FertilAid for Women: Female Fertility Supplement
FertilAid for Women: Female Fertility Supplement

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Product Description

FertilAid for Women is the doctor-approved and Ob/Gyn-recommended fertility supplement designed to enhance fertility and improve reproductive health. FertilAid for Women was formulated on the basis of established scientific literature to help optimize fertility safely and naturally as part of a healthy lifestyle. With a proprietary herbal formula that includes chasteberry (vitex), red clover blossom, siberian ginseng, and gingko biloba, FertilAid can help restore hormonal balance while supporting overall reproductive wellness. Each bottle contains a one-month supply of FertilAid. It may take up to 3 months to fully realize the benefits of FertilAid. Do not take FertilAid if you are taking fertility drugs (such as Clomid).

  • Optimize your chances to conceive
  • One bottle contains a one-month supply
  • Developed by the nation's leading fertility expert, Amos Grunebaum, MD
  • Promotes reproductive wellness

Customer Reviews:

  • OMG!! It Worked!!
    I am 35 (just about 36) and have been trying to get pregnant for the past several months. Ladies you know that when you go off the Pill that your cycle goes wacky right? Well, when I saw this product, I was a sceptic but after looking at the other reviews I thought I would give it a try. If it only helped regulate my cycle I would have been happy with my purchase, but ladies after taking this product for only a month and a half, I am pregnant!!

    It was a challenge to remember to take it three times each day, but once you get into the habit of taking it at certain times it is not so bad. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to get pregnant....more info
  • Worked in 1 month
    My husband and I TTC for 5 months and I decided to use some herbal remedies for assistance. I looked up reviews for fertilaid and decided to give it a shot. I took it for only 3 weeks and it seemed to make me feel healthier. When it was time for my next cycle, I noticed all of my pms symptoms were more exaggerated. A week went by and I still had no period so I decided to test. I was so shocked when that stick said "PREGNANT" I actually gasped. My husband and I have a wonderful little 1 year old boy. Couldn't be happier. Next time around I won't hesitate to use this. ...more info
  • It works!
    I took the FertilAid pills for about 1 month after 8 months of casually trying to conceive. I also used the Clearble Easy Fertility Monitor, and I got pregnant within the first month! I would recommend this product for anyone that is trying to conceive, along with using the fertility monitor. It works!...more info
  • Fertilaid is amazing!!
    I am on my third month of taking Fertilaid, and I love it! Before taking this, I would have spotting 7-11 days before my period began. Well, the last two months I have only had 2 days of spotting before. As someone who has had this spotting for the past 12 years, I am amazed. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!
    I had ovulated and was regular like clockwork every month. Now my cycles are completely messed up. I thought "what they heck? Any bit helps". It made my period go on for 9 days. When I got near ovulation my cervical mucas started, but then dissapeared. It also made me extremely fatigued. It took 3 days just to get this stuff out of my system before I felt better. ...more info
  • 16 weeks along - it worked!
    Who's to say that I wouldn't have gotten pregnant without it, but I was having a strangely long anovulatory cycle, took Fertilaid for 5 days, had a period, 2 weeks later I ovulated and voila! I won't attribute the pregnancy 100% to the product, but I think it probably helped. Worth the money....more info
  • High Hopes for a Baby!
    "Since reading all of these wonderful comments (some which are not so positive-guess when something is going great, there are a handful who have to shoot it down!)..but anyway, I ordered this product last night in high hopes of conceiving! My DH and I have been TTC for 5 years and nothing! We did a cycle of IVF last summer and no success. My DH and I both have problems and were told we couldn't get pregnant without fertilty. Hopefully, we are not kidding ourselves with trying this product!"...more info
  • Great product!
    I purchased this to help regulate my periods and it has done just that. This is a great product. It makes me feel very healthy. I have replaced my daily multi-vitamin with this product. I just take it once a day....more info
  • So Far So Good!
    I started taking this product about one month ago, So far I have not gotten pregnant but my period is regular again just after a few weeks of taking it. I will probably buy another bottle to see if it actually helps to get pregnant and not just regulate my period.

    ...more info
  • great product
    i ordered this product last month and it arrived right before Ovulation so i only took it for a few days. i have been taking it again now for about a week and i can tell a major change in my body. i would recommend going to the fertility aid website and doing some research on it because i did not see anywhere that it said not to take when pregnant. when going to the web site it says to stop taking as soon as you find out if you are pregnant. it makes your body produce more horomones which can mess with a developing baby. i just simply stop taking it from Ovulation then start again when AF arrives. great product and i would recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • Don't buy if you are regular
    I have to agree with the other reviewers that say not to buy this product if you are regular. I used to ovulate regularly, but I have a short luteal cycle so I thought this product could help me. After taking Fertilaid my cycle became very irregular. I started ovulating very late in the cycle and my luteal cycle got even shorter. I took Fertilaid for 4 months and my cycles were all over the place. As soon as I stopped, my cycle went back to normal and two months after I stopped taking Fertilaid, I got pregnant, despite the fact my luteal cycle is only 8 days. So if you are regular do not buy this product. It was a big waste of my money and time. ...more info
  • Good Product...
    I really like this product. It has been working to help me to ovulate on a monthly basis which I was not doing before. The reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I have a small issue with it. I have noticed that it gives me bloating which can kind of trick one into thinking they might be pregnant when they are not. I have no clue what ingredient would be doing this but I just find it to be slightly annoying. The other thing that I have to say to those that have purchased this product or thinking of buying it. Please do your homework on the product like I did. This is not a miracle fertility suppliment. There is no such thing. It cannot be taken with fertiliy drugs, you have to give it time to work before you give it an unfair negative review, & it is really only for those dealing with irregular periods/hormonal issues/annovulation. If you just take the time to read the website & do your homework on the product before buying you would have noticed these things beforehand because I did. So if you spend the money on a product that is not going to help your fertility issue then it is your fault not the companies. I am sorry just after reading some of those negative review it was aggravating me....more info
  • It helped me!
    I went off birth control in January to try and get pregnant but my periods were all over the place. They were anywhere from 24 to 32 days long. Within days of taking the pills in July my cycles became regular. I now ovulate on day 14 every month. I'm not pregnant yet but I feel confident that I will be soon. ...more info
  • Seems to work!
    Hard to say if it was because of this product, but after taking this supplement for about six weeks I was pregnant after seven months of trying! I say that at least makes it worth a shot!...more info
  • Does work for something
    I have been using this product for 3 months now. Not pregnant yet, but what I did like was how it regulated my cycle. I have been off the pill for over a year and I still was unable to track when my cycle would start. I was pretty irregular and it was frustrating. Within the first 2 weeks of being on the product I began my period when I was supposed too. So, I recommend it for someone who is like me that got pretty messed up from being on the pill. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    Save your money! This product isn't all that its cracked up to be - even thought we'd really like it to be! I'd say that it must help if you have irregular cycles, but if you have regular cycles, like I do, it may not be a good product for you. When I took it last month I didn't even ovulate at all - before I took it I did like clockwork, and then after I took it, I didn't ovulate that month......coincidence!?!?!!?...more info
  • Definitely worth trying!
    I have been using Fertilaid for 2,5 months to regulate my anovulatory cycle and I've started to see that it really works. Here is my story: I used to have a period every month before starting birth control pills for contraception. 6 months after I got off the bcp, I started to have weird periods (no period for 4 months, then a non-stop period, used provera, then no period again). Obviously I was not ovulating. My ob/gn suggested bcp again and told me to come again when ready to get pregnant by Clomid. She thinks I have pcos, although I don't have many of its symptoms except no ovulation, high LH/FSH ratio, and multiple cycsts in the ovaries. Anyway, instead of doing that I wanted to try these pills and during the second bottle I noticed I am having fertile cervical mucus, breast tenderness which were not there before, my constantly high LH started to behave well, and finally last month I had a period of my own! This month also I am experiencing the same signs. If you are planning to use this product, just be patient and use it for at least 2-3 months. Hopefully you will see the results soon! Good luck!...more info
  • Hopeful
    My cycles were crazy after going off the birth control last April and kept getting longer. I was having 50 day cycles finally. I started the pills (2 a day instead of the recommended 3) at the beginning of December after my last cycle and got my period at the beginning of January. I had a 35 day cycle! I am very impressed already, especially since I only took 2 pills a day. I'll keep going and hopefully my cycles will be back to normal even without it....more info
  • wonderful!!
    It worked for me. I used it only 1 month and a half because I got pregnant before I thought!!...more info
  • LOVE it
    My hormones have finally gotten back under control :) I dont' necessarily see it as a fertility drug even though we are trying but since my hormones have gotten under control, iv'e felt better than ever!...more info
  • Worked for me!
    I am 30 years old and my husband is 29. We have been trying for about 4 months to get pregnant without success. I began to take FertilAid and noticed changes (for the better) right away! My period was on time and the flow seemed so much richer, the color more like you hear described as ideal. For years now my period has been irregular and the blood a very dark color instead of pinkish red which is ideal. Right away, using this product, my body was transformed! Within the first month I became pregnant! I am now 4 weeks, going on 5 weeks along! I totally believe this product helped me to concieve, I truly hope it can help you too!...more info
  • Still waiting
    I have been taking this product for about a month and still nothing. I have been hoping to become pregnant and when I found this product I thought for sure that it would help. After researching the product I finally ordered it and now I am still playing the waiting game. I can only hope that it actually starts to work and I become pregnant....more info
  • Regular? Do not buy this product!!
    If you have regular periods, do NOT buy this product. I am 34 and have been trying to conceive for 4 months. I have had regular periods and have been ovulating since I stopped taking birth control. I saw the advertisement with the hopes of conceiving quickly and I thought, every little bit helps. Since taking this product for 5 weeks, I have NOT ovulated. I have stopped taking it and hoping for the best next month. ...more info
  • Irregular cycle
    This product is worth it if your irregular. I was irregular and it has already helped my cycle. Were not pregnant yet but we hope that will happen since this product has helped me get regular....more info
  • Excited! I think it is working!!!!
    Hello everyone! I have been taking fertilaid for a week now. I am so excited because I noticed changes within days.I hope that fertilaid does help us concieve our second child soon.I will keep everyone posted....more info
  • Great I'm sure... but here is another thought...
    Good evening all! I was reading all of your wonderful success stories, congratulations. I just wanted to say that I to had difficulty with irregular cycles and tried clomid for 5 months unsuccessfully. I decided to plan a cruise and forget the clomid for awhile. In the back of my mind I couldn't quite give up trying to have a baby, so I bought some Vitex on a whim. Three days before my cruise I found out I was pregnant!!!! Vitex chasteberry is one of the ingredients in Fertilaid. Vitex regulates hormones and causes cycles to regulate and ovulation to occur. It really works. I had 37 to 40 day cycles.. and sometimes longer. With Vitex I have 30 day cycles with ovulation on the 15th day. I will leave you with my main point... the drops of vitex were under $10 for a months supply. My daughter Natalia is a Vitex success story. I hope to have another success story soon as well... :) God Bless and Good luck! ...more info
  • :(
    well where do i start?.....well my husband and i bought this product in hopes of conceiving well we havnt yet and are hoping to soon. its just so dissapointing. i read all these wonderful stories of other women getting pregnant and even those who didnt conceieve but it has made their periods regular and damnit...i didnt get either of those things. dont get me wrong but im not downing tghis product but i will keep taking it in good faith and hopefully something will turn up soon. ...more info
  • From Completely Unpredictable to Totally Predictable in 2 Months!
    I've been taking FertilAid for 2 cycles since a miscarriage in March and after being on the pill for more than 7 years. My cycles, which were all over the place since going off the pill in October '06, have really "normalized" and settled into a nicely predictable 28 day pattern, which I'm sure will help when we're ready to try again.

    I didn't take FertilAid 3 times a day [I also didn't read the directions, though], I took 3 tablets in the morning, all at once, and I've only been taking them up until ovulation....more info
  • Vitamis don't hurt you
    I ordered this product for my husband. No special change yet, but that's a set of vitamis, so vitamins can help, they don't hurt to take. We keep trying to have a baby, but no luck so far. ...more info
  • dont know yet but shipping was fast
    I'm not sure if it works yet but I love that it come with free pregnancy tests if your purchase is 25.00 or more. I cant wait to try the tea as well!...more info


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