Electric Dehumidifier, 50 Pt

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Product Description

Adjustable humidistat cycles on and off to maintain selected level of dryness. Sensor shuts off compressor for automatic defrost. Automatic water level shut off with indicator light. Optional drain hose connection. Condensate bucket capacity 22 pints. Integral drain bucket with built-in handle. Evaporator and condensor both aluminum fin copper tube. Slide out filter for easy changing. 2speed fan. Electronic touchpad controls and low temperature operation to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Four casters allow easy maneuverability. Stone white cabinet finish. 21-3/8"H x 13-1/2"W x 17-1/4"D.UL Listed.SPECIFICATIONS: 115 volts, 7.5 amps, 720 Watts. R-22 refrigerant. 2 speed fan.

  • Moisture removal up to 50 pints/day for humid/moderately damp home or residence up to 500 sq. ft.
  • Energy efficient dehumidifier - energy star rated by the EPA; low temperature operation down to 42F
  • Features: digital display touchpad operation; 2 drainage options; portable-casters, hand grips
  • Prevent water damage to walls, building foundation, protect stored valuables, computer, papers, etc
  • Washable air filter that can be removed for cleaning and is reusable
Customer Reviews:
  • Works well, but noisy
    I have used Sears dehumidifiers in the past, but the last one did not last but couple of years. After reading lots of reviews, I ordered the Heat Controller unit because the specifications look similar to the Sears unit. The unit works well dehumidifying our basement, but the unit is noisy. It is not any noisier than the Sears dehumidifiers that we have had in the past. The only other problem is trying to make the unit cycle every two and four hours. The unit seems to function like the old Sears units did responding to the humistat to turn the unit on and off. Since I have only had the unit about a month, I cannot speak to its reliability yet. Price was competitive, and shipping was free, and would recommend it at this point, if noise is not a problem....more info
  • Great dehumidifier
    One of the best things about this dehumidifer is that you can add a kit to it and have it drain out directly to a sump pump or someplace else, eliminating the dumping. This extra capacity unit is great, and some days we no longer had to dump twice a day. Got smart and drained it out into the sump pump. Love being able to see the readings. I wouldn't call this a standard dehumidifer....more info
  • Noi-seee!
    This is just an initial reaction. The thing is running now in my basement and it is NOISY. I'm not talking about a loud hum. It's really more of a pitched buzz (at B below middle C). I can hear it all the way upstairs.

    Thankfully at the moment it's not that humid and I think it's going to stop soon, once it reaches the desired humidity. But the sound borders on noise pollution, and those of you thinking about the product should consider this before buying. ...more info
  • Outstanding Product
    Received,product ,works excellent ,better than even described on Amazon. Very good value ,for the cost. I highly recommend this item to anyone needing a good quality unit. My previous one was purchased @ the big chain home improvement store,with few options or choices. I'm very glad now, that I bought this one.Thank You!...more info
  • Comfort-Aire issues
    I purchased this Comfort-Aire dehumidifier about a month ago, and a couple of weeks after turning on this unit, it would shut down displaying an error message "CH" and "01". I could not reset the unit, and after several attempts to get back to operational, I contacted the manufacturer (who is apparently LG Electronics). The national service manager sent me an email and stated that he did not know what this error message meant, but to try to reseat the bucket in the unit. Well, I was not using the bucket, as I have the drain hose going directly to my sump pit, but I did the bucket check anyway with no luck. I did mention this to him and he then directed me to their 800 number for service support. Support???? Please. When I contacted the support number, they mentioned that the unit would have to be dropped off at a local?? service center, as their service reps do not make house calls. I'm okay with that, however the first number they gave me, the owner of the service facility had never heard of Comfort-Aire, or the manufacturer Heat Controller Inc.????? He suggested I call back the 800 number and let them know. So, after calling the 800 service center back again, they gave me another number to a service location that turned out to be some guys house that moonlights as a service technician out of his garage?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I'm still dealing with this issue after 4 weeks, and after several emails to the national service manager, he has not responded at all.

    I am giving this unit one star, as there is not an option to select zero. Not only is the product of questionable quality in my opinion, the support structure is ridiculous....more info