Oral-B Professional Care Deluxe Electric Toothbrush - 8850 DLX

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Product Description

Wake up with a smile! Inspired by dental professionals, treat your teeth to an astounding 40,000 in-and-out pulses per minute to gently loosen plaque, and 8,800 back-and-forth strokes to sweep it away. With power like that, even serious stains don't stand a chance. One-year limited warranty. Model PC8850.

  • The only toothbrush system with unique 3D Excel cleaning action: 40,000 in-and-out pulsations gently loosen plaque, 8,800 side-to-side oscillations sweep plaque away.
  • A Pressure Sensor helps promote gentle brushing since the pulsations will stop when you press too hard.
  • Two-minute professional timer to ensure thorough brushing with thirty-second pacer to encourage complete mouth coverage.
  • Includes: Flexisoft brushhead, DualAction brushhead, PowerPolisher brushhead
  • Performance Guarantee: Use Oral B ProfessionalCare 8850 DLX for 30 days - we guarantee you will see a noticeable improvement in your oral health.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good
    My expectation was pretty high when I first saw the commercial...but the actual power of product isn't that great.
    ...more info
  • Seems to work okay, but not a lot of care's been put into it
    I've been using this brush for about 6 weeks, and haven't had a dental checkup in the meantime, so it's a bit hard to know how well it's really been working.

    But here are a few observations:

    - It feels cheap. Maybe it's just that I'm used to the solid heft of my trusty Sonicare toothbrush, but this Oral-B toothbrush feels like something you'd get at Safeway for $49.95, not $99.95.

    - The polishing brush does seem to do a pretty thorough job. The main brush (whatever it's called) also seems rather decent.

    - The tongue cleaner is worse than useless. A cheapie Walgreens manual tongue scraper does a much better job.

    - So, too, does the interdental-stimulator / toothpick thingy seem pretty useless. Manual flossing is just as fast and seems much more thorough. And dental floss is about half a penny per 'serving', whereas the replacement Oral-B things are much more expensive.

    - The base is so top-heavy, I've accidentally knocked it over twice, hurling the toothbrush to the floor (ouch!). Thankfully, the toothbrush still seems to work fine, but as you can guess, I finally wised up and screwed the base to the wall. I never had such a problem with the Sonicare.

    - No carrying case? Not even any friggin' cap for the toothbrush? This basically makes it a total pain to cleanly transport this brush to work or on a trip or anywhere else. ALL the Sonicares (and their replacement brushheads) come with a simple, effective plastic cover. What was Oral-B thinking?!

    In fairness, this toothbrush probably merits a 3.5, and if I get a great bill-of-health from my dentist at my next checkup, I'll revise this review to a 4. But in the meantime, I'm certainly disappointed that Oral-B has given a bargain-bin treatment to a premium-priced product....more info
  • Perfect Checkups - Whiter Teeth - Happy Wife
    I was a dental nightmare. For years I got failing grades from my hygienist and lived with greyish teeth, bleeding gums, and bad breath that made my wife turn away in the morning. One day about a year ago I decided it was time to make a change in my life.

    I switched to the 8850 DLX machine from a low-end $20 power brush and started using various Rembrandt whitening toothpastes and finishing with Dr Ken's mouthwash. I also began using Johnson and Johnson Stim-U-Dent Plaque Removers before the mouthwash.

    For several weeks, my gums bled moderately and hurt after cleaning. I persisted with my new routine, the bleeding stopped, my breath was much improved and my latest annual checkup got me a perfect score. All this with a single brushing every morning followed by a rinse with a good plaque fighting mouthwash.

    The 8850 did a lot to help me get where I am today. The 30 second quadrant time signal kept me honest, so I put in a full two minute brushing. The speed control let me use a slower more comfortable speed for a couple of months until my gums adjusted to the more serious routine - now I use maximum speed all the time. The round Oral B brush heads (I sugguest you avoid the oval style) let me get into the tight spaces way back in my mouth and clean every inch of my gumline.

    The negatives are pretty trivial. The gadgets that ship with the deluxe kit are pretty much a joke in my opinion. After a few days I threw them away. The flashing blue charger light seems silly, but I've learned to ignore it.

    The positives boil down to just one. This is a powerful aid to healthy gums if used daily. It took some getting used to, but it's now changed my life - my wife no longer turns away in the morning and I can face my mirror and my dentist with a smile....more info
  • A good alternative to their inexepensive brushes
    I've been using this for about four months. I think it's better than the Sonicare I tried, but which you prefer is going to be an individual choice.

    I've used manual toothbrushes for most of my life, but about nine months ago my dental hygenist prompted me to try an electric as a potential time-saver.

    I first went with an inexpensive Oral-B which ran on AA batteries, and found it was a bit easier to use than a manual. The small round brusheads are easier to fit behind my back teeth, and electric toothbrushes in general seem to stimulate the gums a bit more. The big advantage for me is that it's faster; I used to brush for 3-4 minutes with a manual, and I find 2 minutes with an Oral-B seems to work just as well.

    I didn't find it was earth-shakingly different, though. Since my dental hygiene before switching was "near-perfect" (I get checkups every three months and only rarely does my hygenist have to do anything at all) neither I nor my dentist have noticed any differences. I'm not convinced that electric brushes in general are more effective than a properly-used manual.

    The cheap Oral-B brushes are... really cheap, and I think they're overpriced given how often they fail. If you want to spend $50-$100 a year replacing toothbrushes, that's certainly one way to do it. I tried two of them, and both of them failed in different ways within 3 months.

    I next tried a top-of-the-line Sonicare; a local store offered a 30-day money-back guarantee so I figured it was worth a try (they don't sell any non-cheap Oral-B products or I would've done that instead). Yes, it was probably built well... and heavy, and the handle was immense compared to the Oral-B. I found it very awkward to use, and I don't think it was doing a very good job of cleaning because I noticed substantially more gunk from flossing than before I started using it.

    I don't mean to complain about the Sonicare or claim it's a bad product. My point is that there *are* differences, and you may very well find one electric works better than another. My hygenist mentioned that some people greatly prefer the Sonicare brushes, and they can't be that bad all around because many people are successfully using them. They just didn't work for me (more accurately, I should say the one I tried didn't work).

    The 8850 is built quite a bit better than the cheap Oral-B brushes and it should definitely last longer. It's certainly more waterproof (I had problems with water getting into the housing of the others). The size fits my hand well, and it seems just as easy to use as their others. I also like the variable-speed feature, though I wish there were a way to set it once rather than having to reset it every time I use it.

    Plan on securing the base to a wall. If it's sitting on a sink or shelf it'll probably need cleaning more often, and it's pretty easy to knock over. Also note that the tongue cleaner or vibrating pick attachment don't quite fit in the attachment holder; it's apparently meant for brushes only, which could be a minor irritation if you use them regularly.

    The timer feature might be useful, but that depends greatly on how you brush. I don't use quadrants, instead I brush my lower teeth (doing the fronts, then the tops, then the backs), then the uppers. Thus the 30 second timer doesn't help me very much, and I could never quite figure out what the 2-minute timer was for--what happens when the two minutes are up and I haven't finished the backs of my upper teeth yet?

    I've never needed to use anything other than the ultrasoft heads, and since I usually brush 4-5 times a day I prefer using the most gentle brush I can find. (The general advice is that stiffer brushes don't clean any better anyway.) The other attachments (tongue scraper, vibrating pick) seem OK, but I prefer using floss, a manual gum stimulator, and a plain tongue scraper instead.

    The pick replacements are very expensive and, in my opinion, just aren't a viable alternative to floss. Some people prefer using a vibrating tongue scraper because they don't stimulate the gag reflex as much.

    The Oral-B head replacements in general are expensive, and they really do need replacement every three months (mine start visibly fraying around that time). It's worth taking that into account when looking at prices, because they're a substantial investment. And shop around, occasionally they can be found for much less than the usual retail prices.

    If you haven't used an electric (or an Oral-B) before, I'd suggest trying one of the cheap/disposable electric brushes first... and you may want to try two or three different brands so you can get a feel for which style you prefer. Money-back guarantees are important here, because some people seem to really dislike certain types of brushes.

    If you've used and like the cheap Oral-Bs and want something that will last for more than a month, the 8850 would be a good alternative. I'm not convinced the uber-3D cleaning action (or whatever they're calling it this week) really works any better than their others... but it probably doesn't hurt, and the two-year warranty on the 8850 is a win....more info
  • nice operating toothbrush
    I like this toothbrush for various reasons. It does a great job, has different options to customize it to your needs, easy to grip, & it does a good job. I've always had an Oral-B toothbrush in the past but for the price of this one it does a great job. Very happy with the purchase....more info
  • Coffee/Tobacco Stains Gone
    My stains were so bad my dentist told me he'd have to charge me double next time. He was quite serious. Literally, I couldn't go three weeks after a dentist appointment without having to scrape my teeth myself, which is a very bad thing to do. I've had this Oral B for three months now, and NO scraping! I am truly, truly impressed....more info
  • Does a Really Great Job
    My wife and I have been using this for about a month now and both of us really love the job it does. I've used several eletric toothbrushes over the years and this one is the best by far. I wish that Amazon would carry the 8800 model as the flossing tool and tongue cleaner a pretty much a waste of time in my opinion....more info
  • Good product
    I have owned earlier Oral B's and a Sonicare. This product is superior, IMO, to both.

    I stopped using my Sonicare some time ago because my teeth just did not feel that clean after I finished - particularly in back. I thought it was just me until I switched back to manual brushing and found my teeth to be far more clean. At that time I assumed that I was not using the Sonicare correctly, which may have been the case. Recent studies suggest, however, that the Sonicare does no more for cleaning than a standard toothbrush and only those using a rotating action actually remove more plaque - albeit a marginal difference.

    This sold me on the Oral B. So far, the brush seems to clean very well. The speed is good without being punishing. The brush head size is comfortable to reach the back teeth. A slimmer shaft would be nice like the newer Sonicare.

    My only complaint in the product's operation is that I cannot feel or hear the difference when the pulsating action stops due to excessive pressure. I would like to have a better idea of the sweet-spot, as it were, for pressure. Without this feedback, which the documentation indicates should be obvious, I am unsure as to the effectiveness or functioning of the pulsating action. The 2 minute timer is great and I like that it does not shut off after the 2 minutes has been reached. I always felt like I was racing against the clock with the Sonicare.

    A carrying case would have also been nice and the charging indicator is like having a airport landing beacon in your bathroom.

    The Oral B seems like the best product out there right now to me. I would encourage anyone thinking of spending the $$$ to do some research regarding the effectiveness of these products to develop a realistic expectation of their advantages over regular brushing....more info
  • Love it
    I love this toothbrush. However, check with your dentist. I purchased mine for about half of the price listed here. ...more info
  • Outstanding
    Over the years I have been having problems with my teeth and gums receding. After using my oral-B toothbrush for 3 months..my dentist could not believe the improvement. I had several loose teeth and gums bleeding before using oral-B. No loose teeth and no bleeding.....Thank you Oral-B
    Dennis T...more info
  • Wonderful and easy
    My Periodontist recommended the Oral B line of motorized toothbrushes, so I picked this and love it. I have had it for a month and have found it easy to use and maintain. I will say that it comes with a number of attachments that I don't use. In the case of the tongue scraper and gum stimulators, I prefer my hand-held versions. And the larger brush-heads don't offer me anything more than I need. I get all the cleaning power and reach I need with the standard brush. And I love the way the brush gives you little alerts every 30 seconds (and a special one at 2 min) so you can pace yourself....more info
  • Perfect In Every Way
    I actually look forward to using this toothbrush each time. It leaves your gums and mouth feeling stimulated and fresh. My dentist says my teeth have never been cleaner -- better placque removal than during all the years I used successive Sonicares. The Flexisoft Oral-B brushhead (included in the package) fits well into all crevices and corners, and seems to cup each tooth for a very thorough cleaning. The Polishing brushhead, also included, whitens my teeth as well as any bleaching product I ever tried. I'm happy not to use those bleaching chemicals anymore, and it's great to now be free of the painful sensitivity they caused. Thank you Oral-B for such a superior and well-made product....more info
  • Whiten teeth w/o chemicals or bleach
    This brush work great! Have had it for less then 1 week, and my teeth are noticeably whiter... just with using regular Mentadent toothpaste -no separate bleaches or chemicals. Extra attachments are great. I plan on buying the hummingbird flosser as well. Check out 3rd party clinical information and I think you'll find it all supports oral-b's 3D action vs. sonicare's sonic motion. Anything I found that supported sonic motion was usually published by sonicare themselves. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Oral B 8850
    It works as advertised. Not all products can do that. Teeth feel cleaner and look whiter after several weeks of use. It works. Additional brushes are rather expensive, but I don't know yet how long they will last....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    Prompt delivery, great pricing (almost half the price of other sellers),would definetly purchase from this seller again....more info
  • Switched from Sonicare and Prefer Oral B
    I had been happily using Sonicare for about seven years. I read positive reviews about Oral B and decided to try it. A key reason I decided to try the Oral B is that I had to unscrew the brush head of the Sonicare once a week and clean the gunk out of it. I hated doing this and often needed a cotton swab to clean the gunk out of the inside of the brush head.

    In contrast, the Oral B is much easier to clean. After each brushing I just pull the bush head off and rinse it off and wipe everything off with a towel. It takes less than a minute and the toothbrush is always clean. The Sonicare takes much longer to clean and the process is less pleasant.

    But how does the Oral B clean? The smaller brush head of the Oral B makes it easier to clean my back teeth and they are cleaner than they were with the Sonicare. For my front teeth the two products are comparable.

    If you want to take the charger with you when you travel the Sonicare charger is smaller than the Oral B charger. But for trips of a week or two taking the charger just isn't necessary.

    They both have 2 minute timers that prompt you to switch to different quadrant of your mouth every 30 seconds. The Sonicare shuts off after 2 minutes but the Oral B signals that 2 minutes are up but keeps going in case you want to go for extra credit by brushing more than 2 minutes. I just shut it off after 2 minutes. I prefer the Sonicare approach on the timer but it's not a big issue for me.

    After 2 minutes, the Oral B leaves my teeth -- front and back -- squeaky clean and the brush and handle are easy to keep clean, which is nice considering that this is a tool that you put in your mouth. There is also a device to attach to clean your tongue which seems to work well.

    I'm glad I switched from Sonicare and wouldn't go back. The Oral B leaves my mouth cleaner and is easier to maintain....more info
  • oral B 8000 review
    I love it! Had a dental check-up and it was much better than 4 mos ago when they were checked....more info
  • I really like it...
    This has been a great toothbrush. I have used the Sonicare for the past 4 years and I enjoyed that toothbrush as well. However, its batter was dying and I was trying to decide whether or not to buy a new sonicare or go a difference route and get the professionalcare. I am glad for the switch.

    My dentist recommended the change (though he does like the sonicare as well, but he thought I might want to try something different) and I will not go back. I love the pushing/vibrating feel against my teeth. This is not a sensitive toothbrush, you can feel the bristles go to work on your teeth. It really seems to have made a difference in cleaning up the plaque and keeping my teeth very clean.

    It seems to be slightly messier than my sonicare (toothpaste, etc. running down the handle as I brush) but I am very pleased by my purchase. My package also came with the hummingbird flosser (not my favorite and I can do the same thing with a normal flosser than turning this one on) and some different heads for the toothbrush. This has been a good buy....more info
  • Great!!
    I can't believe anyone would rate this system lower than 5 stars! The round head is much better than that of Sonicares "traditional" head, AND it's much easier to keep clean...Basically its 0 up-keep as where the Sonicare requires attention due to a poor design. Go ahead.... buy this sytem, and enjoy!...more info
  • Finally, something to get the fuzz off my teeth!
    We never considered an electric toothbrush, thinking it would be just another unnecessary gadget cluttering up the house. Then my oral hygienist casually mentioned that her patients with the healthiest gums all seemed to use the Braun toothbrush, and interestingly, "not Sonicare." My gums had been receding at an alarming rate, and the exposed tooth roots were being grooved by aggressive brushing. Yikes. Well, the Braun has been a revelation; the plaque is pretty much gone, and the "fuzz," especially on the sides of the molars, is gone too. So the functioning is 100%. As for the product design, I was afraid the stand wouldn't fit on the narrow ledge of my ceramic sink. Not a problem here; it's skinny, has a non-skid rubber base, and is superbly weighted - it is not tippy at all. The bonus is the blue LED light, which doubles as a night light by the sink. Like most things German and Braun, this thing is thoughtfully designed (e.g., a little rubber stopper prevents the unit from rolling around, should you lay it down on a flat surface) and of top quality, not junky at all like those other units imported from elsewhere. Worth every penny. Note: this package comes with a bunch of other gizmos, most of which qualify as "clutter"; we would just get the basic unit if we had to do it over again. ...more info
  • Good bye gum disease!!
    Most of my family has gum problems: my husband, my step-mother, my step-sister...Anyway, my husband and I purchased an Oral B toothbrush 4 years ago and my husband's gum problems have disappeared. So I purchased one for my sister 2 years ago for Christmas, since she was going to the dentist for cleanings every 3 months. Her problems disappeared and she is now only seeing the dentist twice a year. This year I bought one for my step-mother and father, and my step-mother says that she can already see and feel a difference in the health of her gums. I highly recommend this product for everyone, though. Your teeth feel like you just got your teeth cleaned at the dentist!!...more info
  • Excellent toothbrush
    The toothbrush is very powerful and my wife and I both use it (with different brushes). Prior to this we had an older less expensive Braun and I had a cheap version of Oral B. This is so much better....more info
  • labor saving?
    A great addition to my vanity full of stuff the last week of December 2006. But a more functional item! Does what it said, cleans your teeth. Takes a little getting used to, never had a tooth power scrubber before. Will hold off on a final recommendation until this next tooth cleaning. ;-)...more info
  • Love this product

    I love the Oral B - Dentist was amazed and reduced plaque and cleaning
    also much improved GUM (gingivitis)...more info
  • Professonal Care Oral Care System
    The OralCare System does an excellent job of cleaning both the teeth and the gums. I have trouble with plaque even though I floss and I wanted a good toothbrush that would help with this problem. I am very impressed with all the attachments and have used all of them. However, for brushing everyday I use the round head attachment. ...more info
  • Nice Tooth brush
    Right out of the box I noticed that it did NOT come with the tongue brush or the inter dental attachment, it was not even listed as an option on the box, it only came with the brush heads listed in the description. Little disappointed that the product description was not accurate, but after reading the reviews it sounds like those two attachments were useless anyway so they probably updated the product to not include those anymore. No biggie. Other than that, this thing is great, my gums and teeth feel cleaner after only a couple of uses. Still recommend, just be aware that the tongue thing and the inter dental thing are no longer included as of Dec 07. ...more info
  • Good Product
    The brand is reliable. I bought this three years ago. It sill works. ...more info
  • Works Great
    The Oral-B Professional works very well. I had an older model of the professional and tried a lesser expensive Oral-B, and I found out they are not all equal. The vibration of the cheaper model was annoying, where as this one is much smoother and easier to use. I actually enjoy brushing for the full 2-minutes, which is made easier by the 30-second timer built into the handle. I recommend this....more info
  • Wrong product shipped (as I read in another review)
    I just received what was supposed to be the Deluxe 8850 DLX Oral-B, but like another reviewer, received just the Professional Care 8850, which seems like the Deluxe version without the attachments (I hope that is the only difference). This apparently happened to other people too, so if the attachments are important to you, you may want to buy this elsewhere or risk several cycles of buy/return.

    Having said that, the one I got looks pretty much like an updated version of my old Oral-B brush that I am replacing (battery finally died after around 7-8 years)--and I loved that one so much I was desperate to get this new one when it died!...more info
  • I switched from Sonicare
    I was ready for a new system and my dentist recommended the 8800 series. I was skeptical because I loved my Sonicare. This is a great system - I did notice a difference in just a few days. I really like having a choice of brush heads and the gum stimulators. (It doesn't get 5 stars because it's noisier during use.)...more info
  • This is saving my teeth
    I bought this one because it had the option of "sensitive". I used the sensitive setting on the brush and the sensitive brush attachment.

    My teeth feel like they have been professionally cleaned!

    There was an area on my tooth that seemed to be tartar. It has been there for months, it is gone now! My gums are also healthier. I've had receding gums and brushed my teeth twice daily and flossed daily. Even with careful brushing, my gums were obviously white and irritated. Now they are pink.

    I'm going to recommend this brush to everyone.

    ...more info
  • Highly Recommend
    If your looking for a great electric toothbrush I would highly recommend this one! I bought one for myself last year when my old one which was an Oral B stopped working. It was really old and I needed to upgrade. For Christmas 2007, I bought another one for my husband, which he really loves. I purchased the first one based on the reviews in here and glad I took the time to do some research. I love the polisher brush it really does wonders if you have any stains on your teeth. Great for coffee and tea drinkers. It really feels like your getting a good cleaning. Very happy with this purchase!...more info
  • oral care system
    this is a great toothbrush. I have not really tried all of the features, but it does a great job with just brushing. A great oral care tool....more info
  • Love It!
    Works like a charm. Bought 1 for me and 1 for my son-we both like the feel, the action, and the ease of use. My wife has the Sonicare and likes it but I prefer the action of the Oral-B better. (It is slightly noisier but certainly not enough to annoy.) ...more info
  • Buy this toothbrush
    My dentist recommended that I buy an electric toothbrush. After doing some searching and reading the other Oral B reviews, I bought this toothbrush. I've been using it for about one month now, and I can feel and see a noticeable difference. My teeth, and mouth feel cleaner, my tongue less furry (for lack of a better scientific term - more technically, if using a "tongue scraper," there is less to scrape), my gums look better, and my teeth do appear whiter. I've used the "dual action" head, and the polisher in conjunction with Arm & Hammer Advance White Brilliant Sparkle Baking Soda toothpaste. Like some of the other reviewers provide, all the attachments probably aren't necessary and may not be used. Charging the toothbrush has not been too much of an issue.

    Overall, I have been very happy with the results in the short time period that I have used the toothbrush, and hope to have better results next time I'm at the dentist (a less painful cleaning, and hopefully no cavities). I would strongly recommend buying this item to anyone who is in the market for an electric toothbrush - I didn't know it could make such a difference, and wish I had purchased it sooner....more info
  • WRONG ITEM!!! Thanks again, Amazon.....worthless.
    I was supposed to get the DELUXE model but received the base model instead (no tongue freshener or pick). The toothbrush works fine, but I paid extra for the deluxe and I'd much rather get what I paid for. I'm almost done ordering from Amazon at this point--they are becoming VERY unreliable. PLEASE do not order this product from this site!!! If you really want it- and the product seems to be OK-- order from another online site and GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR!!!! ****Read the reviews for this item, Amazon seems not to know the difference between item models for some reason.****
    Ughhh.......more info
  • Better than Manual Brushing - Way Better!
    Alright, so that may seem obvious to some (that this is better than a manual toothbrush). But I had to be convinced. I am an extremely consciences brusher with a strong desire to never have any dental work done. I brushed multiple times a day and brushed for a long time before going to bed ensuring that each tooth was clean. Could an electric toothbrush do that much better?

    Yes. Amazingly better in a much shorter amount of time. After using the Oral B my teeth feel much cleaner afterward - very smooth like after you visit the dentist. For those who are less careful about brushing I would imagine the difference would be even more dramatic.

    I haven't used any other electric toothbrush so can't compare this to anything else but I am very happy with it. It was much louder than expected when I first began using it but I am use to that now (definitely need to have the bathroom door closed if your spouse is sleeping).
    ...more info
  • I'm Happy
    I'm giving this a 4 only because you will still need to floss if you want to really take care of your teeth. As far as brushing goes, it does a 5-star job and it has already (after 2 months) improved my gums.

    Someone said it felt too unsubstantial after having had a Sonicare. I, for one, am happy to have a lighter toothbrush do a better job than the heavy one (I admit, I had a really OLD Sonicare--the charger must have been over 10 years old at the least, maybe 15, and I was on my second handle--they could be different now).

    All in all, I'd recommend this highly. Hope it lives as long as the Sonicare brushes lived. ...more info
  • Better buy the Oral-b 7850 DLX!
    I used some previous Oral-b electric toothbrushes in the past, and I was always very satisfied with them. The new toothbrush seamed to be a perfect choice, especially for the new features I didn't have before:

    1. 3D Excel Brushing Action with 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations:

    My expectation: Much more power and a different 3D brushing should improve cleaning.
    My conclusion: Didn't note any difference comparing to the previous ones.

    2. Speed Control:

    My expectation: Good to clean the tongue and gingival at lower speed.
    My conclusion: The control is too bad. You have to press a unique button for a long time to reach the lower velocity, and if you stop the power, for example, to move the brush from one side to another (up to down), and want to resume it again at the lower velocity, you must press the button again until you reach the lower velocity. It sucks. After an initial period I ended using always the standard velocity. Oral-b, you should put another switch where you can select the proper velocity in which the power will work: low, medium or high.

    3. Pressure Sensor:

    My expectation: Great! I always put too much force to clean my teeth.
    My conclusion: Didn't note any difference, even when I tested it, didn't note that pulsations stop when you brush too hard.

    4. A 2-minute-total and 30-second-for-each-side Timer:

    My expectation: Good to control if you clean more time or less time than appropriate.
    My conclusion: not much useful. Many times you should stop the power, and in this case, the timer (it is not a sound, but a vibration instead) goes to zero. Other times you should keep cleaning one side for more than 30 seconds, but when you move to the other side, you lose the control of how much time you should stay in the new side.

    5. FlexiSoft brushhead:

    My expectation: To be the same as previous ones.
    My conclusion: They are the same as previous ones. Very goods.

    6. PowerPolisher brushhead:

    Sorry. I cannot use it, until I finish my orthodontic treatment.

    7. DualAction brushhead:

    My expectation: To clean better.
    My conclusion: Not useful. The FlexiSoft are better ones.

    8. Tongue Freshener:

    My expectation: To clean my tongue better. Maybe it has some mint or freshener liquid or something.
    My conclusion: No better, not worst, than a regular tongue cleaner. No mint, no freshener liquid, no nothing.

    9. Interdental Cleaner:

    My expectation: a good rapid substitute for flossing.
    My conclusion: KIDDING! Useless. No substitute for flossing AT ALL! A waste of money!

    As a final conclusion, the power tooth bush continuous to be good, but the extra accessories and functions are not much useful. As written in the title, I recommend you buy the Oral-b 7850 DLX instead. It is cheaper, and you would not need the extra brushheads (you can buy the PowerPolisher brushhead separately).
    ...more info
  • Top quality product

    This toothbrush does a great job at a great price! Highly recommend...more info
  • Gift for my wife - she loves it!
    Seems well made, nice timing features and my wife says her mouth feels 'fresher' after using this product instead of a regular toothbrush. This came recommended by our dentist....more info
  • Durable for road warrior
    Very durable for this road warrior. The SonicCare I used to have would break off at the stem and the current model my boyfriend has looks just as fragile. Both appear to brush well, though....more info
  • pretty good toothbrush
    This toothbrush does quite a thorough job of tooth cleaning and breath freshening. I like it. Whether it's the best thing on the market, I have no idea. But, it does the job and I have no complaints....more info
  • WoW!
    I've never been so excited about brushing my teeth! I could never use anything else after being introduced to such an incredibly superior product. There is definately a significant difference in the texture as well as the shade of my teeth. This item is ideal for the application of whitening agents and the overall results are phenomenal! Don't pass it up if you are at all concerned about your oral hygiene....more info
  • Great Toothbrush
    For the last couple of years I was using a cheap ($25)electric toothbrush I bought at a supermarket. It's like night and day. You spend more but the results are incredible. I also like the powerful battery so when you are out of town you don't need the charger. The 2 minute timer is also a plus. Great product! ...more info
  • Oral B 8850 Professional Care Oral Care System
    This system with its soft brush attachment worked very well right after dental implant surgery which requires scrupulous cleaning 3x a day. There are several brush attachments, one for every need. I previously had a more expensive system but after two of them wore out quicker than they should have, I switched to this system and am delighted with it....more info
  • electric toothbrush
    The unit is great. Comes with a lot of accessories - I have not even used any of them yet. Light weight, compact. Much smaller than the sonic care I had a few years ago, but I think they may have made a smaller head for that by now....more info
  • Excellent, such an improvement over normal toothbrushes.
    This toothbrush is great! It works great; it comes with lots of accessories too. It improved the cleanliness of my teeth and the healthiness of my gums so much! It has a timer so you know exactly when to switch areas of your mouth and when to stop brushing. I wish I would have bought this a long time ago!
    Oh, and - I bought it from my dentist "at cost" for only $65!! So check with them first.
    Highly recommended toothbrush!
    ...more info
  • for first time eletronic tooth brush user
    this is my first eletronic toothbrush so i cant really compare to the other brands.
    It's loud and the handle gets heavy after awhile.
    i think someone mention this already, the whole things feels cheap. there are even glitters on the handle..not what i was looking for.

    i had to open my mouth real wide so stop so my mouth and lips wouldnt get numb by the vibration.

    i will continue to use it , for one, i dont feel like returning it, for another, it's suppose to be good for my teeth ..right ?...more info
  • As Good As Any
    Oral B electric toothbrushes are the best according to my research with the internet,as well as the opinions of my dentist and periodontist(also accepted is the fact electric brushes clean the best).I prefer the more expensive Triumph models because of the extra features,but the company representative says this model cleans as well as the Triumph models....more info
  • A year after purchasing..
    ... and I'm still using it. When I bought it here on amazon, like others I didn't get the right item, and it didn't come with the tongue freshener and the interdental cleaner. I complained to amazon, who then told me to take my complaint to the manufacturer. well, I did and they gave me 3 different complimentary brush heads. They also told me that they don't carry the tongue freshener anymore. Oh well, I have a regular tongue cleaner anyway. The 2 minute timer is pretty nice even though I don't pay attention to it at all. The pressure censor doesn't seem to work because no matter how hard I press, nothing happens. The battery life is great, still works like I just bought it... I only have to charge it once every 2-3 weeks. Overall, I'm still very happy for purchasing this product. ...more info
  • Great Machine - First time user of electric toothbrush
    I've never owned an electric toothbrush before and was hesitant to spend so much money on a toothbrush. I've been having problems with my gums and I have very, very sensitive teeth and I knew I needed to do MORE to take better care of my teeth and gums. I bought this toothbrush a week ago and I can already feel the difference in how my gums feel and how clean my teeth feel.

    My gums are bleeding, but my understanding is that this is normal in the first week or so of using this toothbrush (my gums were bleeding before).

    I spend most of my time in undeveloped countries and do not have access to good dental care. I believe this is one of the better ways for me to take the best care of my teeth as is possible and I only wish I would have bought it many years ago.

    The only negative I see is that I bought this one in the U.S. (where I'm staying for a few weeks) without paying attention to the voltage when I made the purchase. I don't think I can use this same one outside of 110v countries....more info


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