Enviracaire 60001 Grade Air Purifier with IFD Filter

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Product Description

Breathe deeply and feel satisfied. Permanent IFD Filter is easy to clean & never needs replacement! 98% HEPA Performance - proven to capture a variety of harmful indoor air particles such as: mold, dust, pollen, cat dander & tobacco smoke (from the air that passes through the filter). Quiet Operation Smart design - compact to fit in any room. Electronic Controls include: 3 cleaning levels, Filter monitor remindes you to clean the filter. Programmable auto-off timer up to 10 hours Built-in Ionizer helps freshen and remove particles from the air Recommended room size 230 square feet 5 Year Limited Warranty.

  • HEPA-grade air purifier with electronic controls, permanent IFD filter, and built-in ionizer
  • For room sizes up to 230 square feet; compact design and quiet operation
  • Filter monitor light indicates when filter needs cleaning; CADR of 150
  • 3 air-cleaning levels; programmable 10-hour auto-shutoff timer
  • Measures approximately 14 by 10 by 23-1/2 inches; 5-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Pretty Good Air Purifier
    Overall, this air purifier has been pretty decent. I have a little cat and I do believe it does get most of her dander out of the air. It certainly gathers dust by the time I have to clean it! Cleaning it is pretty easy, it has a non-replacable filter which I just vacuum, although there is no real way that I can see to clean other areas of the apparatus, which I would like to do as they have gathered lint and the like (like the fan/propeller). The filter also runs pretty quietly, and really only interferes with the TV on the highest setting, and even then not that much. I would certainly recommend this buy (I got it for $99 + shipping)....more info
  • Doesn't work
    I bought two 60001s to replace a HEPA air filter because replacement elements were difficult to find. I've been running these two non-stop for over a month and they never reduced allergy attacks on sunny, windy days. I took out the electrostatic filters for cleaning but they're still clean. On the other hand, the fan blades and air exit screen are covered with dark grey dust. The IFD filter in these does not work at all....more info
  • Enviracaire Model 60001
    I suffer from Spring/Summer allergies with sensitivity to other indoor irritants for many years. I have tired other models of air cleaners which I have found to help.

    This unit does the job. You don't have to buy very expensive HEPA filter replacements and at its quietest setting you can leave it running in the room where you sleep with the door closed. It will make it possible to get through allergy season without being totally wiped out.

    I would like to remark about some of the negative reviews of this device.

    1. It is not a house cleaner and does not have a charcoal filter in it. It cannot make a household that has continuous heavy smoking smell all clean and fresh. It is not designed to make up for lack of housecleaning such as vacuuming rugs.

    2. The particles that cause irritation are not easily seen with the naked eye. If this unit is operated for a reasonable amount of time the pre-filter will catch the bigger
    pieces of airborne junk such as shredded skin particles - the major component of what people call "dust".
    The permanent filter will catch the smaller stuff. If you gently knock the permanent filter on a piece of paper this dirt will show. Use a vacuum to clean it out completely.

    3. No, this unit does not generate a great deal of ozone and doesn't smell bad when you take it out of the box. Some people's respiratory systems are so sensitive that they react to any amount. Examine the effects of a real ozone generator and compare. The electrostatic mechanism in this air cleaner doesn't even come close. Doing what is necessary to build up your health will reduce the sensitivity.

    4. If there is indeed defective units out there shame on Honeywell. That doesn't mean a properly operating unit shouldn't be obtained and given a chance.

    ...more info
  • Nearly useless
    The main reason that I bought this unit is because it has a permanent filter. It's advertised as being easy to clean. That's because it never gets dirty! The permanent filter doesn't pick up anything. It's supposed to give particles an electrical charge so that they'll stick to the filter but it doesn't seem to happen. Honeywell has discontinued this model (60001) and the smaller one (60000) and apparently has given up on the whole technology they use and gone back to units with replaceable filters. ...more info
  • No more animal smell
    I have five dogs in my house and since I purchased this air purifier you can hardly tell I have one.The unit is not that small so you do need space for it....more info
  • Good value but noisy.
    This is a replacement for the unit I got from Sam's Club a year ago. I have been looking for a good air cleaner with permanent filter. The first one I got from Sam's uses electrostatic precipitation which is not very efficient. In addition, it generates a lot of ozone in the room by the UV germicidal lamp. Thank God that there was a recall on that unit and I got a full refund after 10 months of use. Then I found this unit that costs 1/3 less after a $50 rebate. This one uses a so-called permanent filter that can be cleaned by vacuum. I have been using it almost every night for 2 months. The filter still needs not to be cleaned yet (YMMV). It has 3 speed settings, but only the low one can be used at night due to the noise. The timer is easy to set, but it will be better if there is backlight on the display when programming it. The rebate was received in 8 weeks as promised....more info
  • Good, But not quiet there yet!
    I VERY MUCH ENJOYED THIS UNIT WHEN IT WAS NEW IT DID EVERYTHING THAT WAS STATED ON THE BOX.However, I now need to replace the IFD filter due to the accumulation of nicotene on it and can not find one anywhere. I purchased two units at once for around $450.00.If I had used them in a "dust" atmosphere they would still be great! Honeywell should have tested on Nicotene and smoke odors before touting the phrase permanent in reference to smoke and nicotene. I am sadly disappointed in a company, who over the years, I have purchased many of their products....more info
  • Great Product!
    Great product... reduce dust and other air particles. No need to change filter!...more info
  • Does not clean the air
    I bought this purifier in hope to get rid of tobacco smoke odour in my apartment left over from the previous tenant. First unpleasant surprize was when I openned the box was that this filter smells! It smelled with acetone plastic glue so much that I had to run it for a week on the balcony in order for this glue smell to go away. After that I ran the unit inside my apartment and it did not produce any change in the air quality - the tobacco smoke odour was still there and you could see the dust particles floating in the beam of sunlight from the window. When I opened up the filter and checked it, it had no dust accumulated at all an what I notised that the quality with which it was assembled was kind of low. The plastic edges of the casing were rough and you could see the glue stains all over the IFD filter. This thing is definitely not worth two hundred dollars. Despite the fact that I had to pay shipping, I returned this unit back to the store. ...more info
  • its ok
    this product makes so much ozone that i think it is for people that want to restore the hole in the ozone layer...more info
  • Displeased ......
    I purchased this unit and used it for about one week. The reason I bought this unit was that when the sunlight came in the picture window just right, you can see the cloud of particles floating in the air.

    So I bought this filter and placed it dead center of the area illuminated by the sunlight. After running the unit for 24 hrs/day for about 8 days on low and a couple 4-5 hour periods on high, I inspected the filter for debris/dust. I was surprised to find no dust accumilation at all. As a matter of fact, the only dust that could be found in the unit at all was on the large particle screen in which the holes are so large, it would be large enough to permit small insects can get through with no problems.

    Thinking that it was defective (i.e. the voltage creating device could be bad and how would you know), I returned the unit. I also purchased a MIRV 11 HVAC filter which purports to clean the air of the same types of particles. I intended to provide myself a reference point when judgeing the IFD results.

    After 14 days of 24 hr/day low operation, I can tell the difference between the AC filter and the IFD. The AC filter is aquiring a fine covering of dust turning the filter off-white. The IFD has not accumiliated any significant dust. Again, the only thing getting dusty is the "pre-filter" which is a plastic pad with lots of large holes.

    At this point, I cannot believe that this filter system works and I have decided to return it.

    Oh, the only quiet setting is low. Hi is quite noisy.

    Hope this helps.........more info