Powr Flite PD500DX High Volume Air Mover with Handle and Wheel Set

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Product Description

POWR-FLITE? FLOOR DRYERS 12 HP Floor Dryer with Handle and Wheels These floor dryers help dry any wet surface from floors and walls to drapes and upholstery. Blowers also help with flood recovery by providing efficient drying power. 3-speed motor is controlled by a rotary switch for easy operation. The molded high density polyethylene housing with kickstand allows 3 operating positions for peak performance and to direct airflow where needed. Floor dryers stack to save storage space and to increase drying power. Features built-in thermal overload protection. Molded, easy-carry handle for portability. 20L power cord. Dryers with Handles include a telescoping handle and wheels for easy mobility, even when stacked. 1 year warranty.

  • 1/2 hp Motor
  • 3 speed rotary switch
  • retractable handle with wheels
  • Roto Molded rugged housing
  • 20' cord long enough to reach any outlet
Customer Reviews:
  • Powerful, but uses lots of electricity
    This fan is well built and puts out a very powerful stream of air in one direction. It is large and very heavy weighing about 35 pounds but it has wheels and a telescoping handle that is easy to move around if you don't have to climb stairs. Basically it has a big heavy motor that turns a squirel cage fan by direct drive (no belt). I measured the power consumption and it uses 450 watts on high, 420 mid, and 400 low. That is more power than the blower in the forced air furnace in many houses. I gave it 4 stars because it is bigger and more powerful than I will ever need and even low is loud and too powerful. It would of been better if high was 450 watts, middle was 350 and a quieter and more economical low of 250....more info
  • Speeds reversed on control knob
    This Air Mover seems to work very well and I like the handle as it makes it easier to maneuver. The weird thing tho, is that on the control knob, the fan blows at Medium Speed when on HIGH and the fan blows at High Speed when the control knob is at MEDIUM. Someone must have wired it incorrectly. We won't be sending it back because of the hassle. We'll just use it as-is....more info
  • Industrial strength
    Industrial strength, great quality. If you need to move air this is the baby. Unbelievable value for the money....more info