Nature Made SAM-e Complete, 400mg Tablets, 36 Tablets
Nature Made SAM-e Complete, 400mg Tablets, 36 Tablets

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Product Description

Safety Information Foil blister pack ensures safety and freshness. Do not use if tamper evident printed foil seal over tablets is broken. Store in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children. People with bipolar (manic) depression should not take this or any other product containing Sam-E except under a doctor's supervision. If you are pregnant or nursing or taking prescription antidepressant medications, consult your doctor before using this product. Ingredients S-Adenosylmethionine Tosylate Disulfate, Cellulose Gel, Methacrylic Acid Copolymer, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Talc, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide. May Also Contain: Glycerol Behenate, Triethyl Citrate, Glycerol Palmitostearate, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Polyethylene Glycol, Mannitol, Titanium Dioxide, Polysorbate 80, Sodium Hydroxide, Yellow 5, Iron Oxide, Simethicone. Directions Suggested Use: Take one tablet per day. The best results will be achieved by taking both tablets at least 30 minutes before a meal. See package insert for more details. See package insert for more information.

  • Pack of 36 double strength, mood-balancing, 400 milligram SAM-e tablets
  • Clinically proven to help with mood support, joint comfort and liver health
  • Replenishes chemicals that affect mood; contains 400 mg of SAM-e per serving tablet
  • Relieves joint pain; repairs joint cartilage
  • Founded in 1971, Northridge, California-based Pharmavite manufactures Nature Made vitamins and Nature's Resource herbal products and was instrumental in developing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for supplements

Customer Reviews:

  • Many good benefits from SAM-e
    I am 46 and feel out of my mind sometimes. Pre-menopause I guess. I started taking Nature Made SAM-e a week ago, and immediately I experienced results. I noticed it helped with water retention. I could think clearer, my mood is much better and I am more calm. I have steady energy all day. I highly recommend the product....more info
  • high quaility
    After researching other sam-e makers I found that Nature Made had high quality and the best price. ...more info
  • Watch for gastric side effect!
    SAM-e worked great at helping my mood fluctuation during PMS. However, one side effect is major stomach cramps, which for me resulted in a visit to the ER. It was a toss up for me as to what was worse, PMS or the stomach pain, but I decided to stop taking the SAM-e in order to allow my stomach to heal. I am worried about an ulcer at this point, so if you get any gastric pain, take it seriously! The pain will not get better over time taking the SAM-e. In many ways it gets worse....more info
  • pricey lesson learned
    I heard all the hype about SAM-e and my daughter really wanted to give it a try also. I gave it 3 stars for her because she says its working for her,shes feeling better, but I won't buy it again. It never worked for me. I even tried doubling up on the amount.I give it a big fat ZERO! It cost a lot of money for a whole lotta nothing!...more info
  • Works great without prescription!!!
    I read about Sam-e a couple of weeks ago when I realized that I needed to do something about my "funk" that I just couldn't shake. Life in general, plus my tendency toward worry, were taking it's toll. In addition to feeling depressed, I was very tired and couldn't seem to find the energy to tend to all the tasks of the day.

    Enter Nature Made Sam-e!

    I began taking 2 (400mg) tablets per day and felt results very quickly. I took the first right before bed because I'd read that it can upset your stomach so I figured I'd try it when I wouldn't be conscious. And I took the second one the next morning before eating. By the end of that day, I could feel some improvement. Within 3 days, I felt waaaaaaaaaaaaay better!!!!

    This stuff is amazing.

    However, I only gave it 4 stars, instead of 5, because of 1 con. After a few days, I did start noticing some stomach upset. For me, it was very mild, HOWEVER when I forgot to take the supplement one night the next day I had some crampy pains that were rather uncomfortable.

    With that said, the benefits so far outweigh that small con, that I'd be more than happy to keep Pepto on hand for the few occassions that it doesn't settle so well.

    However, I wouldn't allow my negative point (or any other reviewers negative) to stop you from trying it. Everybody's make up is different and I'm willing to bet that most people won't have any side effects. Oh and if you don't have immediate results, keep the same thing in mind. It might take a few days to kick in for some folks....more info
  • It's Changed My Life
    Late last year I came across an article for combating arthritis with natural supplements, sam-e being one of them. Having been diagnosed in 2007 with spinal arthritis at the age of 28, I was desperate to find something that worked. I began doing research on sam-e and it's properties and the more I read the more I was ready to try it. In early February of this year I began taking 400 mg a day and by the end of the week I could already tell a difference. By the end of the second week I was amazed at how well I felt. I went from being in constant pain to the occasional twinge here and there. Its been two months and these have been the best two months I've had since being diagnosed. I HIGHLY recommend this supplement.

    Info: When taking sam-e its good to take b-vitamins as well, they help aid the sam-e in working. Take it on an empty stomach, about 30-40 minutes before breakfast. If you don't have time to eat or miss breakfast then take heartburn medication within a couple of hours, sam-e can cause painful heartburn if its allowed to release in your stomach instead of your colon. It may be necessary to increase your dose after a few weeks, as well, as you can plateau. If you are bi-polar or suspect you may be, then DO NOT take sam-e until you have spoken with your doctor first. Sam-e can cause some people with bi-polar disorder to go into a manic phase.

    Over all this is an amazing product and I have been telling everyone I know about it. Google sam-e and you will find links to studies that outline the other benefits and possible benefits of sam-e. The biggest pitfall is the price, and while yes its expensive you can watch out for sales and buy in bulk, because it really is worth it if you are suffering from chronic pain as I did. It's worth its weight in gold if it means I get to run around the backyard with my kids!...more info
  • SO GOOD........
    I have been on edge for a long time. Every little thing would set off my anger. I have taken so many different drugs for it but this one makes me feel so relaxed. And it doesn't take several weeks to kick in. Just about an hour. I have never felt better and I have told all of my friends. Please try it! You will not regret it. ...more info
  • Sam-e changed my life! Yes, seriously.
    I started taking Sam-e over a month ago and I love it! Before starting it I was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks coupled with mood swings. I started keeping track of my mood and realized that I was having more bad days than good. Even little things would upset me and it was like once something happened (no matter how small) it just ruined my mood sometimes for a few hours and sometimes for the rest of the day. I ordered my Sam-e from because they include a free bottle of Vitamin B Complex with each order. Sam-e can cause a build up of homocysteine in your system which is correlated with heart disease. The B Complex prevents homocysteine build up. I'm currently taking 400 mg a day. It started working quickly and I've experienced no side effects. I've been taking it for over a month and I just have a general sense of well being. I feel happier and I'm not having panic attacks anymore. I've taken Paxil in the past and this is less expensive and without the side effects. [...]. Read up on the benefits of taking a B Complex with it. It's worth mentioning that B Complex contains Vitamin B2 also called Riboflavin. When you take a Vitamin B supplement your body uses what it needs and if it's more than it needs the remainder of the B vitamin is excreted in your urine causing the urine to be very bright yellow. I strongly recommend Sam-e. It really has changed my life. Yes, seriously....more info
  • The price is the problem...
    I love SAM-e!

    It turned me from a guy who had a handicapped sticker (and needed it) to someone who can walk for miles and leg press 300 pounds in the gym. It (and only it, I made no other changes) saved me a second knee replacement in 2002.

    I still use it every day, taking 400 mg each morning and evening. Why two stars? I'm trying to get your attention. This price is excessive.

    My local Sam's Club sells the Schiff brand for about [...] plus tax for 100 of the 200 mg caplets (equivalent to 50 of the Nature Made). I'm confident that Costco at least matches that.

    Puritan's Pride, who I have used for years [...], always has some kind of sale going on. Today (5/5/09) they are doing a buy-one-get-one selling 60 (sixty) 400 mg shrink-wrapped capsules for [...]. If you buy two, you get another three for a total of 150 caplets for [...]. Their shipping is about five bucks.

    SAM-e is a spectacular supplement, but I don't want you to pay inflated prices!
    ...more info
  • Excellent Results
    After turning 40 and having a job that required alot of knee bending and knee stress I noticed my knees did not feel as good as when I was 25 so I began taking this supplement. Wow, my knees began to feel young again and my mood and sleep became better, and my movements seem more like when I was younger also. Highly recommend....more info
  • Sam-e
    I was skeptical about Sam-e. I had tried several anti-depressants from my doctor with no success. Then I heard about Sam-e. It took a couple of weeks, but I and those around me have noticed a difference. I'm not as stressed. I also don't feel irritable anymore. Give it a try. Hopefully you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.Nature Made SAM-e Complete, 400mg Tablets, 36 Tablets ...more info
  • Good Product!
    I had mood swings that were crazy. After trying this product, it was a definite improvement and I would recommend it....more info
  • Life saver!
    This product has changed my mood so dramatically that My whole world has turned around!...more info
  • What Would I do without S-ame?
    For the last decade I have taken Celexa for depression with moderate results. Occasionally when I find myself slipping back into a low mood, I go out and buy some S-ame and add it to my antidepressant medication. Every single time it restores my mood, so I have been a regular customer of S-ame supplementation for some time. ...more info
  • Life changing
    I read about Sam-e in a book called Stop Depression Now, written by an M.D. and a PHd. I bought this product at a local Rite-Aid for a friend of mine who was so depressed that he couldn't work or function, and was borderline suicidal. Within a couple days, he said he didn't feel suicidal anymore. Within a week, he was back to taking care of himself, laughing and joking, has renewed interest in things he liked to do, and is now back to work!! He is like a different person! He started telling all his friends about it that are taking Prozac with no results. I'm amazed at the major changes and so quickly. He doubled up on this so is taking 800mg a day. According to the book, you would start out at 400mg per day, if no results within a week, then up it to 800mg. Like the books says, you also need a good B vitamin complex in addition to this. I gave him a really effective sublingual B tablet that makes a big difference for me also. ...more info


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