please fans of the series and the fighting genre, bringing the franchise back to its roots and offering outstanding martial arts action. My only real complaint is that more new characters would have been appreciated, although the amount of fighters returning from Tekken 2 almost makes up for it. If you're looking for a superb fighting game for the PS2 with awesome characters, arenas, a good story and outstanding, addictive gameplay then look no further, as Namco have outdone themselves here; welcome the King of Iron Fist Tournament back to glory!
    ...more info
  • The King of Iron Fist is Back and Reigns Supreme Once Again
    Let me start off by saying this as of right now Tekken 5 is the best fighter on the planet. Nothing can compete, not Soul Calibur, not DOA, not Mortal Kombat, not even Virtua Fighter 4 (sorry) nothing! Game play wise my beloved Tekken Tag is close to Tekken 5 but overall it falls short of Tekken 5's greatness. Another thing that people say about Tekken is that its control scheme is too simple. Yeah right, the control system is easy to pick up but difficult to master. I'm not bias either, as I owned every one of these titles above. With that being said, I am a huge Tekken fan. I own every one (Tekken 1-3 are 3 of the 4 PSOne games I still own) Tekken redeems itself with The King of Iron First 5. I thought Tekken 4, with its super gorgeous graphics, sucked. It did, it strayed away from what is Tekken. The single biggest flaw of Tekken 4 was the enhanced side stepping which in turn changed the blocking system.

    Tekken 5 returns the series to the top of the fighting genre. Gone are the "enhanced" features of Tekken 4, so now the game plays like Tekken Tag & Tekken 3. The breakdown is as follows

    Game Play:
    Every Tekken plays faster and more fluid than the last and the latest iteration is no different. Tekken 5 is the fastest and most fluid entry ever. It has all the modes that that you would expect like theater mode, etc. This is Tekken at its best. It reminds of the first time I played Tekken Tag at PS2's launch. My friends and I played for hours and Tekken 5 has us doing that again. But perhaps the biggest change is the arcade mode. Arcade mode is now never ending, as you complete for money and for ranking. The more you win the more money you earn. Likewise, the higher ranked player you defeat the faster your rank goes up. You can use the money to customize your character by buying various items for them. This mode alone really extends the game. An online mode would send this game into the stratosphere.

    The controls are so freaking responsive, it amazing. The level of control is as responsive on the Dual Shock 2 as a mouse and keyboard are to a FPS. No Joke!

    Oh my God, Man...Dude, the graphics are amazing this is probably the best looking game on PS2 and on any console period. The graphics are just slightly below the FMV of the intro. Basically its FMV quality at all times. The backgrounds are amazing, simply amazing. On one stage, the arena is on fire and there is a heat haze effect that blurs the characters and environment so amazingly. You have to see it for yourself. All the stages are very different and equally amazing.

    The sound is amazing as well. It sounds so good on a home theater system. This shows that the PS2 can produce some dazzling audio on par with Xbox. I would know since I own both. My favorite song is `Street Wise' it's a cool techno song that is awesome (so is the stage that accompanies it). Sometimes I just turn the game on go to theater mode and listen to the music.

    The arcade mode adds plenty of life to the game as there are lots of items to purchase and it will take a good deal of time take the 30+ characters to the highest rank not to mention deck them all out. Again an online mode would cement this game as the greatest fighter. Also "Ultra Hard" is the most challenging it has ever been. It will test newcomers and veteran players alike, especially the final boss who is the cheapest character in the history of fighting games. Traditionally Tekken's final bosses have been weak, excluding Heihachi and Unknown from Tag but this is ridiculous. I have never been so frustrated playing a game. I may have broken my controller from throwing it so much and banned myself from Heaven with all the swearing that was going on when I first played this bastard. Just thinking about him makes me want to give him the Lightning Uppercut right now!

    You can tell from my review above my favorite word is amazing. That's because I can't thing of anything else to describe this bad boy. The 10th anniversary of the Tekken series is it's finest. Go ahead and buy this junk!

    Also, I thought that the 2nd biggest flaw of Tekken 4 was to change Jin Kazama's fighting style. My dominance just disappeared over night. He had the perfect blend of high, low, power and juggle attacks. I had...well still have a difficult time regaining my dominance with Jin, especially since Halo 2 is out. However, I am happy to report that he is back with all the Mishima-ryu fighting style as Devil Jin. And Tekken 4's Jin has some new moves that make his twice as deadly as he was in Tekken 4, particularly his "mental alertness" stance is freaking awesome as so many bone breaking moves and combos can be done from this stance. He's like Jack Bauer from Fox's Twenty Four a badass....more info
  • Teken 5 rocks!!
    This game is awsome because the graphics are beutiful and the voicing is awsome as well.Plus the opening movie is so cool I watch it every time i play it.The Devil Within mode is not as cool as the arcade mode,but i still get a kick out of it.I recomend this game to Teken fans,figting fans,Namco fans,and people who can't get anough martia arts!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great fighting game, probably the best on the market
    This is the best Tekken and probably the best fighting game out right now (on the PS2 for sure). This game brings Tekken to the next level, I never really liked Tekken that much; until now! This game kicks major ass. Easy to learn combo system and if you use it right it can get complicated for all those very serious gamers. Great graphics the backgrounds, character models and cutscenes look amazing. Each character has their own storyline so theres not really a great story though some have better ones than others. The Audio isn't top notch but still good you can strecth the game lenth out for months if you totally customize your character and get them to the highest level and get all the characters. Great game pick it up NOW! Namco my hat goes off to you on your execellent game you just got another Tekken fan and I look foward to the next game.

    Graphics-great cutscenes, good backgrounds, and nice character models

    Audio and Dialouge-not the best but still pretty good

    Storyline- each character has a different reason for entering the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 some are better than others and some just flat-out suck

    Length and Replay-some games are plagued with shortness and no replay value but not this one

    Overall-9.25 out of 10...more info
  • happy grandson
    I bought this game for my grandson. It had already been on the market for several months but every time we went shopping for it, it was out of stock. I should have gone to Amazom.com to begin with. Anyway, my grandson loves the game, was very excited to get it....more info
  • Fun with Tekken 5
    It's been a while since I last played a Tekken. I had a brief experience with Tekken Tag Team which was a lot of fun. But the last Tekken I'd played primarily was Tekken 3. Tekken 5 blows it completely out of the water, as one would expect. It's got the most amazing graphics, which comparing it to Tekken 1-3 (which comes included in the game) makes those characters look like mutants.

    The new stages and music are absolutely stunning. A far cry from Tekken 3. Though Tekken Tag Team was fun since one could almost interact (kill) the spectators. The stages are uniquely amusing since one can travel to a lovely country side (by a church?), to a pool party, and beyond (space: the final frontier)!

    I suppose my only main complaint would be that Xiaoyu looks too old to be acting the way she does (disturbing), and that Law looked completely different: unrecognizable until I looked at his Move List. That and the thumbnails for the characters were pretty tiny.

    On a side note, it seemed that Tekken decided to include one of those overpowered bosses that takes off about 1/3+ HP with every hit in their Story Mode. Difficult, but fun once you get the hang of it.

    Over all this game was a lot of fun with the inclusion of a few new characters, and new moves. The fighting is smooth and slick with the hope that the opponent does not spend his entire time crouching. Steve will always make me laugh since I tried to use him without looking at his list. Needless to say I was quite surprised to find out that he had absolutely no ability to kick whatsoever (I hadn't known he was a boxer at the time). Rather, he dodged in his Boxer style. He does have an amusing toe stomp ability though, a cheap way to take off quite a bit of HP quickly and cheaply.

    Top notch from the Tekken franchise so far. Can't wait to see what they'll come out with next....more info
  • Its Tekken what more can you ask for
    Well what can I say. ITS TEKKEN!!

    The game was well packed, brand new, and worked great!
    Also delivered on time, No Problems there....more info
  • Not the Greatest Fighting Game, but it's okay
    Hey--I kicked a lot of people's butt in this game....more info
  • It makes me so mad when people....
    say that this is "The Best Fighting Game Ever". Gime a flipping break people. Yes Tekken 5 is a good game, but don't proclaim that it is much better than the hundred other fighting games out there.

    There are even a few lesser known oddball games like Def Jam Fight for NY, and Rumble Roses (the sexy wrestling game) which many people like a LOT.

    It all depends on your tastes and how realistic you like your fighting games. Personally, I prefer Virtua Fighter Evolution. As a matter of fact, Tekken 5 designers STOLE the customization idea from VFE. COPYCATS!...more info
  • Cant stop playing
    I love this game I play it all the time. If you dont have it...Get it!!...more info
  • Tekken 5
    Its good it has other tekken games in it. It takes alot of points to unlock stuff though....more info
  • One of the best fighting games on the ps2.
    Fans of this game's genre are always looking for a great fighter for their console, and because their are comparatively far less fighting games, it's quite rare to find a trully impressive one. Tekken, however, has always taken the cake when it comes to a deep, fun, and proffesional fighting experience, and does Tekken 5 have all these great qualities? Definetly.

    Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just want to have some fun with your buddies, you've found the perfect title. Namco does an extremely fluid job of breaking all the barriers of fighting game entertainment. There is so much veriety, so much to do, to unlock, to enjoy, that whether you like these types of game or not, you will be hooked.

    Take me, im a critic, a tough one for that matter, and I can't find a single thing wrong with this game, other then the fact that an online mode wasn't included. But how much will it matter when you have a rich, deep gameplay system, extrodinary visuals, outstanding replay value, and 30, count them, 30 intruiging playable character to battle with and master? I say this without a studder, this will have you playing for hours upon hours with a friend or relative, becuase this is one of those games where there is little more to ask for.

    5/5...more info


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