Balance Bar Nutrition Energy Bar, 1.76-Ounce Bars (Pack of 15)

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  • Very tasty, my kids loved them. They're kind ...
    Very tasty, my kids loved them. They're kind of messy though -- my three year old got the other layer of yogurt covering all over himself and everything else he touched. These bars are great if you don't have time in the morning to fix a big breakfast -- just eat one of these and you're good to go 'til lunchtime....more info
  • Honey Peanut Balance Bar
    This is the first Balance product I ever tried, years ago.

    I love it. I used to be able to purchase Honey Peanut at my local discount store, they stopped carrying this quite a while ago and I missed Honey Peanut substituting Caramel Nut Blast but it just wasn't the same...

    p.s. My local store started carrying the yogurt peanut bar (ick). BTW, Balance recently reformulated Caramel Nut Blast, very nasty.

    Anyway, I am delighted to be able to order Honey Peanut from Amazon. ...more info
  • The taste was a little disappointing but I ...
    The taste was a little disappointing but I don't like peanuts anyway. The bars were very filling and gave me a little boost. I'd say these are all that they promise, although, they're a little pricey for my wallet. I'd recommend them to anyone who likes peanuts and is looking for a bit of a pick-me-up during the day....more info
  • I love the Honey Peanut plus Ginseng Balance ...
    I love the Honey Peanut plus Ginseng Balance Bars. They tasted the most like a candy bar of all the energy bars I've tasted. Chocolate coated with a creamy inside and a few peanut chunks, it reminds me of a peanut butter cup. This was definitely something I looked forward to eating, which I can't say about all the energy bars I've tried. I'd actually buy these....more info
  • I am in the process of trying to ...
    I am in the process of trying to lose weight, and this seemed a great way to skip lunch but still get all the nutrients I needed. When the Balance Bars arrived, I was surprised to get a whole box, enough for a two-week supply, plus one. My husband and I immediately pulled out that ""plus one"" to give it a taste. The bar looked delectable and smelled wonderful, but that was as far as it went. They are plain awful! The chocolate coating is good, but whatever they have on the inside is sickening. It's not very sweet, but it's the texture that's so bad. It's like chewing wet sawdust. We immediately spit ours out, and the box of 14 is still sitting on my counter. I would definitely not pay money for these. Skip them and go on to Slim Fast, is what I'd tell my friends and family. They definitely need to do some work on this product, not just that flavor....more info
  • My wife and her son love these!
    Great item, but remember it's a meal REPLACEMENT not a meal. Also, don't pay more than 99 cents each for these (that's what they cost every day at Trader Joe's)....more info
  • Balance Bars
    The bars I recevied were past the "Best when used by" date by. Also, the bars were the original formula and not the new formula....more info
  • Almond Brownie Balance Bars are my favorite!
    I've been eating Almond Brownie Balance Bars since roughly the year 2000. I used to eat another Balance Bar flavor (Honey Peanut), but found that I quickly tired of that taste. For some reason, I never get tired of Almond Brownie, perhaps because of the sweet chocolate fix it provides plus the suprise of the almond nuts.

    I prefer to eat the bar cold with some ice cold milk. This way, it tastes like a real brownie. Well, maybe that's a stretch, but after eating about 2000 (yes indeed) of these bars over the years, my taste buds have adjusted to the taste.

    Almond Brownie is my favorite Balance Bar flavor by far. In addiion to eating it cold, I can also eat it warm (if it's been siting in my car -- I live in Florida) along with water.

    Looks like Amazon Grocery has the lowest price by about 10%, which could save me up to $100 per year.

    By the way, I think the review dates for this Amazon Grocery item (and perhaps all reviews of Amazon Grocery items) are incorrect since all reviews appear to be from January 2000. This review was written on July 31, 2006....more info
  • I liked the chocolate raspberry flavor, but I ...
    I liked the chocolate raspberry flavor, but I didn't like the texture....more info
  • The Balance Bars that I received were very ...
    The Balance Bars that I received were very good! I really liked the flavor (naturally, chocolate raspberry fudge). They're good for people on the go or for someone who doesn't have time for a meal. Very nutritious and very filling. I'm very satisfied with these bars....more info
  • Lame subscription option
    While I do like the bars themselves, I feel that Amazon resorted to bait and switch. I signed up for a subscription (monthly delivery), and the 2nd month they raised the price 50%. Needless to say, I canceled the subscription, as I can buy it cheaper locally. ...more info
  • Nutrition
    That is what the answer is BALANCE. So many people throughout the United States are not that balanced in their diet or what they eat. They do fast food diets that deprive them of essential nutritents that their body needs. This society wants a fast solution. It is really learning what to eat and at what time of the day. This bar does that it is balanced nutritrion that your body needs. It is about being healthy inside and not just outside....more info
  • Energy bars are a hard sell -- they're ...
    Energy bars are a hard sell -- they're either too sweet or too dense or too grainy or too gooey -- you get the picture. These Balance Bars do a nice job of combining flavor with nutrients and energy. The interior of the bar is dense and chewy with a nice berry taste, although it's hard to taste the berries sometimes. The yogurt covering is a great touch -- delicious and not too sweet. My roommates are split on the bars, however. One roommate loves them and plans to take them in her purse for a quick snack whenever she needs an energy boost. The other roommate, however, hates the texture and can't imagine eating one again. Overall, these bars are surprisingly good for energy bars. Just remember that you're consuming a nutritional supplement and not a candy or granola bar....more info
  • I suppose if you're just looking for fuel ...
    I suppose if you're just looking for fuel for your body or emergency food to keep in your trunk, then these would be okay. If I'd purchased this box of Balance Bars, I would've brought it back to the store for a refund. The taste was pretty bad, and the consistency was gummy/muddy. It's better if you have it with a full glass of water, although there's a very strong aftertaste. My husband took a bite and spit it out -- the same with my six year old. My two-year-old son, however, seemed to actually like it and will eat a bar as a snack if I broke it up into small pieces. I just couldn't get past the taste. I still have over a box left, which I'll dole out to my son as snacks, but it's defiantly not something I would ever buy or recommend. In fact, if someone told me they were going to buy them, I'd ask if they'd ever eaten them before and if not, I would tell them pick a different product. Big thumbs down on this one!...more info
  • The only way I can describe these bars ...
    The only way I can describe these bars is with the word sweet. Too sweet, in fact. They have a good taste as long as you have a real sweet tooth. They're good on the run, but unless you're used to lots of sugar in the morning, I wouldn't recommend them for breakfast. Maybe in place of dessert though....more info
  • Balance Bar - Chocolate Raspberry Fudge
    These were the first energy bars I tried and always come back to them after trying others.

    My staples are honey peanut and gold caramel nut blast but also love chocolate raspberry fudge, it's sort of like chocolate mousse in bar form without the guilt.

    It's just good....more info
  • Mostly satisfied!
    I love these Balance Bars. The honey yogurt peanut flavor is the best I've tried, and they are great with a glass of cold, skim milk for breakfast or a snack. Without the milk, they aren't very filling, it's true, but they are still very tasty and better for you than candy. However, it's also true that since they are made with HFCS they aren't as healthy as some of the other bars available. They probably have a fairly high glycemic index.

    Still, if that's not an issue for you, and you want to soothe a sweet tooth, or find a fairly healthy fast breakfast or snack for on the go, give 'em a try. Btw, some people have complained about the price - here in NYC they go for nearly $2 per bar, making Amazon's prices amazing!...more info
  • We didn't find these to be all that ...
    We didn't find these to be all that tasty. They had a mealy kind of texture. If you're very very hungry they'd be okay to eat. Perhaps they just weren't suited to our family's taste buds....more info
  • Let's hear it for Balance Bars
    Almond Fudge is my favorite Balance Bar and keeps me going on the run. I have special needs: dairy and gluten intolerant, and this Balance Bar not only works for me, it tastes good. Believe me, safe food that tastes good and that you can keep in your bag for an emergency is not easy to find!...more info
  • I thought these nutrition bars were quite good. ...
    I thought these nutrition bars were quite good. I've tried nutrition bars in the past and have always been disappointed. These bars not only tasted good, but they actually filled me up. I'm a college student and a lot of times I don't have time to stop and eat a full meal between classes. These bars were perfect for an on-the-go burst of energy. I've already recommended them to my fellow roommates and they all enjoyed these bars as well....more info
  • Junk food disguised as health food
    Just read up on Palm Kernal oil and High Fructose corn syrup before clogging your arteries with this stuff....more info
  • Balance Bar Cookie Dough
    This Cookie Dough flavor is fantastic! I carry these with me everywhere, they are truly a lifesaver to stave off hunger, and to help maintain my weight. Not to mention the sweet tooth is satisfied with this yummy health bar. Take a chance and try it, if you know the agony of finding a decent health bar you can live with, this one you will not want to live without!...more info
  • Almost like a real candy bar.
    This is one of the few nutrition bars that my whole family likes, including my 13 year old son. We don't let him have 'real' candy bars often, but he eats one of these Cookie Dough bars daily and is quite happy, while we know that he's getting lots of nutrition from it. Probably the best flavor from Balance Bars. ...more info
  • We had always used Clif Bars when we ...
    We had always used Clif Bars when we wanted a nutritious snack or meal replacement. For some reason, the Clif Bars looked more delicious -- with their packaging! The Balance Bars look more adult (maybe too adult ... maybe for old people!) But, in fact, my family prefers the Balance Bars. They tasted much, much better, and nutritionally, they appear to be of higher quality....more info
  • I really didn't care for the product. It ...
    I really didn't care for the product. It was very dry in my mouth. Not a whole lot of flavor, and the filling had a powdery feeling to it. The chocolate on the outside was good but again, not too much flavor. It needed to be sweeter, and the raspberry flavoring was weak. Tasted like I was eating an old candy bar, and a stale one at that. I had to keep checking it to see if it was old and out of date. I actually gagged on it a couple times while eating it. I did eat several of them (nine). The wrapper looks too formal, not appealing to the eye. It made me feel like I was eating a health bar and not a fun item! I thought the carbs were a bit too high also. It did give me a full feeling when I finished with it. Didn't fulfill the need for something sweet, though. If I'm going to eat chocolate, I want to know I ate chocolate. I wouldn't recommend this to my family or friends. I'd rather recommend Slim Fast Bars for the vitamins and health aspects....more info
  • I loved the Balance Bar Complete Nutrition Food ...
    I loved the Balance Bar Complete Nutrition Food Bar. The flavor was really good; it was better than the other similar type of bars. It gets a little bit dry when chewing it. If any one asked me about it I'd definitely recommend this product....more info
  • I've tried numerous ""power"" type bars, but the ...
    I've tried numerous ""power"" type bars, but the Balance Bar is by far the best I've had. They were moist and had a wonderful flavor to them. They arrived during a very stressful week for me. I felt I had more energy while eating them and they helped me to maintain my alertness during this time. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends. They're fairly inexpensive compared to many of the bars on the market....more info
  • This product is really good. It's filling and ...
    This product is really good. It's filling and has nice flavor. Only problem with it is that it's too dry. Other bad part it is it's expensive. But it's worth trying....more info
  • Do Not Buy These!!
    I at these for years and really liked the way they taste. Then I did some research and found out that much of their protein is from gelatin or collagen which is 100% worthless to humans for building/maintaining muscle because the amino acid is not good. Also lots of palm kernel oil in these which isn't too good for you. There are much better options out there. If you want something with better protein (but still has some palm kernel oil) and tastes great, try Metabolic Drive protein bars. If you are ok with eating something that is just ok tasting, then Zero Impact are by far the best bars out there. Great protein, healthy fats, low sugar, no sugar alcohols. I haven't found one bad thing about them. I just feel ripped off for the years I spent eating Balance Bars. ...more info
  • On Balance, One of the Best-Tasting "Nutrition Bars" Available
    I've reviewed a lot of these products, and most have some common flaws: Bad, "unnatural," or chemical-like taste (especially in the metallic after-taste), woefully stale, cardboard-like texture, high fat content, and relatively high price.

    Given all the chemicals listed below, it came as a great surprise that this is a DELICIOUS snack, certainly one of the best of the many I've tried. No strange aftertaste, and real hints of honey (the peanut is a little harder to discern). The texture is soft but with some heft, and, on entry one senses honey, sugar, a hint of peanut and oil, and a vague spicy background. IT's excellent, and not as sweet as the similar but too-sugary (for my taste) yoghurt honey peanut flavor.

    My only complaints (and this comes from the head, not the taste, Bud) are the plethora of vitamin and mineral additives (just a personal preference there), and the 3.5 grams of saturated fat, and 17 grams of sugar. However, this is within the range, I believe, of most of these products.

    On the positive side, you get 14 grams of sugar, and high percentage of the recommended daily values of a range of vitamins and minerals. Have one of these with a 2-3 lasses of water and you will feel full. Also great as a post work-out pick-me-up. Of course, please consult your health care provider for specific recommendations for your personal use.

    I'm not sure how they did it, but Balance has set a new bar (pun intended) for taste!

    Protein Blend - Soy Protein Isolate, Calcium Caseinate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey.

    Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Phosphate, Alpha-Tocopherol Acetate, Magnesium Oxide, Beta Carotene, Niacinamide, Ferric Orthophosphate, Zinc Oxide, Manganese Sulfate, Copper Gluconate, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Potassium Iodide, Chromium Chloride, Sodium Selenite, Sodium Molybdate, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

    Serving size, 1 Bar (50 g); servings per container, 15 Calories: 200 Calories from Fat: 50 Total Fat: 6g, 9% Saturated Fat: 3.5g, 18% Cholesterol: <5mg, 1% Sodium: 220mg, 9% Potassium: 115mg, 3% Total Carbohydrate: 22g, 7% Dietary fiber: 1g, 4% Sugars: 17g Protein: 14g, 28% Vitamin A : 50% Vitamin C : 100% Vitamin D : 20% Vitamin E : 100% Thiamin (B1) : 40% Riboflavin (B2) : 30% Niacin (B3) : 45% Vitamin B6 : 30% Folate,Folic Acid,Folacin : 20% Vitamin B12 : 20% Biotin : 20% Pantothenic acid : 20% Calcium : 10% Iron : 20% Phosphorus : 10% Iodine : 30% Magnesium : 10% Zinc : 20% Selenium : 15% Copper : 30% Manganese : 50% Chromium : 10% Molybdenum : 10% ...more info
  • Currently my favorite nutrition bar!
    Watch the Sales & Special Offers for $10 off purchase to save extra $$. Can't beat free shipping right to your doorstep, either!...more info
  • At first I thought the Balance Bar tasted ...
    At first I thought the Balance Bar tasted like sawdust, but I sort of got used to that after awhile. The bar isn't moist enough. I need a glass of milk wash it down or it's hard to swallow. The taste was OK, but not something I'd buy really. I'd say if you're on a diet and want a nice 200-calorie lunch, get a salad with a nice low-cal dressing instead....more info
  • The Balance Bar has a very good taste ...
    The Balance Bar has a very good taste with none of the vitamin taste that I sometimes get in these bars. It has all the vitamins, minerals, and even Ginseng for the energy I need. I usually have a bar for breakfast - the calorie count is reasonable and you get your day's supply of vitamins. The consistency is the only thing that some people might not like, as it's a little pasty; but overall, I thought it was excellent....more info
  • Convenient, flavorful, affordable
    This was the first flavor of Balance Bar I ever tried and it's still the family favorite. It's not too peanut-buttery and not too sugary - it's more like a dense cereal bar with a bit of pb and choc flavor. As a snack for my son these are healthy and worthwhile and it's so easy to store a box in the pantry and grab one when needed. Very filling, and very tasty!...more info
  • I'm a college student and I found this ...
    I'm a college student and I found this bar to be extremely convenient. The day after I received them I woke up ten minutes before class began. I jumped out of bed, grabbed a bar, and raced towards class. The bar was incredible -- it had a sweet peanut flavor that wasn't too sweet. It had a pleasant aftertaste, unlike other bars. The bar was light but satisfying. Usually I end up eating too much and falling asleep in class. Whether it was the nutrition or the ginseng, this product was great for energy. I'd use it again and again....more info
  • I really like this nutrition bar. I've tried ...
    I really like this nutrition bar. I've tried many nutrition bars over the years and I rate this one right in the top two or three. It's very tasty -- much like a cross between a chocolate/raspberry truffle and a 3-Musketeers bar. My kids like them too....more info
  • Hooked on Balance Bars
    I don't know about the other varieties of this bar , but the Chocolate Raspberry Fudge bar is great for a meal-on-the-go or a quick lunch. If there is any problem with them it's that they are so good, I could become adicted to them....more info
  • Great Taste
    This is a very nutricious bar. Save by buying it through amazon. It keeps me full for about 2 hours, then it's time for another meal. Has a little crunchy bits from the cookies. Delicious overall....more info
  • I enjoyed the Almond Brownie Balance Bar. The ...
    I enjoyed the Almond Brownie Balance Bar. The taste was much richer than other nutrition bars I've used previously. They kept well in my pocket and weren't too crumbly or excessively chewy. I used them as an alternative to breakfast several times when I was running late (a normal occurrence). I also brought them along on several day hikes as a quick pick-me-up snack. I would recommend this product, especially if you like rich chocolately tastes....more info
  • Great for kids on the go or who are just picky eaters.

    I finally found something that my kid loves and is good for him.
    He is a very picky eater and this Balance Bar in the cookie dough flavor is something he will eat everyday. It also gives him the protein and vitamins his growing body needs. We have tried other flavors, but the cookie dough is the best!


    Tony ...more info
  • The taste was slightly chalky but altogether pleasing. ...
    The taste was slightly chalky but altogether pleasing. After all, it's NOT a candy bar! Also, it would be a great idea to place a set of instructions for use in with the product. I ate one bar for breakfast and one for lunch, but I had no idea if that was a reasonable use of the product. Finally, the bars are easy to open and easy to carry in a purse or a backpack. I'll be buying more Balance Bars for my meals of the future!...more info
  • My children seemed to really like them. They ...
    My children seemed to really like them. They have a slightly different taste than what I expected. They're almost like a Fig Newton chewy. They were very filling and helped us feel that we were no longer hungry. They helped us feel more energetic. My family tried the product and the children seemed to be the most impressed, although the adults also thought that they felt more ""alive""....more info
  • The Tastiest Protein Bars Ever
    Sometimes in my busy day, I don't have time to stop for a meal. There I've said it. I know it's not healthy and I should. But sometimes it's impossible. Between work and the gym and commuting and everything else. There's just not time.

    Enter the Cookie Dough Balance Bar, the bestest of all high protein energy bars. It's smooth with little chunks of cookie dough goodness mixed in. ...more info
  • my favorite
    I love this bsar. tastes just like a brownie but healthy. very hard to find in my area. ...more info
  • I'd never had a Balance Bar before and ...
    I'd never had a Balance Bar before and wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised at the taste. It was chocolatey and wonderful. I think the Balance Bars are great to have for breakfast on the run and to grab a quick snack before or after working out. I would highly recommend the Balance Bars....more info
  • Awesome balance bars
    This product is great tasting and healthy at the same time. It is hard to find, but I am grateful for Amazon's subscrition service that allows me to purchase at a reduced amount and have it automatically sent to me on a regular basis. Great product and great service!...more info
  • Great Taste
    I got a great deal on those from Amazon. They taste really rich, and chocholatey.They are my all-time favorite. They satisfy me for at least 2-3 hours, and they have a great deal of nutrition in them. Also they are based on the 30/30/40 diet (protien/fat/carbs) respectively, which is the most successful diet there is if followed sensibly. ...more info


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