Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens, 6 Doses

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Product Description

Kills flea eggs & flea larvae & prevents all stages from developing. Also kills adult fleas & all stages of major species of ticks. Use on kittens 8 weeks & older. 6 tubes per package

  • Flea, flea egg, lice, and tick control for cats and kittens
  • 6-dose supply provides flea, flea egg, chewing lice, and tick relief for up to 6 months
  • For all cats aged 8 weeks and older
  • Easy 3-step application process
  • Package measures 5.8 x 1 x 4.5 inches; includes limited Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Reviews:

  • Frontline Plus Cat
    I have tried various products to keep my cat free of fleas and ticks. Frontline Plus works quickly and efficiently and it is easy to apply. Amazon had the lowest price for Frontline Plus and shipping was free!...more info
  • Buy packaged in U.S. frontline plus
    I have been using frontline plus on my cats for years. Unfortunately, I bought some on Amazon that was packaged in S. Africa. You must read the sellers feedback. Not every seller sells this product packaged in a different country. First of all, the photo of the grey cat on the box was not the ones I received. Mine had a tabby cat. That was my first clue something was different. It was packaged in S. Africa. The ingredients were listed in ml. rather than percentages. I e mailed the seller, who was wonderful, and helped me figure out if the ml. ingredients equaled the percentages on the boxes packaged in U.S. No they weren't! They were off by a little, but I wouldn't take the chance and give my cats the wrong dosage. I returned them and received a refund. Do not be deceived by the photo of the cat on the box being sold. It might not be the same as what you receive. The frontline plus was sent from Australia, even though the seller is in U.S. It also did not have an EPA# on it! If sold in U.S., it must have an EPA#. Your best bet is to check around online.
    Ask questions! Does it have an EPA# is the first question to ask. You can get good prices on frontline plus from Australia, so why pay more from a regular dealer if it's being shipped from there anyway? The box should say Made In France. I hope this helps a few people. Make sure the ingredients are listed in % not mil....more info
  • Seems to do what it says
    This product seems to do what it says, but I might try another product that actually repels fleas/ticks instead of just killing them. I recently found a tick on one of my cats that had evidently been there for at least a few days. The tick appeared to be dead, but again, it had already been on my cat for a few days. I'd rather have a product that not only kills, but repels....more info
  • Frontline for cats
    It was the first time I used Frontline for my cat. I gave it 5 stars. It is a great product. In just a couple of days, the fleas were gone.

    Thank You,
    ML Merrill...more info
  • Good price compaired to a pet store sale price
    I just paid $45 for 3 treatments kit at Petsmart (on sale).
    This is a good price....more info
  • I Guess it Works, But Why So Expensive?
    Why is this stuff so expensive? I can't really tell a difference between this and the cheaper brands they sell in grocery and department stores. I have a cat who is allergic to the cheap stuff (it burns all his hair off in the spot where I squeeze it on), and a cat who is allergic to the expensive stuff, so I have to buy some of both, and I really don't understand the wide difference in price....more info
  • no fleas, please
    This product works for my 3 indoor/outdoor cats, so far, so good. The negative is the 6 month supply is really 2 months for 3 cats, so this product works, but is too expensive....more info
  • Frontline plus - great value
    Frontline Plus for cats is a very good product and this is a very good price on this product. I will order it again in 6 months from info
  • Okay...
    Product is what it is. Definitely a great price but I'm going back to Advantage. Frontline comes with a bad applicator and therefore is difficult to get on the skin of our cats. Advantage seems to work the same if not better and the applicator gives you much more control so you can apply ALL the contents on the skin of the cat....more info
  • Frontline Works - no Fleas
    I've been using this for a few years now - two cats, no fleas.
    It's much better than flea bombing the house a few times per year. Apply once per month during flea season - If you wait more than 6 weeks, you'll get fleas. ...more info
  • Fleas no thank you please
    Great Price! Fast delivery! There is nothing like frontline to rid your pet and house of those nasty little pesky fleas. I repeat there is nothing like it, fast acting and lasts about a month. ...more info
  • Good stuff
    This product does what it claims. I use it on both cats during the summer and never have a problem with fleas....more info
  • Frontline for Cats
    Vet suggested flea/tick meds since our pets (2) roam outside during the day. While they stay in yard Vet suggested they are still exposed. We've been very happy with Frontline. It is working as advertised. Will continue to use and buy again....more info
  • Not so much...
    We tried this over Advantage,
    and I honestly cannot tell if it works.

    We have two indoor cats and one clipped feral outside.

    Maybe we have super fleas,
    but right now it's a nightmare.

    It just didn't work for us.

    (Central Florida)...more info
  • Best Price, But Wish Cats Would Pay It
    At approx. $10 per application, this stuff is expensive, but Amazon still had the best price anywhere. With 3 cats, it's 30 bucks a month, but worth it because it seems to work well and prevent fleas, especially for our indoor/outdoor felines. No fleas, but the cats still hate to have the medicine put on and they try to contort in all kinds of crazy ways to lick it off.

    Now, if I could just figure out a way to put these cats to work to help pay for it.......more info
  • Frontline to the rescue?
    My cat and I are still in month one of using Frontline and there's some scratching going on. I'd like to know if it's something that has to build over time or if it isn't as good as people say it is....more info
  • killed but didn't prevent fleas?
    I relocated to the South and routinely did not usethis product in North during cold winters -- so I ended up getting a bad infestation of my 4 indoor cats after a few months in warm weather. It definitely cut down and maybe eliminated the fleas initially -- but they still get fleas according to my flea comb. Maybe I just have to continue monthly and vacuum and continue washing bedding etc to finally get rid of them all, but I was shocked to find this was not the miracle product I had been used to.......more info
  • Works as advertised
    I'm sure it's been said before but I'll throw in my 2. I tried the cheap stuff from the local store and put it on and the results were limited for getting rid of fleas. Within 2 days of applying Frontline I noticed the cats had nearly stopped scratching. Highly recommended, don't waste money on the other stuff....more info
  • Review of Frontline for Cats
    This was my first use of this product. Purchased from since the price was way competitive with other sources (even our local SPCA). I have two cats and one in particular spends time outside patrolling his kingdom. He is a neutered cat and attracts many, many fleas. His problem was VERY SERIOUS, but Frontline brought the problem under control within a short period. I use a flea comb on both cats so I was able to see firsthand the before and after difference. I was impressed, and if my cats could speak, they would say so too! Although there are still fleas, I believe if I am consistent the flea count is under control. Not eliminated, but under control. Thanks for a great product!! ...more info
  • Highly recommended from a 20 year Veterinary Technician/Rlatg
    This product is 100% effective against fleas, is safe, easy to use and highly recommended. As a mobile Veterinary Technician and registered laboratory animal technologist, this is a product I encourage my clients to purchase and use. Be aware that in order for it to be effective, it must be applied to bare skin not fur. PART THE FUR and apply in drops along the spine beginning at the back of the neck, between the shoulder blades and all the way down to the base of the tail....more info
  • flea eliminator
    We started using the product when our cat had fleas, we never knew there was a product to prevent them because we never needed one. We tried Advantage but it did NOTHING to get rid of her fleas. They just kept coming back. After dealing with the horror of seeing all that blood on our cat we decided to use Frontline Plus all the time to prevent the fleas from coming back. We use it year round because you never know when they could come out again. I hope we never have to go through that again....more info
  • Fleas beware
    I have used this product on my Himalayan cat ever since he was infested with the critters in a motel on a trip. Fleas are hard to find in a long haired cat and this product cures the problem...more info
  • Not perfect but works.
    This was the 1st time I used this product. It didn't last the entire month but it DID help a lot. I noticed a lot less scratching from my cats and so I'm hoping that after I use it for 3 full months that I will REALLY see a major difference.

    I recommend it....more info
  • always good stuff
    love frontline products, won't use anything else!

    especially since cheaper products have been proven to cause death in felines....more info
  • Biting critters are gone
    We'd run out of Frontline (recommended by our vet) and forgot to get more. Yuck! 3 cats with biting fleas and whatever else. The Frontline brought it under ocntrol within 2 days and now they (and we) are comfortable again. And of course, quick delivery from Amazon....more info
  • Frontline Cat flea product
    The order arrived very quickly, although we weren't in a rush for delivery. The price was reasonable, less than if purchased locally. And, there was no charge for mailing....more info
  • Sure he doesn't have fleas, but...
    I bought this because my cat's an indoor outdoor cat. He has free reign by way of his kitty door with his own magnetic key. Boy is he spoiled...

    But anyway, I bought this because Bob came home with several ticks. I found one crawling on him, and one attached to him. Then, I found one crawling on me...oh-no! So I wanted to try Frontline because it claims to be a tick control.

    Well, it is, kinda. I assumed that Frontline would be something that would give him an aura of "keep away from me" for fleas and ticks, much like Pig-Pen's dirt aura did for him in Charlie Brown. However, it doesn't. Now, Bob comes home with ticks, only...they're clinging to the outside of his hair. They won't crawl in and attach, but they're clinging to his hair, and as such, unless I find them when he comes in, they may detach at any time. Since he likes to join us in bed after we're asleep and he's done his nightly field mouse hunt, this is especially troublesome.

    I don't know what else to do, other than use those nasty flea/tick collars, which I don't want to do. But I suppose since the ticks won't crawl into his hair, technically it's "control."...more info
  • Biting critters are gone
    We'd run out of Frontline (recommended by our vet) and forgot to get more. Yuck! 3 cats with biting fleas and whatever else. The Frontline brought it under ocntrol within 2 days and now they (and we) are comfortable again. And of course, quick delivery from Amazon....more info
  • Frontline Plus is best
    I have tried different types of flea and tick control over the years and none ever worked until I discovered Frontline Plus. I even had an older cat who had suffered with ear mites for the past three years and I have spent a lot of money at the vet having his ears cleaned and treated. After one dose of Frontline Plus the ear mites were gone, I cleaned his ears, and there has been no reoccurence. I have eleven very happy cats. ...more info
  • God Sent
    If you've ever been bitten by a tick or fleas, then you'll completely understand the need for treatment & prevention of such pests. If your serious about that notion then you will want Frontline Plus. It Works. Guaranteed. Frontline Plus, for people who seriously don't want to deal with fleas.

    ...and also for people who actually care about their cat's health & well-being. seriously, if you don't buy this, you don't love your cat. Vote Bob Dole...more info
  • This stuff really works
    I had a problem with fleas in the house and on the cats. I tried some other products, but all of us kept being bitten. This product, plus spray for rugs and cat beds that also have insect growth regulator have gotten rid of the problem for good....more info
  • Frontline Plus for Cats
    I ordered Frontline Plus from Amazon because of the great price and prompt service, the product works wonderful and would use this again....more info
  • Frontline
    This is a top-shelf pet product that's quite expensive when bought at the vet's office, but offered at a more reasonable price at Amazon...more info
  • It's worth every penny!
    When I first got my cats....I tried using Hartz treatment to prevent fleas. Within a week, I was seeing fleas all over them. I then tried using the "bulk" package of Frontline (the kind that comes in a syringe-like tube)....the fleas were disappearing, but I still saw some on my cats. Finally....I broke down and bought the full dose of Frontline for my cats. They have been flea free since! Frontline (in the full doses) is really worth the money! And it's much cheaper on Amazon than any other website or vet clinic. Thanks!...more info
  • Frontline - good as ever
    Frontline is the one product we have found works quite well for out cats. Our cats are indoor/outdoor cats and we have no trouble with fleas or ticks when we use Frontline as directed. When we need it, I search the Internet for the best price. This time, Amazon had the best price....more info
  • Good Stuff!
    We live in Central Maine. The cat goes outside every day. He gets ticks from spring until the the end of fall. Although this doesn't prevent him from actually having the ticks attach themselves, it does prevent him from getting sick from their bites! The cat is 6 years old, and has never had fleas!

    We use this product from March until December. I would definitely recommend using it on your cat! Note: When placing it between the shoulder blades, try to get as close to the nape of the neck as possible so your cat doesn't lick it off. It stays wet for a couple of days, then is absorbed into the skin.
    ...more info
  • The only one that really works
    I have eight cats and three of them had suffered with ear mites for about three years and I had paid a lot of money to the vet for ear treatments. One treatment of Frontline Plus for fleas evidently helped get rid of all little critters because none of the cats have ear mites now and this was much less expensive than the vet bills. I'll never use anything else!...more info
  • Flea product
    I am not satified with the product I bought, my cat is still infested with fleas. I just recently put the second dose on him and he is still scratching and I can see visible fleas. Since he is a inside cat I thought it might work, but it hasn't....more info
  • No more fleas!
    My indoor cat picked up fleas while visiting my mothers house. I tried several other products with no luck. Front line got rid of all fleas in two weeks. We were very happy with the result....more info
  • Great price
    Good stuff at a great price, delivered to your door. How do you beat that?...more info
  • Great Product
    I have used this for many years. It really works. It keeps my animals flea free....more info
  • no more fleas
    I have used Frontline Plus on both my dog and my cats, and it works beautifully. No fleas, even when we are in Florida!!...more info
  • excellent service, great product
    These guys sent the Frontline very quickly and even inserted a fun little cat toy in the package that was great for distracting my pets while I took off their collars and applied the flea meds. Frontline Plus has always worked wonders and erradicating existing ticks and keeping more from coming back for months! Thanks!...more info
  • fleas
    this product help but it does not get rid of all fleas. still better then nothing....more info
  • Unbeatable PRICE !
    Frontline works well for fleas AS LONG AS you get it directly on the skin and not on the hair...I'm not big on 'chemicals', but the alternatives do not usually work that well...Letting a flea problem go w/out treatment can result in far worse for your pet-----the cat can end up w/ Anemia and if left untreated OR treated by Western Meds ALONE can result in death.....
    This is an amazing price !!!! Go Amazon !!!! How awesome that we can speak directly to LIVE, HELPFUL people !!!! another amazon plus........more info
  • Great Deal on The Best Flea Control Product You Can Buy
    The price for Frontline Plus on Amazon beats all other pet med websites and pet store prices. Frontline Plus is the best flea control medicine I have ever used for my cats. I had a cat that I could never get rid of the ear mites despite costly vet visits to clean it's ears, but when I treated my cat for fleas with the Frontline Plus, surprisingly it also killed the ear mites. It's so easy to use: just place the drops on your cats skin between it's shoulder blades and it lasts for up to a month. The Frontline Plus also kills the eggs and larvae to end the flea cycle,where regular Frontline doesn't. So, spend the extra money on the Frontline Plus instead of just the regular Frontline. It is worth it....more info
  • Great product, great price!
    This is the best flea product that I have found, and Amazon has it for the best price. It is easy to apply, lasts well, and doesn't irritate my cat's skin which is super sensitive....more info
  • Wasted money on this product, fleas are happy
    We have two dogs and two cats. The product has done absolutely nothing to control the fleas. Plus, my older my cat had an allergic reaction on her neck. The fleas have moved into our house and will not leave! Cannot wait until I can apply Advantix, a product that actually works. Save your money everyone!...more info
  • NH Kitty's Owner
    This is the best product! I use this for my 3 cats and have tried other (cheaper) products, but this is the only one that truly takes care of fleas & ticks. Best product - Best value found on Amazon...Thank you!...more info
  • Happy cats
    I recently tried Frontline Plus for my 2 cats and I was very pleased at how quickly it worked....more info
  • Rid my cat of fleas
    Whereas I have been disappointed with Frontline flea treatment for my dogs, the cat version seems to have worked great, ridding my cats of fleas. One cat had militus dermatitus from a flea bite reaction. This cleared the problem, with the help of a visit to the vet....more info
  • Great service
    I have ordered this product several times from this vendor. I have always received excellent service. I receive the product in only a few days. It is well packaged. I would highly recommend both the product and the vendor.

    Keith Harper...more info
  • Did NOT work for my animals
    I have used the product twice and the animals still have fleas!! Very disappointed after all the money that was spent....more info
  • Frontline Plus - cats
    Excellent service. Great Price
    the price was the best I found after hours of searching and the Frontline was delivered within a reasonable time....more info
  • It Definitly Works!
    I have a half-feral outdoor cat that I have been feeding for 1 1/2 years. I noticed that he had fleas and ticks from time to time, then he started losing weight at which point I noticed he had a tape worm (saw eggs on his blanket - yuk!). I trapped him, took him to vet to have him "fixed" and shots, etc. He got a shot for tape worms as well. I treated him with the Frontline Plus after that and he has not had fleas/ticks, etc. since then. Very good product! Also, after searching on web for cheaper prices, this was a great price for 6 doses. Thanks, Amazon! ...more info
  • Great Product
    Great Product. Been using with my cat for years. Good prices at Amazon....more info
  • Product works, no side effects
    Not a lot to say when a product works great. It keeps the fleas off, and my cats tolerate it very well. Have used half a dose on kittens with great results (Divided one dose between two kittens.) My cats are indoor/outdoor, and without this product we always had flea issues....more info


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