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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes lets you explore the light and dark worlds of a doomed planet, as the powerful bounty hunter Samus Aran! In this highly anticipated sequel to Metroid Prime, she is hunted by a mysterious entity and a warring race called the Ing. Discover strange secrets while augmenting her suit's weapons and abilities, and fighting for her survival.

  • Addictive outer space adventure as you help Samus fight enemies, solve puzzles and explore incredible new places
  • More advanced graphics and game control -- see Samus Aran in brighter colors and deeper details than ever before
  • Grapple across ceilings and turn into a Morph Ball to escape, in thrilling action that will test your brains & reflexes
  • For the first time in a Metroid game, four players can battle each other while grappling ceilings, search for weapons and escape as Morph Balls

Customer Reviews:

  • Insanely good
    If you liked Metroid Prime, you will LOVE and ADORE this game. It's harder, longer and better than Metroid Prime! It even has a multi-player...What more could you possibly ask for....more info
  • more of the same
    Samus is stranded on another planet and loses all her weapons at the beginning *sigh*. Now we must go collect everything again. So the game plays more like you are doing errands and checking off items on your shopping list than actually having fun (especially when using a guide to find some arbitrarily hidden power-ups). If you have played Metroid Prime you know what is good about Metroid Prime 2. Here is what is bad about it:

    - The whole Light/Dark world is extremely irritating. Imagine trying to solve puzzles while you are running through poison gas. Not fun. Perhaps they were trying to make you feel claustrophobic by confining you to small light bubbles as enemies encroached upon your position. They succeeded. But who wants to play a game where your hero can't go anywhere without suffocating? Who wants to play a game where you're confined to a dark cave the whole time? Doom fans may like it, but I find it tedious.

    I got bored of this game and put it down for a while. It was difficult to pick it up again. If you played Metroid Prime I wouldn't recommend buying this game, even though it is very similar, the negative aspects are enough to destroy what enjoyment there was to be had....more info
  • Needed More Beams, But it's the Bomb!
    I must say this is the only sequel this year to not let me down. After beating Halo 2 and Knights of the old republic 2, and beating myself up for days thinking that maybe it was just me and not the games that made both relationships not work.

    My friend got me this gem of a game, and i had hope in my life again. I mean it's what happens when you take an alien movie, and instead of marines fighting aliens off, Samus Aran is fighting them. Doesnt get cooler than that.

    Highly recommend, especially when all the other sequels this year are falling short....more info
  • Metroid prime 2 review
    Echoes is a great sequal with amazing sound effects stunnig grafics and and bacround music like no other. I love this game.

    It has an interesting story line but having to scan things can be restrictive when fighting enemies.

    the ammo limitations are not to bad especialy because you have infinate power beam ammo.

    over all an awesome game made better by having multiplayer.

    discover that for yourself....more info
  • Echoes with Greatness
    I have played every metroid game there is since the very first one, and this one does not lose it's originality in any way.

    Starting out however, i did find myself questioning the areas and how unique they are, but after a short time I really found myself to liking the whole plot and the eerie Dark & Light lands.

    The bosses are very cool and the game has just the right amount of challenge. The game is also very long, much longer than any other metroid game I have played. However I never even thought about thinking of saying that i was getting bored, the game stayed full all the way through and I'm still getting around to beating it on Hard mode.

    I guess I would have to give this game 4.5 stars but i cannot do that cause it is not a choice, the reason i say 4.5 is because the music in this one I found not to be as good as all the other metroid games. However one track comes back from Super Metroid that brings back a great euphoric feeling, you'll see.

    Do not believe that just because something is next-gen it cannot be classic and fullfill it's original tastes.

    My favorite metroid games greatest to great:

    1)Metroid Fusion (so eerie and i felt comfortably numb playing it)
    2)Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (it's true beauty sneaks up on you)
    3)Super Metroid (I find this to be the most classic to me, even more than the NES one)
    4)Metroid Prime (start of a new breed)
    5)Metroid II (ooo the good old days)
    6)Metroid I (ooo the good old old days)
    7)Metroid: Zero Mission (It's metroid, i love it no matter what, but i barely remember playing through this, the game must be beatable in about 1 hour)...more info
    First off, this game it almost exactly the same as the original Prime. The only thing different was, well, more than one thing: the ammo system, which I hated, but now, during my second time playing the game, I got used to it. second, it was easier for me than the first one, and that really isn't saying much. And there was a certain feeling I sometimes got from it that feeling when I was playing it that there was something missing.

    well, anyway, the single player was awesome, despite some bad moments. Now lets look at multiplayer.

    It was good. Seriously, a friend of mine (who is a giant halo fan) played it, and actually had fun! It is a unique experience.Even though it does have lock on, it's still fun

    anyways, this is a great game, just not as great as the first, so go out and get it!...more info
  • Awsome but freaking impossible
    I got this game at chrismas, and obsessed over it for weeks, but some bosses are just to hard, i wish they had an easy and hard mode or something. still, great storyline, amazing graphics, and new weapons. lots of fun....more info
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
    Metroid Prime 2: Echoes excels in many areas.

    It has the best graphics out of all the Gamecube games. The Gamecube has always had poor graphics, but Metroid's look as good if not better than many PS2 and xbox games. They are highly detailed and smooth, better than Halo's or Final Fantasy's.

    Many people have criticized it for its odd control scheme. You can't strafe and turn at the same time, but after about a half hour of gameplay the controls feel natural. In fact, I found it hard to go back to the traditional controls for games like Medal of Honor.

    The enemies you face through out levels are relatively easy, and if your unsure how to take them out you can use the scanner module to scan them and find their strengths and weaknesses. Echoes sticks to the traditional game design of a boss at the end of every level. They are, almost impossible to defeat unless you know how. However, if you scan them not only will you learn of their weak points, the lock on feature will lock on to them. There are some difficult puzzles throughout the game, as well as complications getting through rooms. I suggest getting a guide. Official Nintendo Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Player's Guide

    The multiplayer is good, although the single player story mode is more emphasized. There are several normal modes, like capture the flag and death match. There are also some unique modes, like bounty hunter, where you collect coins from defeated enemies. There aren't many maps, however more can be unlocked by completing the single player mode. Up to four people can play at once.

    In short, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is one of the best games available on any system. It has great graphics, an engrossing story, and a solid multiplayer.
    ...more info
  • a review for Metroid Prime 2 and 3
    First of all, I apologize for posting a review for Metroid Prime 3 on the MP2 page. The Metroid Prime 3 page won't accept my review no matter how many times I try to post it. However, this review will work for MP2 as well.

    Yes, because Metroid is one of Nintendo's most long-running and successful gaming franchises, Metroid Prime 3 had no choice but to be created and released. But you know, it's certainly NOT a classic because it's basically the same as the first two Metroid Prime games but with better graphics, sound effects, and sweet-looking explosions. Remember the original Metroid on the NES, Metroid 2 on the Game Boy, and Super Metroid on the Super NES? These games were released a long time ago, and what made them so fantastic was how the gameplay emphasis on each of them was on "exploration".

    In Metroid Prime 3, you predictably go through one hallway after another shooting whatever you see. While it's fun, the lack of exploring hurts the game a LOT and prevents it from having much in the way of replay value. I also hate how it takes such a long time to defeat some of the bosses in the game. It was never like that in the past.

    Also, the first three Metroid games ever made for the NES, Game Boy and Super NES were REALLY different from each other and that's another thing that made each of them appealing to gamers everywhere. The first three Metroid Prime games however, are all basically the same. It's *really* not like Nintendo to ever milk a series, but for some reason, they're letting it happen with the Metroid series. It's probably time they stopped working on making Metroid games and focused on another creation, because innovative gaming in the Metroid series is probably now a thing of the past. ...more info
  • Fantastic
    Reminiscent of a blend between Metroid, Zelda, and the FPS genre, "Metroid Prime 2" is probably the best game you can buy this year.

    On orders to help a group of Federation soldiers, bounty hunter Samus Aran crashes on the planet Aether, where an object from space has torn the planet's energy into two halves, light and dark, each existing in their own dimension. Samus has been charged by the Luminoth, the once-peaceful residents of Aether, to reclaim the energy of their temples so that Dark Aether will fade away, along with its aggressive and war-like inhabitants, the Ing, who are not only strong and vicious on their own, but can possess the creatures of Aether to do their bidding.

    True to form, Samus loses most of her abilities at the beginning of the game. Make no mistake, this is a game for thinkers. The path to success is never spelled out, and sometimes isn't even hinted at. The player must figure out what to do next on their own and will probably get stuck quite a bit.

    In fact, the thinking games and figuring out what to do are more difficult than the enemies. But don't underestimate them either: enemies are powerful and will usually take some thinking to defeat as well, as certain ones need certain strategies to be destroyed. Sometimes the obscure route is the best one.

    These challenges make "Metroid Prime 2" all the more enjoyable than a simple gun-crazy FPS. Regardless of it's appearance, it remains a Metroid game all the way. Samus must not only traverse the world of Aether, but of Dark Aether, where the maps remain similar, but very skewed. Outside of protective light spheres, Samus takes damage (and sometimes bosses must be fought outside of the protective light.)

    What's been long-awaited is the multi-player. It isn't all that special aside from having Samus powers, but that's all anyone really wanted. There isn't great customization, but there are 6 levels to play in and two modes of competition; Deathmatch and Bounty Hunter.

    Overall, you can do no wrong in buying "Metroid Prime 2" if you're up for a fun challenge and a rewarding experience. Is it worth buying a Gamecube for if you haven't already got one? It certainly is....more info
  • great game!
    this is a great game. i bought it the day it came out in stores. it has better graphics than any other gamecube game and they surpass those of most other games, too. i agree with the guy who said to stop mentioning halo 2 in their reviews. if you want to talk about halo 2, write a review for that, not mp2. sheesh. also, i agree with the person who said that the fans of halo 2 and mp2 should stop fighting. i know! they're both great games. as far as i'm concerned, you can divide people into 3 groups: people who love halo 2 and hate mp2, vice-versa, and people who will admit they're both good.

    plot:this game takes place after metroid prime. a meteor made of phazon(a material that mutates creatures) hit the planet of aether 80 years ago, splitting it into two dimensions: one of light and one of darkness. in the dark world the air is poisonous(probably because of phazon in the atmosphere). the inhabitants of the light world, the luminoth, are at war with the evil spider-like inhabitants of the dark world, the ing. the ing are winning. they can't take physical form in the light world, so they possess light world creatures(possessed creatures are called darklings). a possessed creature has the word dark in front of its normal name(example: splinter= dark splinter). recently, a federation vessel engaged a space pirate vessel and pursued it to the surface of aether, unaware of its perils. two weeks later, contact with them was lost. the galactic federation sent the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter, samus aran, to locate the troopers and render assistance. upon her arrival, she finds that the troopers have been killed by dark splinters(large dark bugs),that the space pirates are mining phazon, and that a mysterious dark version of herself, dubbed dark samus, is on the loose. the ing steal most of her suit's abilities, and samus encounters u-mos, the only remaining active luminoth, who asks her to help them. she agrees. great storyline!

    hint: set the gamecube's date to december 25 and play the game you'll get a pleasant christmas surprise....more info
  • What will wars be waged over in the future? Energy
    For all the obvious talent and effort present in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, a Metroid Prime it is not. Sure, it looks the same, plays the same, is made by the same company, is about the same length gameplay--wise; but what it isn't is an innovative and all-encompassing experience that the original was. This is simply an issue of the Law of Diminishing Returns; if you run the same basic game formula through the assembly line--same engine, gameplay elements, sound effects, visual standards--it will ultimately and inevitably return a product with little innovation and feels very similar. This isn't always a bad thing; conversely and obviously, this isn't always a good thing. To me, a well-oiled machine is the Mega Man X series. I never get tired of those games, but I do recognize the series' diminishing returns. In the case of Metroid Prime 2, I believe the franchise can afford and should be afforded one sequel like this. And I believe that's all we're going to get out of the current game engine since the next-generation of gaming fast approaches.

    The best and most accurate comparison Echoes has to another video game is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask--a much tonally darker, slightly more difficult derivative of the legendary Ocarina of Time. The same applies to Echoes relationship to its predecessor. My initial reaction to Majora's Mask was rather muted. I played the game consistently until I beat it, but it's nothing I got too excited about. As for Echoes, I enjoyed it more my first time through than I did MM. However, upon a subsequent play-through of MM, I found the game quaintly poetic and whimsical at parts. I have yet to begin a second adventure through the conflicted world of Aether in Prime 2, but maybe I'll have a slightly (and I emphasize slightly) improved outlook on the game, since I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time through. As it stands now, Prime 2 is still an impressively constructed game.

    It's a funny time to be a FPS. I consider Echoes a FPS not in the classical sense, but in the modern sense, as most or all FPS now stress platforming, intricate puzzle-solving involving more than just flipping switches, third-person gameplay mechanics, and a couple other commonalities besides all-out run and gun battles. Besides Echoes, how many more FPS power-houses are there out in the market as of late? Quite a few, and we're talking absolute power-houses: Doom 3, Half-Life 2, and Halo 2 are the main contenders.

    Graphically, Echoes is no match technically to those previously mentioned games, especially the PC FPSs (Doom 3 looks ungodly good). Technical graphics isn't a vehemence, however, for Echoes--most of it is in the artistic presentation--but don't discredit the technical wizardry this game displays on Nintendo's little old Gamecube. Artistically and functionally though, the direction follows in yet another Zelda game's pioneering footsteps, that of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, concerning the whole "Light/Dark World" mechanic.

    The planet of Aether, stricken by a meteor plagued with destructive forces, is dimensionally cast in-two by the impact, leaving a Light and Dark Aether, traversable only through rifts in the local spacetime. Traveling back and forth between these worlds is much like doing so in A Link to the Past: a tonal shift occurs through the lighting, color schemes, music, sfx, enemies, and level design in the specific version of Aether. In Dark Aether, everything succumbs to blacks and purples, resonant and haunting sounds comprise a sparse sound track, and the level design is a corrupted variation of what exists on the light side. The Ing reside in this dimension, caustic, wraith-like entities of black, amorphous substance that pop up here and there, along with those that the Ing have possessed to further enhance their forces. On the Lighter side of things is a world that sort of resembles the locales of Metroid Prime, but without the variety or the effortless melding of the organic and mechanic.

    Concerning the gameplay mechanics, traversing worlds is required to accomplish certain tasks. An example would be activating a bridge that is experiencing interdimensional flux (placing most of its atomic components in the other dimension, believe it or not). Unlike ALttP, however, you are not afforded the ability to teleport on-the-fly between light and dark worlds, as that is reserved only for the rifts. It would have probably been a nightmare for the designers to implement a feature like this (since it is a 3-dimensional game), but in this regard and in retrospect, props goes to ALttP. Besides the topographical changes that affect how you approach your objectives, there's the fact that the very atmosphere of Dark Aether is corrosive to Samus, which factors into how easily you can navigate the areas you explore. Light Crystals are scattered about the landscape that, when activated, expel a temporary light barrier, effectively shielding Samus from the harmful atmosphere. Some crystals are permanent fixtures that were installed by members of the Luminoth, tall, spindly inhabitants of the Light portion of Aether-a relic of their ongoing war of control over the planet's energy. The way the light/dark world mechanic affects gameplay is not limited to what I just mentioned, but it's a taste of what to expect.

    As mentioned earlier, a lot of sound effects are rehashed for Samus' new adventure. Understandable. The music is not, however. Unfortunately, the musical quality found in the original Prime is not to be found in Echoes, either. That's not to say that it sucks--no, pretty far from that--but it feels uninspired at times. The outstanding melodic excellence of Prime's soundtrack is truly something to behold, and I wanted more of that this time, too. The same thing happened with the two Zelda games I have been comparing the Prime games to: Ocarina of Time had so many memorable tracks and melodies that I could hum and drum to them all day, but not Majora's Mask. While I was disappointed then as I am now, I can understand that a tonal shift and a more direct focus on the offshoot direction both derivative games have taken resulted in the change in musical direction as well. Still, that perceived realization doesn't soothe the expectations any better.

    During her journey, Samus of course loses all she has gained near the beginning, works on getting it back, fights massive and impressive bosses (one of the great things about this game), and finishes the mission. Her main objective is to repossess the energy (stored in large energy controllers) that the Ing have stolen from the Luminoth. Mix in human Space Marines, Space Pirates, and a foe hard-core Prime fanatics will recognize along the way, and you have, well, Echoes. Fans of the original will be happy to know that all these factions don't exactly make their presence known and turn the solitary, hypnotic exploratory adventure into some kind of cut-scene driven circus. But I have to comment on the quality of the logs that Samus can scan for. The detailed and observant writing has been depreciated a bit from what was found in Prime. Also, remember the flashes of self-deprecating humor from the Space Pirates in the original? Yeah, well, it seems that the Space Pirates have been dragged into full-blown self-parody, as much of their logs indicate when you read them. Good for a laugh, though.

    Ultimately, the Law of Derivative Game Design implicates that the potential gaming experience grows exponentially less with each derivation. It's as if the system continuously loses more and more energy due to friction because the efficiency declines with each iteration, thus the potential gaming experience of the system shrinks. The solution? A new system for the new elements to do their work in. That's semi-putting it in physics terms, but you get the point... I guess. In any case, I eagerly await the Metroid series' next incarnation in the upcoming generation of gaming. ...more info
  • Metriod Prime 2: a metriod fanatic's first look
    Before i start my review let me just say i have not gotten far in this game, i just want to give you a persepictive a person who has played many metriod games (only ones i haven't played is Metriod 2: return of samus and super metriod) and has just gotten to play metriod prime two. WHen i first turned on the game i took one look at the menu system and though "this is going to be hell" and if you try use for the first few times, you will probabley agree with me. YOu have to move the control stick and then all the options move. Let me just say one thing DO NOT move the menu at the beginning. It will be at single player when you start out so don't move it. it took me a long time to get it back to single player so don't share my fate. SO then i played the first 5 minutes of the game and i have to say it does not seem like metriod prime sequel. somebody from Zelda a link to the past help make this and after you beat the first temple you will agree when i say that is is very zelda-like. It is a very good game and i can't understand why some people say it is hard ( i can't understand why people said that about the first metriod prime either) but be warned, if you want to buy this game because you want something exactly like metriod prime you might be looking in the wrong place....more info
  • Worthy, if lesser, successor to the original
    In 2002, Nintendo unveiled a game of such vision, complexity, and stunning visual detail that it shook the gaming world to its core. In a time when Xbox and Playstation 2 games were running away with the market and widely considered to be far superior to anything Nintendo put out, this game rose above it all to become one of the most popular console games of the past decade and even achieving the coveted title of GameSpot Magazine's 2002 "Game of the Year" honor (for ALL platforms, not just Nintendo). That revolutionary game was "METROID PRIME".
    Two years later, the time has come for the much-anticipated sequel to that seminal video game. Just this past November, "Metroid Prime 2: Echoes" hit the market just in time to quell the hunger of Samus Aran fans nationwide who had their appetites hopelessly whetted by its predecessor. With all this pressure of having to live up to the standard set by "Metroid Prime", the burning question becomes, "How well does `...Echoes' stand up?" While not being quite mold-breaker of the original, "Metroid Prime 2: Echoes" holds up quite well.
    The story, in brief, leads Samus, our intrepid bounty hunter, to the planet, Aether. Initially in pursuit of a quarry, Samus ends up involved in a much deeper and far more dangerous struggle as Aether struggles with a rift torn in time that has torn the planet between two dimensions, light and dark. It is up to Samus to travel between the two dimensions to recover the stolen energies that caused the rift and to close the rift for good. All the while, she is followed and mocked by an adversary who looks very familiar.
    The true strength of "...Echoes" is in its stunning graphics, which even surpass the incredible visuals of "Metroid Prime". The attention to detail is so great and realism so present that the player feels more like a part of this game than in any that have come before. The concept of traveling between the Light and Dark Aether worlds, while initially difficult to adjust to, proves to be a tremendous asset because is forces the player to adopt different strategies based on which realm Samus is in (i.e. the atmosphere on Dark Aether is poisonous and Samus can only seek shelter within small fields of light crystals). The degree of challenge is right up there with the previous game and conclusion of the final battle leaves one feeling quite satisfied. The addition of light and dark crystal weapons, while not very practical, are also a nice touch.
    Alas, there are some weaknesses to "...Echoes" that leave it a step below the original. One of the most glaring is how it seems that some missions are just plain tedious and take forever to accomplish, despite not involving a high degree of challenge. The beauty of "Metroid Prime" was that even random explorations of the various aspects of Chozo provided a visual treat that created a very robust gaming experience. "...Echoes" has more of a bare-bones feel to it that leaves the player just wanting to rush from one mission to the next to finish the game as quickly as possible, instead of taking in the full experience. This pattern continues with a number of the enemies and bosses that are faced. Defeating them seems more like a chore than a challenge.
    The overall structure of the game feels a bit more out of focus than in the original. The maps overlap and confuse much more than they help (a marked difference from the first when the maps were an tremendous help). In addition, the dearth of save stations through the game proves exceptionally frustrating when a player has to go way out of their way to save the game or risk losing all their progress by forgoing it and losing a life in a tedious manner later on.
    This quibbles aside, "Metroid Prime 2: Echoes" still stands strong next to its older brethren and more than leaves the diehard Samus Aran fan's appetite whetted for future installments....more info
  • Eh, So-so
    Let me put it this way. This is yet another game that does not overcome the original. I would not say it is a waste of money, just not very good. Going between the dark and light sides of Aether becomes annoying, confusing, and difficult. Let's hope the third installment of the Metroid Prime series is better than this one....more info
  • Metroid Prime 2, pure gaming bliss
    I've been a huge Metroid fan as long as I can remember. My love for the series started way back in the day when my father brought home the original Metroid for the NES. My love for the series continued to grow thereafter. Metroid II was fun little addition to the Gameboy and Super Metroid is still, too this day, the best game ever made. These three games defined my childhood. Then it happened, 9 long years without a Metroid game. I thought the series was done for good, but then... Metroid Prime.

    I was ecstatic. I simply couldn't control myself. I preorded the game months before release and left school early the day of release to get it as early as possible. Upon arriving home I proceeded to play the game. Oh and did I play it. I played it nearly non-stop till I finished it and upon finishing Metroid Prime my mind was made up. Metroid Prime was somewhat of a letdown.

    To this day I can't tell you why I felt let down. I truly can't quite say the exact cause. Maybe it's the map system that babied me the entire way through the game. Maybe it was the lack of original gadgets. Whatever the reason was I think the biggest problem was the lack of challenge. By Challenge I mean both mentally and physically. By physically I mean the challenge level of combat within the game. I just didn't get it. I finished the game without dying and I rarely felt like I was mentally challenged during the course of the game. Well, in the end I pushed the game aside and moved on with my life.

    Well two years later Metroid Prime 2 comes out. I wasn't exactly thrilled about the game but I ended up buying it sometime in early January. After about a half hour into this game I was blown away...

    This is the best game I have played in years! Everything about it is perfect from the subtle but well created music to the extremely detailed world. The new weapons in the game are original and fun to use. The puzzles are complex and very rewarding. My favorite aspect of the game is the richly detailed zones. Each is unique with fitting music, flora, and fauna which are all beautifully rendered in the game. The world just drags you in and makes you feel like you are a part of it. The pointer system, has been improved too. Although you will still be told where to go, it doesn't happen nearly as much now. Only when you steer way off course and are clearly taking longer then you should to progress will the game point you. Also it only gives you a general idea of where you should be and does not water down the challenge in any way.

    Speaking of challenge this game is perfect. Nearly every game on the marked is either too hard or too easy. I say again, Metroid Prime 2 has the perfect challenge level. The puzzles are very challenging yet not so hard that you can't finish them without some thought. The difficulty of combat is right on par too. Nearly every boss will take more then one try but rarely more then two. Just the right amount if you ask me.

    All in all, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes delivers on ever level. Engrossing well placed music, richly detailed worlds with a level of immersion you rarely find else ware. This, along with a level of difficulty that is perfect makes Metroid Prime 2 one of the best video games of all time....more info
  • Same game, Different name, Who's to blame? Retro!
    Don't get me wrong, I love this game. So why do I give it a bad overall score? You'll see.
    After completing this game (And the first) twice, I think I know what I'm talking about.

    On the + side:

    Prime Graphics
    From the enviroments to the details, IT LOOKS AS FANTASTIC AS THE FIRST!

    Prime Gameplay
    As fun as the first! They got rid of the Chozo Ghosts, too!

    Prime Controls
    They didn't change, so they're as good as the first!

    On the - side:

    Unprime Sound
    The effects are still great, and the music still isn't!

    Unprime Multiplayer
    This wins the PGOTY award! (Pointless Gimmick Of The Year) It seems to pass through your mind as if affected by a jedi mind trick.

    Unprime Similarness
    If you've played Prime 1, you've aleady played this game!
    All the new features feel more like gimmicks, And the ammo system makes it frustrating.

    Overall, this game is fun, but too similar to the original.
    Retro, how come you took no risks in your sequel? ...more info
  • Nice!
    i highly recomend this game to any fan of the metroid saga. you might want to get a guide but even then your in for a chalenge....more info
  • More Metroid Prime! Wheeee!
    If you loved Metroid Prime, you will probably love Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. That's not a given, but it is very likely. Same game engine, same control scheme, same graphical detail, new environments, second chapter of the story. That about sums it up. Personally, I do love the game.

    The story isn't groundbreaking by any means. Samus Aran travels back and forth between a "light" and "dark" world to battle evil shadows of her allies and herself. It's been done before many times, but this game pulls it off well. While Prime 2 is very much a second chapter in the Metroid Prime story, you do not need to have played or beaten the first to understand the second. On top of that, unlike most of the other titles that use this plot, the "dark" side of the game world is genuinely creepy. The atmosphere of Metroid Prime 2 is top notch.

    There have also been a few major tweaks to the scan visor. The scan visor is, apparently, the most under appreciated part of the Metroid Prime series. Using the scan visor tells you a great deal about the environment, particularly the enemies you face. It is also how you get most of the back-story of the game. But the great part is, using the scan visor is completely optional. If you find it slow or annoying, you can simply ignore it and still play through the game just as well without it. The scan visor's implementation really is an elegant system.

    In Metroid Prime 2 it gets a lot more elegant. In the prequel, scannable items had orange symbol blocks on them when you aimed the scan visor at them, and you had to focus in on these to scan something. If your angle was wrong, say if you were behind or below the scannable object, it was easy to miss the orange block and therefore miss the scan. In Prime 2, however, a scannable object changes color entirely when the scan visor is turned on, quite clearly pointing it out, and you can scan it regardless of your view angle. This makes the scan visor much easier and more intuitive to use.

    With all that said, there are a couple niggling issues. While more Metroid Prime is a good thing, it was the first game that was the real breakthrough for 3d first-person Metroid. The second one can only be...the second one. Great game though it is, it is still basically a rehash of the first. For example, at least a third of the enemies are taken directly from Metroid Prime and given a slightly new look. That's just lazy.

    Second, it is easier than its prequel. For most of the game this is hardly noticeable, but the final boss fight really drives it home. For the original Metroid Prime, even if you know the trick to beating the final boss it is still challenging. In Prime 2, if you know the trick you can blaze right past the final boss. Just to add insult to injury, in a couple boss fights "challenge" has been replaced with "completely random pattern that you can only beat through luck". That's pretty annoying. Fortunately, it is also pretty rare.

    (Also, speaking of the final boss fight, if you get 100% of the pickups, you'll see an ending which proves that there will be a Metroid Prime 3. I'll not say anything more to avoid spoilers.)

    But Prime 2 has also kept most of the good parts of its predecessor. The platforming and exploration elements of Metroid Prime were effortless, and the same is true for Prime 2. Jump distances are easy to judge by eye and just as easy to pull off. You won't often find yourself falling short of your mark. The enemies tend to blend in well with the environment, really adding to the atmosphere of exploring the ecosystem of an alien planet. The background music also adds to the atmosphere; it switches effortlessly from bright and almost-cheerful tunes to more somber melodies.

    There's also a multiplayer mode where players try to frag each other. It seems fairly well put together, though I have not played it extensively. I am not a first-person-shooter fan, and I'm guessing it was added for those folks rather than for Metroid fans, to whom playing Metroid is more important than fragging people.

    The control scheme is also largely unchanged, using the same L targeting lock-on system as Metroid Prime rather than the dual control stick system used by most first-person console games. While this cuts down slightly on mobility, it also aids significantly with fighting quick enemies and/or a swarm of small foes. A couple of new moves have been added, however. The fan-favorite screw attack is back, though it is not very useful as an attack. It's more a way to lengthen the jump and cross wide gaps. The morph ball has also received a few movement upgrades. All these new moves blend into the familiar control scheme without any trouble.

    Speaking of crossing gaps, another addition to Metroid Prime 2 is the age-old platformer menace of bottomless pits. This seems like something the developer added almost as an afterthought, considering how forgiving they are. In most platformers, if your avatar falls into a bottomless pit, he/she/it dies. In Metroid Prime 2, your avatar loses 10 health and is magically returned to the point from where she fell. It is more annoying than anything else, which makes this addition to the game somewhat superfluous. If the consequences of falling in are so light, why have them in there at all?

    But that's a minor gripe considering, as mentioned above, that accurate jumping is quite easy. What matters is that the pros far outweigh the cons. If you liked Metroid Prime and would like to play it some more, you'll like Metroid Prime 2.

    To summarize:


    - Same excellent game engine with some minor streamlining tweaks
    - Vastly improved implementation of the scan visor
    - Same excellent graphical detail
    - Amazing new environments
    - Good integration of old Metroid staples of exploring and treasure hunting


    - Still only the second one
    - Slightly easier than the first
    - Pointless "bottomless pit" obstacles


    - Multiplayer fragging mode

    Final grade: Five stars of fun, but only 4 stars overall for being "the second one"....more info
  • Just so awesome
    Metroid always resonated with me since Super Metroid completely blew my mind over a decade ago. What makes Metroid so unique is the incredible amount of immersion that is in the game. This game is essentially why I got a Gamecube. It's more open than most games, making the player really feel that he's traversing an alien planet. The plot lines that is a mix of cool futuristic electronic gadgetry and biotech gone amuck makes great Sci-Fi and the sheer amount of stuff that you can do is mindboggling.

    Metroid Prime 2 leaves off after the first Metroid Prime. The Space Pirates successfully created a Metroid that feeds off Phazon, a highly unstable super energy that they're hoping to reproduce and once again make a go at galactic conquest. Everyone's favorite Bounty Hunter heroine Samus successfully defeats the Metroid but it manages with a dying gasp to suck her Phazon suit away as well as some of her DNA, gradually morphing into what will become Dark Samus.

    Now the Metroid is back on another planet on the brink of collapse(Samus sure seems good at finding these), where dark symbiotes called the Ing are destroying a proud civilization. Now Samus must defeat the Ing and Dark Samus, not to mention the ever-present Space Pirates, coming back for their prey.

    The first Metroid Prime was arguably the best console game I ever played, and Metroid Prime 2 is more of the same. One of the most enthralling parts of Metroid Prime is the ability to scan areas, ghiving information on the critters, plantlife, and architecture of the new world. It really feels like you're exploring the world as opposed to being spoon fed where to go next. Instead of long drawn out expository dialogue that insults your intelligence it lets you find out for yourself, and fill out the pieces of the history of the world you're exploring.

    The plot is not as good this time around, the light and dark world idea has been done before, and the dark world was very frustrating to go through in the early stages as you constantly lose health while not in certain areas. The rest of the gameplay is incredibly intuitive and the sheer volume of stuff you can do as you go from from a weak hunter to a near demigod at the end leaves the player always enthralled. The difficulty definitely went up a few notches from the original, so there is plenty of new challenge.

    Overall, not as good as the original Prime, but still a classic. Now I might have to get a Wii just to finish the series....more info
  • Great Next Part of the Series
    The first time I tried to play this game, I absolutely hated it - I had just beaten Prime 1 on normal mode and wanted to jump right into this game. The game is much more challenging than Prime I, so I got extremely frustrated with it. I gave up on it for a while and didn't think I'd ever come back to it. Recently, though, I played through Prime 1 again on normal mode, then again on hard mode, and then went to Echoes. THAT time, Echoes was absolutely amazing. If you found Echoes too difficult, I strongly recommmend playing through Prime 1 on hard mode and then trying to tackle this game. Now, hard mode on Echoes is very difficult, but worth it. Once I adjusted to the difficulty, I found this game very entertaining - it's longer than Prime, but it's a great continuation of the storyline. Now I'm ecstatic for Corruption on Wii to see how the series ends. If you enjoyed Prime, you'll love Echoes, so long as you can adjust to the difficulty....more info
  • Metroid prime 2 rocks
    I just finished the game yesturday adn it rocks. The music is grat as well as the graphics and the gameplay. Its really a good challenge and the story is fantastic. This Game will put a good challenge to everyone and you really have to think like a pro game player to get all the items and scans. Although the multiplayer isnt as well, im sure it will get much better later one. Its really fun killing my brother with the power bombs. Over all this game rocks and it should have a soundtrack. I recommend this game for players over 10 unless ur son is a real good gameplayer. THIS GAME ROCKS...more info
  • Metroid Prime 2 delivers in all respects
    Where to begin? This highly anticipated sequel delivers on all counts. It brings back enough of the old and introduces enough new elements to keep the game fresh and interesting.

    In Metroid Prime 2, you once again are the intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran. You've been hired by the Galactic Federation to help some of their forces who've crashed on the remote world of Aether. Soon Samus is also stranded on Aether and learns that the troopers she was sent to help have been killed. The culprits: evil beings called the Ing. Your new mission becomes one to stop the Ing and save the good, and dying, Luminoth. Its not that easy though...

    Like the first Metroid Prime, the gameplay is great. Retro has a great system down for control and they're sticking to it, even with some important addtions. The controls are easy to pick up and become quite natural. The non-dual-analog control continues to be one of Metroid's best innovations; its easier to use than dual-analog and is something that sets it apart from most other first-person games.

    As far as the puzzles within the game itself, they are brilliant. A lot of thought went into designing these puzzles. You may sit in a room for a half hour or more trying out numerous different things until you hit upon the solution (at which point you feel like its the most natural idea in the world). If you lack patience, this probably isn't the game for you as some of the puzzles are quite difficult. Things have been ratcheted up a notch in this game. The challenge level at the beginning of Prime 2 is about the difficulty found halfway through Metroid Prime. Then again, most Metroid games aren't for those without patience.

    The enemies are as interesting as the puzzles. There are numerous bosses throughout the game (you usually fight one to regain an ability in this one, so there are quite a few). They usually require a wide variety of skills to defeat. The tactics were fairly simple in Metroid Prime. In Prime 2, you need more skills and more control to defeat some of the more difficult bosses.

    Graphics/Level Design
    As I said, the puzzles and level design are brilliant. The graphics are no less so. The first Metroid Prime was a marvel when it came out. Now, Prime 2 out does it. I would say that the graphics here are the best I've ever seen in a game. They are extremely detailed. The texture sets are huge and there are little environmental things every where. Its astounding how much work was put into making the environments as real and detailed as possible. The last big area in the game is mind-numbingly incredible.

    The scenery isn't the only impressive thing. All the enemies, bosses and even Samus are incredibly well done as well. Its hard to believe that this game was built completely from scratch in two years. It makes one wonder what possibilities there are for the Nintendo Revolution, graphically.

    Retro gets another A here. The music to Prime 2 is engaging, but subtle when it needs to be. The music is the perfect offset to the graphics, providing just the right mood. The soundtrack is a combination of old Metroid remixes (which new gamers likely won't recognize) and completely new tracks. The title screen and menu music is inspired.

    As for the sound, it too is good, matching the graphics. No sounds seem out of place, and like the graphics there are many simply environmental sounds that just add to the overall atmosphere.

    The multiplayer has been much talked about and frequently demeaned. However, I sometimes wonder if reviewers have actually played the multiplayer. I recall one comment to the effect of "it has a lock-on so its really worthless." If you can make that comment, you probably have actually played the multiplayer. The lock-on does not make it easy. It makes it different. Just because there is a lock-on doesn't mean kills come easy. While some one has a lock on you you can still dodge and ball mode is quite useful in getting out of a lock or making an escape.

    There are quite a few good things about the multiplayer. For one, you have many different weapons at your disposal (bombs, boost ball, power bombs, light beam, dark beam, annhilator beam, power beam, death ball, a turret) as well as other power ups (such as massive damage). For another, movement is distincting Metroid. Ball mode is extremely useful, as I said. You can boost, or use your spider ball to move along walls (one level is based around the spider ball) or use kinetic ball cannons to launch yourself across the level for a quick escape.

    All in all, the only real problem with the multiplayer is that there isn't enough of it. Its the game's weakest area, but it could be stronger if there was more. You start with four levels and can unlock two more through the single-player, as well as several background music tracks. If there were a couple more levels and you could acquire a few more of Samus' abilities in some levels, it would be even better.

    Echoes is a unique game, even among its predecessors. A new concept of beam ammo for your three new beams has been introduced. Its hard to get used to at first, but after playing with it for a while you learn when each type of beam should be used. You also figure out quickly why there is ammo. The new beams are really powerful and the ammo offsets that. It makes you think strategically about which beams to use.

    I'd say that this game is a must for all GameCube owners, and certainly for Metroid fans. Its engaging and will provide you with hours of fun as you try to solve its puzzles and ultimately gain the elusive 100% items collected. The sense of accomplishment is its own reward....more info
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, An Over hyped Sequel???
    Metroid Prime 2: Echoes brings you back to your favorite female bounty hunter Samus Aran. This time around, things got a bit "darker".
    Yeah, the "most anticipated GC sequel" keeps veterans, and new players from having that "ever anticipated" feeling. But there are perks, you'll be introduced to some new ammo systems, and a some what intriguing story.

    Once again Samus is just flying along, minding her own buisness, when she has to once gain save an entire race and planet from an apocalyptic-like doom. This "soon be gone" planet is known as Aether. The prospering peaceful planet inhabited by the Luminoth. Large moth like creatures that have ruled the land with a satin line fist. When a dark meteor from outer space makes a quick detour for Aether, EVERYTHING GOES WRONG. The meteor has caused the planet to split into two parallel dimensions consisting of a light side and a dark side. In the dark twisted version of Aether, known as Dark Aether (That is one of the most creative titles I've ever heard) the parasitic spiderish like Ing rule. Through the discovery of rifts and portals between the two dimensions, the Ing and the Luminoth rage war against each other. And of course sinsce there's a heroine in the game the dark side is obviously winning. And since Samus is still to blonde to figure out that if she brings all the big guns with her, then they will all get scattered about the entire planet.

    So the average story line here, kill bad creature, get weapons back, kill more bad creatures, save planet, the end. It would have been nice if they just would have made an actual story for a change. The whole "save the universe" thing is getting old, and it starting to show.

    Visual- Well, it doesn't look to much different than Metroid Prime, but there are noticibale upadates in the environments and chraracters. A-

    Audio- Same old, same old, remixed Metroid classics that are replayed over and over.Which I guess isn't so bad, because tha's pretty much the audio for every Metroid game. It's pretty good in the beginning, that is until the frustrating gameplay causes you to listen to the same boss music over and over. Metroid fans shouldn't be surprised, as for newbies, well, turn the volume
    down. B+

    Gameplay- Where do I begin? Well, you start off as always with Samus' most basic abilties, the only way to the more latent abilities, your gonna have to kill things, and solve puzzles. The main gameplay developing weapons are put into the story, so you don't have to worry about missing them. As for aquiring more ammo and health, you'l have to solve some ridiculous puzzles, and go way off to nowhere to find them. Yes, yes "That's what Metroid's all about" but don't you think it's time for some change? For how long have we spent hours upon hours of our time trying to get that one energy tank, or that last missle expansion. Yes endless tedious, mind numbing hours. It would have been nice if they would have just made things a little simpler. Anyways, the gameplay is okay, but the sometimes confusing button controls, and the terrible save system, keep this game from fame. You'll accidentally change into a morph ball when you want to shoot missles, you'll switch to your Echoe visor when you want to change to light beam, this becomes annoying and it cuases you to die, FAST. Most of you out there would think that a gaming icon like MEtroid would have a easy accesible save system, but once again we are shot down. There's about, 12 save stations in the entire game. So you'll have to beat a boss, run back to the save room, go all the way back, get a new weapon, rinse and repeat. There are great new innovative weapons int his sequel, like the spiritualy awakening Light Beam, and the gothy suicidal like Dark Beam. These wil be your main weapoons, and wil be used in countless tedious puzzles. As if there wasn't enough item collecting in this game, you have to collect "temple keys". I'm noticing a Zelda-like influence here. You'll have to go back and forth between the two worlds, solve puzzles, kill things, jump, shoot, and a patridge in a pear tree. B-

    Overall this is still a great Metroid game, it will provide tons of hours of fun. There is a multiplayer, but it's not worth mentioning, since Nintendo's lack of Online capabilities and that you can lock on to your opponents is just another gimmick to make the game sell.

    Overall- B+...more info
  • Some reruns never get old!
    I really don't have much bad to say about this game. It's pretty comparable to Metroid Prime, but some details such as the graphics and
    weaponry have changed, mostly for the better.You have limited ammo like most first-person shooters, and three thumbs up to Retro Studios and Nintendo for more cutscenes! You play the first level with most of your equipment, but it get's stolen, Deja Vu of MP 1. Oh well, some things never get old do they? The plot isn't any deeper than it's prequel, you're just more involved through details such as the trooper logs and Luminoth journals.
    This is the best, most difficult game I'll ever play. Would I recommend this game? Oh yeah....more info
  • ^__^'
    This is one great game. I can't wait until metroid prime 3: corruptions comes out! (nintendo website) anyway, I think its coming out :}...more info
  • Hard but incredible
    This is another great metroid game, but it is a little similar to the first one and so are the weapons. I mean, the light beam is like the plasma beam in the first game and the dark beam is like the ice beam in the first game. The savestations are much farther and you still lose all your cool gadgets in the beginning. Despite all these cons, the bosses are more challenging, there is more action, a great story plot, better graphics, more lively, and that you can travel to another dimension in Aether. It reminds me of Halo and acts like a Halo. And since Halo is a great game, that means that so is this one and if you can't take the heat then you aren't fit for first-person shooters....more info
  • For experience gamers!
    I own one of the Metroid games for the Game Boy Adv and I enjoyed playing it, so when I bought the Game Cube and saw Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, I figured that would be fun too. Well it was at the beginning, that is until I reached the first boss level.

    I cannot get past this level at all! For those who play first person shooters all the time, this boss is probably easy to beat. But for people like me, who don't play all the time or prefer adventure/platform games, this is VERY frustrating! Not only do you have to shoot about six creatures called "splinters" who don't die easy, after you kill them, a larger one comes down to take their place. You have to scan the large splinter, which leaves you absolutely vulnerable, because if you don't you won't be able to progress through the game. And even though it pauses while it's downloading the info into your visor, once that's through the large splinter completes it's attack, inflicting huge amounts of damage!

    Once you destroy this large splinter, another one will take it's place called the "dark splinter." Mind you, you are trapped in a cage and CANNOT run away and there's nothing to jump behind! And these enemies come one after another so there's no time to regroup!

    By the time I reach the dark splinter, my energy level is critically low and there's no way to recharge, so all it takes is one or two hits or accidentally bumping into this creature to end the game.

    NOT fun! And there's no way to set the game difficulty to easy, it's either normal or hard. NO cheat codes either, that I can find on the internet, that would supply you with infinite energy.

    And if it's this difficult for the first boss, I'd hate to see what the other ones are like. But like I said, if you're used to playing these types of games then it's probably not that hard and you'll probably enjoy it, but if you're like me you won't enjoy this game at all....more info
  • This game didn't learn its lessons from the first Metroid Prime
    This game is similar (and I mean really really similar) to the first Metroid Prime, except even more annoying.

    The translation of style from sidescrolling Metroid to 3d was handled beautifully. Art, sound, level design, etc is all top notch, and the game sports some of the most impressive visuals to be found on the gamecube. Beyond aesthetics though, the game falls apart.

    It's simply not fun to play. It has a somewhat awkward control scheme that even after you adjust to, is simply subpar to games that were being made in the N64 era. Nentendo tries to say that this is not a "First Person Shooter", but a "First Person Adventure" game. Well, you do occasionally have to shoot things in the first person perspective, and it's handled quite poorly, leading me to believe Nintendo's statement is really just a euphimism for "Bad First Person Shooter".

    As already mentioned, the control scheme is poor. You cannot strafe and move at the same time (unless you're locked onto someething that moves your view while you're strafing), so enemies (the vast majority of which are extremely agile) can very easily get behind you. Aiming (which you also cannot do while moving) is so incredibly slow that it forces you to rely on the game's lock-on targetting system. Unfortunately, too many enemies (especially bosses) have moves that negate your lockon targetting making re-aquring them a painstaking effort. In addition to general slow aiming, your upward/downward viewing angle maxes out at about 30 degrees above/below the horizon, so when enemies get above you, it's very difficult to deal with them (as many flying enemies or bosses will often do). It makes the game challenging, but not in a fun way. It's challenging kind of like running a 20 mile marathon after having someone break both your knees with a sledgehammer.

    And then there's backtracking. There is way way too much backtracking in this game. It's one thing to spend an hour in a game exploring new environments without making progress, it's another thing to constantly be forced to backtrack an hour through previously explored territory to retrieve a single item, and then spend an hour getting back, only to get another item, and use it to backtrack an hour someplace else, etc.

    Making the backtracking even worse is the frequent forced encounters where doors will lock preventing you from leaving and you have to fight a particular enemy (Dark Pirte Trooper) until you either kill it or it leaves. Either method takes upwards of 5-6 minutes, because like many other annoying enemies in the game, it spends most of its time being completely invincible.

    Metroid Prime 1 was a basically good game with some large flaws. This game took it upon itself to be a copy of the first game, and increase the size of all those flaws without adding anything good....more info
  • No Title
    It might be a little bit on the late side for a review, but this game took me a little time because a of certain thin plumber was a bit distracting.
    Super-inter-galaxtic space chick Samus comes back haulin' ass in her kinda new adventure of a 'two sided' planet. After investagating the planet Ather, which is in a civil war with itself. The ancient specieses of insect Lumioth have been battli' the dark hord group of Ing, they turned Ather into a dark deminsion of the planet to retreat from the light power of the Luminoth. But there is few Luminoth left, and the Ing are destroying more of the santutatries that destroyed them in the first place. Samus must restore the temples in both in the light and the dark world, which the dark world mutates creatures, in Ather to save the Luminoth from certain extinction. Space Pirites play an extremly short role as well as their oh so precious metroids'. Metroids are very rare in the game, even though it's the game name. Imagine the effect in the dark world to the Metroids.
    Overal, not much of a change from the first, gorgous pixels, big fights and uniqe creatures. Prime time comes back for the Revolution, which will be huge! The Revolution will be a major consel, more than the PS3 and 360, I mean look, it has ITERNET, backward comptibility, and next-gen controller. You people don't give Nintendo it's props. Atari made the controll pad and one button controller, NES made the stick and 2 buttons controller and even latter, comfort grip! Give Nintendo some credit, you'd be playing Pong without it....more info
  • Echo Indeed
    A fitting subtitle for a game that is nothing more than an echo of the original.

    Well, you do get different weapons, surely that warrants another $50?

    But you think not (and you should), this game is a rental - at best. The monsters *look* different, but they really aren't. The weapons *look* different, but they really aren't. And the powers don't even look different. They start you off with the same hokey excuse of getting your powers stolen at the beginning of the game so that you have to hunt for your missles, boost ball, space jump and different suits all over again. Samus should know by now to keep an extra suit in the ship.

    Ironically, for some "originality" the game designers threw Samus on a new planet with a "light" side and a "dark" side (which I have never heard of in a game before -_-). The "light" side is pretty much normal, but traveling to the "dark" side subjects Samus to dangerous atmospheric conditions that slowly drain your health unless you stand near a light beacon. These beacons are scattered throughout the "dark" planet, effectively giving you a path to follow to your objectives. Yahoo.

    If you've never played Metroid Prime before, this might be entertaining. Otherwise, I'd leave it alone....more info
  • Awesome. Metroid Prime 1 & 2 are the best Gamecube games, period.
    When I first heard about Metroid Prime, I was so happy that a sequal was finally coming out for a normal console (I don't like tiny, portable screens). Then I heard that a new developer was making it, and I worried a little. Then I heard that it was going to be a FPS (first person shooter), and I panicked being that the old Metroid games were not FPS and I generally hate FPS. When the game finally came out though, I was amazed. It is a fantastic update of the series. The gameplay and graphics are first rate for a modern game, and yet it feels like a Metroid game. It's something that you can't really describe, but if no one told you what game you were playing, you would just know it's Metroid. Metroid Prime 2 is just as good as the first. BUY THIS!...more info
  • Almost As Fun As the First
    It felt like something was missing playing this game. It was a great game but it is not as good as the first one. ...more info
  • Smooth
    Prime goal for someone trying to craft a realistic storyline in the Metroid universe: somehow come up with a convincing story and world to explain the traditional catacombs of the series, split up by powered doors, filled with odd alien creatures, power-up items, and the occasional boss. Crap, that's tough, and this game nails it.

    The eruption of processing power in consoles provides a means for the Metroid universe to open up like never before, the ability to craft a real, beautiful and ugly, natural and technological, world that can be explored and that's pleasing to explore. Hidden secrets are really secret--but not in the sense of earlier installments, simply being behind a false two dimensional block. Here, you've got to crawl through three-dimensional obstacles, slide up obscured tracks, alarmingly realistic. You know it's realistic when you find yourself craning your neck--your real physical tendon and larynx and floating hyoid neck--to look for things.

    Bosses always occur in stages, stages typically requiring the employment of some obscure weapon technology, but never in a clumsy way. The graphics are amazing, the first person-perspective comfortable as your own skin.

    And, moreover, there's a coherent science-fiction level plot behind this. Sure it's somewhat clich¨¦d, what with its light and dark worlds, but the excessive infestation of detail makes them believable, and that is the beauty of the game.

    This offers no innovations from Metroid Prime; it's just another indispensable sequel on the same formula....more info
  • The sest Metroid Game ever made!
    I think this game is awesome because Nintendo sure did a pretty good job making this game and I hope it gets nominated for game of the year and now Nintendo is making another great game but it's been delayed until next year so if you guys are a big huge fan of Metroid you would like this game!...more info
  • A highly underrated game
    I am surprised at how cheap this game is. It is actually a top-notch game. If you are a shooter or action fan then you must get this game. I've been playing this game for a while now as it has a lot of gameplay. You certainly get your money's worth with the amount of time in entertainment value. The graphics are stunning. This is the best Metroid yet. If you have a GameCube, you must play this game or you're missing out!...more info
  • Not the best Metroid, but a good installment in the series...
    Simply put, the game is just way too similar to the first Metroid Prime. Unfortunately this immediately makes Echoes feel inferior. So if you're looking for a brand new innovative game, you will be disappointed.

    However, as a Metroid game, it's just as engrossing and enveloping as the rest. Storywise, this one is much darker and much more surreal. The puzzles and the tasks that Samus must go through are MUCH more involved...sometimes to the point of frustration. The bosses are tricky, but not unbeatable. It'll sometimes take a few tries. However, save points are much more scarce, which makes dying more of an inconvenience since you'll likely have to traverse a long way (solving the same puzzles) in order to try again.

    This game introduces having ammo for your beam weapons. Big, big hinderance. There seems to be no point in having this on there. Also, the light world/dark world plotline is straight out of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, so in that respect it seems unoriginal. And speaking of unoriginality, having Samus start fully-equipped only to "accidentally" lose all the powerups is repetitive and farfetched.

    Controlwise, it's identical to Metroid Prime. Graphically, it's identical to Metroid Prime. So unfortunately, this game doesn't bring a lot of new elements to the table. I'm playing through it to see what happens before I start Metroid Prime 3 (now THAT'S a revolutionary game!), but I probably won't touch Echoes again after I beat it....more info
  • Incredible
    Metroid Prime 2 is nothing short of amazing. The graphics are probably some of the best I've ever seen and the storyline is great. I won't disagree that this is very similar to Metroid Prime, but only in the weapons/power-ups aspect. The overall game is very different. If you're someone who likes a video game that isn't just running around shooting things, but also provides mind-challenging entertainment, MP2 is perfect. It's extremely challenging and unless you have a strategy guide, you won't beat it in four days like most games.
    On the note of the strategy guide, I advise you get one, but don't use it throughout the whole game; only use it if you are thoroughly stuck.

    The multiplayer isn't great, but the Single Player more than compensates.

    Overall, this is the best game I've ever played....more info
  • poor quality
    I purchased this game for my son who seemed to enjoy it however, the game (which was considered "good condition") does not play well. The disc has lots of scratches. When I contacted the seller WITH THE ORDER NUMBER, the seller contacted me one time to say they needed the order number. I reiterated the number to the seller but my request has been ignored! Very disappointed with this seller!...more info
    this game rocks BUT NOT LIKE HALO 2 metroid 2 has alot of cool upgrades like the light beam or the dark beam and it is HARD TO PASS THE GAME 100% WITHOUT A PLAYERS GUIDE actually almost IMPOSSIBLE.The graphics are very good(i liked alot the dark world).if you are a fps shooter fan you will like this game alot and if you are a new gamer in the metroid world you will be fascinated.BUY THIS GAME i highly recomend you this game.VIVA MEXICO(I AM FROM MEXICO).
    ...more info
  • The game is rated T for a reason!!!
    When I first got this game I looked a the cover and said "WOW, this looks really cool!" so I bought it thinking it would be as cool as the cover looked. Well,it was cool, but too hard! The multiplayer was really fun but the single player was really made for a teen and I'm only 10 but I've played loads of T rated games. Overall this game was fun but too hard so I recomend this game to teenagers or if your a younger kid who likes blasting aliens mindlessly with lazers. ...more info
  • An improvement over Prime, but I want to see Samus again!!!
    First, what don't I like:

    I can't tell you how much I hate first person shooter. First of all, did you notice the aspect of the game, really, Samus is about 3 feet tall. I feel like I'm walking on my knees, everything is at ground level and it drives me nuts. Next, I love morphing into a ball because it's the only time I can actually see what's going on! Remember about 20 years ago race car games in arcades started to give you the option of four or five aspects, everything from the windshield view, to just the front of the car to then entire vehicle. Why? Why? Can't they do that with metroid???

    I also miss the jumping! Samus is supposed to jump high and use the screw attack, this Samus barely gets off the ground, it's like a fat-person playing hopscotch. You jump slow, you come down hard (CLANK!!!) so your three-feet tall, you weigh a thousand pounds and you're saving the planet from some threat that might possibly come someday....

    Now, what did I like:

    Huge improvement in control over first Metroid Prime. Firing is more accurate and movement is cleaner, jumping is much more forgiving and not so tedious. I like the graphics, but some contrast would have been nice, each area seems to be all shades of one color and that's kind of boring. Some real 5.1 sound would be good, but the dolby digital is impressive (try a high-def tv and 5.1 system with bass up in a dark room if you want full effect.) This game is not a mind numbingly hard as the first. I can actually fight enemies in this one without screaming. I do hate that you die and have to do entire areas over and over just to get back to the boss enemy. Also, we are still on cons here, I don't like the "let you open a few doors at a time" crap. If these idiot aliens want me to save the freaking universe then they should give me the keys to all the damned doors strait away.

    This game is very, very liner compared to Prime 1, a pro that it's less frustrating, a con in that you are limited to completing each task as they come.

    Oddly enough I still really enjoy it, it has more of a feel like the original and GBA games (play the GBA games, they are much more fun!) and the emersion into the alien world feels complete, if limited....more info
  • Metroid is the bomb!
    I loved the first one and I love the second one. What I love about this one is that it's harder!! I've actually died a few times!!! I always love a good challenge, and this game is big enough to last you many hours of gameplay and intricate enough to make you think and have to backtrack your steps to find the extra items. It has great graphics, a fun story, and you really feel like you're kicking [...] playing Samus ;)...more info
  • adults only read
    I thought the reason why we play games was to have fun, not exercise in frustration. The difficulty level is very uneven - most of the time you're doing same mundane silly tasks, but at every boss you will want to hurl the friggin GameCube out of the window. In addition, in some instances there is like 5 minutes of doing the same cakewalk from a save point to the cheapo boss, which naturally you're forced to repeat over and over again as it will take you MANY tries to beat the thing. What's with the rare save points? Ok, so I dont play videogames 3 hours every day, I play occasionally for fun, not to prove myself to anybody. I want to pick up a game, be done with it, and move on. Why not give me an option to play on an easier difficulty?

    Second, the game doesn't improve on its predecessor in any way. MP1 was a revelation. Even though its bosses were legendary (what with the idiotic 4 visor and 4 beam clutter during the fight), it still gave an incredible sense of ADVENTURE. Here, the light/dark world trick is more of a nuissance than anything. There's not much difference between the worlds (levels) either, most of the time you can't even tell which one you're in. There's too much back-tracking. You return to the same caves/rooms over and over again, for different items or whatever. At 70% into the game, at a puzzle where the camera switches on you so that you can't even see what you're doing, I had enough - and since I was bored out of my mind anyway, I quit. Definitely a game not for adults....more info
  • Metroid Prime 2
    Metroid was a great game. Not perfect but good enough to recieve five stars. Many people are comparing this to halo 2 but i have to say this is an unfair comparison since in my view this isn't a true shooter like halo 2 but more of and adventure game. The save function of this game is a little annoying but if you are rather skilled at the game you shouldn't have too much trouble finding stations. I like the dark world and think it was a good idea but not exucuted perfectly. The boss fights are definately the highlight of this game. There was only one boss which i didn't like, that was the boost guardian. doing that in the dark world with energy constantly drained was annoying. That one battle took almost eight trys to complete. As for the people complaining of the atmosphere in the dark world what i can say is that you get two suit upgrades. One which slows down the damage considorably and one which stops it completely. The final boss was easy. I thought something was missing about half-way through the game and after completing it with 98% logbook entries and 100% wepon upgrades i can say that the missing link was the metroids {which only played a small part in the game} and the usual beams. The ammo sistem was a little annoying as well. The only thing i think metroid should include next time is vehicle combat.

    overall score: 9.75
    ...more info
  • Never played Metroid before this
    Well, I have to say that I never was into the Metroid games. Heck, I wasn't even into shooters, either (exception being Descent 3, but that's in a class by itself).

    Because I haven't played a Metroid game prior to Echoes, I have the opportunity to review this as a video game, and not a part of a franchise.

    The graphics are seamless. Most games, even when worked on for 4 years, have glitches. I can't find any.

    The music is creepy. I love it. Adds to the effect of being in an unfamiliar place. (Try listening in surround sound.)

    The sound is spot-on. Every shot and every squeal is well placed and is very recognizable.

    While you can't move and aim at the same time, it is easy to get used to. The weapon change is a little slow, but that adds to the challenge.

    This game is long. I'm not even halfway yet. This game is also hard. Don't play it if you have little patience. I'm serious about that....more info
    This game is awesome. It has better graphics than the previous game and a better story line. The game might be a little complicated, difficult and long but its very enjoyable. The raphics are incredible and every corner lacks no detail. The bos fights are spectacular, i wont spoil anything...
    If you licked metroid prime1, buy it. If you dint play it but you like first-person, adventure games, also buy it. After all its worth it and now its very cheap (...)...more info
  • Very good game!!!!!
    This is my favorite game, and if you buy it it will be yours too. The graphics are amazing and clear. The sound is great. And the gameplay is awesome. GRAPHICS 10/10 SOUND 9/10 GAMEPLAY 10/10....more info
  • Great "Metroid Prime" Sequel...
    Considering it was a quick sequel, anyone expecting there to be massive changes to the original "Metroid Prime" game engine and play controls were just busy deluding themselves. That's not generally how the industry works, folks. And as someone who has played every "Metroid" game (minus the DS games), I had my worries about a poisonous Dark World with limited ammo.

    In short, there's nothing to worry about.

    If you played the original "Metroid Prime" (MP1), you spend less time getting accustomed to the controls and get ramped into the game easily. That's a plus for me, and this game is still about twice as long as its predecessor. Plus, in my view, MP1 had too many repetitive Space Pirate battles that just became a bore after a while, rather than a challenge. And the trend of missiles becoming increasingly worthless, as started with "Super Metroid," officially ended with this game. Limited beam ammo means becoming increasingly creative in some battles.

    While some people have complained about the areas being a bit "boring," well, that's a matter of opinion. The "Metroid" series always had a certain claustrophobia about it until MP1, and all MP2 here does is reclaim that sense of dread that I came to love with the series. Even then, though, there's still plenty of eye candy to enjoy, particularly later on in the game.

    All in all, it's a game worth playing. I frankly enjoyed it much more than I did playing MP1, and a game that is longer, requires more strategy, and has a bit more difficulty is something I heartily welcome. It was a hell of a lot of fun....more info
  • Samus is ready, but are you?
    Metriod Prime 2: Echoes - Circa 2005

    - Beautifully detailed world and environments
    - Unique gameplay style
    - More of a story line then original Metriod Prime
    - Multiplayer (versus) mode is included (1-4 players)

    - Exploring in first person is not for everyone
    - Gameplay is not a traditional first Person Shooter, which may turn off some
    - Boss Enemies are a lot tougher then in original Metriod Prime
    - With no auto-hint map like the original Metriod Prime it can be hard to tell where to go next
    - Not that much different form the original
    - Multiplayer mode only supports spilt-screen

    - A Sci-Fi / Exploratory first person shooter
    - Explore light and dark side of alien world (sort of like in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)

    - Metriod Prime
    - Halo
    - Super Metriod

    - Game case has a cool hologram look to it...more info
  • Sequal makes up for original.
    This new metroid game deinetly makes up for its orginal. Your not just shooting animals and getting armor, your actually on a mission! This game isn't half bad. (p.s. The multiplayer is awsome!)

    -Triple threat...more info
  • Not the best game ever
    This is the best out of the two Metroid gamecube games yet. The graphics are top notch for gamecube. All of the locations are also very cool.The music is terrible however, they copy some of it from the first game. This is a very challenging game especially if you havent beaten Metroid Prime 1. There are too many puzzles and rooms to get one little upgrade. The bosses are the hardest part though, you never seem have enough health. There is also too much to do during the boss fights along with trying to stay alive. Everything is focused on light and dark, even your weapons. It is not much fun because there is a strict path that you have to follow. Overall, this game is very cool ,but not much fun to play. ...more info


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