Blueair 601 Air Purification System

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Product Description

For rooms up to 679 square feet, this air purification system features two-stage HEPASilent technology that captures 99.97-percent of 0.1 micron particles, including allergy-provoking pollen grains, dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander particles. The unit is ideal for people living with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, or for anyone who wants cleaner, more breathable air. Particles that a HEPA filter alone might miss are captured with an electrostatic charge. HEPASilent technology moves particles through an enclosed ion chamber, which attaches a charge to the particle itself. Charged particles cling more easily to the filter media, resulting in higher filter efficiency overall. Because most electrostatic air cleaners charge the filter media itself, the charge dissipates over time and renders the filter less efficient. By constantly charging incoming particles, instead of the filter, HEPASilent technology keeps on working effectively.

The air purifier's HEPASilent filter technology is geared to a more environmentally friendly design as well. Its nontoxic polypropylene filter contains millions of ultra-thin fibers that trap tiny particles as they pass through the pleats. One of the least harmful plastics for human health and the environment, polypropylene works without outgassing or shedding irritating microscopic fibers into the air. Because polypropylene is waterproof, the filter resists contamination from bacteria, viruses, and mold naturally, without chemical additives. And as used filters are discarded and decompose, the filter media converts into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

Not only does the unit clean air with environmentally friendly filters, it's HEPASilent filter technology also allows for extremely quiet operation. On the lowest setting, the unit emits no more sound than a desktop computer. With its HEPASilent filter technology, particles are trapped with both mechanical and electrostatic filters so that in combination, the two filters create a filter system through which air flows freely and the fan doesn't have to work so hard. The unit's design is also geared towards quiet operation with its noise-muffling steel housing. Not only quiet, but the air purifier is energy efficient as well, costing about the same amount to clean indoor air as it does to power a light bulb--15 watts on low to 95 watts on high.

The air purifier operates efficiently, quietly, as well as inoffensively. Instead of discharging a windy stream of filtered air, the unit diffuses air gently through an area six times greater than the average air cleaner. Its SurroundAir system achieves peak performance without annoying drafts by drawing in dirty air from the sides and bottom, moving it through a less dense filter media, and releasing clean, filtered air from the sides and top. Operating on its lowest setting, the system produces virtually no noticeable draft, while still providing an exceptional air exchange rate.

The air purifier features a sleek, contemporary, Swedish design and is easy to use and maintain. Simply plug it in, select the speed setting, and it is ready to go, with a bright blue power "on" light to show that it's working. The grilles and powder-coated steel exterior are easy to wipe clean, and when the filter needs to be replaced (twice yearly), just open the lid, lift out the old filters, and drop the new ones in. This quiet, efficient, easy-to-use air purifier measures 26 by 20 by 13 inches and carries a 10-year warranty. --Catie Unger

The best made better! The 601 cleans more air, more efficiently. In rooms as large as 679 square feet, our patented two-stage HEPASilent??? technology captures 99.97% of 0.1 micron particles, including allergy-provoking pollen grains, dust mites, mold spores and pet dander particles.Blueair is the system for people living with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, or for anyone who wants cleaner, more breathable air. Advances in fan and filter design have dramatically improved efficiency, gaining the new 601 even better Clean Air Delivery Rates than the original Best of Class 501.Value-added features include quiet operation, low energy use, steel construction and easy maintenance: simply open the unit's lid, lift out used filters and drop in Replacement Kit every 6 months.

  • Air purification system for rooms up to 679 square feet
  • Sleek, contemporary, Swedish design; steel housing; easy to use and maintain
  • 2-stage HEPASilent technology captures 99.97-percent of 0.1 micron particles
  • Ultra-quiet operation; energy efficient, pleasant SurroundAir system
  • Measures 26 by 20 by 13 inches; 10-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Blueair 501
    Eliminates odors from cooking, smoking, even painting!
    For smokers, do use special Smoke Stop filters and keep it on high setting....more info
  • Actually better to do your research before investing!!!!
    I have done extensive research on indoor air purifier and the thing is, you do not want the one that is 1) heavy and ugly 2) Nosy 3) expensive to run it 4) expensive to maintain 5) Does not function as well for the money. I came up with THE BEST air purifier there is on the market AIR SOURCE 3000 by Shaklee. One SMALL unit covers up to 3000 Sq feet, no filter to change, they look like an art, quite and energy saving, kills bacteria and virus and allegens. It get rid of odor, and DOES the job it is supposed to. I will think twice before you buy one of these ugly heavy bulky expensive appliance. ...more info
  • Best Purifier I Have Ever Used
    I have tried many types of purifiers over the years. My allergies would always lay me out and severely impact my quality of life. After becoming disillusioned by the Honeywell HEPAs and the Orek (eegads never buy the Orek!!!!!) I started a very detailed research project.

    Consistently, the BlueAir purifiers were at the top of every review and recommendation list. The only things beating them out were either attached to a house (I live in an apartment) or over $800. While the BlueAir itself is not cheap, I decided that my health was not worth saving the few hundred dollars another Honeywell would save me.

    It was the best $500 I ever spent.

    It runs quiet, it moves huge volumes of air and the filters are obviously doing their job. My allergies have subsided to a point where I no longer take meds!

    The unit has 4 speed settings, the lowest being called "HEPASilent" which is barely audible, and the highest being much too loud to use during sleep. I find the 3rd setting to be the best performance to noise ratio. I can sleep perfectly fine at this level and I am a fairly light sleeper.

    The unit can be heavy for lifting purposes, but comes on casters so you can easily wheel it around to different rooms.

    If I had any gripes about this purifier, it would be the lack of a pre-filter. The unit essentially sucks air from the bottom and shoots it out the top, front, and back. Dust accumulates on the metal housing frame and must be cleaned during each filter change. Cleaning the housing can be a tad difficult unless you have a very slender vacuum hose.

    The other potentially annoying thing is the fairly bright blue power light on the side. I hardly even notice it after over a year of use....more info
  • It's The Best, Shop For Price
    The unit that runs these filters is top notch. Just be sure and shop around for a great price and bundle it up on Amazon with all your purchases for that great Free Shipping - which all the other web store fronts charge and can make filter buying very profitable for them and ridiculous for you!...more info
  • Ok for Light Smoking
    I bought the 402 with the Smokestop filter as I smoke about 3 cigars a week in my apt in the wintertime. This model is good enough for my purposes, but if you smoke more than that I'd suggest the 501 instead.

    As others have noted, the 402 is silent on settings 1 and 2 and produces about the same amount of noise as a tower PC fan on setting 3. Setting 4 is noisy so I switch to that setting just before I leave for work if I've smoked the night before. When I return at the end of the day there us usually little or no smoke smell.

    I'd estimate the Smokestop filter to contain about 3 pounds of activated charcoal. Much more than the thin layer found in most filters.

    The unit itself is very well constructed and for an air filter it looks stylish. Access to the inside for the occasional vacuuming and filter change is extremely easy (large hinged side door)....more info
  • Good Unit
    I bought this unit last year. It does a good job of eliminating the dust. The owners manual says to replace the filters every six months. When I first read that, I thought that was just a tactic to make more money. After six months I checked them, and they needed to be replaced. With new filters, I turned it up to the next higher speed, and within three months they were dirty. The filters are not cheap (other brands aren't either), but that's the price I have to pay for cleaner air.

    This unit has four speeds. On one and two, it's almost silent. On speed three you can hear it, but it's not objectionable. I leave it on that one all the time. The highest setting is too loud.

    The unit uses electostatic technology, and at first the air seemed to have an unusual quality, like being at a high altitude. But after about a month I got used to it, and now I would never turn it off.

    The only objection I have to this and most of the low to moderate priced home air purifiers is they don't adequately eliminate gases and/or odors. But as far as overall performance, this does a good job....more info
  • Works Really Well!
    I bought three of these for our townhouse - 1 for each level. We have 27 windows in this house (at least) and the dust is unbelievable! At first when I plugged in these purifiers I wasn't sure I noticed any difference so I did a test. I dusted in the master bedroom which gets the most dust (8 windows alone)and let this puppy go. Oh there was still dust after a two week period but then I dusted again and turned it off....the room was caked in dust so this purifier is definitely doing some heavy duty work. We've had these now for about 2 years and I think they're great! I'm glad we went with this model. After 6 months just look at your filters - it's amazing how much dirt this machine takes in....more info
  • Long Time User
    I have 4 Blueair units in my home. This unit is amazing, its quiet, energy efficient and cleans the air fast! My wife has horrible allergies and having a 601 in our bedroom is the only way she can sleep through the night!...more info
  • 1st time Air Purifier Buyer
    I read a number of articles and opinions on air purifiers before choosing the Blueair 402. There are a number of quality machines on the market, but for the price and performance, this one seems to be the best. I have been satisfied with my purchase after 2 months.

    I don't have any miraculous stories about allergy relief, but do feel the the air quality has improved despite 2 cats and a dog.

    Fan noise: settings 1 and 2 are virtually silent. 3 produces a calming and constant whitenoise (I leave this setting on all the time, with no trouble going to sleep). 4 is a bit loud (best for maximum exchange, but while out of the room).

    Indicator light: basically a blue night light.

    Simple operation, just pick the speed setting. Only drawback is no change filter indicator.

    Well packaged and quick delivery from Amazon....more info
  • Excellent HEPA air filter
    The product description and independent reviews (e.g., allergybuyersclub) say it all. This is an excellent air filter, quiet & reliable. The improvement in my office's air quality is dramatic. My unit is combating strong chemicals, pollen, auto fumes & cigarette smoke seeping in my window cracks, and occasional thick smoke from controlled burns. With the BlueAir601 on, I don't react to any of it, and I have very sensitive allergies. ...more info
  • Best there is
    I have lived with allergies for years and in that time tried several purifiers.

    The Bluair is simply the best I have ever used. There has been a noticable reduction in airborn allergens in my place. I have even weened off my allergy meds. Using this in conjunction with allergy reducing pillow cases and mattress covers will improve your quality of life by 100%

    The ONLY thing I wish the machine had was a UV light, but you can keep the negative ION crap....more info
  • excellent after initial problem
    I was initially very disappointed after purchasing a factory refurbished 402 unit. It was very noisy which surprised me after what I had read online. Then I was in a local store with same unit on display and found it was much quieter. So I returned the "refurbished" unit and got a new 402 to replace it. Wow, what a difference. I literally can not hear the new unit on setting 1 (hepa-silent) and setting 2 is barely audible and does not disturb this very sensitive sleeper. In contrast my "refurb" unit was as loud on hepa-silent as the new unit on setting 3. So beware of getting a refurb unit as the quality control in their refurb department appears lousy. Additionally the refurb unit I received came with a torn filter. I will say however that the company was easy to deal with regarding problems. My only concern now is how well these units hold up. If my new unit becomes as noisy as that bad refurb unit over time I will not be happy. ...more info
  • Thoroughly Cleans the Air for Better Sleeping
    Have used several less expensive HEPA filters in the past with less than stellar results - the Blueair 501 cleans the air more thoroughly - I would wake up occasionally coughing before (most likely due to pet dander) - have not had this happen since running the purifier at night on setting "4" of 5. I also have a neighbor who's second-hand smoke sometimes drifts in through the pipe fittings - the smell has disappeared, too. This unit is more expensive but it's worth it - am very satisfied!...more info
    The manufacturer is quick to point out this units maximum clean air delivery rate on high, what they conveniently don't tell you is that as soon as it is turned down one notch from high it barely moves any air. I called Blue Air directly to inquire why they don't list the cubic feet per minute on other settings, they informed me that "It hasn't been tested." In my opinion, that means they don't want to answer honestly because they know they have a problem. They tout how quiet it is on lower settings, yet state "Its exceptional airflow on low" that is a boldfaced lie. Avoid this unit, save your money!...more info
  • Truly the best
    The dust problem in our house was unbelievable. A visible coating of the stuff appeared within 24 hours of dusting. We have replaced windows, we sealed the air conditioning system, we replaced 3-month filters every month. Still, dust dust dust dust.

    We tried the Ionic Breeze (actually four of them at once), a Kenmore model, a Whirlpool, and several others. (For technical reasons, we could not get a "whole-house" system.) My research finally lead us to the Blueair 601 . . . and thank goodness it did.

    This unit is amazing. On high, it devours dust so fast that thrice-a-week dusting in the master bedroom has turned into twice-a-month. We bought a second one for the family room and have had the same results.

    Yes, it is loud on high, but with three other speed settings, a quick "click" and the 601 still does a fine job cleaning out the Sahara that is our home. The unit looks sleek, moves easily, and draws less power than a box fan. It has a better warranty than any other unit we tried and, because it's European-made, there's plenty of pride-of-craftsmanship here that you won't find in machines made in Asian sweat shops.

    ...more info
  • Runs full time, pretty quiet.
    We've got dark brown wood floors, and it seems that the place was showing dust pretty much after 2 days, since the dust was light, and the floor was dark. We see less dust now, and according to my spouse, my snoring is apparently not as window-rattling as it was. I can't say that this cleaner is to credit, though...could also be the time of year and my diet changes.

    My wife was really worried about noise...we'd had some panasonic filters before, which were relatively quiet, but we're now running this one full-time on position 3 out of 4, and really don't notice the sound at all. In fact, on all but the max power of this system, it's very quiet...And I wouldn't consider running this on max except under extraordinary conditions.

    This unit is sorta big, but we've got it behind a chair, so that you really can't see it from anywhere but next to that chair.

    It doesn't have as many features as some others, like sensors to determine when to increase airflow, etc, but really, is that a useful feature or a geeky one?

    It coulda got more stars from me if it was cheaper or more compact, but I may buy another (smaller) one for the bedroom as well.
    ...more info
  • Quiet and Effective... Emphasis on Q-U-I-E-T!
    I did a ton of research before deciding on the BlueAir. You'll find that the Blueair, although maybe making a bigger dent in your pocketbook than other big-name air cleaners, is your best bet for a quiet room with clean air. I've tried many other brands who claimed to be "whisper-quiet" and the like, and so far, only the Blueair has lived up to its claim.

    If you put it on the HEPAsilent mode, you'll have to look twice to even see if it's on. And that's not an exaggeration! Even in this mode, you can see particles going into the intake, so it's still effectively cleaning the room. It also takes very little electricity, so it's no strain on your utility bill to leave it on all the time to maximize room air quality.

    The unit is rather large, as other reviewers have mentioned, but once you get it against a wall, or under a console table, you're good to go. The only other potential issue you may have is the blue LED which tells you the unit is on. I'm a light sleeper (hence requiring a very quiet air cleaner) and the LED was so bright that I had to cover it so I could sleep. A very minor issue which will only bother the most sensitive sleeper.

    The filters are very easy to change, and are also conveniently available on Amazon! They require a switch-out every 6 months, in addition to a quick vacuum of the ionizing brushes inside the machine. If you deal with odors, then try the SmokeStop filter. It's quite a bit more expensive, but it works wonders. My neighborhood had a methane gas leak, and the SmokeStop filter took all the odor and toxins out of the air. The room with the BlueAir was the only "safe" room I could be in. So I'm sure it handles cigarette smoke with ease.

    You won't go wrong if you invest in one of these. Oh, and a sidenote, I have 2 cats, and a cat allergy (as well as a myriad of other allergies), and the Blueair allows me to keep my kitties close, and get a good night's sleep!...more info
  • Does what I expected
    It's been on since I opened it up about 4 months ago for the twins. Max setting is a bit loud but then again it has to move a lot of air so I can't imagine it being any less quiet. Anything below max is rather quiet. Wish it had some type of sensor or the ability to dim that blue active on light it has. But other then that it's really a simple box. It has a fan in the middle, 3 filters and just goes and goes. Almost feel like the fan should be reversed and the filters too. It draws air from below and filters within so I'd imagine the insides will get very dirty at some point. You'll know what I mean when you get it. ...more info
  • LOVE this purifier!
    We LOVE our Blueair! Yes, it's big, but at least it's stylish. It's easy to wheel from room to room, and it is truly silent on the lowest setting, a pleasant white noise on the medium, and not all that loud on the highest. If it's too loud on the highest, just turn it on high when you leave like the previous reviewer suggested, and turn it down when you return. Wonderful on cooking odors (especially fish sticks!) and pet dander, and was SO useful when we painted the inside of our house--tremendously helped with that reely-head-from-fumes sick feeling--bleah! We're thinking of getting a second one for downstairs!...more info
  • Too expensive, degrades over time
    I bought this from all the hype from consumer reports (This is the 501 model, not the 401). At first it seemed to get rid of 95% of pollutants (dust, etc) in the room at which it was placed... after a long while, it dropped to 80% or so. After I replaced the filter, it went back up to 90 to 95%... I found out that the outgoing (or is it incoming) vents actually get dirty with dust and have to be cleaned ocassionally to maximize the effect and efficiency of the device. Who knows if the internal components also get dusty degrading the device as well (I suspect that it does to some extent, even if the particles are small). Too bad there was nothing about that in the instruction manual. The cost of replacing filters gets too expensive in the long run in my opinion. True, it has helped with breathing, caughing, etc..., but next time I think I'll just get me something akin to the models that allow you to clean the filters without actually buying them - even if they aren't as good. I can buy 2 of them with the money saved in the long run instead of just one of these units. It might not be as effective - but in the big picture of things, if you don't have allergies, then it really doesn't make sense to get this. And if you do - you probably need something more expensive anyway. About the only real plus I can say is that this thing really looks good and is much better than ozone generators that I've used to clean air in the past and at least it does work to some extent (unlike products that are in my opinion waste of money - like most ozone generators that are used to clean air)....more info
  • One word - Quiet!
    After having had a typical inexpensive air cleaner you can buy at most department stores for years, I was concerned about having a filter that was noisy. Our old filter was too loud to leave on even on the lowest fan setting. In fact we would sometimes turn it on for the sole purpose of providing background noise when our kids were sleeping.

    I picked the Blueair 402 because of the great reviews that it got for being quiet and for the great ratings on how well it cleans the air. It arrived yesterday and I have been impressed beyond what I expected. I may have had low expectations because of my old filter, but when I first turned it on I had to check to make sure that it was even running because I could not hear it at all! On the lowest two settings the sounds is not even noticeable. On the third setting you can hear it running, but the sound has a much better quality than other filters/fans. Even on the highest setting the noise it not that objectionable (quieter than my old filter on the lowest setting.) I wouldn't leave it at this setting for sleeping, but I wouldn't have any problem leaving it at this setting during the day, especially in a room I was not in.

    We left it on setting three all night without a bother (I may consider using setting two after our initial "cleaning" period is over. My wife and I both felt a noticable difference when we woke up this morning. Part of the reason for getting this is that we have a dog and two cats and we were both waking up in the morning all stuffed up and/or sneezy. This morning was noticeably better.

    The filter is very easy to replace also. The one downside is that the unit is rather large. As long as you know this going in, it shouldn't be a problem. Unless you have a very large area you are cleaning, you may want to opt against the 501 or 601 as I believe they are even bigger. I may consider getting a 201 for my kids' rooms since they are smaller bedrooms.

    Overall I'm very pleased and also like the fact that the filters are environmentally friendly compared with some of the filters used in other units....more info
  • Works well and quietly
    After reading reviews a number of places online, I decided to buy the Blueair products. In ended up sampling the 402, 501 and 601, and ultimately returned the 501 and 601 and replaced them with 402s.

    The 402 is truly quiet. This was an important consideration for me; the reason I returned the 501 and 601 was because they were noisy. The 402 has four fan speed settings. The fastest is unpleasantly noisy; I would not want to be in the room while the unit is in this mode. The next fastest, though, is *much* quieter. We usually leave the units in this mode. Sometimes we use the next-to-slowest mode, for example when I'm watching a movie and sitting in a chair right next to the 402. The middle two speeds are sufficiently quiet that I never feel like I need to use the slowest speed. (The 501s and 601s are unbearably noisy at any but the slowest setting - which is slower than the middle speeds of the 402. For 2/3 the price you can move more air, more quietly. Go figure.)

    The only downside to the unit is size. It is about the same size as a tower PC. It's tall enough not to easily fit under furniture, and it's airflow pattern (in one of the skinny vertical sides, out the opposite side) means that the best placement is with one of the long sides against a wall. If wall space is at a premium, it can be hard to find a place to put it.

    I haven't had the units long enough to replace the filters yet, but I have taken out the filters that came with them, and put them back in. It was very easy to do. After two months, only one filter is showing any visible dirt - but the house is *much* less dusty....more info
  • Loud and odoriferous
    This air purifier is good looking and mobile on it's casters but quite large. It's loud on the settings you would use if you have air problems like pet dander, light tobacco smoke, car exhaust, etc. I run it on MAX while at work and lower it while at home. I bought the 601 with the optional Smokestop filters and it has decreased residual smoke odors from my downstairs neighbors but with a twist...the machine (with these filters at least) gives off an odd and unpleasant odor of its own. I'm told the smell is harmless and should pass after a while but I've read of this issue in a number of online reviews so I doubt that it is just my unit. I am on the fence about keeping the 601 and am exploring other air purifiers in the mean time....more info