Woods Millennium 55 Pint Dehumidifier

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Product Description

These dehumidifiers are some of the most user-friendly we've seen for home use. With a drain hose option you'll never have to empty the water bucket. The bucket it is easily emptied from the front of the unit. We tested them and were very pleased with the moisture removal capabilities. If you need to pump the water out above the level of the bucket consider the auxiliary condensate pump. Note: In certain cases other variables (outside temperature, geographic location, etc) might make the low temperature dehumidifiers a better choice than these Woods regular temperature dehumidifiers. Ex: if the temperatures in a basement are going to be consistently below 60 degrees, it is a large area, the room is not insulated like an unfinished basement, dehumidifiers will have trouble keeping up with removing the moisture in the room. See the Comfort-Aire low temperature dehumidifiers which operates down to 42F, or our Woods Millennium low temperature dehumidifiers which will operate down to 50F.

  • Moisture removal up to 55 pts/day for home or residence up to 1100 sq. ft, 20 pint water bucket
  • Removable bucket won't overflow thanks to automatic shut-off, or hose drainage option
  • Protect valuables from water & humidity damage such as furniture, computer, electronics, papers etc
  • Prevent water damage to building foundation and insulation, prevent dripping condensation from pipes
  • Frostguard helps reduce frost build up in cool conditions down to 65, attractive, smooth design