Mini Dehumidifier

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  • Compact design fits on a shelf, ideal for closets, storage rooms, bedrooms and kitchens
  • Quiet operation, thermo-electric peltier module replaces a compressor
  • Reduces Moisture, removes 1/2 pint of moisture per day at 86o F with 80% relative humidity
  • Easy to use, automatically shuts off & LED light signals that the water tank is full
  • Environmental friendly, reduces humidity without moisture absorbing chemicals
Customer Reviews:
  • Mini Dehumidifiers in Gen & this one specif
    What is it w/ these Dehumidifiers? YOu have to have either a monster on wheels, or something the size of a teacup! I need something to take the humidity out of my RV. Last winter the hatches were dripping! We only had 2 adults, a dog & a cat. This year I've bought a catalytic heater (flameless propane heat) & they are known to really increase the humidity levels. But... not several gallons overnight worth! So, I started to look for a small dehumidifier, no such thing. It's monster or teacup! Well, I went w/ the teacup & I"ll have 2 if I need them.
    In general, the powersupply seems weak on all of them. I bought the Royal Soverign, which is pictured in the photo for this product. Used it last night, in my SoCal bedroom (not a humid area) & pulled over a cup of water out of the air. That's pretty good for the desert!!! I wanted to test the noise level as well, so I had it 1 ft from my head. It was quiet, about like having an ambient noise "wave machine". This is a positive thing in the city, when you're used to the quiet of the country!
    The only problem is that I can't figure out how to get the top off the water collection cup & the directions in the 'user guide' are non-exhistant. I ended up turning it upside down & shaking till most of the water came out. That's not as easy as it sounds, there's a bowl for the water to go into the cup that prevents it form coming out! This is not good!

    But on the whole, so far, this is an OK little product. I've read reviews tho, where they (mini-dehumidifiers) just quit working after a few months. That would certianly change my opinion!...more info