Hoover U5753-900 WindTunnel Bagless Vacuum

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Product Description

Patented WindTunnel technology that picks up more dirt than any other bagless brand. Pet hair cleaning tool. Powerful WindTunnel technology and rotating brushes easily remove pet hair and dirt from stairs and upholstery. Embedded DirtFinder sensing techno

  • 12 amp upright vacuum cleaner with 15-inch-wide cleaning path
  • Windtunnel technology; innovative Dirt Finder indicates when dirt is gone
  • Twin Chamber bagless design with HEPA allergen filtration
  • 31-foot cord; edge groomers; headlight; deluxe stretch hose; on-board tools
  • Measures approximately 16 by 13 by 44 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't waste your money!
    I have had this vaccum for about a year and a half now. I bought it in a pinch. This thing has completely lost all suction , I see things on my carpet and I go over them again and again to see if she picks them up and nope!!! With two kids and three cats in the house I need to vaccum alot and it is just not doing the job. I wish I could afford a new one :( It is heavey and awkward, and the belt has also burnt up on me several times. I do like the attachment tube, and thats about it. ...more info
  • Hoover U5753 WindTunnel Vacuum
    Great product really sucks up the dirt but is a little noisy. Rather have clean than quiet....more info
  • hoover vac
  • Pretty Good for the Money
    I have owned this sweeper for several months now and for the money it works pretty well. You must keep the compartment that holds the dirt cleaned out when it is just half full so that the sweeper will continue to pick up well....more info
  • worth more than I paid
    I purchased this item because consumer report gave it a very good review and the cost was much lower than the kenmore equivalent.
    It is louder than any vac that I have had, but the performance is outstanding....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I purchased this item based on Consumer Reports, and the feedback left on this website. I previously owned an older model of windtunnel and found it worked quite well. This product blows the old one out of the water. Some of the reviews stated that emptying the vacuum was a royal pain. I found this to be not true. The first few times I used it I had to empty it after every use, but now I do not. I attribute that to the fact that my old vacuum wasn't doing it's job and this one needed to pick up what it left behind. I simply take the canister out in the garage and either dump it in the trash or suck it up in the shop vac. As far as the round filter goes, I tap it on the garage floor then run the shop vac over the filter and the mess on the floor. This takes a few extra seconds, but its worth it. I would recommend this product to my closest friend/family member....more info
  • Don't Buy A Hoover!! Very Poor Customer Service
    If you need a new belt good luck getting one. Turns out the Hoover Wind tunnel is being recalled. If you email the company you will not get a response. If you call them it's a toll call. I've called to get my free belt and no luck! turns out the compoany has been sold to ttigroup in Hong Kong. I sent an email to the CEO Mr. Pudwill. Let's hope I get a response. I'll never buy another Hoover!!! Another once great Americn company bites the dust!! ...more info
  • Hoover Vac
    Consumers Report best buy and recommened vacum. Good power and uses, a bit loud/Noisy for me, but so far so good and worth it....more info
  • Waste of money
    I bought one of these vacumm cleaners 11 months ago, and it is already useless. It has lost most of it's suction power, and the brush bar is scraping against the plastic bottom plate causing plastic shards to come off the bottom. Now, you get to experience the lovely burning smell, and eventually the scraping will render the vacuum completely useless. If you do have the unfortunate experience of owning one of these - the HEPA filter gets clogged very easily, you have to take it outside and beat it against something and use a dry paint brush to 'brush' out the folds to get the dust out. IT's really a pain to use....more info
  • R Green, Florida
    A great vacuum cleaner. Works exactly as advertised, picking up every speck of dirt on one pass. And, as usual, Amazon delivered it free earlier than expected. Why would you shop anywhere else?...more info
  • Great buy!
    Great product for the price. This product has great suction power and works great on all floor surfaces....more info
  • Vacuums should not cause injury
    The thing works but is clumsy, and others have outlined the disadvantages. For me the drawback is that the bagless container, when it needs to be emptied, is extremely difficult to remove from the vacuum. Once cleaned you almost need a hammer to snap the bagless container back into position. When I pushed and pounded it with a bare hand trying to get it back into place the result was bleeding nicks and scratches on my hand. ...more info
  • This is a great sucking vacuum
    I've loved my vacuum! Of course nothing lasts forever and I've taken it once to the repair shop in 6 years! Yes the dust will blow all over when you take it outside to empty it. I use my LEAF BLOWER to clean out the can and filter. It prolongs the life of the the expensive filter. Just tap off the excess in the garbage can and then turn on the leaf blower to get all the dust out!!!...more info
  • Loses Suction
    I don't know how anyone could really like this vacuum. The ONLY thing I like about it is that it's bagless...but that's the first drawback. It loses suction, and by the time I'm done with my 800 square foot condo, it probably has something like 1/4 of the initial suction. Then, you have to dump the cannister, tap the dust off the paper filter, then wash both the paper filter and the metal screen. They say you can only wash the paper filter a couple of times, but I've washed mine over two dozen times (just be sure to let it dry). Not sure how CR could rate this a good vacuum....

    The hose doesn't stay put in the holder, and this causes additional loss of vacuum. Also, the brush spins even when its in the locked upright position and you're using the hose.....grrrr.........more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner!
    I love this vacuum cleaner. I have 2 dogs and it cleans my carpets and my hardwood floors wonderfully. The bagless filter is great and easy to empty. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is the best vacuum that I have owned so far. I had an old piece of crap that I had bought from Sears about 2 years. This one was free and it works great. It was easy to assemble and I love the fact that it is bag less. The filters are kind of pricey but they are worth it. I use it to vacuum my entire house. You can use this vacuum on almost any surface of the house....more info
  • Hoover Vac... COOL!!!!!!
    It works really GREAT !!!! Gets the dirt up and out of the rugs Just one small thing bugged me though, Wish it had a much longer hose like my old Hoover or that that hose would have fit the new hoover... LOL I am very happy with it though. But let's see if I am still feeling like this in a year after it has been used.. ...more info
  • Works Great
    I have only used this vacuum a few times, it works great. It is very easy to push, there are attachments for the wand that make it longer so I can actually reach the ceiling-a short coming is the hose is short so you have to be careful when using the wand and extensions or else the vacuum will fall over. (I believe you can buy a longer hose for this vacuum.) Read the manual how to pull out the cansiter for cleaning, it isn't that hard but it is different than my last hoover vacuum. ...more info
  • I like this vacuum
    I have had to replace my vacuum recently. I started out buying a eureka which was a piece of junk. I replaced it with this vacuum and i really like it! the suction is good and its comfortable to use. I see that there are several bad reviews here and i am very surprised....more info
  • It's okay...
    I was excited to try this vacuum because it was bagless. I don't really like to give a bad review, because I don't really enjoy negativity, but for all of the people who have given this good reviews, probably didn't have a good vacuum before it. It loses suction rather fast, I have to vacuum over certain things a million times before I finally just reach over and pick it up with my hands. It does terribly on hard floors, it spits everything back at your feet. And we have huge area rugs in the living room and office, and the vacuum does not work at all on these rugs. I actually have to tilt the vacuum up in the air a little bit in order for it to not get stuck on the rugs. The nice features of this vacuum are that it's bagless, and you don't have to buy any new bags, but you make up for it in buying new filters and such. And the self propelling action on regular carpet is wonderful as well....more info
    I wish I had read the abundant number of negative reviews of this vacuum prior to purchasing one. Similar to many of the other complaints, my vacuum only lasted approximately one year. I emailed Hoover's public relations department and they forwarded me to a Hoover repair store. The repairs were going to be more than $150. A new motor, among other things, was needed. So, I told the repairman that he can just throw it in the trash; comparable to what other previous Hoover vacuum owners have done.



    ...more info
  • Great suction / bad vacuum
    I bought mine only 6 months ago and have replaced the belt several times. When using the attachment hose, the brushes keep turning and the motor gets hot. I was able to vacuum 5 stairs with the attachment when the vacuum shut off completely. After about two hours, I turned it on again and it started smoking. Smelled up the whole house! It is awful to dump the dust out of the canister. Like the others have said, one small gust of wind and you come in needing a shower.
    On the plus side, it does have great suction and gets up all the dog and cat hairs. The carpets looks great after vacuuming (if the vacuum makes it through the room).
    Thanks for listening....more info
  • Best vacuum I have ever had
    Over the years we have had many vacuums. Some lasted a few years some didn't. All of them had bags that had to be changed, all had belts that had to be bought to replace worn out or broken belts. This vacuum was recommended to us, and we tried it. Wow! what a great unit, and what a great deal. Oh! and I will never have to buy a belt again. Hoover send an extra belt with the new unit, along with a card to send in for a free replacement when you use that one. They send you another free belt and another replacement card. Free belts for the life of the vacuum. Also, no more bags to buy!! Just take out the dual chamber, empty it in the trash. Clean the chamber and put it back. Easy, simple and very well made. We enjoyed it so much, we bought another one just for upstairs. I also got the 20 foot extention hose. Great if you have a load of stairs. Get one, you won't go back to a vacuum with bags again. Super job! Hoover....more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever used
    This vacuum has the craziest sucking power ever. It's actually too powerful for most rugs, in which case you need to use the extensions. I've had it for about 9 months now and have never had anything go wrong with it. The pet hair removal tool works like a dream! However, there are a few issues to note. 1~ It is very heavy, which leads you to use the "self-propelled" feature, which only leads you to get "thrown" around because it is so strong (or maybe I am just weak) 2~ emptying it is a nightmare-because it's suction is so strong, it packs the dust and whatnot so tightly that you actually have to dig the stuff out, causing a rediculous mess...but a cool feature is that if you turn the switch on top of the filter, it knocks all the dust out of it(the filter)for you. So, it may be a pain to use, my goodness does it do an awesome job! If you have pets or messy people in the house, I definately reccommend it. And btw, unlike some other reviewers, I've never had a problem with the attachments falling off....more info
  • I am very happy I bought this!
    From day one I have been pleased with this product. On the day I bought it I came home and took it out of the box. There was very little to do to get it ready to use. All I had to do was attach the handle and was ready to go. I went through and vacuumed my whole apartment. I was amazed at how much I picked up! I thought I owned a good quality vacuum before this. I had only decided to replace it because I wanted a bagless vacuum. My Hoover was one third of the price of my previous vacuum and does so much better. I am very happy I bought it....more info
  • Horrible, Slowly Fell Apart and Pain to Empty
    We bought ours about 2 years ago, and we are getting rid of it this week.
    After only a couple months of use, the Self-propelling feature stopped working. Also, after about a year, the Floor to Carpet switch broke. After a year and a half, the carpet level switch broke.

    During that whole time, the brush motor belt fell off of its track 2 times. We are sick of it.

    It's a misery to clean. Very dusty and gross....more info
  • Best Vacuum I've EVER owned!
    My new windtunnel is amazing! My carpet looks new again! ago...love it, No complaints AT ALL!
    Highly recommend this style to everyone I know!...more info
  • Does exactly what a vacuum should.....
    The vacuum does exactly what it should do. The only thing is when it got shipped to me it was a mess. Other then that Hoover products work perfect....more info
  • Happy with Windtunnel
    I was very happy to use my new windtunnel. I did discover alot of dust and dirt I didn't know was in my carpet. I have a dog and (3) cats so this will help alot with cleaning. One problem is the accessories on side don't seem to stay in thier area very well but I just remove them and put back when done. I bought this after looking and reviewing many other vacuums and talking with people who have this one. I read all the reviews on this site and was happy with what was written so I purchased this one. I'm very happy with my decision. ...more info
  • Definitely a best buy!
    I have two cats and carpets of varying lengths. I thought my carpets needed cleaning, but this vacuum made them look new. An amazing value for what struck me as a relatively low cost!...more info
  • Wish I could give ZERO stars!!!
    This vacuum is a piece of junk. The hose pops out all the time and so the base loses suction. We JUST changed the filters and they are clogged again!!! I have to beat the filter outside for 20 minutes for it to suction enough to vacuum. After that, you need a shower. The worst thing?????..... You can't turn off the beater brush. Guess what happens when you vacuum hardwood... Everything kicks back and hits you in the shin!!! ...more info
  • piece of junk
    1. filters are outrageous expensive
    2. The internal filter clogs and suction decreases after one use
    3. The house somehow is filled with dust after use - in spite of all the filters
    4. Hassle to clean indoors
    5. Avoid avoid avoid. I'm giving it away and getting another brand ...more info
  • Great Suction!!!
    This vacuum has tremendous suction and does an excellent job of picking up the dirt!! The handle is a little on the heavy side but is bearable. I like bagless because of the price saving on buying bags but it can be a bit messy when dumping the waste so I just take my trash can to the porch so if a little spills it is outside and not back on my floor!! Overall an excellent machine!!!...more info
  • Great machine - a little on the heavy side
    I like this vacuum, but it is a little heavy. My favorite feature is the extra long cord - I can do three rooms from one plug! And I love being able to use the "deluxe stretch hose" on the go - it's ready to be used as soon as it's unplugged from the vacuum. The "Dirt Finder" isn't anything special - kinda seems like a gimmick to me. And changing the dirt chamber is a little messy - but it's not necessarily a difficult process....more info
  • Love the design, hoping our second will last longer
    We had a Hoover Windtunnel Bagless for 3-4 years that quit on us. That seemed way to early so after researching we decided on the Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Pet Vac. While the majority of reviews are great ours didn't work near as good as our old vacuum. I would often run over the same item on the floor a couple of times before it would get picked up. One big difference I really missed was being able to grab the hose adn edging tool while I was vacuuming and get into a corner and keep on going. With the Bissell the best way was to go back and hit any places you couldn't get to which means going through your rooms twice. We went back to the Hoover Windtunnel Bagless and are hoping for longer performance out of the new one....more info
  • glad i bought it
    works great, only drawback kind of loud, but then again i don't like the sound of any vacumn! I recommend it....more info
  • Awesome Vacuum
    Excellent vacuum! The carpet looks quite clean after vacuuming. I like the concept of the red light/green light, which informs you if all the dirt has been removed from the carpet. The only negative things I have to say are that the vacuum picks up too much carpet fiber and that when vacuuming tile, sometimes the dirt shoots out from behind the vacuum....more info
  • Love it
    My wife and I both love this vacuum cleaner. We tried another brand after our Bissell kicked the dirt (no pun intended) and were very dissatisfied. The Hoover, however, did not disappoint! Relatively quiet operation (in comparison to most cleaners), excellent cleaning power, and that little red/green light that tells you when all the dirt has been picked up make this thing almost fun to use. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Easy to assemble, good to use
    There are only 4 screws to put into the handle to fully assemble this vacuum cleaner out of the box. Then just remove the temporary tab that locks the on switch and start cleaning. True, this unit is not one of those high-priced, supposedly-never-loses-its-suction cleaners, but for the price is more than does an excellent job. Large debris is caught in one side of the clear, middle plastic case, and fine dust is caught on the accordion filter. Finally a HEPA filter catches anything else that gets past the accordion filter. Cleaning the filter box can get messy. Be sure you are outside when you knock the dust out of the accordion filter--and keep the wind to your back. Just tap the accordion filter and you'll be amazed at all the dust you used to breathe when you vacuumed with your old vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Don't waste your time or your money
    I was alway very loyal to Hoover in the past but would NEVER buy another Hoover after owning this one. This vacuum has been in the shop more than it has vacuumed No joke. I should have known it was a piece of junk when I had to take it in for warranty service within the first 3 months. I agree with the other reviewer that for some reason it eats belts like no vacuum I've ever had. Worse, if something gets sucked up in the hose, you cannot take it apart with a normal household screwdriver so into the shop it goes again. Lastly, the bagless feature just means that the dog hair, dust and dirt clogs up the hose and the inner workings of the vacuum rather than going into a bag where it should be contained. So back to the shop again since no instrument I have in the house is long enough to reach that far down into the depths to pull out the clogs. The guy at the repair shop actually told me that the best way to keep it working is to take a small paint brush and (no joke!) brush the dust and dirt out of the filter after each use. Like I have time for that bs!! There is absolutely no way to maintain this vacuum. It sucks....more info
  • Great on pet hair, but...
    I've owned this for 2 years, and generally, like it. Don't LOVE it!

    PROs: Awsome on pet hair! I have 2 long hair cats and hate to vacuum. I can go weeks (even months) and this machine gets it all up. My carpet looks good as new after every cleaning.

    Bagless is great! Everyone's complaints (that bagless = mess) can easily be remedied. I usually wait to empty the bin so that it's the first step in my vacuuming - (1) empty bin, (2) vacuum any dust that got out, along with the rest of my house. I also hold the bin way down low in the trash, and don't bother cleaning the filters (though probably should).

    Filters lasted me 2 years. I never (I mean NEVER) clean them, and only now am I ordering new ones (because they look gross, not because dust is getting out).

    The dirt finder (light) is pretty cool, kind of excessive in my opinion, but entertaining...

    CONs: Loud. Seriously, I want ear plugs.

    BAD, I mean awful, suction in the attachments. I got this machine for pet hair, and the attachments/hose have NO cleaning power on upholstery.

    Heavy machine. Makes me glad that I don't have carpeted stairs.

    Overally, the main compartment of the machine is really great! I would highly recommend this machine for going at pet hair, and seems Amazon has great prices. I got a demo on how to use it at Sears, and ended up buying it from Best Buy. At the time, I got the extended warranty, but haven't needed it. ...more info
  • Hoover Bagless System - "The Belt Thrower"
    For the price this is a fairly good vacuum. The only problem we are having is that it continues to throw the belt. That's quite an inconvenience to have to stop, disassemble, reattach the belt, re-assemble and move on. We have tried adjusting the height, etc (thinking it was set too low and putting undue stress on the belt) but that hasn't made a difference. When the belt is operating correctly, the vacuum has great suction and works well....more info
  • bagless-yes!
    I bought this item thinking it would be just like the rest. However, I found it to be very easy to keep clean (bagless see through area and filter) and doesn't allow dust to be sent up into the air. It has good suction and will surprise you on what your past vacuum left behind. I didn't find the attatchments all that useful, but you may. I would not hesitate to purchase it. It was very good item for the price. ...more info
  • picks up a lot of dirt... that's about it
    **edited at bottom**

    for me it's more of a pain to use than anything.... it weighs a ton, the hose pops out all the time and if you don't notice it you have to go back over what you already did, the hand tool suction has never been strong even out of the box... the attachment that is supposed to rotate has never worked for us due to lack of proper suction from the hose. The main section of the vacuum has great suction.. in fact we now have lumps throughout the house which after inspection are actually clumps of dirt under the carpet due to having a dog for 10 years. This thing will suck dirt up from China. (can't figure out why the hose has terribly aweful suction.. I even inspected it for clogs, there are none.) It's a good thing we're replacing the carpet soon. The most annoying thing however is cleanup with this vacuum, which is basically every time you use it. I tap the filter with a paint brush in the garage sink to clean it and then run the entire canister (not the paper filter) under hot water. You have to do this every time and if you're picking up a lot due to animals you're cleaning it a few times per use. So i wind up using 2 vacuums since this one can't get under things... i'm still hooked to the old bag vacuum. The only plus on this vacuum is the ease of not changing the bag.... which when you think about it is actually easier than cleaning and breathing in the dirt this thing picks up. I wouldn't buy this type again, it's just too hard to deal with.

    Aug. 4, 2007
    a few months ago we took the vacuum in to be looked at.. it turns out there was a blown part in the motor. After being replaced ($40) the hose now has suction and the vacuum brush will rotate when hooked to the hose. I think i was a little harsh in my review. It is a good vacuum... tons of suction as i said. The main problem i have with it is the weight (i lift it to vacuum dog hair off beds), and the cleanup. If you have pets you'll have to replace the main filter every 6 months max... don't pay full price though, type in "hoover 40140201" and get a replacement filter for just under $15 right here on amazon....more info

    CONS. CANT THINK OF ONE...more info
  • I am in love with this Vac
    I am soooo happy I got this one my son is allergic to dust and since getting this vacuum it has cleared him up almost 100%! I have found if you tap the filter in a damp sink the dust is minimal and you can wash it all down the drain also my husband has an air compressor so once a week I take the filter out and blow it off, doing that will get it back to brand spankin' new looking and performing.
    I can't believe how much dirt this vac can pick up I Vacuum 2-3 times a week and can still fill the canister once in ea. room! I have had mine for 2 years now and I think I'll buy a new filter to have on hand and a new brush coupled with the belt just installed it will be like new....more info
    Say what you will about cleaning the canister too often, but isn't that the whole point? I vacuumed my floor with my old vac and then with this vac. I filled the canister in a single room the first time. Not that my house is that dirty, but this thing is that good! If you are not satified with this vac it is because you are too lazy to empty the canister ... not because it doesn't work! Happy cleaning!...more info
  • Great vacuum overall...one major con.
    I've had this vacuum for a little over a year and haven't had a single problem with it. I'm always amazed by the people who state that they use a product once, hate it, write a poor review of the product, and then continue to use the product for another year or more.

    This machine has done a great job pulling the dirt out of all my carpets and rugs. My only complaint about this vacuum seems to be an ongoing theme with many others who buy this product. Cleaning the dirt and dust out of the collection chamber is dirty and frustrating. Luckily, I have a big plastic dumpster in the garage that works perfectly for knocking dirt off the main filter and screen. I've found that if you wash, yes actually wash with soap and water, the filter and screen; the filter will last for about a year.

    Overall, I think this is a pretty good vacuum with the exception of dealing with emptying the dirt and dust....more info
  • Vrrroooommm
    Pro: This contraption can suck a tennis ball through 50 feet of garden hose!

    Con: Noisy and tenuous to clean the dirt chamber and filters.

    ...more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I really love my vacuum! Other reviews have not been so kind, and have mentioned how messy it is to clean the dirt container, but I don't find it any problem to speak of.. It is a little dusty, but not that bad! The neat thing for me is, it makes it ALMOST fun to vacuum, as I can see how much cat hair I'm picking up and it is amazing. I'd recommend this to anyone!...more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel Bagless
    Great vacuum cleaner--definitely worth it. I got an awesome price through Amazon....more info
  • This vacume is awesome!
    Consumer Reports gave this thing a glowing review... rated in the top 10 amongst $500 cleaners. (and higher than any Dyson I might add) I've owned it for about six months, and I couldn't be happier with it. It picks up A LOT. Hence, you have to empty the thing every time you use it. Think for a moment... if it didn't fill up so fast, all that dirt and dust and doghair would still be in your carpet!

    Emptying the thing is a bit of a pain, I agree. after emptying the main compartment, take the filter outside. Knock it against something... trashcan, side of the steps, something. You'll see the dust SHEET off. It's pretty disgusting, but again you have to realize the alternative is all that dust going back into the air you're breathing indoors. Take the little brush hand-tool (not the powered one) attachment, and brush off the filter to get the rest of the dust out of it. You can also use the tool to clean out the screen that separates the compartments. Clean it out every time you use it and it will continue to have great suction.

    So, Great vaccume. It's a bit of a pain to properly empty, but if you use the brush tool it's no big deal. Just remind yourself that all that dirt is in there because it's doing its job well. THIS THING WORKS....more info
    this thing gets HOT, it is LOUD, and you must empty it before you use it EVERY TIME or it will have NO suck, it is dirty to empty you open the top and dump it over a trash can and no mater how hard you try dirty dust and dirt goes EVERYWHERE ooh yea you haft to scrape the screen with your nails and NEVER FAILS while you are emptying over the trash can the filter always falls into the trash can this vac SUCKS it is totally heavy...more info
  • Worst vacuum I've owned (by FAR!!)
    My wife and I have been through FOUR of this vacuum in the past 18 months! Seriously...FOUR!! Kudos to Wal-Mart for being so willing to exchange them for us, but this is ridiculous. We have no children and 2 cats. It's not like we're running a day-care here or anything! Each of the 4 have been great out of the box, but haven't made it beyond 8 or so uses. Two of them broke (one on the handle, and the other on the bottom wheels), and the other 2 just literally died! The one that just died is still smoking as I write this. 5 years ago, you used to be able to buy an AWESOME vacuum (i.e. Phantom) for $150...now it seems that you must spend $300+...so be it...but NOT with Hoover!...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    This was purchased as a wedding present. I do not yet know what the couple thinks of it but it is the one they requested....more info
  • Not Covered by Hoover Warranty
    I bought this vacuum and used it 2 times. The second time I vacuumed my carpet and it did a wonderful job, but I used the hand tools and because the agitator still runs during this time, the belt broke and melted all the plastic and part of the bristles to the brush, I had bits of burnt plastic imbeded in the carpet where it was sitting. I call the warranty dept. and they said because it tells you in the hand book that the agitator still runs while using the hand tools that it was NOT covered. So why have the hand tool attachments if you can't use them? I do NOT recommed this item for that simple fact. I am returning the vacuum and WILL NOT by another Hoover if they refuse to honor their warranties....more info
  • Great vacuum at a great price
    I bought this vacuum based on a Consumer Reports review. It's every bit as good as CR said, and the Amazon price is fantastic!...more info
  • Very Good Vacuum
    Wow - I am very pleased with the performance of this machine. I have 3 constantly shedding dogs, and I knew my last vacuum wasn't doing an adequate job. My mother-in-law, and consumer reports steered my husband and I to the Hoover - we vacillated between bagged or bagless - and settled on the bagless (I hate running out of bags in the middle of cleaning). I emptied the canister 6 times in a 1400 sf house, I had just vacuumed a couple of days ago, but this machine picked up so much dust that was embedded in my carpet that my last machine just couldn't suck up (Dirt Devil - cheapy). My carpet is only 8 months old too.

    Cleaning the canister took a couple of times to come up with a workable system of emptying in the garbage can, and using the shop vac to clean the filters each time - about a minute to do. I wouldn't do this in dress clothes but it works for me.
    Seeing all the hair and dirt come up was very gratifying - I never filled a bag in my old machine that quickly - about once a month to change it.

    I love the dirt finder feature - really helped. I also got down on my hands and knees for an up close visible inspection and there were no hairs left when I was done. My house - according to my husband doesn't smell doggy anymore - thank goodness!!!

    I haven't ever heard of a quite vacuum that works - my last one could be heard in every room of my house - this one is much quieter - my husband didn't know I was vacuuming in the bedrooms when he was in the kitchen (1400sf house). He is not hard of hearing either.

    For the price (a disposable when compared to the Dyson price and some others) I am very please with the performance.

    Cons - the hose does fall out while vacuuming - slightly annoying. A small piece of duct tape in the bottom should keep it in there until I am ready to use it - I don't mind having to make a minor improvement. This is why the 4 stars...more info
  • easy to use / does a good job
    This vacuum replaced a dyson and for the price, I am pleased with it's performance. I have 2 dogs & 2 cats and the attachment works well getting hair off of furniture. I empty the filters outside / gently bang it on a tree - you would make a mess inside....more info
  • Sucks it all up
    This is my second Hoover Bagless Vacuum, and I like it even bettr than the first. I am a fan of bagless, although you must get used to emptying the container without spilling the contents. Suction is very good, both on hard surfaces and carpet. Cord is long enough to go all over the place without it getting in your way. Highly recommend....more info
  • I used to like vacuuming...
    Now I am just annoyed with it. I agree with everyone else on this page who has had problems with this vacuum. I am amazed that I have the exact same problems! I wish I would have known all this before I bought it a year ago. Belts pop off, hose pops out while you're vacuuming, it's VERY noisy, it's VERY messy to empty the canister/filters (all that dust gets back into the air!), and the hard floor setting spits dirt back at you instead of sucking. I am very disappointed in this vacuum. Not what I would have expected from a Hoover. Probably the most annoying thing about this vacuum is the noise. I can't wait to find a vacuum that is QUIET and easy to maintain so vacuuming becomes fun again....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This vacuum is awesome! The suction is very powerful! I have shedding dogs and this vacuum works wonders getting all the hair off the furniture, but there is a downside. When you switch it to hard floor setting it spits out dirt rather than sucking it up....more info
  • Good performance, not so user friendly.
    Well I looked around and find places like amazon really helpful. A place like consumer reports is nice, but sometimes I feel they are driven by factors other than the consumer's interests. Amazon is the closest thing I've found to real customer feedback.

    As for the Hoover Windtunnel U5753-900:

    Pros: It's a very powerful Vacuum cleaner. It does a really good job at getting up pet hair, dust, and dirt. The dirt finder is a really cool option. I'm surprised at sometimes when I can't see stuff with the naked eye the dirt finder can tell me if the vacuum is still picking up dirt. The hoover seems to be solidly built. It's a very well priced vacuum for it's performance level. It's tools are logically laid out and easy to use.

    Cons: There are two major cons to this vacuum. One it's noisy. That really doesn't bother me, as I've owned hoovers in the past and they all seem to be sort of noisy. That's a small downside to me, but others may find it more annoying. The major downside is emptying the vacuum. This does not seem like a very well though out design. I have figured out a trick to cleaning the vacuum that I'll explain later. But you cannot empty this vacuum cleaner in the house. It's clumsy and not at all simple to remove dirt from the vacuum.

    My trick to emptying and cleaning this vacuum are to use my garage shop vac in my driveway with the bristle tool. It makes cleaning the hoover a very easy task. 2 minutes tops. That being said I shouldn't have to use a seperate vacuum to clean my new vacuum. Not to mention not everyone has the luxury, need, or desire to own a second vacuum cleaner for messy duties.

    The windtunnel's majors selling point is it's performance price point. If Hoover came up with a better design to empty this vacuum they'd earn much higher marks from me. As it stands this vacuum gets a broze metal. Close, but needs improvement in it's emptying design.

    Mike...more info
  • Mother of Four
    We have owned this vacuum for about 2 years now. I have learned a few easy tricks about changing the bagless feature. Yes, I had some problems the first time with the dust, but by the second time, I was in control, and it worked fine. The hardest for me is getting the spare parts. I did find that if I ordered directly from Hoover, I could save about $12-20 for the filter. We are just now, after two years having to replace it. We like this vacuum, and would buy it again. We would just make sure that we purchased extra items at the time of purchase.
    I don't believe our salesperson, was the best. It does pick up great. The hand vac included helps with furniture and curtains....more info
  • Not a good vacuum
    I bought this vacuum because my mother highly recommended Hoover over the other vacuums (she is a house cleaner so she works with different vacuums on a daily basis). At first, this vaccum was great because it was picking up dog hair alot better than our old vacuum. However, the motor died after 20 minutes and I am bringing it back tomorrow for a different model. I wish I would have read the reviews on this vacuum before I bought it. By the way, the vacuum is incredibly loud and freaked my wife and I out when we first turned it on....more info
  • Hoover's Awesome !
    Fantastic product... lightweight, easy to move around, and super powerful.... finally all the cat hair and kitty litter sprinkles disappear with one passover......more info
  • Great Vacuum
    Pros: Love this vacuum. Works great. Gets my carpet cleaner then I ever would have thought possible. Does a great job!!!!
    Cons: I empty the container outside since it is alitte messy.
    It is on the heavier side so it is not the most fun to take up and down the stairs.
    ...more info
    Emptying the bagless u5753-900 hoover vacuum cleaner creates a bigger mess that before you vacuumed. The minute particles of dust captured in the filter are almost impossible to remove without creating a dust cloud. Additionally, you need the strength of hercules to push it forward and pull it back.
    I just purchased this vacuum and have already ordered a bag-type. ...more info
  • I like it actually...
    I have had this vacuum now for over a year. I like it, overall. The suction is great..really gets all the deep down dirt. I have 4 dogs, so I really need great DAILY cleaning.
    I need to empty the dust cup usually once a day as I have an upstairs also. If you don't like the bagless option, then this isn't for you. I like it because my vacuum never smells like a "dirt bag". I take the whole dust container outside once a week and bang all the extra dirt out of the filter then wash it down. I haven't needed to buy a new filter yet! I have the secondary filters though and they don't cost but a few dollars at Wal-mart.

    The cons I have found are the hand tool. The brushes didn't seem to work very long. It just seems to have lost it's suction. Which kind of made me mad as it was a selling feature for me.
    Other than that, this vacuum has been ready to go every day for me without fail. Sometimes twice a day. And it keeps my carpets looking great....more info
  • Poor Built Quality. Terrible suction.
    Hoover Used to make Good Vacuum What Happened?

    Here are Some of the Problems I encountered:

    1- Cleaning of Canister is very messy. Every time you open the lid to throw dust, the filter fell out with a cloud of dust of dust.

    2- The spring loaded door which which control suction between main vacuum and hand tool, will break with in one week since itts made of very thin plastic. Once broken, hand tool is useless.

    3- Vacuum belt is very hard to get.

    4- Need to replce belt every 3 month or so.

    5- Cleap quality utility Cover.

    POOR design in General. ...more info
  • Not bad but look for the cheapest version...
    Ok so I was mostly happy with my Hoover. I bought it based on Consumer Reports recommendation which rates it quite highly. However after reading some of the reviews here I have to agree that while mine fundamentally works it shares some of the same issues. 1) It is a bit heavy but I'm a 160 lb 30ish male so that's not a problem. 2) It does loose suction after about 15-20 minutes but that's about one go round my house so again not a problem for me. 3) I do have to clean the screen and filter out of doors but again only once per use so not too bad. 4) The first time I used it smelled bad (like something burning) but that hasn't happened since. 5) The default attachment hose gets stuck and is hard to remove to switch to the longer extension hose - this is getting worse not better.

    On the positive side it seems to do a good job on pet hair and mine came with an extra filter and an extra long extendable hose for the attachments (very necessary although there is no place to store it on the machine).

    There appear to be a lot of different models of Hoover Windtunnel Bagless and they are all very similar with only different model numbers or attachments. Consumer Reports comments on the same. Look around for a really low priced model because they seem to differ in price significantly but appear to be the same machine at the core. I've seen them as high as $200 and as low as $90 on sale. For what I paid (the bottom of that scale) I'm happy but then again I haven't tried to find replacement filters yet. When I do maybe the Hoover will end up in the dumpster with my ink jet printer....more info
  • A Terrible Vacuum -- Avoid at all Costs
    I just ordered a Eureka from Amazon after struggling for a year with this piece of junk. This vacuum is so heavy and clumsy that it is difficult too maneveur--even with the propelled motor feature. The attachment hose on the right side of the vacuum pops out all the time. This same hose, which is the main hose into the waste receptacle, is supposed to be used with the attachments. Because it pops out when doing regular vacuuming, I find that I have to vacuum the same spot over again to enable it to suction through the base unit. The stair cleaner attachment broke after one use. And the hose is so short that I just gave up on vacuuming the stairs with it. The vacuum jammed in the upright position, causing the roller to remain up, and I had to get it repaired twice. But the worst thing about this vacuum is the bagless feature. All the dust gets sucked into a plastic container. As soon as you open the container to empty the dust, the dust gets all over everything. It is a mess. The air around the vacuum gets filled with tiny particles and the vacuum gets dusty. And the filter in the vacuum gets caked with dust. I've had to rinse it off numerous times, which is nearly impossible to clean and dry due to the folds in the filter. I set it outside to dry for two days and when I put it back in the vacuum, it mildewed. I finally threw out the filter and bought a new one, but after one use, it was a mess again. This is the last Hoover I will ever own. If I could give it "0" stars I would. Whatever happened to the Hoover quality of yesteryear? Save your money and check out another brand....more info
  • This is a Hoover?
    I bought this vaccum from a retail store about two years ago. Since then this vaccum has served me very well. The vaccum is very compact, and it's lightweight. The vaccum has sucked up very well, much better than my Eureka. Then again, it is a 12 amp so it is supposed to suck up well. There are a large variety of tools, from a tube to a corner tool, this vaccum has them covered. The HEPA filtration has worked, my air feels a bit cleaner after using it. It was a bit expensive but it seemed worth it after its features and it's year use...not until...

    In Novmember when the bagless part would not stay shut. It seems a plastic part was missing, resembling cheap quality. I had to use duct tape for a long time. Luckily, my local vaccum reatil store finally got my ordered part, the vaccum worked flawlessly until...

    In March, the plastic tube tool was chipped in the middle, the suction would go out and it would clean very poorly. Duct tape solved the problem until I went to the vaccum retail store and just bought one. The vaccum was then perfect, until...

    Today when I tried to vaccum. It started making odd noises, thinking whatever. Then the room started smelling of burning plastic and smoke. The vaccum was literally on fire while it was on. I rushed to the plug and immediately took the plug out. Unfortunately, duct tape can't solve this problem, and I'm not spending the value of this piece of junk to have it fixed.

    It's finally time to say goodbye to this junky Hoover. Suprised, NONE of my other Hoover products have been throw-outs, unfortunately enough, this vaccum is garbage. I will definitely be avoiding Hoover for my next vaccum purchase. I think you should do the same!...more info
  • It's powerful lacks agility
    I'am impressed with the cleaning ability and looks. It is way to heavy though with makes it a workout to do stairs and just pushing it. The suction powered brush is a little weak and hokey. Also the hardfloor level doesn't turn off the brush and neither does using the attachments. To top it off emptying the dirt container is messy. It's a deal for how it performs....more info
  • It works, but too loud and cost too much
    I don't like this vaccum. I won't buy it. It DOES in fact suck up a lot. The floors are clean, of course I make messes. It cost too much $$, as most vaccums in this class are a lot cheaper. Plus it's really loud, and hurts my ears. Overall, get something else....more info
  • $179 purchase, 3 months of use. What a waste of money!
    I own a Hoover steam cleaner, which I love. When our Fantom died, I looked at several vacuums before deciding on this one. I wish I had kept looking.

    Mine arrived with a part already broken off (the attachments are contained in a cheap plastic cup at the top of the machine). But, I figured it wouldn't affect the way the vacuum worked, so I kept it.

    The first time I used it, I was impressed. It did a nice job and the 'dirtfinder' was a great added feature. However, when I emptied it, I immediately realized it was not going to be a great appliance - like the other reviewer said, it's a mess. It takes 20 minutes to vacuum and 10 minutes to clean up - the filter, screen, vacuum, dust cup are all impossible to clean completely.

    It's going back to the shop again and will be given away when it's fixed. I've ordered a Dyson.

    Save your money and keep shopping. This model is junk....more info
  • Don't waist your $$, time or sanity!!!
    The Freakn' Bagless Hoover Windtunnel:

    1. There are two filters that need to be changed every 6-12 months (yah, right...more like every three months) and they cost oh, between $38-$50 depending on where you can find them...Wal-Mart? No, they don't carry this type...Target? If you are really lucky. Sears carries them, for about $49.00 a pop...and that is just one filter...you need 2.
    2. You can't empty these puppies in the house because you have to tap (more like beat) the filter on the side of the garbage can and dust goes EVERYWHERE, YUCK! So, what do you do? You take it outside to beat it in the garbage can, then with the smallest gust of wind you are covered, COVERED, I'm talking an abominable brown snowman, with dust and dead spiders and anything else you sucked up thinking it was gone forever.
    3. The screen...yes, not only the filter needs to be cleaned after EVERY...and I mean with EVERY use..there is this fancy little screen that you have to pull up and pick the caked on "microdust" off of and what do you use to do that???? Well, if you are on the ball (which I rarely am) you remembered your small wire brush...but if you didn't you can't really run back in the house holding this nasty dirty thing flinging yuck all over your house...so, you use your finger nail, yes, desperate times call for desperate measures.
    4. It burns through belts...twice a year at least (they either break or stretch) not a huge expense, but a lame and time consuming one.
    5. It looses suction, bad, after about 10-15 minutes of vacuuming, and then you have to do the whole filter cleaning all over again.
    6. The attachment hose pops out ALL THE TIME. SO, you either learn to vacuum holding the hose down and in...or (more probably) you get it in there really good and pray it doesn't come out and resolute to never touch it again.
    7. BOTTOM LINE: I have had this Windtunnel for about 2 years, I was not impressed the first time I used it...furious the first time I had to empty it...but I thought, well, maybe it will grow on me....Um, No. I actually stopped vacuuming, I hated it, I hated the waste of time for practically no reward, I hated the dust everywhere, I hated the expense, don't waste your time, money and sanity.
    8. Okay, with all that said, I purchased a sweet little vacuum from Wal-mart a few months ago, and I have been waiting to find something wrong with it to pop up but I has not been disappointing yet. I have gone through 1 bag, (I vacuum almost everyday with 2 toddlers), but the bags are really compact I was surprised how much they hold. The light went off to change the bag and it took a whole, oh, 30 seconds for the whole process, the dirt was gone, in the garbage, just like that. And the suction is amazing. Go get this vacuum, today. Do not waist anymore brain cells on a bagless. !!!GE 12 AMP, 2 motor, home cleaning system!!! It's a canister and sucks like...well, something that sucks really, really great! Lol, I actually love to vacuum, really! Plus, the best part...it is only a little over $100.00 and it has a filter but it comes free with the bags. Cool. Get this vacuume today...now...go!
    ...more info
  • I would not buy
    I bought my Hoover Wind Tunnel a little over a year ago. I have experienced many problems. The biggest one being how cheaply it is made. The hose doesn't fit properly into the back of the machine so I am constantly having to get my screw driver out in order to fix. It's now broken so that it will not sit upright anymore. The hook broke off when I caught the edge of the table as I was pulling the vacuum backwards. It wasn't a hard bump either. It's very heavy too and hard to move around on the carpet. My upstairs and down stairs is hardwood flooring. It's never done very good with picking up debris off of the hardwood floors. It's just been a really big disappointment as a vacuum and I am now in the process of having to go buy another vacuum. I wish I had had a better experience because I thought hoover was a good company. Everything just seems so cheap with the model. Like it could fall apart at any second. The attachments don't stay on well either. ...more info
  • Cheap... Not worth it
    Unless they have drastically improved the V2, I would look else where. My V2 is about 2 1/2 years old and has stopped working. The spindle for the brushes is plastic. With in 6 mos of owning, those rounded out and had to be replaced. The brush ends that holds the brushes in place are plastic, have melted and needs to be replaced. Now something else has broken (I'm sure plastic) and it no longer works. I have a Hoover vacuum that is not that old and is now worthless....more info