Caruso C97958 Professional ION Steam Hairsetter

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The secret to Caruso Professional Molecular Curls is the roller! The roller design allows for breathing space between foam and shield for faster evaporation and tighter curls. Unique shield lock holds rollers tightly. Five sizes for maximum styling versatility. Available in convenient packs of 6. Create Shine and Volume! Anti-static_Anti-Frizz Ions produce 3X the steam For all hair types Non-damaging - Ionic Technology is ideal for creating soft, voluminous curls with shine and for reducing static and frizz. The anti-static, anti-frizz Caruso Professional Ionic Steam hairsetter uses negative ions to produce up to three times the amount of steam of ordinary hairsetters. Ions create strong, long-lasting and luxurious curls; help condition, soften and make hair shinier while adding volume and reducing frizz. Caruso Professional Ion Steam Anti-Static and Anti-Frizz ( C97958) Ion technology for creating soft, voluminous curls and shine and reducing static and frizz. Features 30 Rollers- 30 Patented soft foam rollers with shield clips for all hair lengths.(6 Petite, 6 Small, 6 Medium, 6 Large, 6 Jumbo) Features: Comb clips Carrying case Styling Guide Curl last for days For all hair types Ion technology Stem condition as it curls Quick and easy: Sets in 5-10 minutes. Creates shine and volume Ion creates 3X the steam Soft foam rollers are infused with gentle ion steamed moisture.

  • Includes 30 molecular foam rollers - 6 petite, 6 small, 6 medium, 6 large, and 6 jumbo - with 3 comb clips for shorter hair.
  • Delivers 3 times the steam of regular steam setters.
  • The only patented steam hair setting sytem with worldwide dual voltage.
  • A carrying case and styling guide are included!
  • Great for all types of hair

Customer Reviews:

  • The best there is!
    I have used the Caruso hairsetter since the salt days as well, probably at least 15 years. I have long very heavy hair, the set lasts me three days! It does loosen a little as the days go by. The curlers take some getting used to but once you get the hang of it you'll never want to use anything else. I go to the hairdresser once a month and she agree's with me that I get a better set and it looks nicer with the Caruso curlers then with anything she has. In fact when I go to get my hair cut and colored I take my Caruso with me and set my own hair while there because I've been doing it for so long I can set it in about 7 minutes which is way faster then she can it. She has two other clients that do the same thing. If you are having trouble getting used to setting your hair with this appliance just keep plugging away at it I promise it will get better as you get used to it and you don't have to worry about the heat drying your hair after coloring or perming. I can't say enough good things about this set!...more info
  • Great Product!!!
    I wanted a quick and easy way to curl my hair. Blow drying is out! Well, I got it! This product is the best. I just wish you could heat more than one curler at a time, but for now, this will do. Thanks for a great product. V.C. New York...more info
  • They're great!!!
    I'm so glad I bought them. I followed the instructions and had no problems. The ion setting is noisy, so I just use the steam setting. I've done curls and spirals with beautiful results.

    My only issue: I received 6 petite, 6 small, 6 medium and 12 jumbo rollers (instead of 6 petite, 6 small, 6 medium, 6 large and 6 jumbo rollers). But it's ok. I don't miss the large rollers much....more info
  • Good product, sketchy service
    I have been using the steam hairsetter for two weeks now and really like it. I have gotten numerous compliments on my new curly look (from guys and girls alike), and it's much safer for my hair than using a curling iron--plus it lasts longer.

    I am African American with relaxed hair that just skims the top of my shoulders. I've discovered that an all-over set with medium-sized rollers works well for me. I use one of those headbands with the teeth and a clasp in the back to pull my hair off my face.

    Many reviewers have indicated the sets last for days. Unfortunately, I don't sleep well on such hairstyles, so I have to do it over everyday. However, with a bit of practice, I have been able to set my hair, blow dry it, and remove the rollers in about 25 minutes.

    RECOMMENDATION: Order a couple extra sets of rollers at the same time you purchase the steamer because it doesn't come with enough to set your hair with all one size. Depending on how curly you want your hair to be, I recommend getting at least two more sets (6 each) of the medium or large rollers (Caruso Professional Caruso Extra rollers medium (674902) or Caruso Professional Caruso Extra rollers large (674903)). Plus, I use the wave clips instead of the roller clips that come with the steamer (wave clips are usually silver, and I found a set of 12 on the hair and beauty aisle at my local grocery store). The roller clips leave creases, whereas the wave clips don't and allow the hair to dry faster.

    RECOMMENDATION: When setting the hair, try using a little moisturizer or shine gel on the ends. My hair usually doesn't frizz, but after using the steam rollers, the ends frizzed a little; I assume it was because of the steam. Rubbing a little bit of shine gel on the ends before rolling my hair solved the problem.

    My only criticism: you can only enjoy this product if you actually get it in working order! The first time I ordered it, the post that holds the roller in place on the steam unit was broken off. Plus, the steam unit wasn't functioning properly. To Amazon's credit, they overnighted a replacement at no further cost to me. Unfortunately, the post on THAT one was broken too! Plus, neither one had the right mix of rollers in them! It says it comes with 6 each of petite, small, medium, large, and jumbo rollers, but neither package contained any large rollers at all. VERY irritating! Thankfully, the roller post isn't an absolute necessity; you just have to be a little more deliberate about placing the roller directly over the steam.

    If not for these issues, I would've given it an overall rating of 5....more info
  • Product not what it used to be
    When the Caruso Hairsetter came out in the 90's, I bought it after watching an info-mercial. The ads promised that your curls would last for days. And it was true. Now, the product doesn't seem as well made; the curlers fall apart more easily, and the sponge on the curlers doesn't hold up as long. And most importantly, the curls don't last like they did previously. But I'd still rather use this product than go back to hot rollers, which burn your fingers and take longer to use....more info
  • THE best alternative to dry heat rollers!!!!!!!!!!
    This product (Caruso Steam Hairsetter) is by far THE BEST alternative to dry heat rollers and curling irons!!!!!!!!! The steam moisturizers your hair as it curls, leaving your hair curly, smooth and shiny. Even brittle, dry, damaged hair will benefit from this method of curling. I have been using this method for 15 years and I highly recommend it!!! It does take some practice to learn how much steam to allow on the roller for your hair type and the effect you want, but it is well worth the time spent!!!...more info
  • Die Hard Caruso Fan
    I have used the Caruso hair setter for over 15 years. I have never found any other hair setting device that could produce long lasting curl in my extremely thick and heavy hair. My first hair setter lasted an amazing 8 years, and I didn't have to clean it once!! Ever since my initial unit, I have had to replace my hair setter (steamer unit) each and every year - sometimes twice a year. This unit failure (burnout) is with only moderate usage (2-3 times weekly use, monthly cleaning). While I do not have any plans on ever switching to a different hair setter, I wish the quality of the newer steamer units was equal or better than the first design that sold in the early 1990s.

    The new ionic steamer has a nice new design, and a very handy on/off switch. I like how the steam is increased when the unit is in ion mode. However, my unit emits a persistent ticking while in this ionic mode. The enclosed literature did not specify whether this ticking was good or bad. My unit seems to function fine - ticking and all - but I have yet to see where the ions actually increase the life of my curls. In normal/non-ionic mode, my curls last for at least two to three days, depending upon the hairstyle and weather. I have not been able to hold on to curls longer than a 6-8 hours, in optimum weather, when utilizing the ion feature. While this is still good in comparison with other hair setters, it is not what I have come to expect from this product. Sometime over the past few years, I finally retired my original pink rollers that came with my first unit. After a while, they begin to shed and no longer plump up when steamed. In 1993, a pack of 10 rollers was $10 at Wal-mart. The curlers alone can substantiate the price of this unit. They last, girls. I promise you that.

    I still whole-heartedly recommend this product to anyone who has difficult hair. I went through countless hot rollers and curling irons before purchasing my first unit in 1993 for a whopping $40. It has its quirks (unit failure, curl life in ion mode, price), but the steam method is definitely a plus for it is more gentle than hot rollers and curling irons. I always receive complements on the softness of my curls, and never has the Caruso Hairsetter damaged my hair. Aside from a few developmental improvements, it is a wonderful product....more info
  • Great Hair all day
    I live on a island that is hot and humid, gives a great hold. I use a pick for my hair so the curl holds longer. Does all types of hair. ...more info
  • Great product - nice for a natural looking hair do
    I bought this due to the other women with AA hair that swear by the caruso product.
    Since I texturize my hair, and its not straight, I had to make some modifications.
    Yes, my hair does frizz.
    I've used my bonnet dryer with the curlers in.
    I've used the bonnet dryer after I've taken the curlers out.
    The best strategy is to use the bonnet dry after you take the curlers out, on lower heat. If the curls aren't dry, your hair will frizz.
    It is a good thing for us to put moisture on our naturally dry (tendency to be really damaged) hair!
    The key is to make sure the hair is more dry afterwards, using another quick heat appliance. I use the regular dryer for 3-10 minutes in the morning.
    If my hair gets a little frizzy at work, it doesn't really matter.
    Everyone ALWAYS comments how nice my hair looks, frizz or no frizz.
    It is a nice curl pattern that lasts pretty well.
    A good tool to have and EXPERIMENT with.
    I bought a second one for my mother who has short hair, and we split the rollers (cheaper than buying the extra rollers). It looked really nice on her hair. She left her rollers in over night, I think.
    Hot rollers never worked on my hair. These do -- with some modifications.

    By the way did I say these are good for damaged hair? (not great- due to the foam)... ...more info
  • I'd like to return this please
    I'd like to return this please it didnt meet my expectations or needs....more info
    I have been using Caruso since 1990 or so. My first one was pink and needed salt. I still use it.
    I also use the small newer one pictured here for travel. For some reason I get a bouncier curl with the old salt one.
    I couldn't live without them !!!...more info
  • No user manual
    This hairset that does not include a user's manual. I find this unacceptable. I have spent over 1 hour on the Internet trying to find some instructions and there is nothing available....more info
    I am very pleased with my recent purchase of the Caruso Steam Hairsetter & rollers. It certainly leaves my hairstyle lasting longer than with the electric rollers. It takes minutes to set your hair & I feel that my hair is not being damaged. I highly recommend the steam setter & rollers to anyone with either short or long hair. The various size of rollers enables you to get the kind of hairstyle you desire. The shorter rollers for a curlier look, the larger ones for a softer, but long lasting hairdo....more info
  • still the best!
    I've also used caruso since the "salt" days, I still have my old salt travel steamer (it still works), but I bought the new ion one because it was actually cheaper to get the set than to replace all of the old curlers. The curls do indeed last for days, and i've seen no difference between this ion and the old salt version, as far as curls go. Yes, the ion setting is loud and makes an annoying noise, but you don't have to use the ion setting. A couple of tips, if your curls don't last for days, or "fall" after an hour or so, it is probably that you have hard water. This happened to me when we moved into a new home and was quickly (but not cheaply) resolved by getting a water softner. Also, if you use distilled water in the steamer, you won't get mineral build up and the product will last longer. love it!...more info
  • Complete waste of money!
    This is the biggest waste of money ever! I have naturally straight hair & I recently colored it. I bought these rollers so that I don't do more damage to my hair. My hair has never held a curl with these. I have tried steaming the roller for more time & for less time than the booklet says. I also leave them in for a minimum of 45 minutes. Still the curl will not hold for more than 30 min. & the curl that it does give is super weak. Now when I want a little curl in my hair I have to resort to using a curling iron. Such a bummer!...more info
  • Love it!!!
    I love this product - it is so easy to use and QUICK!!! Lovely holding waves and curls with no effort. It is just so easy - even before a morning coffee...
    ...more info
  • Didn't work!
    The device was broken. I plugged it in and nothing happened.

    I've used the standard Caruso steam rollers before, and they ususally break after about four months, so my expectations weren't too high. But this one was broken from day one, and the warranty is useless!...more info
  • Hair curler O.K.
    This is the only brand my wife uses. They have a long life span and are a good value for the $$...more info
  • Used Caruso products for years
    I have used this type of Caruso product for years (steam curler system). I found this new version of the product to be a little less than I am used to in performance. The new system doesn't seem to steam as much as the older styles. I don't feel that I get quite a tight of curl and feel that the "staying power" of the curls is less. BUT I will continue to use it because the use of steam works best on my hair.Caruso C97953 SalonPro 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers
    ...more info
  • Caruso professional steamer
    This is the second one purchased. The other one lasted 4 years. I'm very happy with the speed and fullness of the curls. The only problem is that when you take the rollers off there is a slight indent in the hair. This is fixed by using the hair blower on the crease as you take the roller off....more info
  • This hair curler is absolutely wonderful!!!
    I had the old Caruso hairsetter years ago and ended up throwing it away when I couldn't find any replacement foam for the curlers. I was so happy to run into the product again. I have very baby fine hair...and since I used it years's a little thinner these days. Anyway, I never feel like I'm burning it as with curling irons or ruining the hair with perms. The curls hold all day whether I want small tight curls or larger ones. ...more info
  • Great product
    This hair curler is great for my hair and it is fast . I like how it curls fast and lasts all day. I get great compliments and everyone at work wants to know what I use. My daughter even enjoys it .It's much better that burning your hair with a metal hair curler....more info
  • great item
    This is the forth one of these my wife has owned.She has had one since it came out a long time ago. It works better and is faster than the last one she had. No salt needed to make water steam.
    She loves it. You won't be disapointed....more info
  • Works Great
    I used to have a Caruso, but it was huge. This one is much smaller and takes up very little space. It heats quickly and is very easy to use. It works so well that I use only the large rollers. I haven't even tried any of the smaller sizes because I'm afraid I'd look like Shirley Temple! My curls last all day even in the hot humid weather we experience in Austin, Texas. This time around I use only distilled water (using Texas tap water messed up my old unit). I'm very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • best hairsetter ever made!
    This is my 3rd Caruso system over the last 15 years. I love that this one has an on/off button. The curl/wave (depending on the size roller) you get lasts for days. I leave them in for about 15 minutes, then remove the rollers and use my hairdryer, on low, to dry any remaining dampness. My hair is soft and shiny each time I use them. Nothing else on the marketplace compares. ...more info
  • The Best of The Best
    I cannot survive in civilization without this product and still look like a human being! After Katrina when we had nothing here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, including no stores, the only thing I texted my friends to sends was a Caruso ION Steam Hairsetter. (We had no phone service or electricity for weeks, either, but I didn't want to be without a hair setter even if I couldn't use it.) It works so well that my set can hold sometimes for 2 or 3 days. It's extremely easy to use. I like the clicking -- it helps me remember to turn it off or unplug it when I'm finished and thus not risk a housefire by leaving it plugged in. No salt needed like the old models required. Easy to take on trips. So the next time you feel the need to donate something to a disaster area such as a flooded area or the California fires, send one of these. We had lots of food and clothing sent here, but no hair setters, and who can look good without their Caruso ION steam hairsetter?!
    Dr. Simone...more info
  • Great Product -glad that I found it!
    I think this is a great product! My hair is to the middle of my back and very thick. I can actually get the nice loose curls that I like and they will stay in all day -I can even still see some curl the next day. I don't even have to use hairspray or setting lotion. My hair always feels so soft and healthy after using these!

    With other rollers, I have to use at least 20 large or jumbo rollers and they never give you enough so I have to buy two hot roller units. I did have to order some extra jumbo rollers with this steam setter (which was no big deal), but I only have to use 12 rollers which makes it quicker and easier and the curls come out perfect. I don't mind that it comes with a variety of sizes that you may not use because I may decide to get creative with my hair one day and use them! I just keep the ones that I don't use and the instruction manual in the original box and I keep the unit and the ones that I do use in the bag that comes with it within easier reach.

    I will say that I do have to leave the rollers on the steamer longer than it says (I do 20 to 25 seconds), and I also steam the clip. I also, just for extra hold and to save time, I run a hot blow dryer over the curlers (but not enough to damage), then put it on cool and cool it off and dry for a couple of minutes being sure to get in between the curlers. I can usually take them out immediately.

    Some people don't like that it only steams one at a time. I don't really mind it so much. The best way to do it to save time after you have sectioned your hair into the main sections is:

    1. Put the roller on the steamer while you are getting a section of hair
    to roll and combing it out to make it smooth (just take your time so
    it has plenty of time to steam and count to 20 or so).

    2. While holding the hair to be rolled with one hand, use your other
    hand to pick up the roller off the steamer and then put a clip onto
    the steamer that will steam while you are rolling. Then roll the

    3. While you are holding the rolled curl with one hand, use your other
    hand to pick up the clip off the steamer and put on another curler to
    start steaming for your next curl. Then put the clip over the roller.

    4. Start getting your next section of hair ready to roll while the roller
    is on the steamer and continue to follow the above pattern. This way,
    not much time is wasted waiting for rollers to steam!...more info
  • caruso hair curlers
    I have used them for many years. I just purchased a new ionized one. I have very fine hair and I find that while using the ionizing setting my hair does not set at well. It comes out limp and damp. The regular setting is still the greatest and it is like the old fashioned ones. I like the new feature of the off switch. The curlers seem to be made better and more thicker. I love,love this hair setter. It is the only one that has ever worked for me and curls last for at least 3 days. Now, that is with fine hair the length past my shoulders. If i use hairspray after, the curls can last up to 7 days. the hair also comes out so soft with alot of body too. I would not own any other hair setter. It is just so amazing on what your curls look like. 5 stars for these curlers....more info
  • Works Great!
    It's a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of getting your hair around the rollers it works great! ...more info
  • falling out of love
    [update: After a few months, the steamer worked as well as previous versions, so I would give it 4 stars instead. The problem was I was still using rollers from past steamer purchases. They were still in good condition, so I decided to use them up and then move on to the new rollers. But I didn't get a good curl using the older rollers, so I gave a disappointed review. The new rollers, though, are different (thicker maybe) and when I used them with the new steamer everything worked normally. I wish it had said somewhere that performance would be effected using the old with the new. But now I have to get more new rollers to work with the machine.]

    I, too, have been using the steamer since the salt version -- and I think the original was the best model. It gave a better, stronger flow of steam and the steamer lasted longer than all the later models I've bought. I didn't mind having to add salt and I wish the company offered both the no-salt and salt models.
    This is probably my 5th Caruso steamer-- I use them until they die. It has been a fantastic curler and a better, hair-healthy alternative to rollers and curling irons. It's been quick and easy to use and creates a strong, lasting curl. I've been recommending it for years.
    This newest version seemed interesting: new shape, an "ion" feature and having an "off" button for the first time. Two small gripes: 1)When using the "ion" steam it makes a fairly loud ticking noise-- can't use when others in the household are still asleep. 2)I can barely see the water line mark on the inside of the reservoir. Big gripe: whether I use the ion or regular steam, neither gives the quick, strong curl that lasts all day. This time when I take off the roller, the curl is limp, still damp and it doesn't hold very long-- and I've gotten this result even when I've left the roller in for half an hour.
    I think something important has been lost in it's sale to a bigger company and technological "improvements." I'll still use the steamer until it dies, but my devout loyalty to this product will end with this version. (sigh) :(...more info
    I like the fact that this model has an "OFF" feature, since my previous Caruso hairsetter had to be unplugged to turn it off. I'm not sure that the IONIC steam feature is any different than the plain old "STEAM" setting and find the ticking noise it makes when on is kind of irritating. At any rate, this is my third Caruso hairsetter in approximately a dozen years; and I think they're the best for my fine, straight hair. The style lasts so much longer than blow drying or curling iron whose style flops within fifteen minutes even with loads of product used....more info
  • Good Unit
    I was impressed with the relaxed, soft curl with the ion unit compared to the original model. My only complaint and the reason for not giving it 5 stars is it makes a clicking sound during use when you use the ionic setting. ...more info
  • Caruso Professional ION Steam Hairsetter
    Steam hairsetters are great for making smooth, shiny curls in my wavy and somewhat frizzy hair. I love this one because it has 30 rollers in 5 different sizes and you can buy more of any size you want. I think that the jumbo rollers are the largest-sized rollers of any steam hairsetter on the market.
    The covers that hold on the rollers don't work too well, though. They leave a dent in your curl and sometimes the roller slips. I solved that by using some of those spring loaded ponytail clips instead of the roller covers....more info
  • Rhonda
    Love this product. This is my 3rd set and would highly recommend to any and all....more info
  • Steam Curlers
    This product takes too long to use. It only takes a single curler at a time and it sucks....more info
  • Best Little Hairsetter in California
    Fast, easy and curls last a long time. I had one about 5 years ago and worked it to death. Just make sure you clean it regularly as indicated. Hard water deposits build up and can clog the steams vents....more info
  • Beautiful Long Lasting Curls
    I adore my steam curler. The curls last for at least 2 days and my hair is very long, nearly half way to my waist. It works like a little tea kettle and although you put one curler at a time on the top it only takes 15 seconds per curler. They heat up about as fast as I can roll my hair up. Then you steam the plastic holder fir a few seconds and snap in place.

    I was on a trip recently and wanted to curl my hair but I couldn't find them in stores so I bought a new ion curler that took almost 20 minutes to warm up. I would have been out the door by then with the steam setter and my hair wouldn't have been slightly burnt.

    The steam curlers seems really gentle on my hair and I never get my hair tangled in the rollers (they are soft foam). ...more info
  • Disapointed
    I am an African-American woman with fine, relaxed hair. I have used the hairsetter about 5 times now and my hair does not keep the curl. I have used setting lotion, let the curlers absorb more steam or less steam and have tried using the blow dryer on them while in my hair, but my hair comes out slightly frizzy and then the curl is gone in a couple of hours....more info
  • Caruso steam ...
    As an African-American I was unsure of how the product would work on my hair. I am still a novice with the product, but it seems to be great for curly styles. It is also great if you want to style synthetic hair (various braid styles).

    I would definitely recommend this product for others....more info
  • Magic
    I've used these curlers also since the earlier version where you had to use salt. And I agree that with the salt the curls were a little tighter. However, it's such a great alternative to the hot curling iron that damages you hair. I'm on my third one (an original and two replacements) and using the curlers doesn't take up that much time. If you keep the curler on the post and it absorbs too much steam the hair will be too wet and then it'll take time for the hair to dry. It takes me less than 15 minutes from start to finish. ...more info


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