Dust Eater Hand-Held Mini Vacuum Cordless Cleaner Blower

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Product Description

With this convenient, cordless mini vacuum you can remove dust and dirt from those hard to reach gaps and corners of your car, keyboard, computer, fax machine, camera and more. Debris always manages to find its way into the nooks and crannies of your things. This vacuum can do a excellent cleanup job in those tight and tiny places where the dust and dirt likes to hide. Take the hassle out of cleaning little places with this powerful battery operated lightweight mini vacuum. Can be used to clean areas and items that are sitting on your office or computer desk, in your kitchen, and even your car. Includes dust bag, extended bent tube, crevice tool, and brush for easy access.

  • Operates as a vacuum & as a blower
  • Perfect cleaning sensitive electronic equipment
  • Cordless battery operation for easy portability
  • Reusable easy to clean dust collecting tray/trap
  • Two nozzle attachments included

 Customer Reviews:

  • Not so good
    suction is almost imperceptable. will pick up small particles from a flat surface but lacks power to deep clean a keyboard...more info