Pedifix Wart Stick Solid-stick Wart Remover Net Weight 0.2 Oz.

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Product Description

No more embarrassment! Wart STICK 's exclusive formula contains 40% salicylic acid, the #1 doctor-recommended ingredient for wart removal. This unique product delivers the medicine through an innovative wax-based applicator - which glides on dry and odorless, unlike messy liquid products. It is safe, convenient and easy to use. 1 tube/package. This item is not returnable for hygenic reasons.

  • More Convenient Than Messy Liquids
  • #1 Doctor-Recommended Ingredient
  • Safe, Effective & Easy-To-Use
  • Maximum Strength

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome wart remover
    This stuff really works, and for the price you can't pass it up. I used it while in Iraq. At first I didn't think it would work, but was amazed to see the end results. And don't accidently put it on your lips as I did once. ...more info
  • Works better than Compound-W or Dr Scholls
    I've had warts come and go for many years and have tried every over the counter remedy available. I found the PediFix WartStick in a closeout sale at a drugstore. I guess it didn't sell well because it has a horrible product name and looks like chapstick. So it's easy to miss it on a rack.

    But this stuff worked great. I had 2 stubborn warts on my thumb almost under the nail. I had tried the liquid and gel versions of Compound-W and Dr Scholls, but both products would flake or peel off pretty quickly. The Wart Stick, on the other hand, adhered to the skin better. Sometimes before reapplying, I would pull away some dead skin on top, but in general, I could tell it was removing the wart better than the competing products. After 2-3 weeks, the warts were gone.

    I highly recommend this product and hope that Pedifix continues to make it even if it doesn't sell well....more info
  • I Got a Dud!
    The product reviews I read led me to believe that this would be a powerful product. I was excited to receive this product as I've had an annoying wart on my finger for years that I can't get rid of. Unfortunately, it was a total anti-climax as it seems the one I purchased was "dead" - there was no active ingredient in it at all! I've used salicylic acid products before - and this was supposed to be more powerful than average - but it had no effect whatsoever. Usually, when you apply salicylic acid to skin, the skin turns white and comes off. When I applied it repeatedly to the wart on my finger, the skin did not turn white, in fact, there was no reaction or effect at all. As a test, I applied it to a healthy area of skin to see if there was a reaction, but - nothing. A complete disappointment. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    I had used it for less then 1 mth on over 10 foot warts and it worked beautiful.... Supper product. ...more info
  • This stuff really works!
    I had a very stubborn wart on my right index finger, very close to my fingernail. I tried everything to remove it, from the over-the-counter freeze-off stuff, the typical paint-on salicylic acid (Compound W and another store brand), and even went to a dermatologist (twice) to have it treated with some pretty brutal acid that appeared to work at first but didn't completely get rid of the wart. After this, the wart came back with a vengeance, and I was at a loss as to what to do. After looking at the reviews of this product, I thought I'd give it a try. The wax-based formula makes it easy to use (the paint-on liquid kind is hard to keep only on the wart and also tends to dry out in the bottle fairly quickly.) The Pedifix took a while to work, but I used it nightly and put a bandage over the wart, then took the bandage off in the morning to let the wart dry out during the day. At night, I filed the wart with an emery board and applied the Pedifix and a bandage. About 3 weeks later, my wart is completely gone. The process was pain-free too. Great product!...more info
  • the best wart remover!
    I just bought this totally removed my wart on my index finger...i am amazed how fast it took, when i tried other products which took forever and still the wart came back.thank you for making this product......more info
  • This worked when nothing else did!
    I rarely write reviews for products, but I had to for this one. I had a wart on my pinky finger that would not go away. I tried to freeze it multiple times and tried other products. My doctor even attempted to freeze it once-it blistered but did not come off.
    I decided to try this product. Within a day I could tell my wart was disappearing. It was amazing! I had no bad side effects like some of the other reviewers but I was careful to only put it on the wart. I highly recommend the Wart Stick. And it's cheap! I'm going to attack my plantars warts next!...more info


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