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Heartburn, snoring, coughing, and more can turn a good nights sleep into a nightmare if you suffer from acid reflux, asthma, sleep apnea, Hiatal Hernia, sinus congestion, breathing problems and more. But sleeping on a MedSlantTM torso length pillow that elevates your entire upper body and uses gravity to keep acid down and airways open, heartburn free, snoreless sleep drug free can be a dream come true. The innovative patented design is physician endorsed and recommended and made of hypoallergenic foam covered in a washable, removable zippered cover, includes an extra pillow case. and folds into a handy zippered, handled travel bag that will fit in the overhead bin on an airplane or under the seat in front of you. The 32 length supports your entire torso and wont put extra pressure on your stomach like a shorter pillow will. You can use whatever kind of personal pillow you like and get a healthier, more comfortable nights sleep.

  • Provides a Healthier, More Comfortable Night's Sleep
  • Drug-free reflux, heartburn, snoring relief
  • Torso Length - 24" wide x 32" long x 7" high
  • Includes a washable removeable zippered cover and an extra pillowcase
  • Folds for travel into included zippered handled bag

Customer Reviews:

  • This wedge pillow really works!!!
    I bought this one for my sister-in-law because she was having an acid problem at night. She now sleeps very comfortably. I knew this wedge pillow would work for her because I purchased one for myself about a year back when I had my own acid problem. This product is better than the others I have seen because the angle is just right; Not too steep so that it's uncomfortable but yet it raises your upper body enough to keep the acid away from your esophagus. Highly recommended....more info
  • Sliding
    I gave this pillow away. I tried to use it many times, but I always ended up at the end of the bed because I slid off the pillow all night long. It just doesn't work....more info
  • Fabulous product
    My husband snores and has GERD. We bought this pillow and the first night he slept on it I woke up numerous times checking to make sure he was still breathing. It was quiet. Too quiet. He did not snore once, nor has he since. Instant relief.

    He said he has not slept that well in decades. Neither of us can believe the difference.

    I put the pillow case on the pillow so it folds over when I'm making the bed. The folded MedSlant on one side and two pillows on the other side and the bed is made as normal.

    The pillow's travel case is stored with our luggage. We will not leave home without it.

    Thanks, MedSlant....more info
  • Wedge pillow
    Great product - various health benefits. Fast delivery - thanks!...more info
  • Wedge pillow
    The wedge pillow functions extremely well in eliminating my snoring and also helped with improving my reflux cough. However, given the price, I was surprised at the poor-quality pillow case that came with it. It doesn't cover the entire pillow, doesn't fit well, and is made of a thin polyester-type fabric, but the pillow itself is great, and folds in half to fit in its own travel case....more info
  • Confortable and useful
    I bought the product for my heartburn sensation during sleeping time, so far (two months later) the pillow has worked really fine, I am 5'8" tall and for me the pillow is very confortable, I have to say at the begining it was difficult sleeping on my sides but it is just matter of time till you find the way to feel confortable. Another important thing is the head pillow, it should be thin and soft so you can keep your head straight, otherwise thet slope could position your head in angle causing you a stiff neck in the morning....more info
  • Great for helping with acid reflux and allergies
    The product arrived in a VERY timely manner. I use it when I'm having difficulties with my acid reflux and/or when my nose wants to stop up due to allergies. The pillow takes a little getting used to, but the gradual slant makes it so you don't notice the incline quite as other words, it is more effective than propping several pillows up and trying to sleep that way. This pillow helped me sleep when I was going through some medical issues and was exhausted from not being able to sleep regularly. I recommend it....more info
  • Not one good night of sleep on this thing!
    First, please accept my apologies if my review seems grumpy. Lack of sleep can make me irritable.

    I purchased this because my doctor said I had to sleep with my head raised to a level higher than my stomach due to gastritis. I have had this pillow for 3 weeks and have not had a single good night of sleep on it.

    First let me say that I sleep on my back so I thought this would be a great cure and something I would hardly notice. Not so, my lower back aches from the angle. I find myself sliding down the pillow during the night. I toss and turn and just cannot stay in a deep sleep.

    After 3 weeks I am tossing this pillow off the bed and can't wait to get a full, deep, luxurious night of sleep. This thing is pure torture to me. We will search for another way to help me with my gastritis but this way is not for me.

    Oh, it did help my gastritis but the lack of sleep and extreme back pain is impacting the rest of my work and home life.

    ...more info
  • Good Product. Gives you a Good Night Sleep...
    I got the pillow couple of weeks ago. Took me couple of days to get used to it. It really helps with my reflux. The problem is I slide down, so i wake up couple of times and adjust myself. I wish the pillow would have been more wider and longer.
    It should have been custom made for your height and weight. I do not mind to pay couple of bucks more for that.....more info
  • Just what I needed...
    I have severe "GI" problems as well as sleep apnea... This thing helps with it all... Firm enough to support my weight (I'm a big Dude) but not uncomfortable to use... I'm very happy with this purchase......more info
  • Helps my acid reflux
    I have a hiatal hernia that causes acid reflux. I had been sleeping with a bunch of blankets between my mattress and box spring, which wasn't very effective. I ordered this wedge pillow based on the positive reviews and I'm pleased with it. I've been sleeping on it for about two weeks now and I find that I'm not waking up as much during the night now and I'm feeling well-rested in the morning.

    I'm a side sleeper, so it was a little awkward getting used to this pillow. THe first night I tried it with my bed pillow and the two together were too high. My neck and shoulders were sore the next day. The next night, I tried just the wedge pillow, but that was too flat for me. The third night I used a smaller pillow with the wedge and that combination seems to work for me. I've been waking up without an irritated throat for the first time in years!

    I do tend to slide down a little during the course of the night. Even when I'm further down on the pillow, I'm still elevated more than I was with the blankets under my mattress, so I'm happy! The MedSlant wedge pillow has definitely helped to improve my acid reflux....more info
  • Actual relief
    When I was diagnosed with GERD, my doctor gave me several recommendations, including lifting the head of my bed (or lowering the feet...). Rather than monkeying with the furniture, I opted to try out a slanted pillow. Research led me to pick out the MedSlant. In reading about it, though, I also discovered that it is useful for people with sleep apnea, something my husband suffers from. So I decided to make him the guinea pig! I gave him the first pillow I ordered. For the first time in our ten years of marriage, neither of us was woken up that night by his snoring (yes, he used to startle himself awake with his own snores!). He didn't sleep longer, but he woke up feeling far more refreshed than he had in months. He actually slept through the night, not being roused by the apnea every few minutes. We were both sold. I ordered a second one for myself and got to experience a night without burning in my esophagus. I immediately recommended this pillow to my sister who also has GERD (and whose husband is a mighty snorer, too)....more info
  • Well made but a bit expensive
    This is better than a cheap one that I bought a bath store because it is longer and folds in half to fit in a carry case, but I think the price was very high....more info
  • wedge pillow for acid reflux
    I thought the wedge pillow was awfully expensive, but I am extremely happy with it. I'm glad I took the risk and spent the extra money to get a quality product that works well for me. I'm expecially pleased with the height and width, as well as the slant of the pillow.
    It has helped me breathe better while sleeping (as I have mild sleep apnea), as well as helping ease lower back pain so I can sleep better. I've actually looked for an acceptable product like this for a long time.
    The other things I've looked at did not meet my needs. I am grateful for this product. Thanks MEDSLANT!...more info
  • Compact Packaging- but too small for this GERD sufferer
    Having had severe silent nighttime GERD, finding a good bed wedge is absolutely critical for waking without the tell tale sore throat. For about a year I have been using a product called the BEDGE. This has worked great. These are available online but cost $200.

    I tried this product since I wanted a second bed wedge for a summer home. The price on this is a lot less than the BEDGE so I thought I would give it a try. Item arrived in a timely manner. It is a great design, the folding design is novel for storage and the packaging was superb. Much better than the beat up box I received from BEDGE. However, I have to say it is simply too small for me. I am a 6' 210lb man and this just feels too small. While it curbed my GERD somewhat, it is not as effective as the much larger BEDGE pillow I have at home.

    If you are more petite that me, this may work. If you need something for traveling- this is your item. But, if you are a larger frame- I recommend a bigger pillow....more info
  • Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux & GERD
    I love to sleep on my sides. Sometimes I wake up on my back coughing & choking. I have Acid Reflux, GERD. I finally decided to buy the Wedge when I woke up one night & thought I was going to choke to death. It works. I don't wake up coughing/choking.

    At first, I kept sliding down the pillow. I even tried using several of my contour pillows. But it was too high & my neck was uncomfortable. After 2 weeks of finding myself at the bottom of the wedge, I was frustrated that I spent over $100 on a pillow that was not working for me. But I refuse to waste that money. So, in desperation, I decided to try using my flat pillow (for hugging in my sleep.) It works!

    Now that I was sleeping elevated - on my back- my head would tilt down awkwardly at night. I would wake up in the mornings with a stiff neck. By 8:00am, I had a tension headache. By 12:00noon, I had a major headache. This would happen every time I woke up with the stiff neck. So, I was back to square one- the Wedge wasn't working. But I refuse to give up that $100.00. Then I remembered that I have the U-shaped pillow that I take when I travel on the airplane. I lay on my back, put the U-shape over the top of my head, and the U-shape arms cradle both sides of my head. This actually helps to keep my head straight while sleeping on my back. It no longer tilts to the side because the pillow is cradling my head. No more stiff neck! No more headaches or coughing or choking.

    I definitely recommend this Wedge. If at first you find it difficult to stay on it, just keep trying to find ways to make it work.

    Umm...I really do miss sleeping on my sides. Have anyone figured out how to sleep on your side and Not slide down? ...more info
  • Good for Acid Reflux But Not Very Comfy
    Got the Wedge about 2 weeks ago as I have been suffering from GERD for the past two years; I found it helpful in reducing my symptoms at night, but I started having neck pain and backaches, as I do not find the pillow very supportive or comfortable, and I felt some pressure points at the back of my head and my lower spine. So, I did some more research and I found a WONDERFUL wedge pillow - it's called the Prop-Up-Pillow ([...]) It's more expensive but it's worth it -it's made of memory foam, it has an adjustable neck and an adjustable lower back support, plus it's slightly wider than the Medslant. It was patented by a long-time acid reflux suffering patient. I am now using the Medslant to prop up my legs after a long day, but with the Prop-Up-Pillow I can now take care of my GERD and wake up well-rested....more info
  • Med Slant pillow
    I have been able to deal better with my drainage since purchasing this slant pillow. ...more info
  • Wedge Pillow
    I have severe acid reflux and would wake up every night choking and coughing. From the first night I used the pillow I have not been awakened by coughing or choking. This pillow is a great way to elevate oneself from the waist on up. Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux...more info
  • I think it helps
    I think the pillow helps. I also changed my diet for example, no eating within 3 hrs before bedtime. And I takes Apple Cyder Vinegar 2 teaspoons with small glass of water twice a day. With all these combinations, I think I feel much better....more info
  • Wedge Pillow (MedSlant)
    I like this pillow.... It helps my reflux symptoms. I should have looked into this type of solution much sooner. Would recommend this pillow to others.

    ...more info
  • It really works!
    I read some of the other positive reviews prior to ordering this pillow but was still skeptical. But you know what, it really works! My acid reflux has improved immensely since I started using this pillow. It is large enough that I do not slide off during the night. It is very comfortable. Acid reflux is miserable but this pillow can help you.

    S. Wright ...more info
  • Really works for reflux
    I got this for my wife who has been diagnosed with GERD. Our bedframe doesn't lend itself to jacking up the head as is recommended. This pillow seemed worth a try before we had to replace the bed. It has helped greatly. She is sleeping better and experiencing improvement in her symptoms. The pillow puts her entire torso on a slant and stops the flow up the esophagus....more info
  • absolutely, positively the answer to gerd
    At long last I can sleep all night without waking from acid reflux. This wedge is long enough to support the entire back, not just the neck and shoulders. It eliminates the need to raise the head of the bed by 3-4 inches as recommended by gastroenterologists. No matter whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper this pillow wedge works equally well. Don't know who the inventor was but this product has been the answer to my gerd prayers. ...more info
  • Helps Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    This product is wonderful. After using the wedge pillow for a week or so, I began to realize that my carpal tunnel syndrome was improving a great deal. I had an advanced case of it, and now after using it for several weeks (and still wearing wrist braces at night), I rarely have any symptoms of it whatsoever. This was such an unexpected surprise. I bought one for my mother who also has carpal tunnel, and she has experienced the same relief.
    ...more info
  • Wish I had purchased it sooner
    Everything I hoped for. Although it took a few nights to get used to, I'm sleeping better because of reduced acid reflux symptoms. I have even been able to cut my medication by half (with my Dr.'s approval). I do not slide down as some complained about but did find that using my pillow on top of the wedge could give you a stiff neck. My only complaint would be that snuggling with your mate is difficult at best!...more info
  • Better strap it on first...
    I keep slipping off this pillow. It's hard, makes me sweat, and it really serves no purpose when I wake up in the night and find my head down on the lower part of it.
    I cannot imagine one of the cheaper pillows being any less comfortable. This is a lot of money to pay for something that cannot be returned if you're not satisfied.
    ...more info
  • Easy alternative for acid reflux
    Great for acid reflux; easy and convenient to use; no need to raise head end of bed on blocks as this product does the trick; like the ability to fold up the product for auto travel; washable cover; overall nice product...more info
  • Good
    This pillow is comfortable enough to sleep the night through and good quality. Pillow consists of two separet parts and both of them fits into the poly/cotton zippered covers it comes with. The two cover attached together by sewing; hence the folding travel pillow. It also comes with one extra cover which only has top and side panels (no bottom, you just have to place it over the wedge pillow).
    I wish it was wider - and this is my only complaint. I am an average person so not big at all but I could use some extra width! Please improve it!...more info
  • Great wedge
    This pillow is really great. I gave it to my Mom who had to stay in bed for weeks.

    My dad guilted her into sending it back. He didn't like me spending the money. To me it was worth it if it helped her be more comfortable.

    ...more info
  • great product, arrived quickly
    My son is on Prevacid & the pillow significantly reduced the signs of reflux at night. Would definitely suggest it to others - it is well worth the price to complement whatever treatment you are currently using. A bonus: the pillow folds in half which we like because it can be tucked away somewhere else during the day if you like....more info
  • the ultimate in a comfortable pillow
    I found out that I didn't have GERD because I bought this pillow. I had been having strange and painful "attacks" in my chest, particularly in the morning when I would walk the dog. My doctor thought it was due to acid reflux, built up the night before. My cardiologist though they were anxiety attacks. Then, I ordered the wedge pillow. I slept soundly the first night, and I had marvelous energy all the next day. It was not because I needed to sleep sitting up, but the sound sleep was the result of sleeping alone, and because the pillow was so comfortable. My allergies were also at rest, because of this pillow. It is such good quality, and I would recommend buying the cover. ...more info
  • Pregnancy Helper
    This product is really helping me with heartburn issues that I am experiencing during my second pregnancy. Also, pregnant women aren't supposed to sleep flat on their backs and this allows me to remain at an angle so that I can sleep in practically any position (except on my stomach) that makes me comfortable....more info
  • Wedge Pillow
    Really much better than lying on a bunch of pillows that I would fall off. I really like that the wedge goes low on my back so I don't get back pain due to no support. I received in a nice package so i can carry with me if away from home. ...more info
  • This Pillow works
    I bought this pillow for my husband. He used to snore (hold his breath) a lot and he used to often take sleeping pills to help him sleep through the night. It took him a few days to get used to this new pillow and now he loves it. I rarely hear his snore any more and he sleeps much better and hasn't taken sleeping pills for a while. Even our cat likes to sleep on the top edge of the pillow. Highly recommended by my husband and I for anyone who has trouble sleeping. ...more info