Honeywell HFR-11 Pure HEPA Permanent Replacement Filter

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Product Description

For Honeywell Model 50100 - 10500 - 17000 - 17005 / Contains 1 filter and 1 spacer / 99.97% Filter efficiency

  • 99.97% filter efficiency
  • Contains 1 filter and 1 spacer
  • Fits 10500, 10590, 17000, 50100, 20500, 20590, 20500 Honeywell units
Customer Reviews:
  • It works - what else can i say.
    It works - what else can i say. It also gave the room a "new" smell for about a week. I had to use two fiters side by side for my system. It fit great....more info
  • Filter is great, price is so-so
    We got our first HFR-11 at Target for only $12. I didn't realize we'd need two for our HEPA unit, and when we returned to the store for another they were sold out. So I ordered one from Amazon for $19, much more than Target but still worth it. For years I've paid hundreds of dollars for replacement HEPA filters (every 2 years). If these are indeed permanent, I'll be quite happy. The filters seem to work well with our HEPA. I use one carbon filter insert and wrap it around both HFR-11s.

    Be sure you get TWO of these if your unit requires a wide filter. Our unit barely worked with just one in it, and the air was noticeably lesser quality. With both of these, the unit hums and our bedroom air is wonderful.

    I'll be buying two more HFR-11s for our second HEPA when its filter goes, which will be soon. Hopefully Amazon will meet Target's price....more info
  • Awesome Price!
    This was the best price I found ANYWHERE on these new "permanent" filters. Delivered on time in great condition. WOuld purchase again, but probably won't need to, as they are "lifetime" filters with normal usage!
    ...more info
  • I Agree
    My filters also arrived seemingly re-taped shut with no wrapping in the box. And of course I'm concerned as well that they may not be entirely new. There were UPS labels on the individual boxes to where they had been sent previously. I haven't used them yet, so I can't rate their performance, but it's certainly a better price....more info
  • Second-hand goods?
    I bought two filters, which both arrived in packages that had obviously been opened previously and then taped shut again. Inside, the filters were naked, free of any shrink wrap. The whole thing gave the impression that these filters were not factory-fresh, and there was no indication of that at the time when I placed the order. Needing these filters and not wishing to go through the bother of sending them back and then waiting for new ones (with no assurance that the "new" ones would be any better), I choose to hang on to them, but I am not at all pleased with the idea that these filters may well have been used previously....more info
  • Correct air cleaner model numbers listed here
    The "Features:" and "Product Discription" do not list the correct Honeywell air cleaner model numbers that use this filter. Here is the "Replacement Filter Table" on the box of the HRF-11. The first number is the Air Purifier series followed by the # of filters required in parenthesis. The last, right number is for the HEPA filter model # it replaces:

    10500 (2) 20500
    10590 (1) 20590
    17000 (2) 20500
    50100 (1) 20590

    As another reviewer has already noted, this is not really a 'permanent' filter because it must be replaced every 3-5 years under normal use, just like the non-permanent filter that originally came with the air cleaner.

    I'm giving it 4 stars for two reasons: 1. Because I really do not find a difference in the way this works yet compared to the filter that came with my 17000; and 2. My machine requires two of these so the air actually goes through less HEPA material than the one-piece filter that came with the machine [casing and spacer where HEPA material would be if a one piece filter]. Only time will tell if I have to replace this sooner than I would for a one piece filter (yearly) due to it's usage in a room with a wood stove....more info
  • Honeywell HRF11 Honeywell Hepa-type Filter
    Product received in a timely manner and meets advertised specifications. Would purchase again thru amazon....more info
  • Good replacement but semi-permanent only
    I have 2 Honeywell 50100 air purifiers and bought 2 of these as replacement HEPA filter for the originals. The HRF-11 is the new "permanent" replacement filter and is a good choice.

    However, I rated this 4-star only despite fitting nicely in the 50100. The product's statement of "permanent" is misleading, though you can clean the filter twice a year with a vacum cleaner, the manual still recommends that you replace the filter every 3 to 5 years under normal usage.

    I think KAZ (who licenses the Honeywell brand from Honeywell) is simply asking to be sued for labeling a product like this. I'll use the words "extended life" if I were them to avoid law suits.

    Other than that, its a great product and is cheaper than those throw-away type filters....more info