Blueair Smokestop Filter for Blueair 500/600 Series Air Purifiers, Set of 3

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Product Description

500/600 Series smokestop filter Kit for the Blueair model 501 and 601 air purifiers- One complete filter change with three enhanced HepaSilent filters of polypropylene (equal particle efficiency) with more activated carbon for better smoke and gas removal.

  • Fits all Blueair 501 and 601 model air purifiers
  • More activated carbon for better smoke and gas removal
Customer Reviews:
  • Say goodbye to "Ewww... what's that smell??!"
    I tried the Smokestop filter for the Blueair 402 model, but these are the exact same, only different sized to accommodate the larger models. If you have any issue with odors or cigarette smoke, this is the filter to get.

    I had an extreme situation where there was a methane leak in my neighborhood. The fumes were claimed by authorities to be "safe," but I and many other neighbors suffered from headaches, dizziness and nauseousness. The fumes burned at your eyes and it was pretty unbearable. Well, turns out this was to recur for the next few nights, and with no other place to stay, I invested in a Smokestop filter to temporarily replace my particle filter. It was INCREDIBLE. Immediately, all the fumes in the room were swept up by the Blueair and I was able to spend my time in this room with no health issues. (Whenever I left the room to another part of the house, all the previously mentioned symptoms returned.)

    What's the difference between the Smokestop and the regular particle filter? This filter has a layer of activated charcoal that captures odors, and still has the familiar particle filtering layers, all built into one. Simple concept, and yes, a lot of other air cleaners have charcoal, but this one is specific to the Blueair and it's unique air-cleaning technology. After my experience with the noxious fumes in my home, I am completely sold on the effectiveness of this product. If you have any odor issues in your home, then spring a little extra dough for these filters. They are well worth the extra bucks. ...more info