Cables Unlimited CLN-2000 Blow Off Duster

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Product Description

Extend the life of your computer equipment with this quality 10-ounce can of compresed air. Let high pressure blast away dirt , dust and debris, cleaning with pin point accurse. Canned air from Cables Unlimited provides the quick, cost effective maintenance needed by both laptop and home computer enthusiast. Perfect for cleaning all laptops, keyboards, CD, DVD, CD-R drives, disk drives, and printers. Full 10 ounce Aeorsol Can

  • Effective non-abrasive and moisture free product.
  • Great for cleaning sensitive electric equipment.
  • High pressure cleaning with pin point accurse
  • 100% ozone safe, nonflammable formula is environmentally responsible
  • Variable pressure trigger lets you control the dusting pressure
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't let picture decieve you.
    I am a very visual person and thought I was getting a large can and a small can when I placed the order. You don't this is just for a single large can of air. I would have bought something cheaper in a larger quantity if I had known. Product is good. Air is air....more info