Soleus Air MAC-12K Portable Air Conditioner and Heater - 12000 BTU

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Product Description

12000 BTU portable air conditioner with built-in heater and dehumidifier - fresh air intake duct and unique condensate evaporation system - no buckets to empty!

  • 12000 BTU Portable AC and Combination Heater
  • Comes with window kit for easy exhaust hose setup.
  • Reduced maintenance of water removal due to self-evaporative technology.
  • Heat pump built-in for winter heating.
Customer Reviews:
  • This is a crappy unit.
    This is the worst product on the market.

    1. It broke down the first week i bought it. It literally stopped working only after a few days. I called soleus and it took them another month to send me a replacement. Guess what. The replacement broke down! I can't believe the crap they make.

    2. When it did work, it didn't cool very well. Very loud and DOES NOT cool very well.

    3. Drainage is a big problem. Supposedly you do not need to drain since the exhaust tube is supposed to get rid of the moisture. But it doesn't. On slightly humid days, you need to continually empty the drainage pan.

    4. Their customer service sucks. Takes you literally a whole day to speak to a live person. And then they give you the run around. DO NOT BUT THIS PRODUCT....more info