Discovery Blocks
Discovery Blocks

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Product Description

These thoughtfully designed blocks offer curious children a variety of sensory activities. One block rattles, another has a child-friendly mirror, the next offers a kaleidoscope, another squeaks (but only when the red button is pushed,) and the last block has a bell that chimes gently with babies touch. Blocks are made of hard wood and finished with completely non-toxic, child-friendly paints and finishes. Ages 1 and up.

  • Age: 1+
  • Materials: cube is made of wood
  • Measurements: packaging 7 x 5.25 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs
  • Made in Germany

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for little ones and not so little ones
    My 10 month old son loves the 3 of the cubes, the ones that can make som sound. The other 3, the visual ones he ignores because he is to young to get what they do and play with them. Still they are good to stack and trow around. I know that when he gets older he will enjoy all the cubes. They are great to discover sounds and images....more info
  • Great even for 6 month olds
    I bought these blocks for my daughter when she was 5 months old. Out of all her toys, this is one of her favorites. She loves throwing down towers we build with it, and putting them just out of her reach encourages her to crawl. She likes the different colors, and the sounds these blocks make. Even at 6 months, she can easily handle these blocks with one hand, well enough to hold one in each hand - and I think she will enjoy these for months to come....more info
  • Our baby loves these blocks!
    These blocks were purchased for our 8 month old's Christmas gift. They are a hit! She really enjoys playing with them and they each have their own beautiful color and sensory offering.

    Once again we are very pleased with HABA and their quality toys. Worth every penny!...more info
  • great quality, entertaining but VERY small
    Overall it's a good product. I'm happy with the quality and that the blocks are made of safe materials. Your baby will have a lot of fun playing with them. Just make sure you know that the blocks are VERY small. I thought that they would be a little bit bigger....more info
  • Love these blocks
    These blocks are great! They are bright, small enough for little hands to hold and my daughter loves them. Each block has a different center and they make play fun!...more info
  • Not much play value, and not very durable
    When you receive this toy, the first thing you need to do is inspect them. In the set I ordered, the block with the little ball inside arrived damaged. The dowel which keeps the ball inside was loose, and the ball was able to fall out. This was a serious choking hazard. My daughter would take everything into her mouth, including this ball perfect for choking, had I not caught it. I contacted the store I bought them from, and in a couple of weeks, I received a new block. Just something to be aware of.

    I love wooden toys, and try to buy wood instead of plastic whenever possible. Be aware though that wood is sometimes not as durable as plastic. I was washing a bunch of my daughters toys in the sink recently, and had this off to the side because I was only going to wipe it off, since it's wood. Unfortunately one fell in, and after only a few minutes in the sink I had to throw it out. The wood expanded and cracked.

    When I bought this toy, I though my daughter would enjoy all the activities these blocks have to offer. Turns out that she didn't pay much attention to it at all. The only one she really paid attention to was the block with the bell. She mostly used these blocks for chewing on, and throwing them over if I stacked them.

    I still love the little "discovery" things in each toy, and as she gets older she might play with them more (she's 12 months now). But for the play value this toy has provided up to now, it's a bit overpriced. Regular wood blocks would have served the purpose just as well....more info
  • So simple, but so interesting
    Every different block does a different apparatus; one, has a tinker bell, one a wooden dowel insert that makes a tapping sound, one a round wooden tapper, one a yellow filter, one a mirror and one a kaleidoscope. I believe they are designed to teach the connection between motion and related sound, as well as visual effects of manipulating light.
    Having said that, our 7 month old just likes to knock down a stack of them and shake the one's that make noise. Then, of course, the blocks also go into the mouth. No worries. The color is harmless water based paint.
    These are built to last for years, maybe generations!...more info
  • Awesome Blocks!
    These blocks are just perfect for a baby's hands. They are solid, safe and Haba's paint is always non-toxic. You do not need to worry about a recall with these. My 8 month old baby boy loves to play with these blocks everyday. They are a great choice for a gift. Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Cute but not great
    I received these blocks in the mail and there were less blocks than I expected for the price--only 6. They are super cute but my child never really played with them at all. I wouldn't recommend them. ...more info
  • Perfect for little hands
    These blocks are perfect for babies and toddlers. My daughter is 10 months old and loves all the surprises in each block....more info
  • Beautiful Blocks
    I bought these blocks for my son while I was on a business trip in Germany. They are wonderful and perfect for little hands (he was 10 months old). They are very well made. My son loves them, I'll be looking for more HABA products, they are worth the money....more info
  • Interesting toy but poor quality
    Both my daughter and I like the toy, but I expected better quality for the price. The coloring on the inside edge was coming off when I cleaned them with a wet cloth. I imagine the same thing happens when my daughter put them in her mouth.

    The blocks were finished poorly too. I expected something a little bit smoother....more info
  • Basically Brialliant
    I'm fortunate enough to live close to a toy store in Germany that carries HABA products and picked these up for my 11 month old. They are basic in a brilliant way and keep my son fascinated and will probably do so for a while yet. Another plus is that they are handcrafted with more natural than man-made materials, so essentially safe of babies to put in their mouths. While HABA products are somewhat expensive (I have spent more that $300 dollars on them) I do not regret a single purchase and I am glad to support handmade craftsmanship (and the healthy development of my son)....more info
  • Great toy, multi-functional and will be able to be enjoyed for many years
    There are so many things you can do with these blocks. Besides the favorite now - putting them in her mouth (she is 6 months old and teething), our daughter also enjoys knocking down our towers, shaking the blocks (some make noise), and looking at the colors/feeling the shapes. But as she grows, she will make use of some of the other features like being able to look through the kaleidescope block and tinted window block...building things...using them to learn colors, etc. Great, durable, good longevity....more info
  • Worth the price, great set.
    I bought these with the HABA First Blocks set, and they are both great products. The quality is amazing, definitely worth the price. I will buy HABA again if I feel the need to add to my daughter's block collection. My daughter was 9 months when I bought them, even though the recommended age was 12 months+. The blocks themselves aren't small enough to be a choking hazard, but if any of the little objects fell out they could be. The blocks are so well made, though, that I sort of think they are going to last for many, many years....more info


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