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Neckpro Cervical Traction Device is a home cervical traction device. The Cervical Traction Device may be used for the relief of neck pain associated with cervical disc herniation, spondylosis, osteoarthritis, cervical radiculopathy, neck strain, pinched nerve in upper spine with associated pain radiating down upper extremities, tension and/or tightness (muscle spasm) in muscles of the upper back, shoulders and neck, fibromyalgia, whiplash, insomnia and tension headaches associated with tension in the aforementioned musculature. Conventional home overdoor neck traction systems utilize a bag of water and patient trial and error determining the appropriate amount of traction poundage. The Neckpro Cervical Traction Device eliminates this old process by coupling a computer designed precision-made compression spring with a unique ratcheting device that delivers a more precise amount of cervical traction tension. Each click of the ratchet audibly signals an increase in the tension being applied. This not only allows traction to be delivered in a progressive format similar to what they experience in a clinical setting, but the audible click allows the patient to monitor and keep track of the settings that provide a positive outcome. The specially designed head halter for the home traction device is easy to apply and comfortable even under high levels of cervical traction tension.The Neckpro Overdoor Cervical Traction Device includes Neckpro compression spring & racket assembly, head halter and overdoor bracket (fits doors measuring up to 1.5" (3.8 cm) in thickness. Commercial size overdoor bracket is also available for doors measuring up to 1.75" (4.4 cm) in thickness. Sold separately. Neckpro Cervical Traction. Due to often short recovery times and hygienic concerns this product is non-returnable.Consult with your medical professional if you have questions as to whether this treatment is appropriate for your condition.

  • Comfortable under high levels of traction
  • Does not use water bag
  • Fits doors up to 1.75" (4.4 cm) in thickness
  • Unique ratchet device delivers precise tension

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful Item!
    I purchased the Neckpro for my wife. She uses it every night and it really has helped the pain in her neck and shoulder. She was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in her neck. After receiving physical therapy some of the pain was gone, but some has now diminished to a point where she can now resume most of her normal activities. Thanks!...more info
  • Not adequate for foraminal N. compression
    The head harness mostly pulls on the mandible causing TMJ pain and extending the neck too much, which exacerbates foraminal compression. To be useful for foraminal stenosis and nerve root pain,it should pull mostly on the occiput and thus allow for neck flexion (facilitated by facing the door rather than the recommended position). The harness isn't designed to do this effectively. It needs to be re-designed to traction mostly on the occiput. Also, he rolled seam at the chin could be avoided at manufacture. The seam is irritating at full traction....more info
  • Great Alternative to the Water Bag Version
    I decided to try this at the advice of my neurosurgeon. I previously had a water bag version, but it was designed to work while lying down, which my neurosurgeon was against. Between this device and the water bag version, this device appeared to have a larger, more sturdy headpiece. I was not dissappointed. It is easier to use than my older water bag version device and it ratchets once for each pound, making it extremely easy to use. The results so far have been superior to the version where you lie down. It is important to keep your head in a downward position to maximize the effect. Not much more than the water bag version and a lot easier to use....more info
  • Nice, but a head smasher
    The device works as advertized, but compresses the user's head due to the single point attachment of the traction strap (see illustration). I fabricated an 8 inch spreader to move the attachment points outward and greatly reduce the inward pressure on my head when using the device. Other products, such as the more 'cumbersome' water bag traction unit, have spreaders. It took me 10 minutes to bend a 1/4 inch hardware store rod into a spreader. For the Neck-Pro people to add that part would probably increase the cost of the unit by $5 or so. Well worth the increased cost in my opinion. I would not have been able to keep using the Neck-Pro without that modification....more info
  • rip off
    Rip Off...returned product since it was not beneficial...used for 5 minutes one time...called customer service to request form to problem, will e-mail return form and use to return product...nothing from csr regarding any limitations on returns...a week later I get a form e-mail via Amazon: returned not accepted due to item being used...thus far have not rec'ved either the product or any communication from NeckPro as to my 1st returned e-mail concerning the rip off. I paid for shipment to and from my residence; I suppose I'll pay the return poatage, if I ever get the product. My advice, buy these types of products from a med. supply shop and save the agony of dealing with 3rd party retailers.

    Merry Christmas...more info
  • Good device with modification
    This device will definitely relieve neck pain due to disc degeneration. I have two inversion tables, but they don't work on the neck area as this device does. (The head just isn't heavy enough, and an inversion table eventually kills your feet). The door bracket is a bad idea., Most residential doors will not withstand the leveraged force of the furnished bracket. I put a screw eye in the ceiling above the couch so I may watch TV while using it.
    On the minus side, the writer that alludes to it being a "head crusher" is correct. I fashioned an aluminum arch which spreads the device away from the ears and sides of the face. I also use a football type teeth guard as ones teeth are really jammed together. I question if someone wearing dentures might have a problem. Fortunately, I'm not there yet. With the foregoing changes I can really stretch my neck for 30 minutes or so.
    With the foregoing changes and conditions, I can heartily endorse this product. Frankly, as immediately removed from the box with the mickey-mouse door bracket and lack of some kind of spreader, I'd give it about 2 or 3 stars.
    ...more info
  • Not that good, but not that bad...
    I just expected more that what I got... my overal opinion is that the product should cost a little bit less than what I paid......more info
  • the neck pro is fantastic!
    i ordered the neck pro on the advice of a PT i know. C6 pinched nerve was causing pain on the left side of my body emanating from the teres major region, down my triceps into my forearm w/ slight loss of feeling in my pointing finger.
    the neck pro has really provided relief working on the premise of decompressing the disks.
    having decompressed both my low back and neck at my chiropractor's office, as well as using an inversion machine to decompress my low back at home, i'm well aware of the benefits of decompression.
    as an active 52 year old bodybuilder, i need to use every affordable piece of equipment, like the neck pro, to keep me functioning.
    bottom line-- the neck pro was a great investment!
    jack...more info
  • I wouldn't know how it works as I haven't been able to use it
    I received this product about a month ago and was excited at the prospect of relieving my neck, shoulder and back pain. When I went to use it I realized that the bracket didn't fit over a single door in my house. I know I should have measured the doors first, but I thought they were a standard size.

    I had to email the company twice before they responded that I could purchase a bigger bracket for $23.

    I tried to give it NO STARS, but the site won't allow that.

    I am not pleased....more info
  • DANGEROUS! - Be Careful -
    ok. i actually liked this product at first. it was easy to use, and though it really hurt my jaw (which is now very messed up-- clicking, grating, feels dislocated) i was just itching to stretch up my neck, and when my neck would pop, it just felt great. addicting!

    then, one day, i'm using it when IT FALLS AND CRACKS ME ON THE HEAD! blood starts dripping from a gash on the top of my head. after i clean myself up (it didn't hurt too too bad) i become overwhelmingly tired, and realize that i may have a slight concussion.
    so i have my father take me to the emergency room. luckily i didn't need stitches, but was told that i did have a mild consussion. ruined my entire day!

    anyway, i'm fine now. but there is a hole in the top front side of the door i was using. maybe the door wasn't sturdy enough. seems it's not a solid wood door, but hollow in areas (as i believe many doors inside people's homes are).

    but, still, i'm anxious to have my neck stretched, and want to use it again. but between my fear of it falling on my head again, and my messed up jaw, it's not worth it.

    but i know, if you're gonna try it, you're gonna try it. (i read reviews warning about it hurting your jaw, and falling over on you, but for some reason i just NEEDED it and didn't think any of that applied to me! :)

    if i were to take out the falling on my head factor and messing up my jaw factor, it's a pretty good product!
    so my advice is to check out the doors in your house and choose one that is solid wood throughout. go slow, and just use care. odds are, you won't be as unlucky as i was!...more info
  • Outstanding relief for many tension headaches
    Many headaches are due to tension that builds in the neck (often related to back issues) and then finds its way north to the head. Gentle, controlled traction (ie pulling)up on the head can stretch these overworked muscles - perhaps even restoring compromised blood flow. I am a dentist with experience in treating Temporo-mandibular dysfunction. This handy device is simple and well designed. I recently tried it when I had a headache, and found that it reduced my discomfort by 85% while using it for 10 minutes. People with TMD or TMJ problems should wear an intra-oral appliance while using it to prevent the inadvertent dislocation of the mandibular condyle within the TMJ (temporomandibular joint)...more info
  • It's A Winner
    I had been using the waterbag traction device and it was a huge pain. Bulky, not easy to store, the head harness would never fit snug etc...
    This is the same concept, but with no waterbag and with a much better harness. The torque comes from the rachet system. Not having a water bag makes it easy to get in to, and you can get into whatever position you want before you apply tension. And you can apply a ton of tension. The guy in the picture is somewhat misleading because you would think he's sitting there pulling on it the whole time, but no. You just have to pull on it to get to the tension you want and it will stay locked right there. Great invention. What to you so long!...more info
  • At last, a one-man device!
    Neckpro Cervical Traction DeviceFor those poor souls who need this thing, it really works well. The set-up is simple and the adjustable tension lets the user control the pull. Easy entry too!...more info
  • Great for neck pain
    I've suffered with chronic neck pain for years. I now see a chiro on a regular basis and take a powdered Magnesium supplement to help but when the pain gets ahead of me sometimes, I use this to get immediate relief. It really takes the pressure off of the nerves and lets the muscles stretch and relax. ...more info
  • Works well, but had to make two changes
    I have bulging discs in my neck and my neurosurgeon had prescribed a water bag type of traction device a few years ago to stretch my neck when I was having numbness in my hands, but it was always a pain in the neck (pun intended) to find someplace to store a full water bag or to have to refill the bag every time I wanted to use it. So, when my neck discomfort and hand numbness returned, I decided to try the NeckPro.

    The first issue was the same one another reviewer mentioned: the harness tends to smash your head. Luckily, I had the spacer bar from my water bag device, which has notches for the harness rings at various distances from the center, so I removed the harness from the hook and put the bar in its place. The harness rings fit perfectly in the notches. Problem solved. I agree with the other reviewer that a spacer bar should have been included in the package.

    The second issue was that the straps on the harness are too short. I have an 18" neck and the harness was literally choking me when I got the straps to where they'd stay put. I ended up having to extend the straps with some industrial strength Velcro. I don't know why they made the straps so short.

    Other than those two issues, I didn't notice any difference in comfort level between the two devices: they both hurt my jaw the same amount. It's something I had to get used to previously and I'm sure I'll get used to it again.

    I really like the easily adjustable force on the NeckPro; it sure beats having to adjust the water level in a bag. It also makes positioning the harness on my head much easier because I can take up the slack to get everything situated and then crank up the force, all without leaving my chair....more info
  • Re-attaching head to body was a bit of a chore...
    I got this to help relieve stress, but didn't realize just how effective all the extra work I'd been putting in at the gym was until I yanked down on the cord and ripped my head clean off. My body wandered around groping aimlessly for a couple of hours before settling down. Ever try scooting around with your lips and pushing yourself with your tongue? I wound up licking carpet for a couple hours till I managed to settle back in place (That reminds me I need to tell my wife to vacuum more...) That's why I'm only giving it 4 stars. If it had a belt you could use to strap your body to the door it would have gotten 5, but comparable models seem to lack that feature too....more info
  • Neckpro Cervical Traction Device is just what it says. It is a simple way to provide cervical traction at home.
    Neckpro Cervical Traction Device is just what it says. It is a simple, inexpensive way to provide cervical traction at home. It's easy to set up and easy to use. My husband's headache is not gone yet, but we were not sure if traction was the answer. Can't complain at all about the product. It's good value for your money. Sure is cheaper than paying a physical therapy office for the same thing....more info
  • Great alternative to the water bag device. Lots of power
    This product is a great alternative to the over the door traction device with the water bag. Not cumbersome, easy to use, and lots of power. There has only been one time that I think I put a little too much traction on and I got a headache later. I have a history of cervical stenosis and arthritis in my neck and spine. Spondylosis. My doctor wrote me a prescription for an "over the door traction device". Unfortunately, the home health care pharmacy didn't carry this product, just the water device. This is so much bettter product. I have solid doors,(old house) but the stories of the hollow core doors were a bit scary, I mean, I put a LOT of torque on mine. I would be afraid the door brace would go through my head if it came off my door! Just an exaggeration of course, but that is how strong it is to me (I'm a female) ...more info
  • Watch out for the bracket
    I am writing this review with an ice pack on my forehead where a gash was opened by the door bracket popping off the door frame and clobbering me. The door bracket is far too small to support the amount of traction in a stable fashion. Buyer beware.
    The device does work very well though. The concerns about too much pressure on the mandible can be taken care of by simply leaning backwards a bit so that the tension is shifted to the back of the head (occipital region).
    I will stick with the device but need to modify it by adding steel plates to the bracket enlarging its contact surface area with the door. A hollow core door (as most internal doors are) can present another problem in that the bracket actually fractures the wood at the bottom of the bracket "legs." A solid core door need be used or on need reinforce a hollow core door....more info
  • Try this before going to your PT.
    I injured my neck in 2005, at age 33, I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that I have arthritis in my neck. He recommended Physical Therapy to relieve pain, so I spent two months on PT, getting manual traction and ultrasound, without any long-lasting results. I spent another two months going to a chiropractor, same thing. I heard from my mother-in-law that traction device might help, so I ordered this ridiculous looking contraption on Amazon. I had spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on massages and gadgets that claim to help neck and back pain, this was just another one. Well, it has been three years, and I'm still using this on a regular basis. After a long day or when I wake up with a stiff neck, I spend a few minutes on this, I hear my spine pop a few times, and I'm all better. I feel like my spine collapses over time due to gravity, and traction release it. You have to be gentle and careful in the beginning though. This really works....more info
  • Does the job - Pressure reduction
    Although this item can be a bit painful to the jaw, when you crank it up the weight, it is a very pleasant and instant relief for the pressure on your neck and upper back. It is well worth the money. I do not use it as often as I should, but it has allowed me to control the almost unbearable pain that comes with my problem. In the past, the only thing that has helped is several days of muscle relaxers. The absolute only problem is the fact that the pressure points on the jaw can be rather stressful, and I wish I could do something about that. But, despite, it is well worth buying and using....more info
  • Neck Traction
    I purchased this neck traction device after my neurologist suggested that it would help take pressure off my pinched nerve at C7. It was easy to use and worked well in reducing the pressure to my neck/spine area. I was instructed by my neurologist to use it twice a day for 10 minutes with 8 to 10 pound pressure. ...more info


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