Royal Sovereign ARP-1000E 10000-BTU Electronic Portable Air Conditioner

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Royal Sovereign 10000 BTU portable air conditioner with electronic controls with electronic controls and remote.

  • Cooling-10,000 BTU's
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Customer Reviews:
  • more effective than any window air conditioner I've used
    We bought one unit from Sears in spring 2007, and found it so effective that we bought another several months later when an older window unit died in the height of summer. Judging by prior negative reviews, I have to think this model has been re-engineered for the better. It is less noisy than either of our 2 remaining window units, and the noise it does generate has more of a "white noise" effect than they do. One unit effectively cools a 23x13 living room + gives some cooling effect to adjacent rooms. The second unit is in our 13x10 bedroom and we have no trouble sleeping with it on. If we leave the bedroom door open it also cools our central hallway and rooms across the hall.

    The "fan" function is not particularly effective, so we don't use it often, but I am particularly fond of the "dry" (dehumidify) function, which on muggy Philadelphia summer days is even more effective than the a/c function. The unit is bulky, but not unattractive, and it can be tucked behind an angled chair or couch if concealment is desired, since the vents are on the top of the unit. The intake/exhaust uses less window space than a window unit, so you get some of your view back.

    I wanted a portable air conditioner because when my allergies demand air conditioning they demand it NOW - not whenever my husband and I next get the chance to install our window units if they've been taken out for the winter. Unlike window units I can keep these portable units in place yet have them running within minutes when needed. Barring the installation of central air, I think these units are the best solution for those who desire air conditioning on occasion during the usually-cooler months.
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  • Performs as Advertised
    1st day with unit outdoor temp has been 82 - 100 in the shade the past week and unusually humid 75% and up for our area.
    Cools 400 sq feet from 88 down to 75 in about 4 hours is now drawing heat from the rest of our 1230 sq. ft. house.

    The plastic window blocks are not long enough to fill the space if you have left/right or right/left window sliders. Seems someone hasn't checked out how window designs have changed in the past 30 years.
    It is LOUD even if you have the fan on low.
    It weighs a TON 76 pounds even on castors is a lot of weight to be pushing. Unit needs larger casters double the current size would be much better.

    All in all we're happy with the unit after the 1st 8 - 10 hours of use. Time will tell, probably when we see a full electric bills' worth of use, if this was an expensive or expensive cooling solution....more info
  • Extremely noisy. Mobile AC's do not work.
    My unit is not defective, but it just can't cool the room. It's also very noisy, with only two speed settings. This is why the likes of Panasonic don't make mobile A/C's....more info
  • Worst appliance purchase ever...
    I too purchased this portable air conditioner from Sears today (the Sears-Specific model number is "ARP-1000ES")... and I too am bringing it back first thing tomorrow. I consider this the worst appliance purchase I've ever made. And, with Sears' 15% restocking fee, a costly one at that.

    When we set the unit up in our living room today, the built-in digital room temp monitor showed 88 degrees. After running this thing at full throttle for five hours, the room temp monitor showed... 88 degrees. Even standing directly in front of the unit gave little relief.

    When it became clear that we would have better luck cooling the living room by opening the windows and waiting for an evening breeze, I rolled the unit into a small bedroom and cranked it. In a small 10 by 12 room, it took three hours (and who knows how much energy) to bring the temp down from 88 to 80 degrees.

    Although the brand name "Royal Sovereign" is now mud to me, I think, speaking from today's experience, the problem lies not just in the suckiness of this particular product but also in the mechanics of portable air conditioners in general. Whereas a window unit forces cold air INTO a room, a portable air conditioner such as this model blows a considerable amount of exhaust air OUT of a room (through the required window vent). This, in effect, creates negative pressure in the room you are trying to cool... and all the hot air in other parts of your house get sucked into the room and cancel out all the work the unit is doing in the first place. This became clear to me as I stood in the bedroom and noticed that a forceful stream of hot air from the hall was being sucked into the room through the gap between the closed door and the hardwood floor.

    As appealing as a portable a/c unit is in theory, I just don't think they work all that well in reality. Too bad, as I had dreams of rolling this puppy from room to room and stashing it in a closet once the weather cooled. Instead, tonight I'll be having nightmares of hauling this ineffectual behemoth back down a flight of stairs for its return trip to Sears....more info
  • It's a 500 dollar fan!
    I bought one of these at SEARS also, this thing could not cool a PHONE BOOTH! Had it in my 13'x16' living room, on high setting, for 3 hours, and it lowered the temperature 2 degrees! Save your money, buy a fan and put a bowl of ice in front of it, that will work better....

    Also SEARS has a nifty little scam going with their 30% restocking fee,they should be ashamed of themselves...since I paid $[...] then my fee for learning the hard way is going to be [...]....more info
  • A very impressive portable air conditioner
    Purchased a 10,000 btu Royal Sovereign from Sears one week ago and it works great in the high heat and humidity of New York City.

    Based on the two previous reviews, Sears must have begun receiving a new model based on their own specification design. They rate it at 10,000 btu with 10.5 EER rating (about 930 watts) and a new evaporation system. It sells for about $440.00.

    Cooling is very impressive for a 13x18 room with 10 foot ceilings. It even keeps the adjoining 9x12 room at acceptable levels of coolness. It's been running constantly for one full week and not once have I had to drain out any water.

    People who purchase portable air conditioners should understand that they are significantly noisier than window models. This is only logical because contrary to window units, the compressor and fan components are entirely indoors, rather than hanging outside.

    I've used portable indoor air conditioners for almost five years now to shut up a landlord who didn't like dripping. My previous model was 8000 btu's and just died after very extensive use.

    I was originally put off by the reviews I'd read relative to Sears and Royal Sovereign, but I can tell you through experience that the one I've just received is a top of the line performer.

    The one sold by Sears has different specifications from the item appearing on the Royal Sovereign website, so it is either the latest development (with RS not as yet updating their web page) or made exclusively for Sears.

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  • Loud and Ineffective
    I should have known better, because portable air conditioners have such a bad reputation... but I needed to use one thanks to an odd (and unchangable) window configuration. So I trusted that Sears (which sells this model for $499) wouldn't steer me wrong. Shame on me. I should have paid attention to the Consumer Reports reviews -- and now you should pay attention to mind: The unit is entirely inadequate for cooling a 12 by 18 foot room... and it is LOUD. The sales information touts it as "quiet," but you won't be able to sleep in a room with it. The internal "evaporator" recycles water over the cooling coils, and the pump that does that makes an annoying whirring sound that'll drive a sane person batty. Yikes. I made a mistake buying this clunker. Time to soak up the 15% restocking fee and get this thing back to Sears. ...more info
  • No way...I'm taking it back
    I bought this same unit at Sears. Put it in my office which is about 250 sq ft and left it on for a few hours. The door was closed and when I went in, it was warm and humid in there. The only place it was cool was right in front of the vents. Could not be less satisfied. I am returning it tomorrow. Last AC I had in office was a window unit that kept the room freezing right up until it konked out last year. Is this portable stuff even worthwhile?...more info